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Balloonia by A.N.

Balloon Romp

Imagine a studio for a well known band. Vocal booth, piano, guitars and basses, a drum set, and all of which covered in holiday lights. Pretty cool, right?

Picture the same studio again only this time, the entire floor covered with one thousand balloons. Some red, blue, black and white. So many balloons that you would be knee deep in them. So many that you could crawl under them and hide until unsuspecting prey wandered by.

Unfortunately, only five out of six band members liked the balloons. Rob hated them. They would get in the way of his drumming, and frankly, his sanity, too.

So, one day, Rob decided to pop thirty of the balloons while drumming. At first, murdering the balloons was funny to everyone, even Mike.

But slowly, as the day went on, the actions began to bother Mike. He liked the balloons. They were cute, and colorful, and they made him happy. How dare Rob murder the defenseless balloons!

So, to get back at Rob, Mike, with the help of Phoenix, added one hundred more balloons to the studio. There, one thousand and seventy balloons.


Make that one thousand and sixty-nine.

Rob grinned evilly.

Mike frowned. Rob needed to be punished for killing the balloons.

The best way to punish him, would be with the one thing he hated the most.

Rob finally stopped working with the drums. His hands and wrists were sore, and his thighs stiff. He stood from his seat and stretched, then randomly glanced around the studio. He was completely alone. He assumed the rest of the band had gone home for the night, or were hanging around outside. In any case, it was definitely time for him to leave.

Rob made his way through the balloons. He got as far the vocal booth, when suddenly a group of long fingers wrapped around his right ankle. He gasped lightly with surprise, then managed to stumble and fall on his side. Several balloons popped underneath his weight. Slowly, the balloons seemed to sink in around him, almost engulfing him.

He turned and gazed over his shoulder. Mike was laying there under the balloons, with one of his playful grins across his face. This would not end well.

Mike crawled on his hands and knees closer to Rob's body. The drummer could tell his bandmate had something planned in the most mischieveous part of his mind.

Mike pushed on Rob's chest gently, which forced him to lay on his back. The emcee's legs straddled the younger man's waist. First he stared down at his bandmate with that dark, yet seductive glare in his eyes. The look burned deep into Rob's retinas, until the fiery sensation trickled down his throat and into his stomach.

Mike bent down smoothly, and pressed his lips tight to his lover's ear. "You killed my balloons. And now you have to be punished for it." Mike said with a soft, but dark whisper.

Rob decided to play it cool and calm. He whispered back, "And how exactly do you plan on punishing me?"

"It's simple really. I'm going to fuck you hard under this pile of balloons." Mike said with a serious voice.


Mike sat up so that his buttocks were resting on Rob's thighs. The drummer sighed at the feeling, wondering what exactly Mike planned to do. He thought of the emcee riding him, which would be nice. Mike always had great rhythm. Then he thought of the exact opposite, and quickly realized pinning the rapper down and watching him squirm would be fun. The even better thought racing Rob's mind, was Mike on his knees, with strong fingers tangled deep in his hair, and his lovely mouth filled to the throat with his lover's heat. Mike had such soft lips, and a contrasting powerful tongue, and the boy would even occasionally use his teeth. But the best image in his mind out of them all was...

"You okay?" Mike piped up.

"Huh?" Rob asked with a light red flush on his cheeks.

"You got creepily quiet all of the sudden." Mike pointed out.

"Oh, yeah, I'm cool." Rob said with a flustered voice.

Mike grinned playfully. "Heh, you don't feel cool at all. I think my Robbles likes to be punished." He said with a few giggles.

Scratch Mike on his knees having his mouth fucked hard. Rob had a much better idea in store for him. "I'm just eager, I guess." Rob said with a taunting, yet innocent voice.

Mike's cute grin slowly disappeared into a serious face again. He quickly yanked his shirt off, followed by his shoes, then tossed them aside. Next he rolled onto his lower back, unfastened and pulled off his jeans and boxers. The emcee leaned in then, and snuggled his face tight against Rob's neck. The skin was so warm and soft.

Rob felt his cheek tingle and tickle from Mike's hair. "What's on your mind?" Mike asked with a fervent tone.

All Rob could think of was the sight of Mike bent over him, nuzzled to his neck, with his perky ass in the air. His heart felt like thunder in his chest each time Mike's breaths made their bodies come closer together. At first Rob began running his hands around his lover's sides. His hands trembled with anticipation. He couldn't wait to get back at Mike for punishing him, he had to take the older man, right now, this very second. "You really wanna know what's on my mind?" Rob said with a snake-like hiss.

Mike sat up so that his hard erection was pressing on Rob's clothed stomach, while Rob's equally hard erection was pounding up into his thigh. "Yeah, I do." Mike answered.

"I'm going to ravish you, and I'm going to enjoy it." Rob said with a smooth tone to his voice.

"Tsk, tsk Robby. I told you, you did something naughty and you need to be punished for it." Mike said teasingly.

"I dare you to try that." Rob said, pretending to be serious. All he needed was for Mike to let his guard down for one split second.

Mike stopped and thought for a moment. What exactly had he gotten himself into? "Hm, maybe I will try it." He teased. He had to remain cool and smooth. There was no way Rob could have control.

"Oh yeah?" Rob sat up and in a sexy way leaned back on his stretched out arms with his back arched. His groin pressed up into Mike's crotch. Mike left his hands laying over the drummer's chest, but inside, deep inside his core, Rob challenging him made him hard as hell.

"Hm, yeah." Mike teased back. He frowned when Rob scooted backward. The younger man simply got up, and began to walk away. "Oh hell no!" Mike blurted out.

Rob continued to swish his way through the balloons. Mike sat there for a second, completely frustrated and hard as a rock. This was simply not going to fly with him. He swooped up behind Rob. In an instant he yanked up the hem of the drummer's shirt, and pulled it up over his head and down his arms. He tossed the shirt aside then wrapped his arms around the younger man's waist.

"And just where do you think you're going?" Mike asked seductively. He lipped and kissed at the drummer's soft hair. Rob smelled absolutely wonderful. Mike loved the sensation of his toned stomach under his forearms. He let his long fingers run down the muscles and between his lover's legs, where he squeezed tightly. Rob cooed from the touch.

Mike easily undid the button and zipper of Rob's jeans, then pulled them plus his undergarments down his legs. He brought his hands back up the inner thighs. Rob grabbed ahold of the hands, then kicked away his shoes and clothes. He loved how easy it was to ruffle Mike's feathers.

Slowly, Rob tilted his back so that his bangs dipped over his eyes. "You want me so bad, don't you?"

"It's possible." Mike said.

"All right then." Rob said. He twisted around in Mike's arms then pushed the emcee down into the balloons. Some of them popped underneath them, and others managed to hold their weight. Rob furiously jammed his lips against Mike's, and ground himself hard into his lover's body.

Mike froze solid as Rob began rocking against him. The drummer's cock was rubbing against Mike's head, just so happening to hit the spot he liked most. He started to breathe quicker as the rocking grew faster and faster.

Teeth grazed Mike's throat, jaw, and ear. Fingers dug into his hair and yanked his head back. The pulsating in his groin was nearly unbareable. All Mike could do was squeeze his eyes shut and take it all in.

"You like that, don't you?" Rob asked with a low growl.

"Yeah..." Mike murmured and he felt himself tensing up and beginning to shake. He looped his legs around the man above him. This made the feeling of their skin rubbing together that much more intense. He hated being vulnerable, but he loved it, too.

"What was that?" Rob asked with a little less growl.

"I like it..." Mike murmured a little bit louder. The rubbing sensation became stronger and stronger. Rob picked up his pace a little more. Mike felt himself getting close to the edge. The bottom of that cliff was so far down and he wanted to jump off so badly.

"You what, now?" Rob asked, even though he knew what Mike had said.

"I... like it..." Mike whined a little louder.

Rob sucked Mike's earlobe into his mouth. A sharp tingle ran down the emcee's spine. The older man could only think to moan as he dug his nails deep into Rob's flesh. The hair between the drummer's fingers was becoming moist. "Come again?"

"I like it so much! Please don't stop!" Mike could barely hold on anymore. His body tightened with fury. So much for punishing Rob.

Rob slowed his pace, then came to a complete stop. He pulled his lips away from Mike's ear and placed a warm, moist kiss on the older man's lips. "I just realized something." He said as his untangled his fingers from the hair.

Mike took a few moments to come down from his unfinished high. "What?" Mike asked with a slightly displeased tone.

"We're under a pile of balloons."

"What... are you afraid the static will blow us up?" Mike said, still slightly out of breath.

"Considering all the friction we're creating, yes, yes I do." Rob said jokingly. He leaned back down to Mike's ear, which easily excited the rapper all over again. "I wanna take you home with me."

"I can do that." Mike said enthusiastically.


Thank you to my home girl Pinky for the beta.

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