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And it All Came to an End by A.N.

The End

Has anyone ever told you that all good things come to an end?

What if something was never good behind the scenes? What if it was so emotionally draining, that it finally decided to stop? And what if, the way it stopped, wasn't heroic at all?

And it all came to an end. Just like that.

Everything was cute and fun at first. Yes, being in a band was cool, exciting, and certainly something to boast about. Then, slowly, they came to realize they had to be around each other. A lot.

It takes a while to get to know people. Some personalities, like Mike and Chester's, click. There was an unmistakable chemistry between them when it came to the music. Mike was always close to everyone, and handled being the sidekick to Super Chester rather well.

Chester had a little bit of a temper, but it was overcome by Mike's. Certain things would make him so frustrated and anti-social. He could be snippy, impatient, and cold. He even behaved this way toward the fans. Regardless, Mike had always been the leader and eventually was recognized for it. Fans always kissed as much ass as they could to get his attention. No one cared about the rest of the band anymore, and the rest of the band never attempted to reach out to fans. In a way, you could say they partially brought it on themselves.

Mike never held it against Chester when he acted outside of the norm. The singer was a very overly sexual individual. He would stare at his band in an attracted way, but was not actually attracted to them, at first. Grabbing Mike one day started everything. The emcee of course reacted with that temper and saved himself from any more inappropriate groping.

Phoenix wasn't so lucky. One time on stage, the bassist hunched over like he always did during one of the heaviest parts of a song. Chester saw the opportunity, and while hyper on the crowd and his own confusion with himself, jumped onto Phoenix's back. When you like women, feeling a sweaty, smelly, sexually confused, shirtless man dry hump you in front of a thousand people, is both embarrassing and disgusting. Phoenix made sure to never bend over again, for the rest of their career.

The band tried their hardest not to act like typical rock stars. And of course, the only one who could not control himself was Chester. In addition to offending the band, he went from humble and grateful to realizing he could have any woman or man he wanted. Groupies became common ground.

Phoenix began avoiding Chester. Brad stayed close to him, and so did Mike, to keep an eye on him. Fears of him testing positive to some fatal sexually-transmitted disease were frequent. Rob would spend time with Chester, but it eventually made the drummer feel uncomfortable. Joe seemed to be the only band member totally tolerant of the bathroom humor and promiscuity.

Then the bandaged wrists saga began. Somehow they managed to get away with saying that it was always a broken wrist. Breaking your wrists that many times in a certain number of years is both highly unlikely and definitely not what really happened. No one ever could tell if it was for attention, suicidal, destructive, or a combination of all three. No one could tell if Chester knew, either.

The epic divorce between Chester and Samantha made everything spiral downward. Fans were disappointed. Fans hated the new woman. Fans hated Samantha for hiding their son from him. No one ever thought that leaving Samantha for another woman was both wrong and a sign of an affair. No one ever took into account all of the things Samantha had done to turn his life around. No one ever looked at his drinking and thought maybe, just maybe, Samantha had a good reason for hiding their son. The abused often become one of two things: A hero who helps others who have been abused, or, in the worst case scenario, an abuser.

Behind the scenes, the vocalists started itching for their own attention. Chester's ego surfaced. Mike's solo album dropped. All of the sudden Chester was not the center of attention anymore. He spent an entire year in the background, drinking, relapsing, dealing with his health, and being ignored. The only thing he could do to calm his

ego was start a solo album.

It was delayed.

Another year went by and things became better. The third album dropped. Fans had an odd reaction, but Chester was in the spotlight again. After a year of music videos, tours, and record breaking charts, things felt pretty good.

Chester decided to release his solo album.

No one in the band cared. Mike barely promoted it. His tour began, and so did work on the next Linkin Park album. Fans barely mentioned the solo album amongst themselves.

The new album was continuously worked on. Everyone except for Chester felt great about it. He had been on tour, and wasn't as part of the process as before.

The tour was winding down, and so was he.

No attention was on him again. He was like a faded memory.

His friends found him with slashed wrists, long since dead in his hotel room's bathroom.

And that was the end of that.


Notes: I wrote this on a whim at 2 in the morning. It's my interpretation of things I've noticed. Thanks to Allnurote (domxho) for the beta :D