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Not Until You Love Me by KinneysPrincess

Brad, who was getting bored with the video game that Joe continuously beat him at, tossed down his controller. Looking at the rest of Linkin Park, he said, “ So who’s going clubbing tonight?”

“I am,” Joe said, looking at Brad triumphantly, while he shut down the game.

Rob looked up from the book he was reading. A romance novel to be exact, with the cover removed so the guys would not know what he was reading. “Yeah me too.”

“I don’t know, is Mike going,” Chester asked, glancing up from the song he was writing.

Joe looked over at Mike who was on the phone arranging for a male prostitute to meet him in his room later in the night. “Mike, are you clubbing tonight?”

Mike finally noticed that everyone was looking his way. “Yeah, is everybody going?” Everyone confirmed that they were going and then left Brad and Joe’s room.

Rob and Chester went to the room that they shared to get ready for the evening.

Mike went to his room to change and call the front desk and arrange to have a key there for the prostitute to wait in his room until he got back from clubbing. Mike always had his own room because the group knew of his tendency to sleep with a different man every night. He preferred to keep himself emotionally detached by not kissing these men, never letting them spend the night, he never slept with the same guy twice, and made them leave as soon as he was finished with them. He chose quite often to pay for sex, rather than just picking someone up. Simply because, the men he paid didn’t annoy him by asking to see him again. Mike simply did not believe in love, he felt it was a weakness in people.

The guys all decided to take the limo to the club rather than taking two separate cabs. Chester and Mike on one side while Rob, Joe, and Brad were on the opposite side. “Awesome we got tomorrow off, I am going to get so trashed tonight!” Brad exclaimed.

“Oh God is it too late to have the driver take me back to the hotel?” Rob groaned while everyone else laughed at Brad’s antics.

“Brad if you pick up any of your usual hoe’s tonight, make sure you go to their place. That’s something I don’t want to walk in on, again.” Joe teased.

“Yeah I can still hear Joe screaming. He sounded like someone about to be murdered.” Chester laughed.

“Hey! Shut up Curly! You should be glad you weren’t the one to see that big hairy ass in the air.” Joe said with a shudder.

“Hey dickweed, I got a nice ass.” Brad replied.

“Sure you do, if you like to trek through the forest to actually find your ass.” Joe shot back.

“Hey Mike, you’re like the ass connoisseur here. Don’t I have a nice ass? Brad asked.

“Sorry Brad I’ve seen your ass. I have to go with Joe on this one. I like my ass’s baby smooth.” Mike said with a smirk.

“So you’re saying I got an ugly ass?” Brad whined.

“Why did I get dragged into this it was you two not me?” Mike asked.

“Fine you pick on my ass and everybody sits here and laughs. Let’s hear what you think about theirs.” Brad demanded.

“Come on man what does my opinion on anyone’s ass matter, what a stupid conversation.” Mike growled.

“Oh just go ahead or he’ll never shut up.” Joe told Mike.

“Whatever, you two are insane. I swear. Who goes first?” Mike sighed.

“I guess I will.” Joe laughed nervously.

“OK I’ve got to be honest because I was with Brad.” Mike warned while Joe just grunted. “Joe’s ass is just too big for my taste, plus a little too hairy.” Mike informed them.

“You think I got a fat ass?” Joe squealed in his high annoying voice.

“No man. I don’t think you have a fat ass, it’s just not small and tight the way I like them.” Mike placated.

“I guess I should be glad you don’t like my ass. It’s safer that way.” Joe laughed.

“You’re just too fucking funny. Are we done with this now, or would someone else like his ass critiqued?” Mike enquired.

“Hey you have to do Rob and Chester too. You can’t just rip on our asses.” Brad started whining again.

“God I can’t believe our conversations have stooped to this. It’s like, an all time low,” Rob moaned then adding “I guess you can do me now so Brad will shut up and get over this.”

“Ok Rob has a nice ass if; you’re into bubble butts. Although I’m not, but I know a lot of guys are. Plus it’s also nice and smooth, not hairy or blemished.” Mike smiled at Rob.

“Chester next, hurry up we’re almost there.” Brad said quickly to Mike.

“Just remember man I’m your best friend.” Chester warned with a laugh.

“Chester’s ass is what a last meal is to a death row inmate.” Mike quietly stated, looking at Chester with a glint in his eyes.

“What the hell does that mean?” Brad blurted out while Rob and Joe looked shocked and Chester turned fifty shades of red.

“That means it’s something you savor slowly. You don’t rush because you’ll never have something like that again.” Mike answered in a matter of fact way.

“Fuck!” Brad exclaimed while Rob and Joe still looked shocked and Chester continued to blush.

“Hey! Cool we’re here!” Mike yelled, jumping up from the seat and bounding for the door.

The group waded through the crowd in the club, trying to find a table. While Mike was leading, the other four were still wondering what was up with the comment about Chester’s ass.

Chester spoke up as they were starting to sit. “Hey guys, I’ll be right back I gotta go to the bathroom.”

Brad jumped up too. “Hold up C, I gotta go too.”

“Great, I thought this was a Rock band, they’re going to the can together. They’re really girls. I feel better now about Mike’s obsession with Chester’s ass,” Joe laughed as the others groaned.

Chester and Brad had to fight their way through the mass of sweaty bodies to get to the restroom. Guys and girls groped them both more than once, until they finally reached their destination. They entered the restroom and walked up to urinals next to each other.

Chester noticed that Brad was covertly looking at his ass. “Brad, why the hell are you looking at my ass?”

Brad blushed and giggled. “Sorry man I just wanted to see what Mike was talking about.”

“You’re freaking weird man; you’re not gay.” Chester said with a laugh.

“I know. I’ve just never heard Mike say anything like that before,” Brad shrugged.

“Yeah that was pretty wild. Do you think he likes me?” Chester questioned eagerly.

“Of course he likes you. You’re his best friend.”

“No, I mean, likes me, as in he wants to bump uglies with me?” Chester implored.

Brad looked at Chester weirdly. “Whoa man, you sound like you want him to.”

“Maybe I do,” Chester said with a sly smile and walked out.

Brad stopped Chester on the way back to the table. “Are you shitting me C? Since when are you gay?”

“Since the first time I saw Mike. I just wasn’t ready for anyone to know. I’m still not ready for everybody to know,” Chester said softly.

“Don’t worry C, I won’t say anything. Just don’t think he’s gonna change just because you want him,” Brad warned.

Chester hugged Brad. “Thanks man. I know he won’t but I’m gonna make him love me, you just watch.”

“So, what’s the plan? Do you need any help,” Brad asked, grinning wickedly.

“I don’t really have a plan yet. Although, I now know that he might want me.” Chester smiled.

“He wants to fuck you, not marry you. You can’t just let him use you. I won’t let him use you,” Brad said forcefully.

“I know that. I’m not gonna sleep with him until he loves me. I’m not stupid Brad. I just have to find a way to make him love me,” Chester finished with a sigh.

“We’ll think of something. Flirt a lot tonight. Ask him to dance with you. Kiss him and give him a little taste of what he’s missing,” Brad conspired.

“Do you think I should go that far?” Chester asked nervously.

“Hey man, you gotta fight dirty if you want him. Nothing worth having comes easy. If anybody can open his heart, it’ll be you,” Brad encouraged him.

“Wow Bradford, when did you get so smart?” Chester asked with a laugh.

“Why does everybody always think I’m the dumb one?” Brad said with disgust as he led Chester back to the table.

“Took you long enough, what did you do, powder your nose and fix your lipstick too?” Joe joked when they reached the table.

Brad smacked the back of Joe’s head. “No just a little girl talk. Right Chester?”

“Yeah, thanks again for the name of the store that custom makes the lingerie. I hate ordering from the catalogue; the sizes are never the same,” Chester continued the joke.

“Lord, why didn’t I stay at the hotel?” Rob moaned, thumping his head on the table.

Chester noticed Mike watching him intently. “What’s up Mike?”

Mike glanced from Chester to Brad and back. “What took you so long?”

“We had to fight our way through the crowd first and then there was a line in the restroom,” Chester explained.

Mike simply nodded and pushed Chester’s Coke over to him.

“Oh yeah and Brad was checking out my ass too,” Chester snickered.

Joe started laughing hysterically, pointing at Brad. Brad smacked Chester on the arm while Mike looked angry. Rob began pounding his head on the table again and chanting, “Why me God?”

“Hey Mike, come dance with me.” Chester tugged on Mike’s arm and stood up.

Chester grabbed Mike’s hand and led him onto the dance floor. They danced close together, while Chester touched Mike every chance he got. Mike didn’t understand why Chester kept rubbing up against him and grabbing his hand, but he wasn’t about to stop him. By the time they left the dance floor Chester had touched and teased Mike so much that he had a raging erection. While following Chester back to the table, Mike prayed that nobody would notice his condition.

Chester noticed Rob was alone at the table. “Hey Rob, where did Brad and Joe go?”

Rob with his head still down on the table mumbled, “I hope light years away.”

Chester and Mike laughed and took their seats. Chester moved his chair as close to Mike’s as he could, without actually sitting in his lap. Mike looked at him with curiosity but didn’t say anything. They sat and watched Brad dance with a girl who looked way too young and Joe talked to the DJ.

Chester slowly slipped his hand across the table so that his was touching Mike’s. When Mike didn’t move his hand away Chester began gently caressing the side of his hand with his little finger. Mike didn’t move he just sat very still and watched Chester’s hand. Chester decided to be a little bolder and turned Mike’s hand over and began stroking his palm. Mike’s breath hitched but he didn’t move. Mike was starting to sweat; he’d never been so turned on before by such a simple touch. Mike tore his eyes away from their hands and looked into Chester’s eyes and saw the desire. As the song changed, Mike slowly moved his hand to Chester’s thigh. Chester and Mike looked at each other and then stood.

They moved to the dance floor hand in hand. Mike positioned his hands on Chester’s waist, as Chester gently put his hands on the back of Mike’s neck. “Beautiful” by Pharell Williams played while they stared into each other’s eyes and swayed to the music.

Mike left the dance floor in a state of confusion. Chester had kissed him lightly on the lips while dancing and then simply walked off, leaving Mike alone. Mike knew Chester was up to something, but what exactly he did not know. Chester wasn’t gay or even bi as far as he knew, so why was he playing these games. Mike decided to take the bull by the horns and confront Chester.

Mike placed his hand on Chester’s shoulder. “We need to talk.”

Chester turned to Mike. “Can’t it wait? I was just leaving.”

“I’ll ride back with you.” Mike pushed Chester gently towards exit.

“Hey Rob, can you get Brad and Joe back by yourself?” Chester asked.

“Sure and while I’m at it I’ll just cure world hunger.” Rob answered sarcastically.

Mike and Chester chuckled while heading for the exit.

The cab ride back to the hotel was quiet. Mike thinking about the way Chester had been acting, while Chester was planning ways to get to Mike.

Stepping off of the elevator, Chester looked at Mike. “Do you wanna talk in your room or ours?”

Mike quickly remembered someone should be waiting in his room. “Yours”

Chester sat on the bed watching Mike pace back and forth across the room.

Mike stopped in front of Chester, “What the hell was that tonight Chez?”

Chester looked innocently at Mike, “What?”

“Dancing, touching my hand, the looks. What the hell are you up to?” Mike demanded.

Chester smiled slyly to himself, “Mike we’re best friends we dance together and touch each other every day.”

“What is this payback for embarrassing you?” Mike resumed pacing.

Chester began removing his shirt, “ When did you embarrass me?”

Mike turned to Chester, “When I said that about your ass. Why the hell are you taking your clothes off?”

Chester stopped midway in removing his jeans, “Umm, because it’s late, I’m in my room, and I’m getting ready for bed. I wasn’t embarrassed.”

Mike was perplexed. “Why weren’t you embarrassed?”

“Why would I be embarrassed? I dream so much about your ass I forget what mine looks like; it’s good to know it’s still fine.” Chester grinned.

Mike stammered. “You what?”

Chester laughed lightly, “You heard me.”

Mike stared at Chester, “You...why.... I.... are you gay?”

Chester laughed uproariously. “Queer as a three-dollar bill.”

Mike was so shocked he moved to sit on the bed without looking and fell on the floor. “Stop fucking laughing and tell me what the fuck your up to.” Mike shouted at Chester, who was laughing even harder when Mike fell on the floor.

“I’m sorry Mike. You should have seen your face. You fell on your ass.” Chester wiping tears from his eyes offered Mike his hand to pull him up.

Mike accepted Chester’s help grudgingly. “You’ve had your laugh, now tell me what’s going on?”

Chester shrugged his shoulders, “ Nothings going on, I’m gay, end of story.”

“That’s not the end of the story Chester. Why were you coming on to me tonight.” Mike asked exasperated.

“If you have to ask that, then you need to look in the mirror more often,” Chester smirked.

“I’m not gonna sleep with you Chester, everything will be all weird when it’s over.” Mike spoke sternly.

“Why? Are you a weird fuck?” Chester smiled wickedly.

Mike growled in frustration, “One night stands between friends just lead to problems.”

Mike stopped while looking pointedly at Chester sitting on the bed. Chester brought his hand out and gently caressed Mike’s thigh. He knew he shouldn’t, but he had dreamed of touching Mike for so long. Mike jumped away as if he were burned. Chester’s hand on his thigh was so hot. Mike felt like he was losing control, a feeling he could not handle. Chester stalked Mike, pinning him to the wall without touching him. Mike could not breathe. Chester’s heat and scent were intoxicating, making him light headed. Chester was breathing into Mike’s ear, sending convulsions through his whole body. Chester wanted so bad to feel Mike, to hold him. He ached to touch his lips to Mike’s full red mouth. Chester yearned to love Mike with his body and soul.

Chester whispered, “It wouldn’t have to be a one night stand.”

Chester’s words brought Mike out of the daze he was in. Pushing Chester away, Mike moved to open the door.

“I don’t do boyfriends Chester.” Mike sighed with his back to Chester.

Chester pressed his front to Mike’s back, sending hot breath into his ear. “You’ve had the rest Mike, now try the best.”

“Get over yourself Chester,” Mike gave a harsh laugh while leaving the room.

Chester threw himself down on the bed with a laugh.

“Let the games begin,” Chester chuckled.


“Hey Chester, wake up, breakfast will be here in a few minutes,” Rob said, shaking Chester’s shoulder.

Chester woke with a smile on his face after dreams of Mike, “Morning Rob.”

Rob turned from his laptop to look at Chester, “Better take your shower before the others get here.”

“Yeah I’m going. So, this is a day off why did we all have to get up early?” Chester asked mid yawn.

“I just thought it would be nice if we could all spend some time together today. I figured we should start with breakfast because otherwise we wouldn’t see Mike until at the least early afternoon.” Rob stated just before a knock on the door, “Ah room service, you better hurry up before Joe and Brad get here. I’m sure they can smell the food already.”

Chester wondered why Rob would think that Mike would sleep late. He knew Mike had come back early from the club because he rode with him. “Rob what makes you think Mike would sleep late this morning?”

“After I got the inebriated idiots to their room I bumped into Mike’s evening entertainment.” Rob sighed in disgust.

Chester stopped mid search for clothes, “ What do you mean entertainment? He came back to the hotel with me last night.”

Rob went to the room service cart and began looking under covers, “ I don’t know where he found him, but the guy was definitely coming out of Mike’s room half dressed.”

Chester felt nauseous and his chest constricted. He rushed to the bathroom before Rob guessed something was wrong.

“Ok Chester you have to get it together. Mike isn’t ready for you yet. You’ll win just stay calm.” Chester encouraged himself in the mirror. “He will love me; I just need to show him how.”

Chester decided to take his time in the bathroom in hopes that everyone would eat and then leave. As he was finishing his hair he was startled by a knock on the door, “Chester come on out and eat we saved you some.” Brad’s friendly voice shouted.

“I’ll be out in a little bit Brad I’m not really hungry.” Chester hoped that Brad would not hear the hurt in his voice.

“Let me in I gotta tell you something.” Chester knowing that it was an order not a request opened the door.

The older man quickly closed the door after admitting Brad; “Brad I’m really not in the mood to hear about some chic you picked up last night.”

“That’s not what I wanted and you know it. Now what in the hell happened last night?” Brad demanded.

Chester turned and sat on the countertop, “Nothing; I told Mike that I want him.”

“You call that nothing?” Brad was astounded, “What did he do? What happened?”

Brad was puzzled by Chester’s sudden laughter. “Hell’s bells one minute you look like someone stole your favourite North Carolina jersey and the next minute your laughing like a loon. Are you on something?”

The curly haired man finally controlled his laughter enough to answer; “He fell on his ass.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t have just blurted it out.” Brad snickered.

Chester gave a sad sigh, “Brad; this isn’t going to be easy.”

Brad hugged Chester, “I know Curly. Are you sure this is what you want?”

“Oh Brad, I want it so much sometimes, it hurts to breathe just thinking about it. I see him with some guy and it feels like my chest has been crushed. I can’t just stop loving him because he wants me too.”

Brad continued holding Chester and stroking his back, “Is that why you’re hiding in here? Did he tell you to stop loving him?”

“I didn’t tell him that I love him. He’s not ready.” Chester’s reply was muffled in Brad’s shirt.

“God getting a straight answer out of you is like trying to figure out what people think is so cute about Joe.” Brad teased, glad to hear Chester chuckle lightly.

“Maybe they’ve always wanted a pet monkey.” Chester laughed.

Brad gently pushed Chester out to arms length, “Now C tell me what’s got you so upset this morning.”

Chester inhaled deeply trying to steady himself; “He was with someone last night. Rob saw him leave Mike’s room.”

“Chester, you knew that would probably happen.”

“I know, I just didn’t want to know. It hurts too much. How can I face him knowing he turned me down last night and went to someone else?” Chester asked dismally.

“You are going to go out there and eat. Don’t act any different. If anybody says anything about the guy last night just ignore it. If Mike notice’s you’re upset by that it will just scare him off.” Brad said sternly.

Chester pulled away from Brad; “I can’t Brad. He doesn’t want me. He could have anyone he wanted. What would he want with me? Nothing obviously, he turned me down last night. What’s wrong with me? Look at all of the fans that want me. Why can’t Mike want me?”

Brad gave an exasperated sigh, “Chester; there is nothing wrong with you. You can sing and write like nobody’s business. You’re smarter than any of us; you just don’t let on because you don’t want anyone to feel stupid. You’re kind and compassionate. Your more loyal than Mike deserves. I may not be gay, but even I can see you’re just plain gorgeous. We know he likes your ass, just give him time to realise that he likes everything else too.”

“Ok, so I’m just going to go out there and act like I don’t know that he was with someone last night. I’m going to show him that I’m fucking hot and make him want me just as much as I want him. He likes my ass I can work with that. I mean we all know I have one fine ass,” Chester turned to see his ass in the mirror.

Brad laughed and pushed Chester toward the door, “Oh things are definitely back to normal. I’ve got my narcissistic CheChe baby back.”

Joe, Rob, and Mike turned to the door as Chester and Brad left the bathroom. Rob wondered what was wrong with Chester; he had not been himself since crawling out of bed. Joe could not be bothered worrying about anyone when he was having a crisis over no jelly donuts. Mike was hoping that Chester would soon be back to normal again. The Chester of the previous night freaked him out.

“So did you guys save me some food?” Chester asked casually.

Rob smiled at Chester, “Hey Chester, I ordered cereal for you.”

Chester made his way to the room service cart, “Thanks Rob.”

“No jelly donuts, nothing good to eat. I can’t eat fruit. Bagels are like Scooby’s treats. I’m going to starve until lunch. Who ordered this garbage,” Joe ranted.

“Joe don’t you think you put enough crap in your system last night with all of that alcohol? Eat something healthy for once, I promise it won’t kill you,” Rob placated.

Joe grumbled under his breath while making his way back to the room service cart. Chester laughed, seeing Joe smearing about an inch of strawberry cream cheese on a bagel. Rob rolled his eyes in defeat.

“Mike, why are you so quiet this morning? Did your little friend fuck your brains out,” Joe asked around a mouth full of bagel.

“I do the fucking Joe, I’m always the fucker not the fuckee,” Mike stated dryly.

Brad glanced at Chester to see that he wasn’t too upset by Joe and Mike’s conversation. Chester gave Brad a sad smile and a nod to let him know he was ok.

Joe snorted. “So, what, it’s better to give than receive?”

Mike gave Joe a look of contempt. “I wouldn’t know, I don’t receive.”

“Ever,” Chester blurted out.

Mike looked warily at Chester. “No Chester, I never have.”

“So you don’t take it like a man?” Joe laughed in glee at his joke.

“Shut up, Joe,” Brad warned.

“Why not,” Chester questioned Mike; totally oblivious of the glares Brad was sending Joe.

“Jesus Brad, what crawled up your ass,” Joe retorted.

“If you don’t drop it right now, my foot will be crawling up your ass,” Brad advised in a steely tone.

“So, what does everybody want to do today,” Rob as usual played the part of the pacifist.

“I think I wanna just stay here and chill out, maybe watch some movies. What about you Chester you wanna stay here and hang with me,” Brad smiled encouragingly at Chester.

Joe cut in before Chester could answer. “Gee it’s nice to feel wanted.”

Rob, trying to keep everyone calm, spoke up quietly, “Hey that’s cool; Mike, Joe and I can hit the mall or something.”

Mike eyed Brad suspiciously. “Actually, I think I’ll stay in too. You know what happens when you two are left alone together. I don’t want to be bailing you guys out of jail two weeks in a row.” Mike dared Brad with his eyes to dispute his plans.

“Mike that’s not really fair. We didn’t start that fight,” Chester defended himself and Brad.

“So you keep saying but, neither of you will tell what really went down,” Mike said, frowning at Chester.

Brad jumped in to keep Mike and Chester from arguing. “That’s not really important now is it? We wouldn’t lie to you; we didn’t start that fight.”

“I still don’t see how you can say that. The police told me that you threw the first punch,” Mike looked at Brad with scepticism.

“Come on Mike, Brad really didn’t start it. So what if he threw the first punch, that asshole had it coming,” Chester shuddered at the memory of that night.

“Even so Chester, Brad got into a fight with someone who has the power to ruin us at a club and dragged you into it. Therefore you two should not be left alone together,” Mike defended his original plan.

“I’d never do anything to put Chester in danger, and I resent the fact that you think I would.” Brad stood angrily from his seat next to Chester on the sofa.

“Why don’t we all just stay in and spend the day together?” Rob tried to calm Mike and Brad before a fight broke out.

Chester smiled at Rob. “Thanks Rob, but I don’t think it’s going to work this time.” Chester then turned to Brad. “Brad why don’t you just tell Mike what happened, so he’ll know it was my fault and stop blaming you.”

“No Chester, it wasn’t your fault. Carson Daly is a fucking asshole that needs to learn to keep his mouth shut and his hands to himself,” Brad soothed the visibly upset younger man.

Joe having been quiet up to that point spoke up with a loud laugh. “Carson hit on you Brad?”

“Joe, please stay out of this. It’s already bad enough without your asinine comments,” Brad groaned pinching the bridge of his nose between his thumb and finger.

“So tell me what happened. It will all be dropped and never mentioned again,” Mike looked between Chester and Brad waiting for an answer.

Chester looked to Brad for approval. “Brad I think we should tell them, they have the right to know why Carson is threatening to have us banned from MTV.”

“I won’t stop you if you want to tell them, I just don’t think it’s a good idea,” Brad warned Chester.

Mike with an icy rage in his eyes turned to Brad. “Brad we’re all in this group together, we shouldn’t have secrets that could potentially cause trouble for one or more of us. Now, if you or Chester are in some kind of trouble you need to tell us so we can help you deal with it.”

Chester sat down on the sofa next to Brad again. “We’re not in trouble. Carson is being dealt with. No matter how pissed he is, he can’t have our videos banned from MTV. He can’t even keep us from appearing on TRL. I just hate the fact that because of me your careers were put in jeopardy too.”

Mike gave an impatient sigh. “Just tell me what happened. You say it’s your fault, Brad says it’s not. You guys can’t go getting in fights just because he insulted our music or any other stupid thing.”

Brad jumped from the sofa in a rage; “He didn’t insult our fucking music, you ass! He insulted and assaulted Chester.”

Joe chimed in jokingly. “Aww, Chester, did Carson call you pretty again?”

“Shut up Joe! That’s not even fucking funny. This isn’t something to laugh about. If you can’t be serious for once get the hell out of here,” Brad shouted angrily.

Joe moved to sit on the bed. “I’m sorry man. I’ve never seen you like this. What did that prick do?”

“Umm, why is it ok for you to beat him up, but we can’t even know what happened,” Rob asked quietly.

“Because I just wanted to hurt him, not kill him,” Brad replied calmly.

Mike, losing all patience, stopped in front of the sofa and glared at Brad and Chester. “Who the hell would want to kill him? I want to know what happened and I want to know now. One of you start talking.”

Brad slid a protective arm around Chester’s shoulders; “You’re the reason we didn’t want anyone to know. Now just sit down and shut up and listen. Do NOT interrupt, just listen, and keep your ass calm.”

Chester decided that since it was his fault he would tell the story. “Brad and I were out in the middle of the crowd dancing and I had to go to the restroom. Brad wanted to walk with me, but I told him I’d be fine. I hadn’t got to the restroom yet when someone grabbed my arm. I turned and saw it was Carson. I could tell he was drunk but I figured it would be ok, that he’d just be his usual obnoxious self and then wander off. He didn’t though he dragged me down the hallway by my arm. He asked me why I was out all by myself. I told him I was there with Brad. He laughed this really evil sounding laugh and asked why they’d let such a pretty thing run around all alone. I tried to pull my arm away from him, but he wouldn’t let go. He started touching me; I tried to stop him. He was like someone possessed. He was so strong. He had this look in his eyes that sent chills through me. He put his hand in my pants and started squeezing really hard. He had the other hand around my neck. God it hurt so bad, I could hardly breathe,” Chester stopped talking only to begin taking ragged breaths.

“Chester had been gone longer than it would take to just go to the restroom, so I went looking for him. I found Chester backed up to the wall with this look of excruciating pain and terror in his face. I saw then that Carson had one hand in Chester’s pants and the other was wrapped around his neck. I grabbed him and slammed him into the wall. I told him if I ever saw him near Chester again he’d live to regret it. He laughed and said that we should keep Chester on a leash if we didn’t want him having any fun because he came on to him. I was pissed, I knew Chester wouldn’t do that, I could see it in his eyes that it was a lie. I told him he was a fucking liar and to stay away from Chester. He just sneered and said one day there wouldn’t be anyone around to play babysitter and then he’d ride Chester’s ass like the whore that he is. I hit him, I couldn’t stop myself, and I wanted to wipe that smug look off the bastard’s face. He kneed me in the balls, that’s how he got me down. Chester saw I was down and then he jumped Carson. I’m not sure what happened from there, but someone called the police. Next thing I know we’re in jail,” Brad finished the story, he knew Chester couldn’t.

Joe was speechless for once, and just sat on the bed staring from Brad to Chester and back again. Rob looked horrified. Mike kneeled down in front of Chester and placed his hand on Chester’s cheek, gently caressing it before standing again. The other four members looked on in dread when Mike turned to the door.

“Where are you going Mike?” Chester asked in a weak voice.

Mike kept his back to his friends while opening the door, “To find Carson Daily and rip his fucking balls off and feed them to him,” he told them with pure rage in his voice.

“Shit, I knew this would happen,” Brad jumped from the sofa to stop Mike while the other three men looked on in shock.

Brad rushed from the room to stop Mike from going after Carson. The three remaining men followed, after the initial shock wore off. They found Brad and Mike in the hall near the elevator with Brad restraining Mike by holding his arm in a tight grasp. Mike looked ready to hit Brad.

“Let me go Brad,” Mike growled.

“I’m not going to, not until you calm down.”

Mike jerked on his arm trying to pull away from Brad. “Brad I’m not kidding let go now!”

“Come on Mike let it go. It’s over now.” Brad said softly.

Mike sighed softly. “I can’t just let it go, maybe you can but I can’t.”

Chester stepped over to Mike and placed his hand on his shoulder. “Mike there’s nothing you can do, Brad kicked his ass. Just let it go, please.”

“I can’t Chester. Brad shouldn’t have had to kick his ass and you never should have had to go through that. I’m going to show Daly that nobody fucks with my best friend.” Mike said with determination.

Chester stroked Mike’s shoulder attempting to calm him. “Let him go Brad. Mike, do what you want, but it’s not going to change anything. Come on why don’t we all go make plans for our day off.”

“Chester is that what last night was about? Just because someone does that to you doesn’t mean you’re gay.” Mike said quietly.

Joe being his usual tactless self could not remain quiet. “Chester’s gay? When did that happen? Wait a minute, is that why you’ve been spending so much time with Brad lately? Do you have a thing for Brad? Oh my god! Are you and Brad doing the horizontal hokey pokey?”

All four men turned to look at Joe, Rob in disbelief, Brad with disgust, Chester with amusement, and Mike with barely concealed rage.

“Joe this is not the time for your smart assed comments.” Mike said, glaring at Joe.

Chester interrupted Mike’s tirade before it got out of control. “I don’t have a thing for Brad and no we aren’t sleeping together. Brad’s not gay, incase you’ve forgotten.”

“Well we didn’t think you were either, so it’s not such a long shot.” Joe said, defending himself.

“This is fucking stupid. Joe, it’s not really any of your business if Chester and Brad are fucking. Now, I’m leaving, don’t try to stop me again, it won’t work.” Mike told his friends, leaving no room for compromise.

Chester moved to follow Mike. “Well I’m coming with you.”

Brad followed Chester. “Me too.”

“Fine, I‘m not waiting, if you‘re coming let‘s go.” Mike sighed in resignation.

“God why didn’t I join Good Charlotte? Carson fucking Daly never would have hit on Benji or Joel Madden. There not pretty-boy enough,” Rob muttered to himself as he followed the others onto the elevator.

The five members of Linkin Park made it to the front doors of the hotel, where their bodyguards stopped them. The bigger men refused to let the young men in their care go alone. The singers finally agreed to take the bodyguards, as long as they didn’t interfere, unless it was absolutely necessary. They all climbed into the limo and headed for the MTV studios.

“Mike you’re not going to confront him at work, are you?” Chester asked fretfully.

“I don’t care where he is. He’s going to know not to ever mess with any member of Linkin Park again,” Mike affirmed.

“What if he’s in the middle of a show or something,” Chester inquired hesitantly.

“I’ll wait until he’s finished, but I’m not leaving,” Mike informed Chester.

Rob placed his head in his hands and moaned. “When did we become Motley Crue? Why can’t we just be the nice quiet guys we were in the beginning? Is that too much to ask? What did I ever do to deserve this? I must have really pissed somebody off in a former life. Why didn’t they wait and tell Mike after we left New York? Why the hell am I talking to myself? Duh, it’s because nobody ever listens to me anyway.”

“Oh shit the drama queen’s back. Hey wait, if Rob is a queen does that mean he’s gay too? That’d be fucking cool. Chester and Brad are fucking each other; Mike fucks any man that moves and Rob is just fucked. I’d get all the women for sure. YES! I’m finally gonna get laid,” Joe squealed, doing a happy dance in his seat.

Rob groaned while banging his head against the window. Chester and Brad laughed while Mike shot Joe a dirty look.

“Why is everything a fucking joke with you? I don’t fuck everything that moves. I haven’t fucked you. You need to get off the trip about Chester and Brad, they already told you it’s not true. When or if they ever get together, I’m sure that you’ll be the first to know. Don’t mess with Rob anymore, the boy’s even more messed up than you are.” Mike told Joe in a tone that was not to be argued with.

Everyone decided it would be best to remain quiet the rest of the way to the MTV studios. The tension had Chester squirming in his seat, which irritated Mike, who was seated next to him. Rob continued banging his head lightly on the window and talking to himself under his breath. Brad sat watching Chester, he knew Chester wasn’t taking this as well as he let on. Joe chewed on his fingernails, hoping that they’d be done quickly because he was hungry.

The five waited in Carson Daily’s office. Mike sat in Carson’s chair with his feet on the desk. Rob sat perched on the edge of the chair across from Mike. Joe sprawled out on the sofa that was along the wall. Chester leaned against the wall near the door. Brad chose to stay close to Chester in case he was needed.

“How long does it take him to finish signing fucking autographs? He doesn’t have that many fans,” Mike said impatiently.

“Well, maybe you should have had them tell him that we’re here,” Brad replied.

Carson entered the room to find the five young men waiting for him. “Should I assume from this visit that the pretty one went crying to the rest of the babysitters,” He asked, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

“If you value your life Daly, you’ll shut your fucking mouth,” Mike warned.

Carson walked over to his desk and knocked Mike’s feet off. “It’s nice to see you too. Keep your feet off my desk and get your ass out of my chair.”

Mike moved around the desk to face his adversary. “We’re not here to exchange pleasantries. You sick fuck.” Mike shoved Carson into the wall.

“Don’t push me Shinoda, I’ll snap your puny neck like a twig.” Carson pushed Mike back, causing him to stumble into Chester.

“Come on Mike, let’s just go,” Chester pleaded.

Mike pulled away from Chester. “Chester, we’re not just leaving. He’s not going to get away with what he did to you.”

Carson turned to Brad. “Hmm, looks like the pretty little whore’s already moved on, or do you all share him?” He sneered.

Mike launched his body at Carson, hitting him in the jaw with a closed fist. Carson fell backwards onto his desk. Mike followed, forcing his arm into Carson’s throat.

“Let’s get a few things straight. You will not talk to, touch, or even look at Chester ever again without permission. You won’t talk about him. Hell, don’t even think about him. Don’t so much as let me catch you within five feet of him. You’re not fit to breathe the same air as Chester. Do I make myself clear,” Mike snarled in Carson’s face.

Carson struggled to nod his head yes with Mike’s arm still pressing his throat. Mike slowly removed his arm. Carson moved away, red faced and struggling for air. “You’ll pay for this Shinoda; I’ll ruin you,” Carson wheezed.

“You breathe a word of this, and you’ll wish you were dead.” Mike said, stepping threateningly toward Daly.

“He must be one hell of a fuck, because you’ve just ruined your career for him. There won’t be another Linkin Park video aired on MTV or any TRL appearances. Do you think Linkin Park will last long without MTV? So now tell me, is Chester that good in the sack,” Carson challenged Mike.

Mike charged Carson once again. Carson was ready, stopping him with a fist in the face and knocking him to the floor. Daly kicked Mike twice in the ribs as he was pulling himself up off of the floor. The other members of Linkin Park rushed to help Mike. Chester jumped Carson, hitting him, not caring where the blows landed. Brad attempted to pull Chester off without much luck. Rob knelt next to Mike on the floor. Joe rushed from the room to get help.

Brad managed to drag Chester away from Carson. Carson struck Chester in the face as Brad was pulling him off. Mike flung himself at Daly, knocking him back down on the desk. He wrapped his hands around Carson’s throat, trying to strangle him. Joe returned with their bodyguards in time for them to pull Mike off of the gasping man.

“Remember what I said, next time there won’t be anyone to stop me from killing you,” Mike warned Carson.

“Mike, we need to go to the hospital. Chester’s bleeding and you aren’t looking too hot either,” Rob said approaching Mike cautiously.

Mike turned away from Carson, leaving him on the desk holding his throat and gasping for air. “I’m fine Rob. Is Chester all right?”

Mike and Rob rushed to the door when they heard shouting in the hallway. They found Chester struggling to stand up off of the floor while Brad was trying to hold him down.

“Brad let me go; I need to make sure Mike is OK.” Chester said, pulling his arm that was in Brad’s grasp.

Brad continued to hold Chester down. “Chester sit your ass down, your head is bleeding like a stuck pig. Mike will be out in a minute; Rob went to get him. You really shouldn’t have jumped on Carson like that. Messing up your face isn’t going to help your plans to get Mike. He’s not gonna want some black, blue and bloody mess.”

“Chester are you all right,” Mike asked kneeling beside Chester, ignoring the last of Brad’s comments to Chester.

Chester placed his hand lightly on Mike’s jaw where a bruise was already starting to show. “I’m ok Mike; he caught me in the temple with a ring. I’ll probably need a couple stitches, but it looks a lot worse than it is. Are you ok? How are your ribs?”

“They’re probably just bruised, but it hurts like hell. Let’s get to the hospital, your head needs stitched up,” Mike said, helping Chester to his feet.

“You better get Rob to watch Joe; we don’t want him mistaken for a mental patient again,” Chester said with a laugh.

“Shut up Curly, that was one time. I had too much sugar that day, you asshole’s didn’t help any by saying you didn’t know me.” Joe stomped away like a petulant child.

Chester could not sleep after returning from the hospital. He decided to go to Mike’s room and see what he was doing. Hoping that Mike was alone, he knocked lightly on the door.

The door was flung open as Chester turned to walk away. “Chester did you want something?”

Chester turned to Mike, “Umm . . .are you busy?”

Mike eyed Chester suspiciously. “Why, what do you want?”

“Nothing forget it, I just couldn’t sleep,” Chester moved to return to his room.

Mike placed his hand on Chester’s arm to stop him. “What’s wrong, does your head hurt?” He asked lightly touching Chester’s face below the bandage.

Chester turned his face slightly into Mike’s hand. “No, it’s not that bad. I’ll live. I just can’t sleep.”

Mike moved away from Chester, gently ushering him into the room. “Come on in. I wasn’t doing anything important anyway.”

Chester stopped in surprise when he saw the man sitting on Mike’s bed. He turned to Mike and said, “I’m sorry, I thought you were alone. I’ll just go back to my room.”

The man on the bed gave Chester a lascivious look. “Come on Baby, you don’t wanna leave. I promise you’ll enjoy yourself.” He said to Chester with a smirk.

Mike glared at the man and said pointedly, “He’s not leaving, you are.”

“Come on, we haven’t even had any fun yet. Sexy boy just got here. We can share him. I bet he’s hot enough for both of us.” He said, moving toward Chester.

Mike intercepted him. “Touch him and you won’t even live long enough to regret it. Now get out of here.” He said venomously.

“Hey Gorgeous, you ever wanna lose the gorilla, give me a call.” The man said, slipping Chester a card.

Mike moved towards the man as he quickly exited the room. Mike slammed the door loudly. He turned to find Chester sitting on the bed with a wide grin.

Mike looked at Chester warily. “What?”

Chester grinned mischievously. “Thanks”

“For what,” Mike asked as he got a drink out of the mini refrigerator.

Chester walked across the room, stopping directly behind Mike. He slowly ran his hand up Mike’s back. Chester could feel the chills running down Mike’s spine. He stopped with his hand in the small of Mike’s back.

“Thank you, for choosing me over him,” Chester spoke softly.

Mike stepped a safe distance away from Chester. “Don’t read more into it than it was. You’re my best friend; nobody talks to or about my best friend like that,” Mike emphatically stated.

Chester moved to the bed where Mike was sitting. He sat as close as he could, without actually touching him. Chester brought his hand up slowly and placed it on the older man’s cheek. He gently turned Mike’s face toward him. “It’s ok Mike; you don’t have to admit that you were jealous.”

Mike had moved to the bed trying to put distance between himself and Chester. Of course Chester followed him to the bed. Chester sat so close that Mike could feel his breath on his face. It was all Mike could do not to melt into Chester when he touched his face. He was getting lost in Chester’s eyes. Until Chester spoke.

“Jesus, is everything I do going to be seen as jealousy by you now? I can’t even do something for you out of friendship without you thinking that I want you,” Mike said in exasperation as he rose from the bed.

Chester grasped Mike’s wrist and pulled him back onto the bed beside him. “Well then quit running from me,” Chester said lightly into Mike’s ear.

Chills ran down Mike’s spine. He knew he was losing a major battle, but at the moment he was finding it hard to care. Mike was fighting his own conscience, and it was the hardest thing he’d ever done. He wanted Chester more than he wanted his next breath.

Chester caressed Mike’s ear with his tongue, blowing gently. He could feel Mike’s breath quicken. He lightly placed one hand on the back of Mike’s neck while laying the other high on his thigh. Chester gently traced a path from Mike’s ear to his mouth with his tongue. Chester slowly inhaled the sweetness of Mike’s breath. The older man’s heart began to race as the blonde sucked his bottom lip into his hot, wet mouth. Chester slid his tongue in just as the phone beside the bed rang.

The ringing phone snapped Mike out of the trance caused by Chester’s tongue. He pulled away from Chester forcefully, scrambling for the phone. “Hello,” Mike gasped into the phone.

Chester quietly moved up behind Mike, pressing himself into his back. He wrapped one arm around Mike’s waist, placing the other hand on Mike’s chest. Mike inhaled sharply as Chester began to gently pinch his nipple. Chester began softly biting the back of Mike’s neck

. Mike tried to listen to Joe on the phone and extricate himself from Chester at the same time. “Stop it!” He hissed at Chester.

“Hang up the phone,” Chester purred into his ear.

Mike groaned as Chester’s silky hot tongue found his ear once again.

“Mike, what’s going on? Oh Christ, don’t tell me you’re getting a blowjob or something. I’ll just call Chester and see if he wants to watch the movie. You can go back to whatever, you’re doing.” Joe ended in a rush as Mike moaned again.

“MMM . . .. WAIT JOE, NO!” Mike yelled as Chester sucked his ear lobe into his mouth.

“Mike, I’m not gonna listen to you screwing one of your little toys. I’ll just talk to you later.”

“Joe, I’m not screwing anybody. We’ll be over in a few minutes,” Mike managed to say just before Chester attacked his neck.

“No offence Mike, but I don’t think the guys would feel comfortable if you brought your umm . . . friend with you,” Joe said nervously.

“No Joe, I don’t have any friends here. I was just . . . . MMM. . GOD. . CHESTER . . . .,” Mike trailed off leaving a dumbfounded Joe staring at the phone.

“Holy shit Mike! Did you just say Chester? Our Chester? Oh god Brad’s gonna kill you!” Joe screamed into the phone.

“Joe just shut up. Don’t tell Rob and Brad. We aren’t doing anything. I was just playing with you. Chester and I were just watching TV and we decided to fuck with your head. I mean come on why would I be doing anything with Chester? He’s just a kid, get a grip.” Mike laughed anxiously.

Chester stopped his assault on Mike when he heard Mike’s words. He hurried to the bathroom in hopes that Mike wouldn’t see the hurt on his face.

Mike hung up the phone after finally convincing Joe that it was all a joke. He turned to berate Chester for his actions and noticed that Chester wasn’t in the room. Seeing the light on under the bathroom door he began knocking on it.

“Come on Chester. I know you’re in there. Get your ass out here now!” Mike shouted through the door.

Chester angrily threw the door open. “Don’t fucking yell at me for doing something that you wanted and were just too much of a coward to admit!” Chester stated vehemently.

“I didn’t fucking ask you to try to rape me!” Mike shot back.

“Don’t even try to pretend that you didn’t want it.” Chester scoffed.

“What the hell gives you the idea that I did? How many times did I tell you to stop?” Mike retorted.

Chester reached down, and gently caressed the hardness still prominent in Mike’s pants. “This told me everything that I needed to know,” Chester smiled smugly as he turned, heading for the door.


Chester entered Joe and Brad's room laughing, after leaving Mike with a major hard on. He knew that with Mike's mood at the moment, it was better to leave him like that than to push him too far.

"What's so funny?" Rob inquired of his laughing friend.

Chester abruptly stopped laughing. "You wouldn't get it."

Rob, Joe, and Brad all looked at Chester suspiciously, but decided against questioning him.

"Isn't Mike coming?" Rob asked, looking at Joe.

"Umm. . . yeah, he said he'd be over in a little while. I thought you were over there with him," Joe said, throwing a pillow at Chester.

Chester lay down on his stomach, cradling his chin in his hands. "He said he'd be over in a while. He had something he needed to take care of." Chester said, with an innocent smile.

"Chester, what did you do?" Brad whispered.

Chester turned to Brad with an evil grin. "Why Brad, whatever do you mean?"

"Ok, now I know that you're up to something," Brad said, with a laugh.

Chester continued grinning. "I just showed him that I could turn him on."

Brad groaned. "Do I even want to hear this?"

"I won't go into detail, but I can tell you, that he was ready to go when I left," Chester whispered, with a smug smile.

Brad chuckled, "Oh shit, and you just left him?"

"Yep, you should have seen his face." Chester laughed, remembering Mike's face as he walked out the door.

"Hey, are you two done whispering sweet nothings over there?" Joe interrupted.

"Shut up stupid, you just wish I was whispering to you," Chester retorted.

"When's Mike coming? I wanna order dinner before we start the movie," Rob asked, trying to change the subject.

"Oh I'm sure he'll be coming pretty damn soon," Chester said, before he and Brad began laughing uncontrollably.

"What the hell is so funny?" Joe yelled, wanting to know what he'd missed.

Brad, between fits of laughing said, "Nothing, just an inside joke. You wouldn't understand."

Mike entered the room, before Joe could question them further. Chester and Brad stopped laughing abruptly seeing Mike.

Mike noticing Chester and Brad lying on the bed together frowned. He wondered what they were whispering and laughing about as he took his seat on the sofa.

"Hey, what does everybody want to eat? I'm going to call and order now," Rob said, picking up the telephone.

"Brad and I are going to share a pepperoni and extra cheese pizza," Chester replied.

Mike and Joe gave Rob their orders. Mike glared at Chester and Brad. He wondered why he even cared that they were becoming so close. He knew he should be happy, because then maybe Chester would leave him alone.

Brad, noticing Mike, turned to Chester. "Jesus, for somebody that doesn't want you he's sure staring."

"Do you think maybe he's finally coming around?" Chester whispered.

Brad glanced over at Mike again. "I don't know, but he sure looks pissed. It could be he's jealous, or he's mad at you for leaving him like that."

"How am I gonna figure out which it is? I can't just go up and ask him," Chester asked in exasperation.

Brad contemplated for a minute before finally answering. "Do something that should make him jealous and see what happens."

"What the hell am I gonna do to make him jealous?" Chester asked, getting more frustrated with the situation.

"I don't know, I gave you the idea. You come up with something." Brad said, laughing at Chester's dilemma.

Mike went to the bathroom, in hopes he could get his thoughts under control before going back into the other room. He didn't want to think about why it was bothering him so much to see Chester and Brad together. He didn't know why he was feeling the anger that he was, but he didn't like the implications the feelings were giving him.

"I got it!" Chester whispered, triumphantly.

Brad looked dubiously at Chester. "I'm almost afraid to ask, but go ahead and lay it on me."

"When Mike comes out of the bathroom, I want you to kiss me," Chester said, proud of his plan.

"Are you out of your fucking mind?" Brad almost shouted.

"Brad, think about it. If something is gonna make him jealous this will do it," Chester justified his plan.

"Please Brad, do just this one thing for me. I'll do anything for you. I'll give you my first born, anything," Chester pleaded.

Brad sighed in irritation. "Chester, I don't wanna kiss you."

"God, you could at least try to act like the thought doesn't make you sick," Chester said, dejectedly.

"It doesn't make me sick. I'd just rather keep my nuts where they are. If your plan works Mike will probably remove them with his bare hands," Brad said, trying to placate Chester.

Chester sighed in frustration. "Brad please, I swear I won't let him touch you."

Brad sighed in resignation. "Fine, but don't feel me up or anything."

As Brad finished agreeing, Mike appeared in the doorway. Chester threw himself on Brad, locking his mouth on the older man's.

Mike glanced at the bed where Brad and Chester were. He froze where he stood. He felt like his stomach was in his throat. He ran back to the bathroom, afraid he was going to be sick.

"Did it work?" Chester asked, afraid to look.

"Umm Just, I'm not sure what this means," Brad said, looking worriedly at the bathroom door.

"Why, what happened?" Chester said, turning to see what Brad was looking at.

Brad spoke quietly. "He just looked over here, and turned around and ran back into the bathroom."

"What does that mean? Oh shit! I blew it didn't I?" Chester asked, visibly upset.

"I don't know Chester, just wait and see what happens when he comes back out," Brad said, trying to soothe his friend.

Chester rose from the bed. "I can't wait Brad, I've got to go talk to him."

Chester turned to go to the bathroom door. He made it a few feet from the door and it opened. Chester found himself face to face with Mike.

Joe, Rob, and Brad looked on curiously as Mike left the bathroom doorway. He slowly moved to stand in front of Chester. He brought his hand up slowly and placed his fingertip on Chester's lips, gently rubbing them.

"Don't ever do that again, not if it's just to get to me. If you want Brad, fine, but don't try to play me like that. It won't work. I don't play games," Mike said, quietly.

Chester slowly licked his lips after Mike removed his finger. He could not read the look in Mike's eyes. He knew anger, but what else was there?

"I gotta go to the bathroom," Chester said, rushing past Mike and slamming the door.

Mike turned, looking coldly at Brad. "I don't care what he asks you to do or how much he begs, if you ever pull a stunt like that again, I'll knock your teeth down your fucking throat."

"I'll do whatever I want, and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it. If you'd get your stubborn head out of your ass and face up to the truth, he wouldn't have to ask me to do anything," Brad heatedly replied.

As Mike took a menacing step toward Brad, Rob stepped in between them. He placed one hand on Mike's chest and one on Brad's.

"Why don't you both calm down and discuss this rationally?" Rob placated.

"What the hell's going on here?" Joe yelled, in his high squeaky voice.

"Stay out of this Joe, it doesn't concern you." Mike said, in a cold tone.

"I think I know what's going on," Rob stated, in a matter of fact tone.

Rob looked at Brad and then turned slowly to Mike. He quietly observed both men, before coming to a definite conclusion. "Mike wants Chester."

Joe made a running leap, jumping on top of Brad and knocking him onto the bed. "Just chill out Brad, you aren't gonna do anything crazy, man," Joe spoke to Brad, like he would a child.

Brad struggled, trying to knock Joe off of him. "Get off of me, you fucking idiot! What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Joe fought to stay on top of Brad. "Hurry, Mike, run before he gets loose, I can't hold him that much longer."

Mike and Rob were laughing too hard to respond to Joe.

"Joe, you evil fucking leprechaun, if you don't get off me this minute, I'm gonna kick your ass," Brad yelled, still trying to dislodge Joe.

"No Brad, you need to settle down. Mike's your friend. He can't help it that he wants Chester. Chester's with you though; you have to remember that. He doesn't want Mike. He wants you. That's all that matters," Joe spoke softly to Brad, trying to calm him down.

Chester emerged from the bathroom to see Joe sitting on Brad. Mike and Rob were still laughing. Brad was getting angrier, because Joe would not get off of him.

"What's going on?" Chester asked.

"Chester, good you're here. Tell Brad that you love him. Tell him you don't want Mike," Joe said, still battling to keep Brad down.

Chester looked at Joe in confusion. "But I do want Mike," he stated simply.

Joe groaned, still holding Brad as tightly as he could. "God, Chester, don't you see that you're breaking his heart? How can you do this to him?"

"Joe, have you been eating Rob's face cleaner again? You're obviously out of your damn mind," Chester said, trying to pull Joe off of Brad.

"Chester, that was one time, I was hungry. I thought it was guacamole. Stop pulling on me. Do you want him to kick Mike's ass?" Joe asked.

Chester turned to Mike and Rob in disgust. "Will you two stop laughing for a minute, and help me get the psycho midget off of Brad?"

Rob and Mike finally got their laughing under control, and began helping Chester. Brad continued to struggle and swear.

"Let go of me! Mike, do you want Brad going postal on your ass?" Joe asked, panicking as he was pulled off of Brad.

Brad dove at Joe as soon as he was freed. "The only one I'm going postal on is you!"

Chester blocked Brad's attack. "Come on Brad, he thought he was helping. Even though he did finally prove that he's out of his fucking mind. He had good intentions."

"What the hell are you talking about? If anyone's out of his or her mind it's you. How could you just stand there and say that you want Mike when your boyfriend is here?" Joe asked, obviously thinking Chester was nuts.

"Because I do want Mike, and for the last time Brad is not my boyfriend." Chester said, in total frustration.

"Well, why were you kissing Brad then, and not Mike?" Joe asked, clearly perplexed.

"Mike doesn't want me kissing him. You heard him on the phone." Chester said, turning to look at Mike.

Mike sat on the bed, holding his head in both hands. "Chester, I didn't exactly say that I don't want you kissing me. I said I don't want a relationship. You said that you wouldn't sleep with me without one."

"So, I can kiss you?" Chester asked, grinning mischievously.

Mike eyed Chester suspiciously. "I guess, but that doesn't mean that we're gonna start dating. I'm still gonna sleep with anyone I want."

Chester frowned slightly. "Well I guess that's gonna have to do for now, but don't think that I'm giving up. You will be mine; I don't care how long it takes."

"Christ, why couldn't you have wanted Brad? Why me?" Mike moaned.

"Because I love you, and I know that you love me. You just don't see it yet," Chester whispered seductively, into Mike's ear.

"You're delusional. It's never gonna happen, Chester. Love is an illusion," Mike said, turning away from Chester.

Chester gently turned Mike's face to his. Leaning in, he slowly brought their lips together. Chester lightly brushed his hand along Mike's cheek. Mike moaned into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Chester, pulling him in closer. Chester's lips opened slightly allowing his tongue to run smoothly across Mike's lower lip. Mike opened, letting Chester in. Chester's fingers sifted tenderly through Mike's hair, as their tongues danced erotically. Chester slowly parted his mouth from Mike's, keeping his arms wrapped tightly around him.

"Now try to tell me there's nothing there," Chester whispered, grinning smugly.

Mike moved away from Chester. He began to speak, as there was a knock on the door.

"Food's here!" Rob yelled, rushing to the door.

"Shit," Joe said, blown away by the kiss he'd just witnessed.


Chester woke to strong arms wrapped around him, and a warm body pressing into his back. He closed his eyes wishing the moment would never end. He knew that once Mike was awake, everything would go back to normal. He heard Mike groan, and the arms tightened for a second before releasing him.

“Chester, what are you doing here?” Mike asked, yawning, and eyeing Chester suspiciously.

Chester smiled, and lightly caressed Mike’s shoulder. “My bed was lonely; I wanted to be close to you,” he said, with a shy smile.

Mike sighed, “’How did you get in here?”

Chester gave Mike a mischievous grin. “I wouldn’t let Rob sleep until he gave me your key.”

“Chester, you can’t do this again. I may not be alone the next time, and you don’t play well with a group,” Mike said, rising from the bed.

Chester looked down at the bed, playing with the sheet. He tried to hide the hurt that Mike’s callous statement had brought. He knew that finding Mike with someone else was a very strong possibility. He wasn’t sure what he would have done, if Mike hadn’t been alone in bed. The only thing he knew without a doubt, is that it would have broken his heart.

“Whatever. I’m going to go get cleaned up. Breakfast is in our room; I’ll see you later,” Chester said, walking briskly to the door.

Mike growled in frustration. He knew that Chester hadn’t really taken him seriously. Mike was aware that if he didn’t do something soon, Chester would become even bolder. A bolder Chester terrified Mike. He realised that it would be all too easy for Chester to seduce him. He needed to make Chester see that it would never work. He needed to do it soon, before he needed convincing too.

“Good morning Rob,” Chester greeted his friend, as he entered their room.

Rob looked curiously at Chester. “Well, you’re certainly in a good mood this morning. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen you smile before noon, unless there was a camera present. You didn’t come back last night, I take it things went well.”

Chester threw himself backward on his bed, sighing dreamily. “God, If I could wake up every morning in Mike’s arms, I’d die a happy man.”

“Does Mike feel the same way?” Rob asked, watching Chester sceptically.

“Not yet, but he will.” Chester smiled, confidently.

Rob wondered if Chester was really as confident as he seemed. He knew the chances of Mike ever settling down were slim to none. He just prayed that Chester’s perseverance would win in the end. The one thing Rob was sure of was that if anyone could break down Mike‘s walls it was Chester. Time would tell.

Chester emerged from the bathroom to find the rest of the group waiting for their breakfast to arrive. Rob sat on his bed, going over some work for Freelance. Brad was flipping through the television channels, trying to find cartoons. Mike was lying on Chester’s bed snoring lightly. Joe sat on the sofa, still wondering what had happened the night before.

Chester stopped next to his bed, watching Mike sleep. “God he’s so fucking beautiful.”

Joe cleared his throat, looking uncomfortably at Chester. “Uh Chaz, he’s a guy. Guys aren’t beautiful.”

“Shut up, Joe. How can you look at him and say that? Watching Mike sleep is the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen. If I had to choose between watching Mike sleep and all of this, I’d choose him in a heart beat and never regret it,” Chester said, with conviction.

Chester heard movement on the bed behind him. He knew without turning that Mike was awake. He wasn’t sure how long he’d been awake, or how much he’d heard. For the first time ever, he was afraid to face Mike. Chester was afraid of how Mike would react to his newest revelation. He forced himself to turn and face Mike.

Rob looked on in trepidation. Brad watched Mike, ready to step in if Chester needed him. Joe just stared in his usual bewildered fashion.

Mike’s face was unreadable, as he looked at Chester. “You’re serious aren’t you?” he asked, quietly.

Chester gently sat on the edge of the bed, next to Mike. “I’ve never been more serious about anything in my life,” he whispered, lightly stroking the back of Mike’s hand.

Mike moved his hand away from Chester. “Shit,” he said, quietly moving from the bed.

Mike sat beside Joe on the sofa. Brad crossed to the bed, to comfort Chester. Rob went back to his papers.

Brad wrapped his arm around Chester’s shoulder, hugging him. “I’m sorry, Chester.”

“Don’t be sorry, Brad. He does love me. He just needs to admit it to himself first. I won’t give up. I can’t give up. I need him,” Chester said, smiling weakly at Brad.

Brad hugged Chester tighter, knocking their heads together. Both men began laughing and joking, unaware of Mike’s eyes on them.

Mike jumped at the knock on the door. He had been watching Chester and Brad, wondering again why it bothered him to see them together. He hurried quickly to the door, hoping that nobody had noticed his staring.

Joe ran for the room service cart, as Mike pushed it to the middle of the room. “Cool, food’s here. All this crazy shit’s making me hungry.”

“Yeah, nice try, Joe. Don’t use us as an excuse for your fat ass,” Chester said laughing, as he and Brad got off the bed.

Joe frowned at Chester. “ My ass is not fat!”

Chester patted Joe on the ass. “Oh my mistake, it’s pleasingly plump.”

“Don’t touch my ass!” Joe squealed, jumping away from Chester.

“Why Joe, are you afraid you might like it?” Chester joked, moving towards Joe.

Joe stumbled backward, in an attempt to escape Chester’s touch. “Somebody get him away from me. Mike, Brad, come on guy’s get your puppy,” Joe whined.

“Hey it doesn’t concern me; I’m not helping,” Brad said, chuckling at Joe’s predicament.

Joe ran across the room to evade Chester. He nearly knocked Mike into the food. “Back off, Chester!”

Chester stepped closer to Joe. He slowly ran his hand through Joe’s hair. Pressing Joe back against the edge of the sofa. He brought the other hand up and caressed Joe’s face.

“Come on, Joe, you know you want it,” Chester whispered, moving his face closer to Joe’s.

Mike grabbed Chester’s arm, pulling him away from Joe. “That’s enough, sit down and eat,” Mike ordered, shoving a bowl of cereal into Chester’s hands.

Chester reached up, grabbing the back of Mike’s pants. “Are you gonna sit with me?” He asked, when Mike turned to look at him.

Mike brought his hand behind him, breaking Chester’s hold on him. He held on to Chester’s hand for a second, before releasing it. “I’ll be right back,” he said, wondering what made him agree to sitting with Chester.

Chester watched Mike get his food, forgetting that he was even holding his. When he watched Mike, the rest of the world seems to disappear.

Mike sat down next to Chester. Chester slid closer to Mike. He glanced at Chester, before continuing to eat. Mike didn’t move, as Chester lay his hand on his thigh. He began gently caressing it. Mike wanted to move, but his body wouldn’t let him. Chester leaned over, kissing Mike’s neck lightly. Slowly licking the pulse point. Mike moaned, placing his plate on the table in front of him. Mike turned his face to Chester’s, slowly bringing their lips together. Mouth’s opening, tongues meeting in sweet abandon.

“Hey guy’s, we gotta leave in fifteen minutes, you better hurry up and finish eating,” Joe informed them, interrupting the kiss.

Mike and Chester moved apart, glaring at Joe.

All five guys piled into the limo, after finishing breakfast.

“Tell me again, why we have to do this damn interview.” Mike said, looking at Rob.

Rob looked up, from the papers he was reading. “Mike, I know you don’t want to do this interview, none of us really do, but it’s been scheduled for a month.”

Chester leaned into Mike, laying his head on his shoulder, “It’s gonna be ok Mike, Carson won’t say anything, he’d risk exposing himself too,” Chester said, smiling sweetly at him.

Mike took Chester’s hand, holding it lightly, “I know Chester, I just fucking hate Carson Daly,” he said, resting his cheek on the top of Chester’s head.

Chester smiled to himself, happy that Mike was still holding his hand. He wondered what had brought on this sudden display of affection, but he wasn’t going to risk asking. Mike might stop touching him, and Chester didn’t want that.

The limo soon arrived at the studio. Rob looked at each of his friends, “You guys need to do the interview and don’t start any trouble, he’s not gonna bother Chester with a room full of fans sitting there,” he reasoned, calmly.

“He even fucking looks at Chester and I’m gonna break his fucking neck.” Mike growled, as he climbed out of the car.

Chester grasped Mike’s arm lightly, “Mike he’s gonna have to look at me, it would be too weird otherwise,” Chester spoke quietly, gently squeezing his arm.

“Alright guys, smile fans ahead.” Rob said, warning Chester and Mike that they could be overheard.

Carson Daly met them in the hallway, looking smug as ever. “So my favourite pretty boys did decide to show. I’m so thrilled.”

Mike stepped toward Carson. Chester grabbed Mike’s arm, trying to stop him. “Come on Mike, just let it go. He’s not worth it.”

Chester noticed a tall man with brown hair standing in the doorway to Carson’s office. He wondered who he was; he’d never seen him before. The man was nice looking, if you liked the flighty airhead type.

“Why don’t we step into the green room, and go over questions for the interview.” Carson said, motioning toward the room.

Chester stood by the door, as the other men took seats. He didn’t want to be there. Chester knew the other men would decide what questions he could answer, so he decided to go walk around.

“I’m gonna go to the restroom, I’ll be back in a little while.” Chester said, walking out the door.

Chester slowed down as he approached Carson’s office. He wondered if the man was still there. He quietly peeked into the room. The man was sitting at Carson’s desk, doodling on some paper. He glanced up, noticing Chester in the doorway.

“Can I help you?” The man asked, looking curiously at Chester.

“Umm . . . what are you doing in here?” Chester questioned; knowing it seemed rather nosy.

“Well, it is my boyfriend’s office. What are you doing in here?” The brown haired man asked, snidely.

Chester walked into the room, “Sorry; I just didn’t expect anyone to be in here. I didn’t know Carson was dating anyone,” Chester apologised.

“Yeah well he is.” The man retorted.

“Jeez, I said I was sorry. What crawled up your ass?” Chester asked, getting pissed off at the man’s attitude.

The man looked Chester up and down in a derogatory manner, “So what does the pretty boy want? I hope it’s not me, I’d hate to disappoint you. I don’t do pretty boys,” he said, sneering at Chester.

Chester sat in the chair at the front of the desk, “I’m not pretty, and I don’t want you. So why don’t we start over and try to make nice. Hi I’m Chester,” he said, stretching his hand out to shake the other man’s.

“Cody,” The dark haired man answered.

“Well Cody, it’s nice to meet you.” Chester said, giving him a friendly smile.

“Whatever. So tell me, does your friend Joe fuck men or women?” Cody asked, startling Chester.

Chester stared at Cody, in complete shock, “What the fuck difference does that make?” he asked, after nearly swallowing his tongue.

Carson entered the room, as Cody was about to answer. “Chester, what are you doing in here?”

Chester moved toward the door, still uneasy around Carson, “ Umm . . . I stopped by after I left the restroom, and said hello to your friend.” he said, nervously.

“Baby, why did Chester look so upset when I came in?” Carson asked, draping his arm around Cody’s shoulders.

“I don’t know, I just asked him what way his friend Joe swings. I was hoping he could join us tonight for a little fun and games. He is the only cute one in the whole damn group after all.” Cody said, wrapping his arms around Carson’s waist.

“Ooh does Baby want Joe to play hide the salami with us?” Carson cooed nuzzling Cody’s cheek.

“Yeah Baby wants Joe to play. Will you get Joe for me?” Cody asked, leaning up and licking Carson’s nose.

The love play between Carson and Cody was interrupted by Mike bursting into the room. “Chester, there you are, I’ve been looking all over for you.”

Chester moved over next to Mike, still freaked out by the show he had just witnessed, “Yeah I was just gonna come find you,” he said, still not taking his eyes off of the two lovers.

“Chester, what’s the matter? Did he do something to you?” Mike asked, worried by Chester’s behaviour.

Chester turned to Mike and smiled, “No he didn’t do anything Mike. He and his friend would like Joe to join them for some fun,” Chester said, reassuring Mike, while trying not to laugh.

Mike looked at Carson and Cody, wondering if they were insane, “You wanna fuck Joe?” he asked, in disbelief.

Cody licked his lips lasciviously, “Next to my Carson baby, Joe is the hottest fucker around. I’d love to ride his dick all night long,” he said, shuddering in anticipation.

“Jesus, someone even fucking crazier than Joe.” Mike mumbled, under his breath.

“Cody, you seem like a perfectly nice guy and all, but Joe isn’t gay.” Chester said, politely.

“Well fuck, what about Brad and Rob, they could both join us.” Cody said, in a wishful tone.

“Umm no I don’t think that would work either. They’re straight also.” Mike said quickly, dragging Chester out the door.

Chester dropped down onto the sofa, next to Brad. "Man that was a good show," he said, patting his friend on the knee.

Brad gave Chester a smile, too tired to do anything else.

Joe flopped down beside Chester. "I’m hungry," he said, rubbing his stomach.

"Ok, so tell us something new," Rob laughed, throwing a towel at Joe.

Joe caught the towel, throwing it back without looking.

"God damn it, Joe!" Mike yelled, wiping water from his face where the towel had hit the bottle he was drinking from.

"You want to stop somewhere and get some food?" Brad asked, nudging Chester with his elbow.

Wondering why Chester wasn’t answering him, Brad turned to look at Chester. He saw that his friend was staring intently at Mike. Brad saw Chester lick his lips as Mike pulled a new shirt over his head.

"God," Chester whispered, adjusting his pants that had suddenly become tight.

Mike, hearing Chester’s comment, glanced up. "What? Is there something wrong with this shirt?" he queried, inspecting his shirt for a spot or tear.

Chester walked over to Mike. "No, the shirt is fine, but you’re hiding the most beautiful body I’ve ever seen," he said, placing his hand on the other man’s chest and gently caressing it.

Mike brushed Chester’s hand off of him. "Jesus, Chester, obviously you don’t look in the mirror," he replied, derisively.

"So, you think I look good, huh?" Chester grinned, bringing his hand back up to Mike’s chest.

Mike removed Chester’s hand once again. "You know that you look good, Chester," he said, moving away from Chester.

Chester followed Mike to the chair he sat in. "Yeah, I know I’m hot," he smirked, slowly stroking the back of his friends neck.

The telephone rang stopping Mike’s answer. Rob answered the phone. Mike rose from the chair, leaving Chester perched on the arm.

Rob hung up the phone. "The bus is here. We can head out now, security's waiting at the end of the hall," he informed his friends.

They all filed out of the room. Meeting their security at the end of the hall, they proceeded to the bus.

"I’m hungry," Joe complained, once again.

"Me too, let’s stop somewhere," Brad suggested.

Mike stood up. "I’ll go see if we can," he said, moving away from Chester, who had been running his hand up and down his leg.

Brad sat on the bench beside Chester. "Smile, Chester, he’ll know he’s getting to you otherwise," he whispered, wrapping an arm around his younger friend's shoulders.

"Alright, we’re stopping at the next Burger King," Mike told his friends, as he sat down next to Rob.

Nobody questioned their destination, knowing that once Mike decided something there was no changing his mind.

They entered Burger King, surrounded in front and back by bodyguards. All five men headed for the front counter.

"Hi, can I take your order?" The young man behind the counter asked.

Mike stepped up to the counter, "It depends, are you on the menu?" he asked, smiling seductively.

Brad grabbed Chester’s arm, as he stepped back with a stricken look on his face. "You wanna go back to the bus?"

"Why is he doing this, Brad?" Chester whispered, clutching Brad’s arm in a tight grip.

Brad frowned at Mike’s back. "Because he’s an asshole, and he doesn’t care who he hurts as long as he’s happy," he said, contemplating knocking some sense into Mike.

"That guy isn’t even good looking," Chester mumbled quietly, looking at the man he was talking about.

Brad stroked Chester’s curls. "Not compared to you. You’re gorgeous Chester, don’t let this make you think you aren’t," he said.

"Thanks Brad, I can always count on you to make me feel better." Chester smiled, hugging his friend.

After ordering they all made their way to a long table. Brad closed in Chester on one side and Rob on the other. Joe sat across from him, with Mike beside Joe. Brad continued to glare at Mike. Rob wondered what had made Mike act the way he had in front of Chester. He didn’t think that Mike would ever hurt Chester on purpose, but he’d just been proved wrong. Joe, oblivious as usual, ate heartily not noticing the tension among the others.

Chester picked at his food, not really hungry after witnessing Mike’s interaction with the man at the counter.

Mike stood up. "I’m going to the restroom," he said, as his friends all glanced at him.

The four remaining men had resumed eating after Mike’s departure for the restroom.

"I’m gonna go see what’s taking Mike so long." Chester sat his cup down, and rose from his chair.

"He’ll be back in a minute Curly," Brad said, around a mouthful of food.

Rob nodded his head. "Yeah, Chester; he won’t be much longer," he agreed, glancing nervously in the direction of the restroom.

"Yeah, he probably just looked in the mirror and realised he hasn’t combed his hair for the last five months," Joe laughed, referring to Mike’s wild hairstyle he’d been sporting lately.

Rob and Brad laughed, while Chester frowned at Joe for making fun of Mike.

"I’m gonna go anyway, he might be sick or something," Chester told them, as he turned to walk away from the table.

Chester didn’t see Mike as he entered the restroom. He heard moaning coming from one of the stalls. He walked over to it, afraid that Mike was sick. The door was open about an inch. Chester pushed the door open. He felt as if his heart were ripped from his chest at the sight before him. The man from the front counter was sitting on the toilet seat, Mike in front of him with his pants at his knees. The mans hands were on Mike’s ass, his head bobbing up and down on Mike’s cock. Chester stepped back, reaching for the door.

"Chester, what’s taking so long?" Brad asked, hitting Chester with the door as he banged it open.

Mike’s head whirled around at the sound of the door opening and Brad’s voice. He saw the pain on Chester’s face, he smirked. Chester turned, running from the restroom.

Mike pulled up his pants as Brad charged him. "You stupid selfish bastard!" he yelled, grabbing the collar of Mike’s shirt.

"Get the fuck off me, Brad!" Mike retorted, trying to pry Brad’s hands loose.

Brad shook Mike. "How could you fucking do that?" he asked, looking at Mike in disgust.

"I was horny. Why do you get your dick sucked?" Mike inquired, derisively.

"Don’t take another step, you’ve got a job to finish," Mike ordered, as the man from the counter tried to slip out the door.

Brad drew a fist back, and hit Mike in the mouth. He grasped Mike’s shirt again, then released it as he threw him into the wall.

"You aren’t worthy of Chester, you rotten piece of shit," Brad growled, walking out the door.

Mike closed his eyes, leaning his head against the wall. He had finally accomplished his goal, he made Chester hate him. He hadn’t realised that hurting Chester would hurt him so much.

Brad found Chester lying quietly in his bunk. Wondering why he didn't hear any crying or cursing from Chester, he sat down beside him. Chester lay still on his side, not turning to look at his friend. Brad slowly began stroking Chester's back.

"Are you ok Chester?" Brad asked quietly.

Chester slowly turned toward Brad. Brad saw the hurt in Chester's eyes, before he buried his face in Brad's stomach.

"It's ok to cry Chester, you might feel better." Brad said, not knowing how else to help his friend and continued to stroke his back.

Chester sighed, looking up at Brad, "I can't Brad, it hurts too much. If I start I'm not sure I'll be able to stop."

Brad wrapped his arms around Chester, "God Chester, I'd do anything to take away your pain."

Chester looked into Brad's eyes and slowly brought his hand to the back of Brad's neck.

Brad's breath hitched. He wasn't sure what Chester was doing. Brad wanted for once to be selfish and take what he'd wanted for so long. He knew that he couldn't; he wasn't what Chester really wanted. His mind screamed for him to stop Chester before he did something he'd regret later. His heart refused to hear what his mind was saying.

Chester caressed the hair at the nape of Brad's neck. He slowly drew Brad's face down to meet his own. Chester touched his lips to Brad's. He almost stopped when he heard Brad moan. He wanted to feel something other than pain; he needed something to make him forget. He gently slid his tongue between Brad's full lips, and Brad's tongue met Chester's. The tongues duelled, tasting, touching and trying to forget. Chester trying to forget the pain Mike had caused, Brad wanting to forget that he'd never be the one to hold Chester's heart.


Mike clutched the jacket in his hand. He wanted to move out of the narrow hall between the bunks, but his feet wouldn't move. Mike felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to find Rob's eyes on him. Rob gently grasped Mike's arm pulling him into the kitchen area of the bus. He motioned for Mike to sit on the bench across the table from him.

"You wanna talk about it?" Rob asked, watching Mike tear a Kleenex to shreds.

Mike glanced up at Rob, "No, there's nothing to talk about." He said, scooping the shredded tissue into a pile.

"How about we talk about why you hurt Chester tonight." Rob suggested cautiously.

Mike tore the tissue into smaller pieces; "It needed to be done." He said, shrugging his shoulders.

"Why did it need to be done?" Rob inquired, pressuring Mike to talk to him.

Mike sighed in frustration, "He was getting too close, it's better to do it now. The longer I let him go on believing, the worse he would have been hurt."

"Believing what?" Rob asked, knowing exactly what Mike meant.

Mike looked at Rob pointedly, "Believing that he could make me love him. Love isn't real. I can't love him, the way that he wants me too. He'll only end up hurt worse if I let this continue." He quietly stated.

"So you're just going to stand back and let Brad have something that you aren't man enough to admit that you want. Something that you want more than anything but is too afraid to take the chance on. You're a fool Mike." Rob said, getting up and walking to the back of the bus.


Brad gently pushed Chester away from him. "We can't do this Chester."

"Why not?" Chester asked, looking at Brad in confusion.

Chester tried pulling Brad back to him. Brad held Chester back with a hand on his chest.

"No Chester, it's not right. Can you look me in the eye and honestly say that it's what you want?" Brad challenged.

Chester fought back tears, "I just . . . I don't want to hurt anymore, I wanna forget. He looked right at me Brad; he wanted to hurt me. Why?" he whispered, tears beginning to fall down his face.

Brad wrapped Chester in his arms again, "I don't know Chester, I just don't know. I wish I could take away your pain. I can tell you though that what we were doing won't help, it'll just complicate things even more." He said quietly, wiping the tears rolling down Chester's cheeks.

"Will you just hold me for a while please?" Chester pleaded.

Brad pulled Chester closer to him. "Yeah, I can do that."

Brad held Chester until he was sure he slept soundly. He slowly lowered Chester onto the mattress.

"Mike" Chester moaned, as Brad moved away from him.

Brad sighed sadly. He leaned over kissing Chester lightly on the cheek before proceeding on to his own bed.


Mike made his way back to the bunks, hoping that everyone was asleep. He was surprised to find Chester asleep and alone in his bunk. He stood watching Chester sleep, unaware that Brad was watching him. He slowly brought his hand down, gently caressing Chester's cheek. He felt the dampness that was still there. He closed his eyes, resting his hand on Chester's face.

"I'm sorry Chester." He whispered, before climbing into his bunk above Chester's.

Mike missed Chester’s body pressing against his. He missed Chester’s kiss. He missed the way Chester would caress the back of his neck as he whispered in his ear. He missed Chester’s smell. He missed his laughter. Most of all Mike missed the glint in Chester’s eyes when he smiled.

Mike looked on as Rob talked with the hotel manager. He saw Chester sitting on a sofa, leaning on Brad. Mike had never seen Chester so forlorn. He hated knowing that he was the one that had made Chester so sad. Mike realised that he’d give anything to see Chester smile again. He knew though that he’d given up that right when he’d purposely hurt Chester.

“What are you doing? Planning more ways to hurt Chester.” Rob asked, snidely.

Mike sighed, “no” he replied, dropping his gaze to the floor.

“Just leave Chester alone, please. You’ve done enough damage. Brad wants you dead as it is.” Rob said, watching Brad talking softly to Chester.

Mike glanced back over at Chester and Brad, “Do you think they’re together now?” he asked, looking back at Rob.

“No, I don’t. Not that it’s any of your business if they are.” Rob replied.

Mike sat quietly for a few minutes, just watching Chester and Brad talk and laugh together.

Rob watched Mike. He knew that Mike wasn’t as unaffected by everything as he’d like people to think.


“Thank you for being such a great friend Brad. I don’t know what I would’ve done these past couple of weeks without you.” Chester said, hugging Brad tightly.

Brad smiled, “Chester, you don’t ever have to thank me for caring about you. That’s like thanking me for breathing, it’s something that just comes naturally.” he said, squeezing Chester tighter.

“He’s watching us. Hasn’t he done enough?” Chester asked sadly, looking away from Mike.

Brad sighed, “Maybe it’s because he’s feeling guilty. I really don’t think he meant to hurt you like that. I think he used you finding him like that as an excuse to push you further away,” he said, turning to observe Mike’s reaction to the embrace he and Chester were still in.


Mike couldn’t tear his eyes away from Chester and Brad. He wanted to, but he just couldn’t. It was like looking down when someone tells you not to. You can’t help it, you just do it.

“This wasn’t supposed to happen.” Mike said, talking more to himself than anyone in particular.

Rob glanced at his friend. He saw that Mike was still watching Chester and Brad.

“What wasn’t supposed to happen Mike?” Rob asked.

“It’s not supposed to hurt.” Mike said, finally looking at Rob.

Rob was pretty sure he knew what Mike was talking about, but he wanted to hear it from him to be positive.

“What’s not supposed to hurt?” He asked, noticing that Mike was once again staring at Chester and Brad.

“I hurt.” Mike replied, his gaze never wavering.

Rob nodded knowingly, “Why do you hurt Mike?”

Mike tore his eyes away from Chester and Brad, looking at the floor.

“Chester hurts.” He said, staring at the floor as if it were the most fascinating thing he’d ever seen.

Rob brought his hand to Mike’s face, lifting his chin to look at him.

“Ok, so you know what the problem is. What are you going to do about it?” The brunette asked, holding his friends chin in a firm grip.

“Nothing” Mike answered swatting Rob’s hand away from his face.

“Nothing? Why the hell not? Jesus Mike, you are easily the most fucked up person I know.” Rob berated, while looking at Mike with disgust.

Mike stood, “Fuck you, Rob.” he said, turning toward the exit.


Brad looked up as Rob approached them. “Hey Rob, everything ok?” He asked, nodding toward the door Mike had just stormed out of.

“Yeah, everything’s cool. What are you guys up to?” He asked, changing the subject.

Chester sighed, “Why does he hate me Rob?” he asked, sadly watching the door in which Mike had exited.

Rob dropped down beside Chester. “He doesn’t hate you Chester.” He said, rubbing Chester’s back.

“Well he sure has a funny way of showing it.” Chester mumbled.

Rob continued stroking Chester’s back. “He’s so confused right now Chester. He really didn’t want to hurt you. He just didn’t know any other way to protect himself.”

“He shouldn’t feel like he has to protect himself from me. I’d rip out my own heart before I ever hurt him.” Chester said earnestly, looking at Rob as if to ask if he believed him.

Rob wrapped his arm around Chester’s shoulder and hugged him. “I know Chester, Mike does too. He’s just scared. It’s not like you’ve given him any space to think about things, and come to that conclusion on his own.” Rob mildly rebuked.

The hotel manager approached to tell them their rooms were finally ready, interrupting before Chester could reply.


“Jesus, how could they screw up the rooms at a time when we so do not need this shit?” Joe asked, as Rob tried to figure out what to do.

They had all been told that they would have their own rooms. Somehow there had been a mix up and they only had two rooms. One room had two twin-size beds; the other had two full size beds.

“Shit, this sucks. How are we gonna do this?” Brad asked, turning to Rob for an answer.

Chester stepped away from the wall he was leaning against. “Don’t worry about this because of me you guys. I’ll be fine, no matter who I share with. We’ll just draw straws like we usually do. The longest and the shortest get the room with the single beds. The remaining three take the other room.” He said.

“Are you sure about this Chester?” Brad asked, watching Rob cutting the straws.

“I’m fine Brad, it’s just a room. It’s not like we have time to do much in them but sleep anyway.” Chester assured his worried friend.

Rob returned with the cut straws. “Ok, straws are ready. Who’s going first?” He asked, holding up the hand containing the straws.

“I am.” Joe said, jumping up to grab a straw.

Everyone else drew their straws. After every straw was drawn, the men opened their hands to show their straws. There were several audible gasps.

“Shit” Joe whispered, as the straws were revealed.

Rob frowned at Joe. “Umm, is this gonna be ok guys? I can trade with one of you if you want.” He said, seeing the expressions on the faces of Mike, Brad, and Chester who had the three middle length straws.

“I’m ok. You ok Brad?” Chester asked, turning to look at Brad almost daring Mike to ask to trade.

Mike wasn’t about to admit that it would bother him seeing Brad and Chester together. “It’s cool.” He said, smiling one of the meant for the camera and fans smiles he had mastered.

Rob knew looking at all three of his friends, that none of them were comfortable with the rooming arrangement. He also knew that they were all too stubborn to admit it. He just prayed that all hell wouldn’t break loose when it came time for bed. Rob was sure that Brad would insist that he and Chester share a bed. He was also positive that it would kill Mike seeing them share that bed.

“Well, Robby my man, let’s get out of here and leave the love birds alone.” Joe laughed, totally oblivious to everything else around him as usual.

Rob shot a worried glance at his friends as he followed Joe to the door. “Brad, can I talk to you outside?” He asked, nodding his head toward the door.

Brad turned to Chester, silently asking if he’d be ok alone with Mike while he talked to Rob. Chester smiled, giving Brad an encouraging nod. Brad smiled back, turning to follow Rob out the door.

Mike opened his suitcase and began pulling out clothes to take a shower. He needed to get out of the room and away from Chester.

Chester sat on the opposite bed from where Mike was. He flipped on the television, not that he really wanted to watch anything. He just didn’t want to look at Mike. He kept his eyes glued on the screen, watching the channels become a blur as he surfed through them.

Mike hesitantly looked at Chester. “I’m going to take a shower. Do you need to use the bathroom before I go in?” He asked.

“No” Chester answered, not allowing himself to look away from the television.

Mike sighed wearily, as he turned away from Chester and headed for the bathroom.


Mike exited the bathroom after his shower to find Chester and Brad laying on one of the beds together watching a movie.

Brad wrapped an arm around Chester’s waist, smirking at Mike as if daring him to say something. Chester not looking at Mike moved closer to Brad and pressed his back into Brad’s chest. Brad tightened the embrace, never once looking away from Mike’s face. Brad smiled knowingly and then turned back to the movie.

Mike pulled on a pair of pyjama pants over his boxer briefs and crawled into bed. Turning his back to Chester and Brad. He closed his eyes, bidding sleep to come quickly. He prayed that he’d fall asleep before he did something stupid, like dragging Chester out of Brad’s bed. Which is exactly what he wanted to do. He laid awake listening to Chester and Brad talk and laugh while watching the movie. It seemed like hours before everything became quiet, he knew though it hadn’t been because the movie had just ended.

“Is he asleep?” Brad whispered, trying to see through the dark to Mike’s bed.

Chester chuckled quietly, “He won’t be if you don’t be quiet.” he said, swatting Brad’s arm lightly.

Mike stayed as still as possible. He didn’t want them to think that he was eavesdropping on them. He didn’t want to hear them talking happily together, but he couldn’t go to sleep either. Every time he closed his eyes, Chester’s face streaming with tears haunted him.

“Kiss me.” Chester whispered, rolling over closer to Brad.

Brad wrapped his arms around Chester, “Shouldn’t we check and make sure Mike’s sleeping first?” he asked, kissing Chester’s neck lightly.

“He is, he hasn’t moved since he laid down. You know how he is when he lies down. He’s out in seconds.” Chester said quietly, running his fingers through Brad’s hair.

Brad gently pressed his lips to Chester’s, bringing one hand up to caress the back of Chester’s neck. Chester’s tongue snaked out, lapping at Brad’s bottom lip. Brad groaned, admitting Chester’s tongue.

Mike clenched his fists and squeezed his eyes tightly shut, suppressing the urge to jump Brad and tear his hands and mouth off of Chester. A tear escaped, tracing the curve of his cheek. Chester’s moans drowned out the screams in his head. He wanted to shout out to them, tell them he was awake but his throat constricted on the words. He lay drowning in the sound of Chester’s quiet moans.

Brad trailed kisses down Chester’s neck. Chester ran his hands up under Brad’s shirt, stroking the smooth skin. Brad broke the kiss, pulling away long enough to grab the hem of Chester’s shirt and drag it over his head. He licked gently at the pulse point just below Chester’s ear. Chester’s moaning became louder. Brad’s tongue followed the long curve of Chester’s neck, licking his collarbone. Chester tugged at Brad’s shirt, indicating that he wanted it off now. Brad jerked his shirt off in one fluid motion. He resumed kissing across Chester’s chest, lapping at a nipple with the tip of his tongue, pinching the other gently. Chester groaned pressing Brad’s mouth closer. Brad’s tongue began moving lower, licking the fine hairs on Chester’s abdomen. Chester grabbed Brad’s head, pulling it away from him.

“Jesus, I need my pants off now.” He panted, reaching for the drawstring on his sweat pants.

Brad brushed Chester’s fumbling fingers away and did the job himself. “Here, lift up so I can pull them off.” He whispered, tugging at the waistband of Chester’s pants.

Mike’s breath stopped at the sound of Chester’s throaty moan as Brad tugged at his pants. The thought of Brad removing Chester’s sweats was more than he could abide. He hastily threw back his covers and stumbled from the bed, rushing toward the door not even bothering to dress or grab shoes. He fumbled with the doorknob, before finally gaining freedom from the hell within the room. Mike ran to the room next door, praying it was Joe and Rob’s. He began furiously pounding on the door.

Joe jerked the door open, “There better be a god damn fire, otherwise you’re going down.” he said mid yawn.

Mike couldn’t breathe, his chest hurt. He nearly collapsed onto the floor, and would have if Joe hadn’t caught him.

“Rob! Come here!” Joe shouted, terrified by Mike’s behaviour.

“I’ll be out in a second, I’m getting dressed.” Rob answered, yelling through the bathroom door.

Joe sat Mike down on the small sofa near the door. “Fucking hurry up Rob. There’s something wrong. Mike’s sick or something.” He said, in a calmer tone, hoping to get Mike to relax.

Rob worried by the fear in Joe’s voice rushed from the bathroom, tugging his shirt on. “What’s wrong?” He asked, dropping to his knees in front of Mike.

Mike’s face was pale. His eye’s had a vacant empty look to them. “It’s all my fault. I did this. God! You have to stop him Rob. Go, now. Go, stop Chester.” Mike ordered, pushing Rob toward the door.

Rob felt his heart begin to pound with fear. He wasn’t sure what was wrong with Mike, but something had him acting crazy. “Mike, calm down. Is something wrong with Chester? Is he ok?” Rob asked, speaking slowly. He wanted to rush next door and check on Chester, but he couldn’t leave Mike like he was.

Mike continued trying to push Rob toward the door. “Go Rob. Go, fix Chester. I broke him. Go!” He said, his voice nearing hysteria.

“Broke him? What are you talking about Mike? Did you hit Chester? Where’s Brad? Is he with Chester?” Rob questioned; finding it hard to keep his cool the more worried he became.

Mike growled, pushing Rob toward the door. “Go now!” He ordered, opening the door and pushing Rob through it.

Rob looked at Joe over his shoulder. “Stay with him. Don’t let him out of your sight.” He instructed, leaving the room after Joe nodded his agreement.

Rob hastily made his way to the room that Mike had just left. He began knocking before he even came to a complete stop.

Brad opened the door almost immediately. “Hey Rob, what’s up? Why are you here so late?” He asked, eyeing Rob curiously.

Brad looked around the room over Brad’s shoulder. “Where’s Chester?”

Brad chuckled, “Yeah, nice to see you too. He’s in the bathroom.” he said, amused at Rob’s uncharacteristic rudeness.

“Is he ok?” Rob queried; ignoring Brad’s amused grin.

“He’s fine. What the hell’s wrong with you?” Brad asked, becoming alarmed by Rob’s behaviour.

Chester emerged from the bathroom. Glancing curiously at Rob. “Hey Rob, what’s up?” He asked, smiling at his band mate.

“Was Mike just here?” Rob inquired, becoming more confused by the minute.

Chester sighed at the mention of Mike’s name. He sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the floor.

Brad turned from watching Chester. He looked at Rob. “He was a little bit ago. Why?” He asked, concerned by Rob’s obvious upset.

“What the hell happened? He’s a fucking mess. I’m talking seriously freaked out or something. He’s like hysterical.” Rob elaborated, looking from Brad to Chester.

Chester jumped quickly from the bed. “Is he ok? Is he hurt? What’s wrong with him?”

“He’s fine, physically. Mentally and emotionally he’s a wreck.” Rob said, calming Chester before he had another friend freaking out.

“Shit” Brad groaned, sitting heavily on the end of the bed.

Chester leapt from the bed, heading toward the door.

Rob stepped in front of Chester. “Chester, you can’t go over there.”

“Get out of my way Rob.” Chester growled, shoving Rob to the side.

“Chester, if you go over there now you’ll just make everything worse.” Rob warned.

Chester stopped, dropping wearily onto the sofa. “What am I supposed to do Rob? Nothing is working. We tried your plan, obviously it didn’t work. Mike still isn’t any closer to wanting me. He doesn’t want me but he doesn’t want anyone else to have me either. It’s not fair Rob. Am I supposed to wait forever for Mike to decide that he wants me and only me? I can’t keep doing this. I can’t watch him with other men. It hurts. Every time I have to see him with someone else, it feels like he ripped my heart out and stomped on it. What am I supposed to do?” He cried, burying his face in his hands.

Rob was startled by Chester’s impassioned speech. “God Chester, I didn’t realise how Mike would react when I suggested you and Brad pretend to be together. I was wrong. You never should have done it. I never should have suggested it. I’m sorry.” He said, sinking to his knees in front of Chester. He stroked his younger friends heaving back.

“We didn’t really sleep together if that’s what Mike thinks. We did some stuff while he was in here, but we stopped the minute he got out of bed. We weren’t going to go any further. We were about to stop when he got up. I figured he didn’t care, that or he wasn’t awake.” Chester explained, still staring at the carpet.

Rob lifted Chester’s face up. “I know you didn’t Chester. I know you aren’t like that. I know Brad wouldn’t take advantage of something like that and I know that you love Mike.”

“So what do we do now?” Brad asked.

“I’m not sure. I think it would be best though for the time being if you guys continue pretending to be together. Mike will be pissed off if he finds out this was all set up. I’ll think about this and we’ll come up with something. For now you guys get some sleep. Mike will be ok for tonight. He can stay with us. Don’t worry about him Chester.” Rob said, ruffling Chester’s hair as he stood to leave.

Mike fidgeted and messed with the television, while waiting for Chester and Brad to arrive for breakfast. They had all agreed the night before to meet in Rob and Joe’s room. Mike was tired and crabby. He hadn’t slept the night before, after embarrassing himself by freaking out in front of Rob and Joe. He groaned as Chester and Brad walked in holding hands.

“Morning.” Brad said, greeting his friends cheerfully.

Rob and Joe welcomed their friends warmly. Mike grunted.

Chester dropped onto the sofa next to Mike. “Is the food here yet? I’m starving.” Chester complained, rubbing his stomach as if to emphasise his point.

Brad sat on the arm of the sofa next to Chester, draping an arm around his shoulders. Mike bit his cheek, trying not to glare at them.

“The food will be here in just a few minutes Chester. I swear it’s a wonder you don’t weigh 300 pounds the way you eat.” Rob laughed, tossing a pillow at Chester.

Chester laid the pillow on the sofa between himself and Mike. “You’d still love me wouldn’t you Brad?” Chester asked, grinning and leaning into Brad’s side.

“I’d love you even if you woke up some morning and looked like Joe.” Brad promised solemnly, kissing Chester’s forehead.

“Hey, I’m pretty damn sexy if I do say so myself.” Joe protested, amongst laughter from Rob, Chester, and Brad.

Rob sat on the end of the bed beside Joe, nudging him with his elbow. “You do say so yourself, because everybody else has perfect vision.” He teased, laughing as Joe put him in a headlock.

Chester laughed at his friend’s antics as he rose from the sofa to get the door. “Food’s here.” He called, pushing the room service cart in.

Mike stood and headed for the door. He couldn’t sit through breakfast with Chester and Brad.

Rob looked up from getting his food and saw Mike about to leave. “Where are you going Mike?”

“Out, not hungry.” Mike growled, incoherently.

“Mike.” Rob said, as Mike opened the door.

Mike turned slowly to face Rob. “What!” He demanded.

“Don’t forget we have to go over some vocal shit before the show tonight.” Rob gently reminded his irritable friend.

Mike sighed in exasperation. “I won’t.” He said, leaving the room.

Brad removed his arm from around Chester’s waist.

“Are you ok Chester? You do look better than you did last night when I left.” Rob said, smiling at Chester over the cart of food.

Joe smacked Rob on the back of the head. “Of course he’s fine, he shared a room with his man. Did you guys get freaky?” Joe asked, leering at Chester.

“The only person getting freaky is you, and you seem to be getting freakier by the moment.” Rob retorted, dryly.

Chester and Brad laughed at Joe’s expression and lack of comeback. They returned to the sofa to eat their breakfast.

“Did you get enough sleep Chester? I know how you get a headache and sick to your stomach if you’re too tired.” Rob said, looking worriedly at Chester.

“I bet he slept like a baby all wrapped around Brad all night long.” Joe cut in, as Chester was about to answer.

Rob threw crust from his toast at Joe. “I told you they aren’t really together. I’m sure they didn’t sleep in the same bed after Mike left. Did you?” Rob asked, turning to Brad and Chester, frowning slightly.

Chester glanced down at his plate, blushing lightly. Brad took that as his cue to answer the question.

“Chester slept, snugly in Mike’s bed all night. Wrapped tightly in the blankets and clutching Mike’s shirt to his face.” Brad explained, wondering at Rob’s sudden smile. If he weren’t mistaken he’d say it was a smile of relief.

Joe scratched his head and looked at Rob. “You know if I didn’t know any better, I’d think that Chester had a thing for Mike.” He said, laughing as if that was the funniest thing imaginable.

Rob, Chester, and Brad groaned not even bothering to explain things to Joe once again.

Rob glanced up from his plate, looking from Chester to Brad and back. “So, do you guys have plans for the next couple of hours?”

“Joe and I are going to play the new game he got the other day. What are you doing Chester?” Brad asked, turning to look at Chester.

Chester shrugged, not looking up from his plate. “Nothing special. I’m just going to go through Mike’s address book and call every guy in it and tell him Mike’s got a venereal disease.” He said, his concentration on his plate never wavering.

Rob nearly dropped his plate. “You wouldn’t really do that would you?” He asked, glancing at Brad for confirmation that Chester wouldn’t.

“Chester, you can’t. Not that it wouldn’t be funny as hell, but it’s not right.” Brad nudged Chester’s knee with his own, trying to see if Chester was actually paying attention to him or not.

Chester looked up at Brad, tears forming in his eyes. “I don’t care Brad! I swear if I have to see him with one more guy, I’ll personally rip his dick off!” Chester swore vehemently.

Brad and Rob watched in horror as Chester slammed his plate onto the cart and strode from the room, intent on his mission.

“He won’t do it. Will he?” Rob queried, looking to Brad for assurance.

Brad just shrugged, glancing worriedly at the door.

“Do you guys think that we could get Warner Bro. to pay for a trip into space for our next video? They did it for Brittany, they’ve gotta do it for us. We’re so much hotter. I wonder if Brittany got freaky with any hot aliens.” Joe pondered, as he watched the video for oops I did it again on MTV.

Brad and Rob groaned as they both threw pillows at Joe.


Mike ran a towel over his face, wiping away the sweat. The show had gone remarkably well, considering Chester hadn’t spoken to him all day. Chester was driving him insane though. He’d openly stare at Mike until Mike stared back and then he’d frown and look away. He kept touching Mike, placing a hand lightly on his back or touching his hand and letting it linger. The minute Mike would attempt to return the touch, Chester was gone. Mike couldn’t figure it out. Chester could touch him but if he tried returning Chester‘s touch, Chester would turn and walk away. Mike wanted nothing more than to touch Chester, but he couldn’t. That right was reserved for Brad.

The five men piled into a limo, heading for their buses. Nobody really talking because they were all winding down from the show.

Mike leaned across his seat, motioning for Rob to lean forward. “Will you switch busses with me? I can’t ride with them right now.” He whispered.

Rob glanced out of the corner of his eye. Chester guessing what Mike wanted was vigorously shaking his head no. Brad pulled Chester closer to him and grinned to himself. He found that he liked helping Chester get revenge on Mike.

“God Mike, please don’t put me in this position. We need to get on the road right away anyway; we wouldn’t have time to switch busses.” Rob said, hoping that Mike would understand.

Mike sighed, “I know you’re right. I just don’t know if I can handle this. I’m sorry I tried dragging you into the middle of this mess.” Mike apologised, resting his elbows on his knees and dropping his head into his hands.

Rob patted Mike’s knee. “You’ll be fine Mike; you just need to start leading your life with your heart more often than with your dick.”

Mike didn’t respond to Rob’s comment. He sat back in his seat, closing his eyes. Blocking the site of Chester’s legs in Brad’s lap and their hands interlaced. He wondered instead why Rob seemed to be frowning at the lovers.


Mike went straight to his bunk upon entering the bus. He threw his backpack under it and stripped down to his boxers quickly. He climbed into the bed, praying that god would be merciful and let him sleep. He finally drifted off after a couple hours, the sound of Chester’s voice in the front lulling him to sleep.

Chester stood, gazing down at the sleeping man. He looked so peaceful and innocent as he slept. Chester wished he could see this side of Mike more often. He slowly reached out and touched Mike’s hair, lightly running his fingers through it. He marvelled at the silky softness. His hand gently drifted down to Mike’s face. He traced the contour of his cheek, then slowly made his way back to his nose running a finger lightly down the length of it. Mike’s nose twitched slightly. Chester jerked his hand back. He watched Mike for another minute, making sure he was still sleeping. His fingers outlined the fullness of Mike’s lips. Chester thought it would be easier to stop breathing, than to resist tasting those lips. He leaned down, gently pressing his lips to Mike’s. His tongue caressing Mike’s bottom lip. Mike stirred. Chester backed away.

Mike’s eyes slowly opened. He’d been having the most wonderful dream. He and Chester were in his living room. They were lying on a rug in front of the fireplace. They were kissing and holding each other tightly. Mike wished the dream had gone on forever. He could smell Chester so strongly; it was as if he was there. He sighed, licking his dry lips. He tasted Chester. His breath caught in his throat. He looked to the doorway leading to the front of the bus. Chester stood their staring back at him. Mike sat up. Chester fled.

Mike awoke to the sound of screaming. He jumped; sitting up so fast his head hit the bunk above him. He stumbled, tripping over the sheet wrapped around his legs. That was Chester’s scream. He had to get to him. He ran to the front of the bus where the scream had come from. Chester was wrapped in Brad’s arms, breathing heavily. He knew that Chester was safe with Brad, but he had to know what happened.

He entered the small entertainment area hesitantly. “Is everything ok?” He asked, as Brad glanced up at him.

“Chester had a nightmare. Everything’s ok now. Isn’t it Chaz?” Brad asked, pulling away from Chester enough to see his face.

Chester slightly lifted his head from Brad’s shoulder, glancing at Mike. Mike could see that whatever it was, Chester was fighting hard to hold back tears. He trembled as his gaze stayed locked on Mike. Mike stepped toward Chester and Brad. Chester put his head back down, burying his nose in Brad’s shoulder. He trembled harder as he fought tears. He willed himself not to look at Mike again. Brad felt Chester tighten his arms around him as the shaking got worse.

“Chester” Mike said, stepping toward Chester.

Brad felt Chester stiffen as Mike approached. He held up a hand to stop Mike. He shook his head; his eyes pleading with Mike to just leave. Mike turned and left. Chester relaxed in Brad’s arms.

Brad rubbed Chester’s back. “Wanna tell me about it?” He asked.

“No” Chester said, attempting to put his head back on Brad’s shoulder.

Brad pushed Chester away gently. “Come on Chester, you’ll feel better if you do.”

Mike stood beside the doorway, his back pressed against the wall. He knew it was wrong to eavesdrop, but he couldn’t leave without knowing what had Chester so upset.

“Mike asked me to stop over at his place. He said he had something to show me. I got there and the door was open, so I went in. Mike wasn’t anywhere down stairs. I went upstairs. I heard something coming from Mike’s bedroom. I thought that maybe he was watching TV or something. The door wasn’t closed tight. I pushed it open. Mike was fucking some guy. He looked exactly like me Brad. It was like looking in a mirror. Mike saw me. He grinned and kept fucking the guy. I turned to leave but it was like the door disappeared. He laughed this evil sounding laugh. I couldn’t get out Brad. He just kept laughing at me. Once he was done with the guy he stopped laughing. He came over to me and put his hand under my chin, pressing my head back into the wall. He told me that he hoped now I saw why he didn’t want me. He could have anyone he wanted. Why would he want me? He wiped the tears off of my cheek and then he laughed again and said I was pathetic. He asked me what I thought I had that he couldn’t get somewhere else. I tried to leave again. I still couldn’t find the door. That’s when I must have fallen off the sofa and it woke me up.” Chester finished telling Brad about his dream and then buried his face in his hands.

Mike sank to the floor, tears welling in his eyes.

Brad saw movement, a shadow outside the doorway. “I’ll be right back Chester. I’m gonna get you a drink.”

Brad saw Mike sitting with his back against the wall; eyes clenched tightly shut and facing the ceiling. Brad stood, looking down at Mike.

“Do you see what you’ve done? The worst thing about all this though is that I know you’re ’in’ love with him. You just don’t know ’how’ to love. You’re scared. What’s made you such a cynical bastard?” Brad paused, watching Mike’s face for a moment. “Do you even know? Whatever it is you better figure it out before you lose Chester for good.” He warned, turning and heading toward the tiny kitchen area to get Chester some water.

Mike watched Brad’s retreating back. He wondered what Brad had meant. He’d already lost Chester, to Brad in fact. He wanted to pray that Chester could forgive him for all that he’d put him through. He wanted to believe that he’d have a chance to show Chester how much he loved him. Mike knew though that he’d blown it. He let his one chance at love and happiness slip away, all because he was a damn coward. He’d never feel Chester’s soft pink lips on his again. He’d never feel Chester’s arms wrapped around him, holding him tightly. Chester wouldn’t smile just for him anymore; his eyes wouldn’t sparkle when he laughed at something goofy Mike said or did. He’d never hear Chester say that he loved him again. Mike questioned how he came to love Chester. He’d vowed never to love. He didn’t believe in love. Something had happened along the way. That something was Chester. He hauled himself to his feet as he heard Brad returning. Mike slowly trudged back to his bunk, taking his thoughts with him. He knew it was going to be a long night and that sleep wouldn’t come easily.


Brad handed Chester a bottle of water and sat back down beside him. “Are you feeling any better?” He inquired, watching Chester open the bottle and drink from it.

“I don’t know.” Chester shrugged.

Brad patted Chester’s leg. “I know C it’s tough. Just remember it was only a dream. No matter how much of an ass Mike can be, he’d never do anything like that.”

“It wasn’t so much what he did, it was what he said. I realised that it’s true. I mean, what would Mike want me for. He can have any guy he wants.” Chester quietly spoke, burying his head in his hands.

Brad sighed, rubbing Chester’s back soothingly. “That’s not true Chester. Those other guys don’t love Mike. They don’t stand on their head naked on a balcony just to make Mike smile when he’s having a bad day. They don’t eat Chinese food when they really wanted Mexican just because it’s Mike’s favourite. You’re beautiful Chester, not just in looks but the whole you. You’re beautiful inside as well as outside.”

“Brad, you don’t really want me like Joe keeps saying do you? Because I mean, I didn’t even think you liked guys but yet you’ve been kissing me and stuff and you aren’t acting all grossed out. That would be bad if you did. I mean, I love you man you’re my best friend right now. I just don’t love you like I love Mike, I wish I did.” Chester sighed, smiling sadly at his friend.

“You know a few months ago, I would have laughed somebody out of the room if they said I’d be making out with you. I mean, I’ve never thought of that with a guy before. I’ve always thought you were good looking, but I never consciously wanted to kiss you. I guess since all of this started with you and Mike, I’ve been noticing guys more. Don’t get me wrong, I still like the ladies. I’m just thinking there ain’t nothing wrong with broadening my horizons a little if ya know what I mean.” Brad grinned, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively and making Chester laugh.

“Well just don’t get any ideas about me. I don’t want Rob trying to kick my ass.” Chester teased, giving Brad’s shoulder a light shove.

Brad shoved Chester back, while giving him a confused look. “Rob, what the hell would he care?”

“Oh please Brad, tell me you’re not that blind. Rob wants you bad. He looks like he wants to hit me every time I touch you.” Chester informed his shocked friend.

Brad smacked Chester’s shoulder. “He does not.” He laughed disbelief evident in his voice.

As Chester began to argue with Brad the bus lurched to a stop.

“What’s going on?” Chester asked.

Brad shrugged. As he stood to go investigate the doors to the bus opened. Joe and Rob boarded.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” Brad asked, smiling at Rob who sat beside him.

Rob yawned, leaning his head on Brad’s shoulder. “Our bus broke down.”

Mike walked into the small area yawning and stretching. “What’s going on?” He asked, sitting on the floor between Chester and Brad’s legs.

“Bus broke down.” Chester said, moving his legs aside so Mike could lean back against the sofa.

“Mmm” Mike mumbled, leaning his head back on the sofa.

Chester stiffened as Mike’s forehead rested against his thigh. Mike closed his eyes. He stayed still, waiting for Chester to push his head away. He nearly jumped when he felt Chester’s fingertips lightly touch the ends of his hair. He slowly moved his head, pressing his face to Chester’s leg. He savoured the smell and feel of Chester. He knew it was wrong. Brad was sitting right next to him. He smiled to himself though, not caring as he felt Chester’s thigh press gently back against his face.

Chester leaned against the wall, his hand brushing Mike’s. They were waiting for Joe to get done listing the many reasons why he should have the single room.

“Lastly Mike always gets the single room and that just isn’t fair. I deserve it for once.” Joe whined, crossing his arms like a petulant child.

Brad threw a pen at Joe, hitting him in the head. “That was your first reason too doofus.”

“Well it’s a good one and it bears repeating.” Joe said, tossing the pen back at Brad and hitting Rob instead.

Rob winced, rubbing his forehead where the pen had stabbed him. “Damnit Joe, watch where you’re throwing things.”

“He threw it first.” Joe complained, pointing at Brad.

Brad snorted, “Yeah, but at least I hit what I aim at.” He said, rubbing at the mark on Rob’s head.

“I don’t care. I still want the single room.” Joe pouted, kicking at the carpet with the toe of his shoe.

Mike sighed, “Joe take the fucking room. I wasn’t arguing with you to begin with.” He shouted, in exasperation.

Chester chuckled, dropping into a chair across from Rob and Brad on the sofa. Mike sat in the other chair.

“So what are we going to do about the other rooms? I don’t care who I share with; I just wanna get some sleep.” Chester grouched, yawning and rubbing his eyes.

Mike grabbed a key from Rob’s hand. “I’ll share with Chester.” He stated, looking at Brad expecting a challenge.

Chester glanced from Mike to Brad. He wasn’t sure what to do. Brad just shrugged, leaving the choice up to Chester.

Chester sidled up to Brad, wrapping an arm around his waist. “Are you sure you don’t mind Hun?” He asked, giving Brad a squeeze and a peck on the cheek.

“Come on Brad, you’re sharing with me.” Rob said, grabbing Brad roughly and pulling him away from Chester.

Chester turned to face Mike, only to see Mike stomping out the door. “I’ll see ya later Joe.” Chester called over his shoulder.

Joe flopped backward onto the bed. “Every time I think I’ve got those guys figured out, they go and turn everything around.” He sighed.


The first thing Chester saw upon entering the room was Mike lying on one of the beds. He laid flat on his back with no shirt and his legs spread wide. Chester thought he’d never seen anything so beautiful. He rushed into the bathroom, to stop himself from dropping onto the bed beside Mike and tracing his ribs with his tongue. He pressed his back to the door, breathing heavily. His eyes and his fists were both clenched tightly closed. A pounding on the door behind him startled him.

“You ok Chester?” Mike asked, concern evident in his voice.

Chester turned around, pressing his forehead to the door. “I’m fine; I’ll be out in a minute.” He said, wondering just how in the hell he was going to share a room with Mike.

Mike lay down on the bed, throwing his arm across his eyes. He wondered why Brad hadn’t insisted on sharing a room with Chester himself. Mike was also surprised that Chester didn’t seem to mind. He thought that just maybe he might have a chance with Chester after all. Mike swore to himself that if Chester gave him a chance he’d never let him regret it. He’d do everything in his power to make Chester happy for the rest of his life. Mike’s chest constricted as he vowed that even if Chester’s happiness meant Mike never being with Chester then that’s what Chester would have. From now on Chester’s happiness was his top priority. He didn’t move when he heard the bathroom door open. He kept his arm over his eyes, but he could feel Chester’s eyes on him.

Mike uncovered his eyes to find Chester standing beside the bed looking down at him. “Is everything ok? Did you want this bed? I’ll take the other if you want the one by the window.” He offered, moving to rise from the bed.

“No stay.” Chester said, placing a hand on Mike’s chest and pushing him back down on the bed.

Chester’s hand was still on Mike’s chest as he returned to his previous position on the bed. Mike’s hand unconsciously grasped Chester’s shirt, pulling Chester down with him. Chester settled on the bed, half on Mike and half beside him. His hand stroked Mike’s chest. His eyes moved from Mike’s chest and stopped on his lips. His hand came up to trace the soft red lips. Mike’s tongue peeked out, touching the pad of Chester’s finger. Chester groaned, leaning closer to Mike. Mike’s hand moved to Chester’s shoulder, pulling him closer. Chester’s eyes met Mike’s. His head dipped, capturing Mike’s lips with his own. Mike returned the kiss gently, not wanting to frighten Chester away. Chester pulled back slightly, his eyes locking on Mike’s once again. He gently nipped Mike’s lower lip before sucking it into his mouth. Mike groaned, wrapping his arms around Chester and pulling him completely on top of him. Chester’s tongue probed lightly at Mike’s teeth, begging for entrance. Mike’s mouth opened admitting Chester’s wet hot tongue. Tongue’s danced together, tasting, and touching. Mike’s hand made it’s way down, grasping the hem of Chester’s shirt and pulling it up. Chester spread Mike’s legs with his knee and lay between them, never breaking the kiss. Hips began grinding. Chester jerked away, finally noticing the pounding on the door.

“Come on you guys open the fucking door.” Joe whined, pounding once again.

Chester groaned, rolling off of Mike and off the bed. Mike pounded his fists into the bed in frustration, wishing it were Joe.

Chester opened the door, silently thanking Joe for interrupting him and Mike. He wasn’t ready for things to go as far as they did. Mike might want to fuck him but he didn’t love him. Chester vowed to stand by his promise, even if that meant that he’d never make love with Mike.

“Hey Joe, what’s up?” Chester asked, greeting Joe as he opened the door.

Joe entered the room, plopping down on the bed that Mike wasn’t on. Mike glared at Joe. Chester sat down next to Mike.

Joe sighed, leaning back on his elbows. “I’m bored; it’s too quiet in the single room.” He whined.

Mike groaned, “Deal with it, you wanted the fucking room.” He growled, turning over in the bed with his back facing Joe.

Chester sighed and smiled apologetically at Joe for Mike’s behaviour. “So you wanna do something?” He asked, reaching back to lightly stroke Mike’s back.

“Yeah, we might as well we don’t have anything scheduled until tomorrow.” Joe said, staring at the ceiling.

Chester slid his hand over the smooth expanse of Mike’s back. Mike scooted backward toward Chester, purring contentedly as Chester continued touching him. He growled deep in his throat, as there was another knock on the door. Chester rose to answer it.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” He asked, stepping aside to let Brad and Rob enter.

Mike rolled onto his stomach and bit his pillow to keep from screaming in frustration.

Rob sat on the bed next to Joe. Brad sat next to him. Chester dropped down in front of Mike once again. Mike stretched his arm out, one hand finding the small of Chester’s back. Chester’s back stiffened. Mike was touching him and that scared him. He was in control when he was touching Mike. Mike touching him made Chester feel weak. He jerked away from Mike’s touch, throwing himself onto the other bed and Brad’s lap. Rob frowned. Brad laughed.

Joe looked up, grinning at Chester bouncing in Brad’s lap. “So what are we gonna do? I don’t really want to sit around all day and watch Chester and Brad getting freaky.” He joked, looking at each of his friends and shrugging when nobody laughed.

“Fuck this!” Mike growled, climbing off the bed and stomping into the bathroom.

Chester sighed dejectedly, dropping his head onto Brad’s shoulder and burying his face in his neck.

Rob’s peridot eyes shot daggers at Chester’s back.

They sat in silence for a while, listening to Mike slam things around in the bathroom. The shower finally came on. Chester exhaled shakily, burrowing further into Brad’s warm embrace.

Rob jumped from the bed, glaring at Chester. “Jesus Christ Chester, do you have to hang all over him when Mike’s not here? It’s not like you guys are really fucking!” Rob shouted, heading toward the door.

Chester climbed off of Brad’s lap. “What the fuck is your problem Rob?” He asked, grabbing Rob’s arm and jerking him around.

Rob yanked his arm from Chester’s grasp. “You’re my fucking problem. Everything has to go Chester’s way. If things don’t go Chester’s way somebody has to make him happy. I know it was my idea to begin with, but I never meant for Brad to have to be molested just so you could hold on to your damn pride. Grow up Chester. If all Mike wants from you is a fuck then fine, fuck him or get over it. Either way quit fucking using Brad to make Mike jealous!”

Rob finished his tirade and turned back toward the door, stopping as he heard the thud of something hitting the floor. All eyes turned toward the bathroom door. Mike stood clad in only a towel, looking down at the electric shaver lying on the floor at his feet.

Mike bent and picked up the shaver. “I forgot the cord to this in my bag when I unpacked.” He said, holding up the shaver as he headed for his bag.

The other four men stood silently watching Mike. He fumbled around in his bags for a few seconds before pulling out a cord.

Mike held the cord up triumphantly. “I got it.” He said, then frowning and turning toward Chester. “How could you fucking lie to me Chester?”

“I didn’t lie.” Chester said, inching toward Brad.

Mike sighed. “You lied.”

“I didn’t lie.”

“You did, you said you were with Brad. Are you and Brad together?” Mike asked, looking Chester in the eye.

“Brad and I . . . we . . . well . . . umm.” Chester stuttered.

“Jesus!” Rob yelled, storming out the door.

“Rob.” Brad said, following Rob.

Chester stopped Brad with a hand on his arm. “Brad, please.” He pleaded.

Brad shook Chester’s arm off. “I’m sorry Chaz, I’m going to be selfish for once and go after something that will make me happy.” He said, touching Chester’s cheek lightly and then turning to follow Rob.

Joe walked past Mike and Chester, stopping at the door. “It’s times like this that make me glad to be the undesirable one.” He said, mumbling under his breath about the single room looking better and better.

Chester turned and found Mike’s gaze unwavering. He swallowed nervously.

“You fucking lied Chester.” Mike said, standing so close to Chester that he could feel his breath on his face.

Chester ran a hand through his hair. “I didn’t lie. You never specifically asked me if Brad and I were together.”

“Oh, so now I’m supposed to ask if somebody’s playing me for a fucking fool. Do you know how I fucking felt hearing you with Brad that night and seeing you hanging all over him?” Mike demanded.

“Yeah, I’m sure it hurt seeing someone you don’t love with somebody else. Well fuck you Mike, I love you and you almost tore my heart out when I saw you with that guy in the bathroom. So no, I don’t know how it felt.” Chester cried, rushing from the room.

Mike crossed the room and flopped back onto a bed. He was so pissed off at Chester and Brad for pretending to be together. He was mad at himself too for making Chester feel as if he had to do that. He deserved it he realised that. It still didn’t make him happy though, to think of Chester and Brad kissing and maybe doing more. Now he just needed to find a way to make Chester see how sorry he was. He jumped from the bed, realising that Chester was probably crying in Brad’s arms right now. He rushed from the room, running three doors down and began pounding. Rob opened the door and Mike burst in. He frowned seeing Chester sitting next to Brad on the bed. Brad’s arms were wrapped tightly around him and Chester was sobbing quietly.

Mike grabbed Chester’s arm, pulling him away from Brad and into his own arms. “Mine.” He growled, daring Brad with his eyes to argue.

Brad smirked, “It’s about damn time you got your head out of your ass and realised that.” Brad said, pulling Rob down onto his lap.

Mike snorted and scowled at Brad. He unwrapped his arms from around Chester. Mike grasped Chester’s arm lightly and pulled him out of the room with him. Chester tried to speak as Mike rushed him down the hall. Mike just shushed him. Mike opened the door, gently pushing Chester in before him.

“So wanna tell me what that was about?” Chester asked, turning to look at Mike.

Mike pulled Chester into his arms once again. “Just staking my claim.” He said, caressing Chester’s cheek with the back of his hand.

“Staking your claim? Since when do you want any claim on me?” Chester asked, eyeing Mike suspiciously.

Mike smiled, smoothing the wrinkle between Chester’s brows from his frowning. “I always have. I was just too scared to admit it, to myself or to you.”

Chester brought his arms up and wrapped them around Mike’s back. “You better not be fucking with me.” He warned.

“I love you.” Mike said, leaning down and claiming Chester’s lips.

Chester moaned, tightening his hold on Mike. The kiss deepened, tongue’s dancing and teeth clashing. Mike walked Chester backward and lowered him onto the bed. Mike followed, lying half on top of Chester. Kisses became heated caresses. Clothes soon began littering the floor. Tongue’s and hands traced bodies. Erections slid together, leaving wet sticky trails on abdomens. Mike gently pulled away from Chester. He climbed off the bed, riffling through his suitcase. He came back with lube and a condom. He laid them on the bed, kissing Chester once again. Chester rolled Mike under him. He kissed and licked his way to Mike’s cock. His tongue caressed the head, tasting the sweet but salty essence of Mike. Mike pulled Chester up. He licked Chester’s nose. Chester giggled, licking Mike back. Chester reached behind him, grabbing the lube and condom. He pressed Mike down on the bed. Mike gently took the condom from Chester.

“But don’t you want me to put it on you?” Chester asked, confusion clouding his voice.

Mike stroked Chester’s cheek. “No, I want to put it on you.” He said, kissing Chester’s nose.

“Bu . . But you never.” Chester stammered.

Mike smiled tenderly at Chester. “I do now, only for you. Make love to me Chester.” He whispered, pressing Chester back to the bed and tearing the condom open with his teeth.


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