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Feels Like Falling by malaiyas

I'm back with a new one! This one takes place in high school, and I intend to make it a bit more light-hearted, but we'll see how long that holds up for. I hope you'll enjoy!=] ...Oh, yeah. I don't own anyone.<3

The leaves had turned to brilliant shades of red and orange, though few still remained green. The summer's warmth was swallowed by autumn's chill. It was not to be heard from again until after the spring had cleaned up all of the winter's mess, allowing for the warm summer sun to shine its powerful rays down upon the earth until the autumn made its presence known once more. The cycle was endless, though it was the one thing in life that seemed guaranteed. No matter what was inconsistent, there was always the guarantee that the seasons would change.

Unfortunately for high school students, that same rule applied to school. Even those who loved autumn's chill dreaded its arrival, as it was always accompanied by another year at a place loaded with rules and high expectations.

Like the year before, school was back, and the obnoxious buzzing of Mike Shinoda's alarm clock at 6:45 that morning only confirmed it. He hadn't forgotten that he was to return to school, as his dreams were filled with homework, new teachers, lockers slamming in the hallways and new faces.

"Dammit," he muttered and slammed down harshly on the snooze button. He hoped that he'd broken it as he pulled the covers up to his chin and rolled over.

No such luck, though, as ten minutes later, the persistent buzzing made its way back into his ears.

With a frustrated sigh, Mike kicked his warm covers off his body and pulled himself up into a sitting position at the edge of his bed. He futilely attempted to rub the sleep out of his eyes, though he knew it was no use. He sent a glance to the clock, and knew straight away that he hadn't allowed himself enough time to get ready.

Mike took his time anyway. He nearly fell asleep in the shower because of the heat, though he managed to stay awake and finish up. He was meticulous about his appearance, particularly about his hair. He liked the black spikes on his head to be just so, otherwise he'd be more than willing to put his head under the faucet and soak his hair in the water to start all over again. It wasn't much of a problem, unless he was keeping others waiting just because of his hair.

As Mike went downstairs to gather up his notebooks and supplies, his mother looked up from the newspaper she was reading with a surprised expression. Immediately, she looked over at the clock on the wall.

"Michael!" she exclaimed, "I thought you left already! You're late. Oh, Mike, it's the first day! Honestly, can't you have a little bit of punctuality?"

"It's fine, mom. It's just the first day. It's not like I'm missing anything important," Mike muttered in response, stuffing his supplies into his bookbag - something he should have done the night prior. His mother folded her arms over her chest, looking rather cross with him. "Mom. Stop worrying about it, really. It's just school, it's not a job."

"It's not 'just school', Mike, it's your future," she scolded, standing up from her chair and grabbing something that Mike had missed off of a chair. "Here," she said, handing it to him. Mike stared blankly at it, unsure of whether she was serious or not.

"A supply box? Mom, are you kidding me? I'm a junior in high school, not a second grader. I'll be the laughing stock of the entire place if I take that thing with me," Mike said, slinging his bookbag over his shoulder.

"I thought it would help to keep you organized."

"Bye, mom," Mike said, well aware that he was already late enough. He'd just get something for breakfast at school.

He ran as fast as he could to the school, and was surprised to see that there were still other students hanging around at the front of the school upon arriving. He climbed the stairs slowly, trying to catch his breath with each step he took. As he reached the top, he saw his friend, Rob, leaning against the railing. He advanced towards him quickly, earning a smile from Rob as their eyes met.

"Hey, man," Mike said as they slapped hands.

"Hey. You're really red," Rob observed, stuffing his hands back in his pockets.

"I thought I was really late, so I ran," Mike said with a shrug. Rob just nodded.

There was a silence between the two for a while, though it didn't matter so much. Mike had managed to occupy himself with other matters as his eyes fell upon a certain bleach-blonde, who was leaning against the railing opposite them and laughing with a friend of his.

Mike didn't even know his name, but he'd first noticed him back in eighth grade when he was thirteen and coming to terms with his sexuality. He hated to admit that he was playing the role of the secret admirer, but he knew it was true. He had admired him in passing for all those years without thinking much of it, though he knew that there was something about the guy that drew him in. He'd never mentioned his crush to anyone, just saved it for later when he needed something nice to think about. Sometimes homework simply didn't cut it.

"Mike?" Rob's voice snapped him out of his thoughts, and he responded momentarily only with a blank stare.

"Oh," he said after realising how obvious it had become that he was staring. "I'm sorry, what?"

"Dude, were you just staring at..."

"Hey, guys!" Phoenix called, joining Mike and Rob.

"Hey," both Mike and Rob replied in unison.

Mike knew exactly where Rob's question was headed, so of course he felt grateful for Phoenix's interruption. He just couldn't help it, though. He didn't hear a single word that his friends were saying, because he was too busy staring. He watched him as discreetly as he could manage as he kicked off the railing and motioned for his friend to follow him. He'd paused momentarily, Mike saw, and in that second, he could see the glint of metal in his lip. He'd gotten his lip pierced over the summer. Mike allowed his eyes to follow him until he disappeared behind the school's large doors.

He felt fucking creepy. Mike wasn't a stalker, but yet here he was, trying to engrave every detail of a total stranger into his mind. He tried to reassure himself that if he was a stalker, he'd already know this guy's name, at the very least. But he didn't, so he was normal... right?

The bell rang, and Mike took a quick glance at his schedule. Rob and Phoenix both noticed Mike's strange silence, and Mike figured they knew something was up, but before they could ask, he'd already said goodbye and rushed into the doors of the school.

Mike barged into his homeroom and quickly took a seat. No one paid him any mind, but just because he wasn't a fan of being stared at, he kept his head down and didn't make note of anyone in the room.

Information cards were passed out to each of the students, and Mike half-assed all of them. He wasn't in the mood. His mind was still back outside, where he was caught staring by Rob.

As his cards were collected, he fought a smile. He knew that he was doing himself in by not giving them the proper information, but he wasn't active in sports or anything, so the chance of injury was truly minimal.

The teacher counted the students and soon began taking attendance.

"Chester Bennington?" he called, and Mike let out a stifled laugh that, in the silent room, everyone was able to hear. The teacher shot him a glare, and Mike soon realised that the whole class was staring at him.

"What's so fucking funny?" A voice questioned. Mike looked to his left and found himself face to face with the one who he'd secretly been scoping out since he was thirteen. He found that, for a moment, he was unable to speak. "You think my name is funny?"

"N-no, no," Mike replied with a laugh. Chester lifted an eyebrow. "I just thought back to something funny when he said your name. I wasn't laughing at your name."

"Right," Chester said, though there wasn't any sarcasm in his tone. He slumped back in his seat as attendance continued, and Mike wondered how he could cool down so quickly after seeming so angry.

Mike wanted to stab himself in the eye with a pencil, though, because all he could think of was how he'd just learned Chester's name.

Homeroom dragged on with Mike trying to steal glances at Chester to see if he looked upset at all, but he couldn't read his expression. He wasn't sure if he was daydreaming or just bored, though either would have been acceptable given the circumstances.

The bell rang, and everyone rushed out with the teacher yelling something that fell upon deaf ears. Chester stood, gathering his things, though Mike stopped him as he passed by his desk.

"Hey," he said, and Chester stopped to speak to him with a confused look on his face.

"Hey," he replied after a moment of silence, and Mike stood, smiling awkwardly. Chester shifted uncomfortably, searching his mind for reasons as to why Mike would stop him.

Mike snapped out of it, and nearly wanted to give himself a sharp slap to his own cheek as he realised what he was doing.

"Oh, sorry. Listen, I just wanted to say that I was sorry for earlier, for laughing when your name was called," Mike said, grabbing his bookbag off his desk. Chester just nodded.

"It's cool, dude. I gotta go now, though, or I'll be late to my next class. I'll see you around though. Mike, right?" Chester asked, and Mike nodded. "I'll remember that."

Mike smiled, unsure of what to say, and followed Chester with his eyes as he left the room. He forced his legs to move after he knew Chester was gone, though he was surprised he was able. His legs felt like water and he was shaking like a fucking leaf. He could feel his teacher's confused gaze on him as he left the room, but he pretended he didn't notice.

Mike made his way through the hallways, scrunching his nose at the snippets of conversation he heard as he passed the groups of teenage boys clogging up the halls. "Yeah, she's real hot when you fuck her," one boy said to the four others eagerly awaiting the details. For a moment, Mike felt pity for the girl in question. But then he realised that she was probably a slut and didn't let his thoughts dwell on it any further.

Wading through the crowded hallways, Mike felt the urge to laugh. It was 8:15 in the morning, and already, there were girls sobbing by their lockers with their friends rubbing circles on their backs. Oh, high school drama.

He felt relieved when he finally made it to his classroom in one piece, and even more so relieved when he saw Rob sitting in a desk in the back of the room. Mike was never one to share his schedule with his friends prior to school starting; he rather liked the surprise of them being placed in a class together. He just didn't see the fun in knowing ahead of time.

Quietly, he sneaked over to Rob and slammed his hands down on his desk. Rob jumped and glared at Mike, preparing to say something, though as soon as recognition registered, a smile graced his face.

"You're a fucking asshole," Rob said with a laugh. Mike just nodded and took a seat in the desk next to him.

"I know," he replied with a cheeky smile, setting his bookbag down on the floor. He watched with disinterest as the rest of his classmates made their way into the room. There was a glimmer of hope that one certain person would walk through the door, but he wasn't going to get his hopes up. There were plenty of classes that the two could have been in together, and if not, there was always lunch.

Mike didn't even know what he wanted, or even what he was hoping for. Of course he would have loved to get in Chester's pants, but he was certain that he was straight. He'd seen him with many girls over the years, much to his dismay.

To Mike, it was slightly baffling that he didn't know Chester's name up until then. He'd heard the name in passing, even had people ask him if he knew who that was. He had always figured it was some doofy kid with acne and coke-bottle glasses who was really good at math. That was the reason he'd laughed when his teacher had called Chester's name that morning. He figured he was finally going to see whatever nerd it was that he'd been hearing about. Needless to say, he was mortified when he realised how horribly wrong he was.

Chester was the farthest thing from a nerd. He was the popular bad kid who ended up suspended every other week for fighting or smoking or something of the sort. And to Mike, he was untouchable.

He felt as if Chester was way out of his league. Mike wasn't unpopular, not at all. He was actually rather well-liked. Maybe he was putting Chester up on a pedestal, but he figured there must have been some truth to it if it had taken three years just to exchange a single word with him, let alone learn his name.

As the teacher of that class, Miss Devitt, glared angrily at Mike, he decided right then that his objective of the year was simply to become Chester's friend.

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