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1st Date by Gummibear Queen

1st Date

Disclaimer: I own Brad’s teddy bear, he doesn’t know I have it, it’s hiding under my bed so shhhh

”Well…er…goodnight then.”

“Do you…er…want to come in?” I ask as we approach my door.

“Best not, it’s late and I…er…have to be at work early tomorrow morning,” he blushes and looks at the floor “the…er…vocalist in my band would…er…kill me if I overslept.”


“Yeah,” looking up at me and I smile.

“I had a really nice time tonight.”

“Yeah?” he smiles back at me.

“Yeah.” I smile at him again, holding contact with his eyes.

“We should do it again,” he says taking my hand and stroking it with his thumb.

“How about tomorrow?”

“Well I have a show at 7 and 10,000 people would be pretty pissed if I missed it, plus the vocalist in my band, he’s a mean assed rapper so you don’t want to upset him. He’d probably kill me and use my intestines as guitar strings.”

“What about after the concert?” I laugh quietly.

“Chester is having an after show birthday party.”

“During the day?”

“The band has an interview with MTV at 9, then one with some music magazine at 11, a photo shoot at 12 till 3 but I doubt I would be needed much as they only want pictures of Chester and the mean assed rapper.”

“How could they not want your pretty face?”

“Well Chester’s hot and the mean assed rapper frightens the photographers, the rest of us are just glad to get away from him.”

“After the photo shoot?”

“Well Brad, the mean assed rapper and I are going to get Chester a birthday present.”

“After that?”

“Sound check at 5, Meet and Greet at 6 and then the show starts at 7, well we don’t go on till 9 but I like to nap during the support act and watch Chester and the mean assed rapper do their warm up stretches.”

“Pervert” I laugh at him a little louder.

“Well, they’re both cute.” He smiles at me and moves his hand to stroke my face then removing his other hand from mine places it on my waist. He steps forward moving his hand to the small of my back, drawing circles with his finger tips.

He stands so close to me, staring deep into my eyes, inches away from my face. I place my hand on his side and play with the belt loops on his pants through his shirt. I pull him closer to me. I can feel his breath on my face. I feel him trembling with nerves. The mixed feelings of fear and excitement I have are mirrored in his face.

“Even the mean assed rapper?” I whisper shakily, he looks down at my lips and licks his.

“Especially the mean assed rapper,” he whispers back, closing the gap between us kissing me softly. I close my eyes and pull his body closer to mine, his hand moves from my face to run his fingers through my hair. I’m pushed back against the door; he tightens his hold on me, pressing himself against me. The kiss is slow and soft, as a first kiss between new lovers should be. Perfect. The need to touch more of him intensifies; I move my hands under his shirt and onto his back running my fingers along his skin. His tongue circles mine faster.

He moans, his hunger growing too.

I need to breath but I don’t want this to end. He moves his hand down from my hair to my waist under my shirt. His hands are clammy and stick to my skin; he digs his finger tips into me, roughly moving them along to my back. I feel his want and smile, pulling him even closer, confirming mine.

The kiss slowly stops and he kisses his way along to my ear, neither one of us releasing our hold of the other.

“I should go,” he whispers as he nibbles at my ear lobe.

“hummm,” is all I can answer back.

“Got an early start tomorrow.” He kisses down my neck then working his way back up to my face, taking my lips again and kissing me softly.

I remove my hand from his back and take the key card out of my pocket, not breaking the kiss I swipe it in the door.

“Rob?” I ask briefly breaking the kiss

“mmm,” he muffles still kissing me

“The mean assed rapper wants you to oversleep tomorrow.” I say opening the door, pulling him through with me and kicking it closed behind us.

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