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Like A Boomerang by Gummibear Queen

Like A Boomerang

Author's Note: Originally post on the LPfic_exchange for Kris/Artimis Potter

Prompt: Two of the boys have a fight, and the others have to get them to kiss and make up, but with some strange tactics.

Thanks to Cheryl, Andrew and Elisa for betaing this.

Thanks to Elisa and Katie for creating the community.

Thanks to everyone that read this and reviewed in the community

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Like a Boomerang

Chester knew the second he stepped into the house, he was in trouble. Had he charged his phone to hear the 9 angry voice mails and read the 17 text messages he’d have known much earlier he was in trouble, but then if he had charged his phone he probably wouldn’t have been in any trouble at all.

He could tell Rob was angry the second he opened the door: he could smell it and it smelt like bleach!

The disinfectant smell was slightly sobering, though this didn’t prevent the butterflies cause another wave of nausea, which simply made the pounding in his head worsen.

The floors were wet and shining, the furniture was up, the curtains were down and no doubt outside freshening. Chester groaned and walked further down the hallway, following the sound of the television and stopping in the doorway – series 1, episode 5: London gets invaded by farting aliens.


Judging from the amount of cleaning and how far Rob was into his Doctor Who box set, Chester could approximate that he was seven hours late.

“Fuck!” He swore again, this time gaining his boyfriends attention.

Rob groaned as he turned to glare at his visitor still stood in the doorway. He reached for the remote to pause the DVD, his fingers slipping over the buttons due to the excessive amount of hand cream needed to soothe his hands brought about by spending 3 hours with his hands in bleach and scrubbing the floors. This didn’t go unnoticed by Chester and a new wave of guilt swept over him – every time they argued Rob cleaned, every time Rob got stressed he cleaned, whenever he couldn’t sleep he cleaned and even the slightest speck of dust found on an object somehow out of perfect symmetry resulted in Rob cleaning. He’d start with the kitchen and methodically work his way through the house until his hands hurt too much to continue and then he’d watch an entire series of Doctor Who.

It didn’t matter that Rob actually paid a lady to come in and clean his house twice a week, nor that the house was spotlessly clean to begin with – it was how Rob dealt with frustration and in his opinion much healthier than punching the wall...or Chester’s face!

Rob deliberately looked at his watch - he already knew what the time was as he’d been watching it all day - and then turned back to Chester. “Finally decided to show up then?”

“I’m sorry.” He looked down as he spoke – he was sorry...very very sorry...but four hours into his Doctor Who box set and Rob had developed an obscure British accent, so Chester kept his head low trying not to laugh.

“Sorry would have been acceptable five hours ago!”

Chester couldn’t hold back the chuckle this time, Rob sounded like a cross between James Bond and Homer Simpson; the accent was neither here nor there.

“You think this is funny?”

“No.” Chester struggled to recompose himself; he stepped further into the room and pointed at the frozen images on the TV screen. “You’ve just watched too much of this.”

Not in the mood to be made fun of Rob jumped straight back in with the argument; he’d been preparing this speech for hours and it seemed only fair that he got to give it...quirky accent too. “It’s not like I could do anything else. The plans we made were for the two of us.”

Early that morning, they were supposed to have driven out to the dessert to a secluded and discrete (gay friendly) spa, spending the day wrapped in hot sand and mud, followed by a full body massage. Then after they returned home Rob was going to cook romantic candlelit (healthy) dinner. Instead, Rob had spent the morning waiting, cleaning whilst he waited and communicating with Chester’s voice mail whilst he cleaned. After two hours of this and not hearing back from Chester, Rob cancelled their day at the spa and drove to Chester’s house. On finding it empty he began calling everyone he knew starting with two very uncomfortable calls to Talinda and Samantha. No one knew where Chester was, which meant Chester could only be one place and he didn’t have that number. He returned home angry and resumed cleaning till his hands hurt, then ordered pizza and ice cream, and at down to watch his Doctor Who DVDs.

“I’ll make it up to you.”

“Right.” Rob did laugh this time, more so at the look of guilt on Chester’s face, “Because you’re doing so well at that already.”

The spa trip was to make up for Chester taking all his kids to Universal Studios the previous day and not including Rob.

“Rob, I wi-”

“Where were you?” Rob already knew the answer but wanted confirmation.

“Ryan’s.” Chester sighed giving in and waiting for the real argument to start.

“Was the sex good?”

“For fuck’s sake, how many times do we need to do this?” Chester groaned with annoyance, the type of annoyance that occurs from repeating yourself. “We were working on a song.”

“All night?”


“And a couple of bottles of Jack?” Rob frowned, narrowing his eyes to glare at the messy state in front of him.

“I’m allowed a drink every now and again, it’s not like I do it every night or around you – just with my friends.”

“So, what you’re saying is that if I drank you might want to spend some time with me.”

“No!” Chester shouted. He knew he was in the wrong but he was hungover, tired and being snapped at didn’t help Chester retrain his temper. “Stop twisting my words.”

“You could have called.” Rob sniffed...Chester was shouting which meant it was time for the waterworks. “You could have told me you’d rather spend time with your friends and then maybe I wouldn’t have sat home alone all day.”

“I’m sorry.” Suckered in, Chester moved to join Rob on the couch, pulling the younger man into a hug. “I came over as soon as I woke up, the boys must have worn me out...”

Rob groaned.

“...and Ryan and I were working till the early hours of this morning...”

Rob groaned again.

“...I must have passed out and he just left me to sleep on the couch in his studio.” He pulled back a little to brush the hair out of Rob’s face before placing a gentle kiss on Rob’s lips.

“Have you been smoking?”

Chester should have just shot himself when he woke up this morning and saved Rob the trouble of killing him.

“No...er...Ryan was and you can probably just smell it on me. I came straight here instead of going home to shower and change first.”

A shower would have been nice, and brushing his teeth would have been advisable – Chester smelt heavily of sweat and cigarettes. The lie would have worked had Chester not kissed him.

“Don’t lie to me!” Rob snapped pushing Chester away from him “You taste like a fucking ashtray!”

Chester really knew he was in trouble now; Rob never used the ‘f’ word!


“Don’t.” Rob snapped whilst slapping away Chester’s hand as it reached for his arm.

“Rob…” Chester tried again to reach out.

“I said don’t.”

“C’mon baby, the day’s not over yet.”

“It’s too late to go to the spa.”

“We can do something else.” Chester shifted a little closer. “We can still have dinner.”

“I’ve eaten...” Rob gestured to the empty pizza box and Ben and Jerry’s tub on the coffee table.

Chester sighed. He hadn’t eaten since last night and now knew any plans they made would not involve food. Having binged on high fat comfort food and broken his diet, Rob wouldn’t even look at food again until he had purged all traces of it from his system.

“...and I’m not going anywhere with you smelling like that.”

Chester chuckled. “I’ll shower. Actually that’s something we could do together?” He braved moving closer to Rob and began kissing his neck, knowing where all his weak spots are. “It’s the last day before we’re back on tour, we might not get a chance to shower again for a while.” He continued kissing around Rob’s neck, moving upwards to his ear. “And we can snuggle naked on the couch, I’ll give that beautiful body of yours and massage, we’ll watch your favourite a movie and make love.”

Rob was beginning to succumb to Chester’s gentle kisses and nice words. “And we can have breakfast together.”

“Ye-” Chester broke off, mentally cursing himself, “I have to pick my brother up from the airport.”

“What?” Rob pulled back.

“He’s house sitting while we’re away.” Chester, bless him, tried to make a compromise. “But he doesn’t land till 7:30 so we have a couple of hours.”

“A couple of hours!”

“Maybe three.”

“Oh, well it’s so good of you to squeeze in an extra half hour of fucking me.”

“Rob, I didn’t mean it like that.”

“How did you mean it then?”

“I...er...er...” Stuttering and unable to actually make what he’d said sound any better, Chester stupidly dug his hole deeper. “Stop acting like a girl!”

“Excuse me?”

“You sound like my ex-wife...wives.” he quickly corrected himself. “Constantly whinging about my smoking or drinking or not spending every second of every fucking day with you!”

“I’m not asking to have you all the time, I just don’t want to be fit in for a quick fuck between you spending actual time with your friends and family.”

“Don’t make me chose between you and my kids.”

“I wouldn’t.”

“That’s what it sounds like.”

“No, I just want to be included and have a real relationship with you.”

“For fuck’s sake Rob, we’re going away on tour together tomorrow – you’ll see me every day for the next two months!”

“Yeah, along with about five million other people and again squeezed in for a quick fuck between your interviews, drinking...sorry writing sessions with Mike, rounds of golf with Brad or Dave and your kids visiting, where again I’ll be relegated to being your friend.”

They’d had this argument many times before; they’d had it two days earlier when Rob asked if he could accompany Chester and his four sons on their day out.

“They wouldn’t understand.”

“Stop being a coward and fucking tell them.”

“They don’t understand why I’m not with their respective mothers, how the hell do I begin to explain that I’m with another man?”

“So, you’re ashamed of me!”


“Of us?”


“Then stop acting like it’s something to be ashamed of.” Rob sat back with frustration, tired of repeating himself and being made to feel like second place. “If you were dating a girl you’d have no objections to involving her in your family outings.”

“It’s just different.”

“Because I’m nothing more than a fuck buddy to you!”

Nothing Chester said after that could convince Rob he was wrong – he continued to feel used and like he meant nothing. Rob stopped Chester every time he tried to say ‘I love you’, they were just words, painful words used to trick him into bed. Eventually Chester gave up and left, leaving Rob to wallow in self pity and Doctor Who.


Rob was exhausted when he met everyone at the airport the following day. His eyes were red and puffy, hidden behind sunglasses afraid to let the others see that he had spent the past eighteen hours awake and crying...on the plus side his English accent had vastly improved. Chester was ignored and the others watched puzzled as Rob walked silently away from his boyfriend.

Karen Hahn, still a close friend of Rob’s ex-girlfriend, laughed and made a bitchy and highly inappropriate comment to which Anna Shinoda laughed and Mike told them both as discreetly as he could to “shut the fuck up or go home!” Anna complied and Karen huffed, still angry on her friend’s behalf...but who wouldn’t be slightly miffed at returning home early to find your boyfriend in bed with his band-mate?

And so, five minutes into the tour Rob wasn’t speaking to Chester, Karen wasn’t speaking to Rob or Chester and Joe, who already felt caught in the middle, silently thanked Mike and went to watch the planes take off through the window.

A week later and the situation was no better. Almost everyone was getting along and most were getting used to the daily screaming fights between Joe and his wife...though no one was used to the makeup sessions, nor did they want to be. The female bitchiness had become tiring with whispered words nastily directed at Rob or Chester increasing daily. Brad and Dave were thankful they’d left their wives at home to take care of their young children, whilst Mike and Joe were doing everything they could to convince their wives to go home.

Rob still avoided Chester, refusing to even look at him, making shows a little difficult and his drum solo thirty seconds shorter. And now in the interest of keeping the peace was distancing himself from Joe also, though that was more because his wife was an obnoxious bitch that needed gagging and chaining to the back of the tour bus, then dragged along from venue to venue if she insisted on touring with them...Rob was just too much of a gentleman to say such a thing.

Chester, however, took every opportunity he could to call Karen an anorexic cunt using the excuse he had nicotine withdrawal and the patches, gum and carrot sticks weren’t working. He found that giving up smoking was hard, not quite as hard as giving up on trying to communicate with Rob but he admitted defeat and reluctantly let Rob run away whenever he approached him.

To the outsider everything looked peachy, interviews were friendly and meet and greets were the usual cattle herded affairs, fans unaware that by the second week of the tour the six piece band had formed three groups, and each attracting a following of crew and support acts into their faction.

The biggest group belonged to Joe and Dave – no one really noticed them being in the band so it was easy for them to be neutral, remaining on polite terms with both Chester and Rob and refraining from taking sides.

The smallest group mainly consisted of Rob, Mike, Anna on occasion, and Rob’s drum technician - Had there been more sympathetic girls on tour their ice-cream (skinny cow) sessions would have been bigger. Despite how much Rob didn’t want people taking sides he did feel much better every time Mike called Chester a selfish asshole, and the drum tech had Farscape DVDs which always made Rob smile.

The final group was a funny one. Obviously it contained Chester and Brad but neither really wanted to be in it and bickered constantly. Brad desperately wished he could persuade Mike to form an ‘I told you so’ club and they could bash Chester and Rob’s heads together, putting an end to all of this madness. He moaned and bitched and called Chester names and threatened to have his testicles removed. Most of all he was pissed that Rob’s girly behaviour had caused this much drama, and as Rob’s oldest friend he had the right to tell him so on a daily basis.

Chester, knowing that Brad understood Rob’s girly behaviour, was trying his hardest to follow every piece of advice Brad could give him about getting Rob back...currently the give up smoking plan was unsuccessful, but it was difficult getting anyone to like you when you’re snappy and weirdly twitchy.

By week three Chester had reached his breaking point and even calling Karen an interfering jealous obnoxious cunt lacked the joy it once brought. He had slumped into a depression, everything reminded him of Rob and nothing he said or did would get Rob to notice him again. He was alone, utterly alone and not even his friends wanted to be around the pathetic state he had become. Brad had volunteered to do an interview alone instead of subjecting the interviewer to Chester’s bad mood.

Mike had given up on trying to hang out with his own band mates and was slipping back into the old habits of his youth and getting off his face with Ryu, various members of the crew and one of the support bands no one had ever heard of but had brought on tour a purple bong and some pills that made everything shiny...he’d even somehow convinced Anna to bake them brownies!

Rob was wandering around the venue, trying to avoid fans recognising him which was surprisingly easy without Chester with him. He leant against a barrier and watched from behind the crowd, chuckling when someone in a Linkin Park t-shirt pushed him out of their way...and then had the nerve to call him old! Maybe he was getting old, he certainly didn’t understand how McFly had gotten on the line up, he didn’t recall approving the boyband currently bouncing around on stage. He laughed loudly as he thought of the possible line up for next year’s Projekt Revolution featuring NKOTB. A girl with blue hair turned as he laughed, her eyes bulged as she realised who he was and then again when he pointed to the stage and said, “They fucking suck!”

Avenged Sevenfold’s Seize the Day played loudly for the twenty sixth time, dirty tissues littered the floor of the tour bus and empty bottles of beer surrounded Chester as he sat crying and holding a colourful boomerang he’d been given at the meet and greet the previous day. It’s not important, but the boomerang was pink and green, with a koala painted on it. Each member of the band had been given a similar boomerang and briefly questioned why the hell they were receiving such a gift in Texas, before chucking it in the M&G crap bag to be discarded as soon as the fans left. Chester had kept his and was found by Dave and Joe stroking it and drowning his sorrows with another bottle of beer.

“I miss Rob,” he cried as they entered.

Normally in the interest of remaining neutral they would have said ‘there there’ and changed the subject, but realised it was potentially very bad to have a drunk, depressed and crying vocalist that was due on stage in two hours...Brad was gonna kill them!

Joe made coffee while Dave turned off the cd player as Seize the Day started for the twenty seventh time, only to put it back on as the sound of McFly drifted over.

“He won’t even look at me.” Chester sobbed and refused to give up the toy as Dave attempted to clear the table and floor of tissues and empty bottles of beer. “I know I fucked up and I’ve said sorry till I’m blue in the face and he still won’t look at me.”

“He spoke to you yesterday,” Joe said, recalling seeing Chester and Rob exchange words after the show.

“He told me to go fuck myself.”

“Rob said fuck?” Dave asked sounding slightly shocked and appalled, to which Chester simply nodded. “You must have really hurt him!”

“I miss him.” Chester blurted again, reaching for a tissue to blow his nose on and letting go of the beer bottle.

“Have you told him this?” Dave asked and took the bottle away from the drunk singer.

“He says I just miss getting laid.” He sniffed and focused his attention back on the boomerang. “He has such a beautiful cock.”

Stunned, slightly horrified and praying they misheard, Joe and Dave shared a TMI look before Dave spoke. “That might not be the best response.”

“He knows I think he has a beautiful cock.”

“But in the interest of not making him feel like your fuck buddy you might want to compliment his eyes or his cooking.”

“Yes, his cooking – tell him you miss his lasagne!” Joe enthused, almost salivating at the mere thought of Rob’s new found culinary expertise.

“Or you could tell your kids about Rob and let him make lasagne for them,” Dave smiled. “He’d like that.”

“I don’t think my kids would.”

“How could they not like Rob’s lasagne?” Joe said not even attempting to be funny and simply defending his favourite dish.

Chester ignored the question and reluctantly drank the coffee. He didn’t want to feel sober.

Dave reached for the boomerang and looked at the novelty piece of wood with utter confusion. “Why’d you keep this?”

“It reminds me of Rob.”

“Because you’ve carelessly thrown him away and he’s refusing to come back?” Dave asked, trying to find a sensible explanation to the comparison.

Chester shook his head.

“Because he’s cute and cuddly like a koala?”


“You think Rob’s cute?” Joe turned to give Dave a curious look.

“He’s adorable,” Dave chuckled. “Chester thinks he’s cute, idiot!”

“No, Chester said he had a beautiful cock,” Joe laughed. “Is his cock cute? Oh god it looks like a boomerang!”

And of course that was the moment Rob chose to enter the tour bus, his face falling on hearing Joe’s words and his stomach cramping on seeing the three men laughing. As quickly as he entered Rob left, ignoring Chester’s shouts for him to stop. Tears burnt and his vision blurred, he ran and ran till his chest hurt and he had to stop and wipe his eyes. He saw a crowd of drunken idiots passing around a bong, so he tried to compose himself a little as he walked quickly to the bathroom and slumped to the floor with his head in his hands.

He heard the door open and assuming it was Chester shouted. “Go the fuck away!”

“What’s wrong?” Mike’s voice caused Rob to look up as Mike slid down onto the floor beside him. He smelt of weed but Rob didn’t care as he put his head of his friend’s shoulder.

“Chester, Joe and Dave are making fun of me.”

Rob sounded like an upset child and sober Mike would have told him to grow up, grow a pair and take it like a man, but stoned, drunk and high Mike gave Rob’s shoulder a squeeze and said, “Awww, I’m sure they aren’t. Joe and Dave don’t want to take sides and Chester loves you, why would they make fun of you?”

“They’re all sat on the bus, drinking beer and making fun of me.”

“You’re paranoid.” Mike giggled.

“He told them my penis is shaped like a boomerang!”

Mike couldn’t contain the laughter and it wasn’t till he saw Rob was still crying that he calmed to a slight chuckle. “I’m sorry,” he said and then burst into hysterics again. “Sorry.” he tried again to control his laughter. Failing, he continued giggling “Chester wouldn’t say that.”

“He did.”


“Because it i....” Rob descended into quiet mumbles and hid his head in his hands.

“What?” Mike struggled to hear over his own laughing and then it hit him; he stopped laughing. “Oh God! Do you have a penis shaped like a boomerang?”

Rob went very red.

“No...no...you don’t...” Mike tried to prevent the embarrassment. “...I’ve seen it.”

“When?” Rob’s head shot up and he glared at his friend.

“We’ve toured together for ten years, I’ve seen you naked hundreds of times and you don’t have a bent penis.” Mike drew a picture in the air of Rob’s penis curving slightly to the left.

Rob was a little concerned that Mike was not only picturing him naked but knew his body well enough to draw it. “It’s bent.”

“It hangs to the left, but most men’s are slightly curved.”

“It’s bent.” Rob repeated and sulked. “I fell when I was a kid and now it’s bent.”

“Let me see.”

And this started a comical farce where Mike reached for the buttons on Rob’s jeans, successfully undoing a few before Rob could bat his hands away. Unluckily for Rob, Mike was high and feeling playful so tickled Rob’s ribs and now he was distracted and trying to slap away the tickling hand, not the one unfastening his pants. It wasn’t until Mike had pulled back and was looking down that Rob realised Mike was holding his boxers out and he was exposed for all to see.


“It doesn’t look like a boomerang.” With that, and reasons known only to Mike’s intoxicated mind, he grabbed it.

“Mike!” Rob gasped and suppressed a quiet moan – it’s not every day Mike Shinoda grabs your penis! “It’s...er...only noticeable when hard.” Rob struggled to say as Mike began moving it to get a better view and Rob moaned again, louder this time.

“Oh, I see! It does bend this way.” Mike brought his other hand down and ran a finger along the now bending and hardening length of Rob’s penis. “Here,” and quickly shifted his hand down Rob’s shaft.

“Mike!” Rob managed to squeak though said nothing more as the door flew open and both men looked up at a very surprised Chester.

Mike was still giggling and holding onto Rob’s cock with a tight grip and Rob was summoning all the will power he had not to moan again.

Chester didn’t speak, he didn’t know where to begin, and he simply turned and walked out.

“Fuck!” Rob shouted as Mike struggled to stop laughing, “get off me!”

Mike let go and Rob fastened his pants, he then had to count to ten and think of his Great Aunt Monica naked and on a trampoline – she was a very large lady with breasts down to her waist and a particularly ugly and hairy mole above her lip. Eventually Rob was composed, stood and ran after Chester, Mike following at a slower pace, only now realising what he’d done.

They got to the bus to be confronted by Brad and Anna on the verge of tears, having missed Chester by thirty seconds but enough time for him to scream “I just caught your husband giving my boyfriend a hand job!” before smashing Mike’s guitar and going for a cigarette.

Mike looked down at his broken guitar, now at his wife’s feet and then up to her face. She glared angrily at him. “You slut!”


“Chester told us.” Brad stated

“Where is he?” Rob asked quickly.

Brad shrugged. “I can’t believe you sometimes.” He glared at Rob. “I don’t care how much you think you’re hurt, you’re acting like a selfish child!”

“It’s really not what he thinks.”

“Oh, so Chester didn’t walk in on you with Mike’s hands down your pants?”

“Yes, but he wasn’t do-”

“Save it Rob, I don’t want to hear it.”


“I know you like him,” Brad pointed to Mike and both Rob and Mike exchanged confused looks at Brad and then to each other. “You told me on the Family Values Tour!”

“That was eight years ago!” Rob snapped.

“You had a crush on me?” Mike’s eyes widened.

“For about a week,” Rob shrugged. “I got over it.”


Two days later and everyone knew that Chester had walked in on Mike fucking Rob in the bathroom. They all knew Rob had been in love with Mike since the Family Values tour and he’d drugged and then seduced Mike, taking advantage of his intoxicated state. They all also knew that Rob had a genetic abnormality and his penis had never grown, so looked like that of a prepubescent child, curled over like a snail.

By this point Rob had given up trying to explain his side of the story and any attempt Mike made to assure people he was simply holding Rob’s penis to assess how straight it was simply resulted in people making jokes about how straight Mike was. Both men were avoiding each other, partly out of embarrassment but mostly to prove to Chester and Anna they weren’t having an affair.

It wasn’t working. Chester refused to look at or speak to either Mike or Rob, which made the live show so much shorter they had to insert two extra songs. And Anna was packed, ready to leave and waiting for transport home, which Mike kept cancelling and pleading for her to stay. She would scream at him, “Two days ago you wanted me to go or was that so you could be with Rob? Well I’m going now so you don’t have to fuck secretly in the bathroom!”

As expected Karen wasn’t helping. When she wasn’t arguing with Joe because he wanted her to leave, she was filling Anna’s head with more poison. “Rob’s a whore, he already broke up one family and now he’s going after Mike...she said he was always lusting after other people...it wasn’t the first time she caught him with someone else...he wanted threesomes and group sex...it’s all about the chase, once he’s secure in a relationship he gets bored...he gets what he wants without considering the consequences...he’s a slut...a whore...a man slut!”

And, not content with upsetting Anna she also called Rob’s ex-girlfriend who sent a text message to Chester saying ‘Now you know how I feel Bitch!’

Joe was furious, mostly because the nasty rumours could be traced back to his wife and angry because Rob refused to speak to him, but Rob wasn’t speaking to anyone anymore...it was easier that way.

Not one to sit idly by and let everything fall apart around him, Dave took it upon himself to fix everything and everybody – he was the peacemaker, the neutral party, the calm and rational Linkin Parker – he just had absolutely no idea how to go about it. He needed help, but from whom?

Joe was busy trying to sedate his wife.

Mike was busy trying to keep his wife.

Brad was so angry his hair had taken on a new level of fro:

– He was still pissed with Rob for being an alluring jealous female

– Not angry but disappointed with Mike, which was much much worse.

– Ready to fire Chester...apparently he has the power to do that!

– And so angry with Karen it had spread to all things Hahn.

And he certainly couldn’t ask Chester or Rob.

This only left one possible person...well there was a whole team of people on tour he could ask but most were hiding from the madness or members of McFly...so Dave went bravely to the dark side, his only hope of restoring order to the galaxy – Cheapshot.

After many tireless conversations, debating the pros and cons of all probable outcomes and one too many tequilas they reached a solution:

“Truth or dare?”

“You have got to be shitting me!” Brad glared at the bassist.

“What are we, thirteen?” Mike spat.

“Why don’t we just play spin the fucking bottle?” Chester snapped. “We’re already in a fucking circle!”

“Fuck this.” Rob stood and walked towards the door, pulling at the handle and then again when it refused to open. “Dave let me out NOW!”

They were locked in Dave’s hotel room for group therapy and the door would remain locked until Dave called Cheapshot instructing him that all was happy again...or unless there was fire. He’d asked each of his bandmates, and Anna and Karen to come to his room so they could discuss the problems with the band – no one realised until they arrived that this would involve everyone. Dave instructed each person to sit on an allocated cushion in the circle on the floor:

Dave – Rob – Chester – Anna – Mike – Brad – Joe – Karen – Dave.

He and Cheapshot had put careful consideration into the seating – it was essential that the couples were together, that neither Chester nor Rob sat next to Mike, and that Karen was away from Anna or anyone likely to kill her. Cheapshot stood outside, letting people into the room and preventing them from leaving – he was a little disappointed that he wouldn’t be allowed to play the game but seeing as everyone was going to remain sober he figured he’d just leave it as Linkin Park band members only.

“I’m not even in the band, why the hell am I here?” Anna dared to ask, then turned to Mike. “Is this what you all do on tour? Stupid drinking games that result in gay chicken?!”

“No!” Brad shouted in reply before Mike could form words, obviously struggling with the concept of gay chicken.

“You’re here because like it or not, you two are involved.” Dave addressed Anna and nodded at Karen also. “And there will be no games of gay chicken...or spin the bottle.” Dave glared at Chester.

“I didn’t want to play it.” He groaned and folded his arms over his chest. “I don’t want to play truth or dare either.”

“What are you scared of?” Dave asked.

“Nothing, I just don’t want to be here.”

There were several sounds of agreement and more requests to leave until Dave did something he rarely did. “EVERYONE SHUT THE HELL UP! YOU’RE NOT LEAVING THIS ROOM UNTIL EVERYONE IS FRIENDLY, HAPPY AND NICE AGAIN!”

Few people had heard Dave scream – he went very red and a vein running along his forehead looked ready to burst – the room fell into silence and a sense of nervousness passed over the group.

“Right then,” Dave said in a calmer tone. “Who’s first?”

“I’ll go,” Mike said when everyone remained silent. “Dave, truth or dare?”

Dave knew he’d be picked first; he’d imprisoned his friends and suggested the game – if he picked ‘dare’ he’d be dared to open the door. “Truth.”

Mike was hoping for dare, but that didn’t mean he didn’t have a truth prepared and an evil, uncomfortable question too...uncomfortable for Mike anyway. “Please describe, in detail, how you give oral sex.”

Dave shrugged and rolled his eyes. “I find it easier to have Linsey sit on my face, that way I don’t end up with a face full of mattress...”

Everyone looked astounded that Dave was answering without breaking into a blush and Mike looked horrified that he had to listen to the explanation, which included several words he didn’t like.

“...I quite like the taste of her vagina, plus sometimes she uses chocolate syrup which makes things much more fun. Anyways I lick up from her cunt to her clit, teasingly until she moans a little and then I nibble it a little but quickly move back down – I never want her to cum too soon. I’ll fuck her with my tongue and when she’s really wet and dripping onto my fa-”

“I think we’ve heard enough.” Mike stopped him.

“Are you sure?” Dave smiled, “I can write you instructions if you want?”

Mike remained silent but everyone noticed that Anna blushed and Mike kept his head down refusing to meet anyone’s eyes, especially his wife’s.

“Okay moving on.” Dave grinned. “Brad, truth or dare?”

“Er...” Brad struggled – the last time he played he had to spend the game wearing nothing but a sock, not something he wanted to repeat “Truth.”

“Have you ever done anything sexual with a fan? If yes, who? When? Where? And How?”

Brad sighed, he hadn’t expected Dave to ask that – he wasn’t even aware Dave knew, or was he guessing? No, Brad could tell Dave knew. “Yes.” Brad sighed again “Her name was Chloe; it was six years ago, we were in Germany and she gave me a blow job in a club bathroom.”

Rob’s jaw dropped – he looked more disgusted at that then the description of oral sex. Did Brad not know how unhygienic public bathrooms were?

“My turn,” Brad said and focussed his attention on the person he was most angry with. “Karen, truth or dare?”

She knew she was in trouble - there was so much anger on Brad’s face and everyone else in the circle looked secretly happy at the thought of her being asked. She took a breath and looked to Joe for reassurance; he gave her a half smile. Either choice would be humiliating so she followed the current trend. “Truth.”

“Why is it,” Brad began and paused to lengthen her torture. “That you feel it acceptable to not only jeopardise your husband’s friendships but his career too?”

She was stumped – she’d expected something along the lines of ‘when’s the last time you masturbated?’ not something brutally honest, that she didn’t actually have an answer for...mainly because she’d not viewed her behaviour that way. “I...I’m not.”

“You spread malicious gossip about his friends and work colleagues, then continued to cause more friction between a couple and their ex-partners when there is already a lot of hurt involved.” Brad spoke very calmly; he was always good at delivering a speech and it really was a shame he’d given up law. “I’m aware you still have a friend on the other side of the argument, but you should understand how Joe’s position is affected by taking sides.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Take Anna for example, she’s still friends with Samantha.” Brad glanced at Anna, who nodded in confirmation, “I know Talinda and Anna were never best friends but she was always polite and they never caused tension or arguments between Mike and Chester.”

“I’m sorry,” Karen repeated, now feeling shamed and embarrassed, “I didn’t think - I just was so angry at them both I didn’t think.”

“It’s not your place to be angry.” Rob spoke up just loud enough to be heard. “We know what we’ve done and we’re all trying to just get on with our lives.”

“It’s not like Rob and I just woke up one day with the urge to fuck each other,” Chester said. “We fell in love with each other and found we made each other happier than our respective partners at the time.”

Rob turned slightly to watch as Chester spoke, he wanted to reach out and simply hold Chester’s hand, solidifying what Chester was saying, but he remained still when Chester continued.

“Rob’s lucky, he can make a clean break but I have to stay on good terms with Talinda because of the boys, please don’t mess that up.”

“I’ve not spoken to Talinda.”


Chester’s boys came first, as they should – Rob knew this, it didn’t make him any less resentful though. He lowered his head and sulked.

“Karen it’s your turn.” Dave prodded as the room fell into another uncomfortable silence. She shook her head unable to even speak, afraid she’d burst into tears the second she opened her mouth. “Passes to the right then, Joe?”

Joe wasn’t expecting this to be his turn so hadn’t even considered who he was going to ask, let alone what he’d dare them to do. He scanned the circle and realised there were only four people beside himself that hadn’t had a turn – gay chicken wasn’t an option as two of them were married to each other and the other two were gay, despite neither couple being on speaking terms. And then an idea stuck him like a huge lightning bolt.

“Rob, truth or dare?”

Rob groaned – truth would be a question about his penis, dare would require showing it - showing it would prove it wasn’t the size of a young boy’s penis – hell it was time Karen saw one that was fully grown!


The first dare of the evening. Joe grinned. “I dare you to kiss Mike for a minute....with tongues.”



“Fuck that!”

“Hell no!”

Rob, Mike, Chester and Anna all protested loudly, everyone else turned to Joe looking shocked and questioning what was he thinking.

“I’m not kissing Mike!”

“You have to; it’s rules of the game.”

“And what if I don’t?”

“Er...” Joe thought for a few seconds before grinning. “...you have to run naked through the hotel.”

“This floor?” Rob was seriously considering it.

”The whole hotel.” Joe’s grin became more of a smirk. “And I think jogging, or walking would be a more polite gesture through the bar.”

Showing eight people his abnormally shaped penis would have been unpleasant but bearable; showing an entire hotel full of people, including fans with cameras would be so far beyond humiliating he’d have to keep running out of the country and emigrate to a remote country in Europe...Luxemburg, no one would find him there...he’d call himself James and become a plumber.

Rob slowly stood accepting defeat and as he pulled off his hoodie he turned to Dave. “You’re gonna have to unlock the door.”

“You’re not seriously going to run through the hotel naked?” Brad asked.

“That’s the forfeit.” Rob said, bending down to unfasten his shoes.

“For fuck’s sake Rob take the dare.” Joe said

“Not gonna happen.” Rob shook his head and slipped off his shoes. He dared a glance at Mike and saw guilt. “I’ve spent the past two days with people talking crap about me and Mike; I’m not subjecting either one of us to more of that.”

“Is that all you’re afraid of, gossip?” Joe asked as Rob started unfastening his jeans and much to the horror of everyone in the room slid them down.

“Hasn’t that done enough damage this week?”

Rob kicked his jeans off his feet and lift up his t-shirt; it was halfway over his head when Chester shouted. “Rob! Just fucking kiss him.”

Rob slowed his actions, noticing Chester had spoken to him but continued taking his t-shirt off, he held it close to his chest and looked down, questioning his boyfriend.

“You can’t run naked through the hotel.”


“You’ll get us all thrown out for a start.”

“You actually think I’ll be sticking around after I do it?”

“Where the hell are you gonna go?”

“I was thinking Luxemburg.” Rob shrugged as nonchalantly as could muster.

“Where the fuck is that?”

“I dunno, Europe somewhere.”

By this point six people in the room were feeling very uncomfortable – this was most Rob and Chester had said to each other in weeks and no one wanted to be around when the silence broke and the fighting actually began...especially if it was anything they ended like the Joe-Karen arguments.

“Rob, you can’t seriously do this.” Brad interjected the ridiculous argument. “Not only will you get us all kicked out of the hotel, but I don’t think anyone here actually wants you to humiliate yourself or move to Luxemburg, especially as you don’t speak a word of German.”

“I’ll learn.”

“Do they speak German in Luxemburg?” Mike asked.

“Does it matter?” Brad snapped in reply. “Rob, you’re not running through the hotel naked!”

“I’m not doing the dare.”

“Why not?” Joe asked.

“I’ve already said why not.”

“Gossip isn’t really an excuse, the usual rule of truth or dare means that anything that happens stays between those within the group.”

“Oh.” Rob didn’t know that. He still didn’t want to kiss Mike but his main reason for not wanting to do it was now gone – he certainly didn’t want to run naked through the hotel. He dared a glance at Chester questioning what he should do.

“Just kiss Mike.” Chester shook his head.

“You’ve been in love with him for years,” Joe said with a grin. “What’s the problem?”

“I’m not in love with Mike.” Rob spun around to glare at Joe. “I’ll admit I had a crush on him, years ago, and it lasted about a month...or two.”

“What did you like about him?” Anna asked.

“I think it was his spiky red hair and he’d wear glasses on the tour bus,” Rob felt himself blush.“He was fatter then and very into giving hugs.”

“I was probably high,” Mike mumbled, refusing to look up at Rob or anyone else in the circle.

“That seems to be your excuse for everything this week,” Chester commented and cast Mike an evil look.

“The other day I was high,” Mike snapped and glared at Chester. “Totally off my fucking head, high.”

“He was.” Rob agreed and watched as Brad rolled his eyes. “Would you stop! I didn’t take advantage of him! He...” Rob pointed to Mike, still glaring at Brad. “...put his hands down my pants and grabbed my dick!”

It was clear to all that Rob was upset, most as dick was another word Rob never used and he’d turned an unhealthy shade of red.

“So, you’re saying he groped you?” Chester asked suddenly feeling very concerned.


“I did.” Mike stopped Rob’s stuttering, his eyes were wide with shock and all the colour had drained from his face. “I did, you tried to stop me but I didn’t listen. God! I attacked you!”

The air in the room had taken on a seriousness no one had expected and all eyes focussed on Mike’s confession.

“I attacked you! You said no but I thought it was funny.” He looked up at Rob. “You must hate me?”

“No.” Rob shook his head and knelt down, suddenly feeling very tall standing in the centre of the centre of his friends, who all sat on cushions. “I knew it wasn’t anything sexual, you were just being high and silly.”

“I still grabbed your cock!”

“Yeah, because you wanted to see if it resembled a boomerang, not to get me off.”

“And that’s all that happened?” Chester asked cutting through the silence and shocked expressions of the rest of the group. “You two aren’t...”

“No!” Both Mike and Rob said together.

“But you looked like you were enjoying it.” Chester said defensively. He knew what he saw – Mike laughing and a lustful glazed expression on Rob’s face.

“His hands weren’t exactly motionless.” Rob spoke before he thought and reacted more to Mike turning red than soothing Chester’s feelings. “I didn’t want to enjoy it, I did tell you to stop.”

“I think we’ve all heard enough now.” Joe said hoping to break through some of the uncomfortableness and replace it with something else. “Rob, get on with the dare.”

“You still expect him to run around naked?” Mike asked looking up at Joe.

“No, I expect him to kiss you.”

“You still want us to do that?” Rob asked – he really had thought that all his humiliation was over.

“The game’s not over,” Joe shrugged. “So yeah, kiss him.”

“Can he put some clothes on first?” Mike asked.

It suddenly became apparent to everyone else, including Rob that he was only wearing a pair of boxers and socks. Rob blushed and very quickly began putting his clothes back on – he didn’t care that his t-shirt was inside out and back-to-front, all that mattered was his body was covered up...despite having spend a good ten minutes practically naked in front of everyone.

And then came the awkwardness, Rob was still knelt in front of Mike but seemed reluctant to move closer, he went to move his hand to touch Mike, but quickly pulled back. Brad had already cringed and was trying to look away, he had no desire to see two of his oldest friends kissing. Both Chester and Anna looked wary, almost afraid to look interested yet at the same time slightly jealous and angry.

“Why exactly does he have to do this?” Mike asked as Rob again tried to move closer and moved away.

“Remember that song by Cher?”

“No.” Mike wasn’t alone giving Joe a strange look.

“The shoop shoop song.”

Again Joe was confronted with strange looks of utter confusion.

“The one that goes if you wanna know if he loves you so, it’s in his kiss...that’s where it is,” Joe sang and then abruptly stopped when he realised that he was actually singing a Cher song. “Anyways, if there is any sexual tension between Mike and Rob we’d see by watching them kiss.”

There was a shared ‘right’ sort of sound where no one really knew how to react, particularly Mike and Rob, who just exchanged a baffled look, one shrugged and the other frowned, then the other shrugged in reply...it all made very little sense. Rob reached for Mike’s head and pulled him into an awkward and messy kiss. Their teeth clashed, Mike made a noise of dislike and then again as a tongue forced its way past his lips. Mike’s hands moved up to Rob’s chest in an attempt to push him away but the breaking of the kiss simply made it easier for Rob’s nose to pass Mike’s and kiss him from another angle. To the observer it was the most hideous and unsexy kiss anyone could possibly witness, so much so that people were laughing...even Brad found it amusing watching Mike’s face getting, for lack of a better word, eaten!

Eventually Rob pulled back and grinned as he slowly wiped all the wetness from his face on the back of his hand whilst Mike pulled some particularly ugly faces.

“Urgh.” Mike said bringing his shirt up to wipe his face on and then turned to Chester, “You enjoy that?”

“No,” Chester continued to laugh. “Though I don’t let him kiss me when he’s hungry.” His laughter was reduced to a high squeak as he was taken utterly by surprise when Rob crawled towards him, put his hands on Chester’s knees and leant in for a very soft kiss. There was none of the messiness that occurred in the kiss with Mike, no cause for laughing, no banging of teeth or noses, and no disgusting squelching noises. The kiss was just soft and simple, lips barely touching each other but enough to make the kiss real. Chester’s hands went up to wrap around Rob’s neck and pull him a little closer, deepening the kiss, he moaned a little and Rob pulled away just enough to speak.

“You taste nice.”

“Quit smoking.”

“Mmm.” Rob leant in to press another kiss on Chester’s lips and whisper, “love you.”

“Now that’s a nice kiss,” Mike said and pointed at the couple. “I didn’t expect a cute and lovey-dovey type kiss, but he didn’t need to suck my face off.”

“I bet he gives great head.” There are some things that don’t need voicing, and that was definitely one of them. Humiliated by the comment Rob turned and glared at Brad with utter disgust. “Did I say that out loud?”

“Yeah,” Chester said in utter disbelief that Brad, of all people, would say that.

Rob moved to sit back on his cushion, though this time kept close to Chester and left one hand on Chester’s knee, more out of habit though the happy butterfly feelings of actually having his hand there did make an appearance. “Okay, so it’s my turn.” He scanned the room suddenly realising he was now back to speaking terms with pretty much everyone in the room. It felt weird yet strangely comforting especially as no one had wanted to ask or see his abnormal penis – the reason for this is that they had all actually seen it and knew that if anything it was above average size and always assumed that was the reason it hung to the left more than their own.

“Anna, truth or dare?” Rob was attempting to make a gesture – he didn’t want to kiss her husband any more than he wanted Mike’s hands on his penis. He smiled warmly and hoped she understood he wasn’t being vindictive.

“Er...I don’t know...er...” There were things she didn’t want to tell the group, there were things she didn’t want to tell Mike...nothing bad, just a little mystery can often make a marriage healthy. “Dare.”

“Okay,” Rob grinned. “Go to the bathroom and return wearing your underwear on your head.”

This was one of those things, and the problem was everyone knew it, not that she knew that. “I can’t do that.”

Joe was the first to laugh, Chester followed loudly and pointing as Mike buried his head in his knees. Moments later everyone was laughing, more so after Anna slapped a hand across the back of her husband’s head.

“You bastard!” She slapped him again. “I can’t believe you told them that!”

In a previous game of truth or dare Mike had been asked what his biggest turn on was – his very bashful reply revealed that he gets his kinks knowing that his wife never wears underwear.

Now incredibly red faced Anna turned her attention to the person seeming to find this funniest. “Chester, truth or dare?”

“Truth.” His reply was quick though it took a few moments for people to register the change; Chester had laced his fingers with Rob’s and was now sat leaning against his boyfriend.

“What was your most embarrassing moment?” Anna asked, knowing it wasn’t a great question, though as Chester had no shame was bound to be revealing.

“Probably, getting caught blindfolded, gagged and chained to the bed, with Rob’s cock several inches inside of me!”

The laughter stopped. With the exception of Karen no one really cared that Rob’s girlfriend had been hurt, not now anyway that sufficient time had passed and each person was moving on with their lives. What had stunned the group was the carefree manner Chester had mentioned bondage – this was new information.

“I guess it wouldn’t have been so bad had she just started screaming or thrown things at us or even slammed the door and left,” Chester continued and it seemed like everyone moved closer wanting details and curious to see why Rob was chuckling, “but no, she just said ‘don’t mind me’ and continued into the room and began packing her stuff, whilst he...” He pointed to Rob. “...continued fucking me!”

“You didn’t stop?” Dave’s mouth nearly dropped to the floor as he asked that.

“I couldn’t,” Rob shrugged. “I very rarely get to top and I was about thirty second away from cumming - I don’t think an army of fans could have stopped me.”

“You just continued having sex, whilst your girlfriend was in the room?” Dave seemed to be the only person capable of asking questions while everyone listened and looked appalled at Rob’s utterly out of character behaviour.

“I said sorry afterwards.” Rob shrugged off the question like he was asked something as simple as ‘do you prefer Coke or Pepsi?’.

“I’m very good in bed,” Chester smirked. “It’s hard to focus on anything else.”

Rob ignored the comments, some smutty and some insulting, and simply kissed Chester. He lifted Chester’s chin with the hand not laced with Chester’s and softly pressed his lips against his lover’s. He whispered, “it’s always hard to focus on anything but you,” and then kissed him again.

The game of truth or dare continued, only now with without the aggression or tension dividing the group. Dave couldn’t help but smile, despite everyone trying not to notice the way Rob and Chester sat entwined together, one hand softly stroking the other’s leg or hand, occasionally kissing in a sweet and attentive way along the other’s neck, a brush of lips against a cheek or lifting their hand to kiss their fingers. Both were smiling and clearly just happy to be in the other’s embrace again, and although they were mainly focused on the other they weren’t separate from the circle. They continued to pass around dares and laugh in turn as they were called upon.

The game had become a somewhat silly affair. Brad had been dared to sing ‘Like a Virgin’ whilst standing on his head, Joe called hotel reception and asked how much they charged by the hour, and Dave confessed he last masturbated that morning as he watched Friends. Chester had briefly left Rob’s side to do his best impression of Michael Jackson, but unfortunately due to many legal requirements his actions and words cannot be repeated. The game was fizzling out and the time between questions grew longer as talking and general joking took over.

By three am the talking had slowed and quietened, Karen has long since passed out and was sprawled against Joe’s legs and Rob was having difficulties keeping his eyes open. Dave desperately wanted to kick everyone out and go to bed though he was struggling to think of a polite way to do so...he’d already called Cheapshot, instructing him to open the door and hoping this would give everyone a hint the party was over, only Cheap took this to be an invitation and brought with him several members of the crew, a crate of beer and four pizzas.

“Mike, truth or dare?” Dave cut through the talking and waited for a response.

“Are we still playing?” Mike laughed and finished the bottle of beer in his hand, “I thought we’d finished...” he looked at his watch and tried to focus “...fuck! Is that the time?”

“Yeah, get out and go to bed.” Dave smiled though he was very serious and although he tried to hide it he did sound grumpy. “So truth or dare?”

Mike shrugged. “Dare.”

“Pretend you’re a fireman, pick your wife up, carry her out of the room and attempt to do everything you dared me to talk about earlier.”

Mike fell silent, his eyes wide and looking even more shocked than when Rob had kissed him. “What?”

“Oral sex, Mike.” Dave said as seriously as he could. “Would you like me to draw you a picture?”

“N-no.” He stuttered, by now was very red and very aware that every eye was watching and waiting for him to move. He stood, his legs were shaking and he laughed nervously at himself – it wasn’t that he was afraid of the oral sex part, more that everyone knew he’d be doing it. He pulled his wife up off the floor and stumbled backwards. Thankfully she caught him before he fell on Joe...surprisingly Karen slept through the commotion. Mike really did his best to pick Anna up but due to tiredness, drunkenness and his naturally utterly poor coordination wound up falling, dropping Anna on her head and putting an end to all possibilities of sex...a black eye and possible concussion wasn’t much of a turn on. After the drama people filtered out, leaving Dave alone to get his beauty sleep.

Chester had nudged a very sleepy Rob, kissed his ear and whispered it was time for bed, to which Rob had nodded and followed Chester back to his room. All the way they stayed connected, holding hands, Rob’s head rest against Chester’s shoulder and Chester’s arm around Rob’s waist as he waited for Chester to find his key card and open the door. They moved into the room together only breaking apart as they reached the bed and Rob collapsed face first on top of the covers. Chester had to shake him slightly, stopping him from falling asleep, and telling him to get undressed only to find himself undressing them both.

With barely the energy to move, Rob let Chester do most of the work. He sat up and lift his arms as both his hoodie and shirt were removed in one go. His head flopped down onto Chester’s shoulder and he smiled as Chester kissed from the tip of his shoulder to his ear. As Chester moved away to unfasten Rob’s pants he realised the heavy breathing wasn’t a result of Rob being turned on, he was asleep. Chester chuckled as he lay Rob back down and removed the rest of the sleeping man’s clothing before taking his own clothes off and climbing into bed beside him.

Rob rolled into Chester’s body as the bed dipped; he reached out seeking warmth and cuddles. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay,” Chester smiled and kissed Rob’s forehead. “It’s very late.”

“Early.” Rob corrected.

“We can officially make up in the morning.”

“I like waking up with you.”

“But you like falling asleep on me more.”

“No,” Rob gently shook his head fighting sleep and kisses Chester’s neck “waking up with you is better.”

“And why’s that?”

“Because you’re much cuddlier and tell me that you love me.”

“I do that at other times of the day too.”

“But you mean it then.”

“I always mean it.”

“I mean you say it without wanting sex.”

“I don’t want sex now.” Chester pressed another kiss against Rob’s head and brought his hand up to run his fingers through Rob’s hair. “I’m just happy to have you with me again.”

“Me too.”

“I missed you.”

“Me or my beautiful cock?” Rob grinned more at recalling Joe stutter and stumble over those words as he tried to explain what Chester had said to him.


“What did you miss more?”

“You. Your beautiful cock is a bonus.”

“And looks like a boomerang.”

“I never said that.”

“It does though.” Rob smiled and placed another kiss on Chester’s neck.

“And...” Chester reached down and gently grasped hold of Rob’s flaccid member. “...it came back to me too.”

“Best boomerang in the world.” Rob giggled under Chester’s touch and removed Chester’s hand, bringing it up to kiss his fingers.

They fell silent, though both remained awake, just silently breathing in the other’s scent. “I’m sorry baby,” Chester said in a whisper almost as if afraid to break the silence.

“What for?” Rob whispered back.

“Everything.” Chester said quietly then resumed their hushed conversation. “That day, hurting you, taking you for granted and making you feel that I’m only with you for sex. I love you. I love you so much and I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

“It’s okay.”

“It’s not and I will make it up to you.”

“Chester,” Rob said a little louder. “It’s fine. Just be with me, that’s all I want.”

“I am.” Chester kissed Rob’s nose and squeezed his body as he held him “But, I do have something special I want to do for you but I can’t do it till the tour’s over. Do you think you can put up with all my faults and not argue with me for a few weeks?”

“I’ll try.” Rob nodded and snuggled into Chester, laying his head against his chest and closing his eyes as Chester’s fingers once again stroked his hair until he slept.


The tour continued without any more dramatics or diva-esque behaviour. Obviously there were arguments; both Chester and Brad had a few things to say to Mike without Rob overhearing, and Joe and Karen still managed to have their daily squabbles. Rob and Chester appeared to be blissfully happy and they were – Chester had given up smoking which made Rob exceedingly happy and Chester was taking all his frustrations out on the boys from McFly, which made everyone on tour feel utterly fantabulous. That was until McFly decided enough was enough, threw a hissy fit and went home and then suddenly it was Rob’s fault as he’d booked them...apparently he’d taken the advice of one of Chester’s sons. Chester refused to get angry with Rob or whichever of his kids it was that had poor taste in music and ate another carrot stick.

The last show of the tour quickly came and with McFly gone and no one to take his nicotine withdrawals out on, Chester was munching a whole carrot an hour. Rob had nicknamed him Bugs Bunny, which eventually got shortened to Bunny and was adorably cute. Chester didn’t mind too much, until Rob said “love you Bunny,” and kissed Chester’s cheek in the middle of the preshow band huddle.


Two mornings later they were home. The day had come for Chester to make everything up to Rob, not that Rob felt he needed anything special; Chester wouldn’t be stopped. Joe had given him the perfect solution to his problem and he now had a mission. First he took Rob to the spa where they were both pampered and massaged and left to snuggle in a giant bath of warm mud. They drove home feeling especially soft and relaxed and Chester prepared himself for the argument to come.

He took Rob back to his house where he was ushered into the kitchen to cook – Chester said he wanted lasagne, with salad and garlic bread - and that he was exceedingly hungry so make lots. Then he left, leaving Rob very confused and slightly miffed that he had to cook whilst Chester went off on a mystery errand.

Two hours passed; the food was done and keeping warm in the oven.

Chester’s phone was switched off and he’d been gone too long for just a sneaky smoke.

Rob had cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed the stairs, changed all the sheets on the beds and was in the middle of scrubbing the bathroom when the door opened and what sounded like a hurricane whirled in. There was screaming and the sound of no doubt dirty feet running through the lounge. Rob sighed and took off his rubber gloves, leaving them on the side of the bath and slowly went down the stairs, to be confronted with Chester stood in the doorway pulling a very angry and reluctant teenage boy inside the house.

“Dinner ready?” Chester asked with a huge smile on his face.

“Yeah.” Rob moved aside as Jaime shoved past him without speaking and the three of them followed the sounds of chaos running around the coffee table. “I’m probably going to need to set a few more places.”

“I’m not eating anything he’s made!” Jaime turned and glared at Rob. “Fag!”

“Well, you can go without until you go back till your mother’s then.” Chester said calmly and gave Rob a sympathetic shrug as he went into the kitchen.

“She’s not my mother!” Again the angry teenager glared and snatched the remote from his slightly younger brother who was quietly watching TV.

Chester followed Rob into the kitchen and moved close behind him as he stirred the salad.

“You told them?”

“Yeah.” Chester kissed the back of Rob’s neck. “Jaime will come around, he’s just...er...you know being a typical teenager.”

“And the others?”

“They’re fine.” Chester chuckled. “Draven’s excited that he now has three daddies.”

This was everything Rob wanted and not even the sound of the bowl falling off the coffee table, crashing and spilling potpourri all over the carpet, could wipe the smile of his face.

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