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Snowy Days and Heated Nights by MM17

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Snowy Days and Heated Nights


Chester was in the final stages of his packing. He had just put two warm sweaters and an extra pair of pants in his bag. He put in his bag of necessary toiletries and then he closed it the suitcase. As he had carried it downstairs he headed out to the kitchen to pack up all the food he had bought. Just as he was in the process of stuffing some vegetables in a bag the phone rang. He grabbed the cordless phone and answered it.


“Hey it’s me.” Mike’s familiar voice was on the other end.


“I’m coming in about ten minutes, you done?”

“Yep.” Chester replied. “Just packing the food and then I’m all done.”

“Good, see you in ten then.” Mike said and the two hung up.

Chester put the phone back on the dresser and returned to the kitchen again finishing the packing. He and the rest of his band members were going on a short holiday together. It had been Mike’s idea and after some convincing everyone had agreed on it. It wasn’t as if any of them had anything better to do during their two weeks off. So Mike had rented a cabin up in the mountains, a couple of hours drive away from their homes. Chester didn’t really know what to make of it all but he figured it could be nice to get away from home for a while. It had been decided early on that him and Mike were gonna take Mike’s car and have all the food in that one, while Joe, Brad, Rob and Dave took Joe’s car up there.

As Mike arrived at his house the two packed in everything in Mike’s car. Then Chester locked the door and went out to the car and they took off. As they left the city Mike had to slow down due to the snow. It had been snowing for two days straight and it hadn’t stopped yet.

“I wonder if we need to worry.” Chester said as he looked out at the snow.

“You mean about the snow?” Mike said.


“I don’t think so. They said on the weather that it was gonna clear up today or tomorrow.”

“Well it’s not as if we’ll starve to death up there.” Chester chuckled gesturing to the many bags of food in the back.

“Yeah you’re right. We’re only up there for a week but we got enough food for a month.”

“Well considering there are six of us we do need loads of food.”

“Yeah we do.” Mike smiled.

A couple of hours later Mike was driving on a very narrow road. It was covered in snow and no one had driven on the road since it had started snowing. Chester thanked his lucky star that Mike had taken the jeep. As they finally reached the house they both nodded in approval. It was a log cabin with two floors. There was a porch with some furniture, and a big chimney was sticking out of the roof.

“Looks like a good place.” Chester said as the two got out of the car.

“Yeah… The pictures I saw online looked good. Hope it looks as good inside.” Mike said as he grabbed a couple of bags.

“I’m sure it does.” Chester said grabbing three bags from the trunk.

Mike unlocked the door and they entered the cabin. The cabin had wood paneled walls, and carpeted floors. The two headed into the kitchen where they put the groceries on the central island of counters. Then they went around the house and turned on the electric radiators in the living room and the four bedrooms. The two walked around the upper floor where all the bedrooms were. Then they went into the bathroom and found another shower much like the one in the bathroom downstairs.

“So, one bathtub then.” Chester said as he looked at the shower.

“Yeah, but I think we can get along with one bathtub and two showers.” Mike smiled.

“Should be no problem.” Chester smiled back as the two headed downstairs again. “Isn’t it a bit cold in here?”

“It’ll warm up soon. We just got here and the radiators need to get going.” Mike shrugged.

“I think good service would have been to have someone drive out here yesterday and turn the radiators on for us.” Chester said.

“Well we decided we wanted peace and quiet this week and the nearest house is several miles away from here. So I couldn’t really ask them to drive out here to turn on the radiators just so you wouldn’t freeze your ass off.” Mike said. “Now help me get the rest of the stuff in.”

The two grabbed the remaining things from the car, locked it and headed into the house. Mike carried their bags up to the bedrooms as Chester began unpacking all the food into the big refrigerator. Mike came down just a few minutes later and helped out with stuffing the cupboards full with food and drinks.

“You want some coffee?” Mike asked gesturing to the coffee maker.

“Yeah that would be good.” Chester smiled as he stuffed some milk into the fridge.

“Holy shit!” Mike exclaimed suddenly and Chester looked away from the fridge.

“What’s up?”

“It’s snowing like hell!” Mike said and Chester came up to him and looked out of the kitchen window.

“Wow, that’s a lot of snow.” Chester said. “I’m so glad we’re not out there right now.”

“Oh yeah me too.” Mike said. “I just hope that Brad and the rest are managing.”

“I’m sure they’re fine.” Chester smiled.

An hour later the two were seated in the spacious living room. Mike was sitting on the couch while Chester was curled up in one of the plush chairs. Mike was flipping through the channels and in the end he settled on a re-run of a Simpson’s episode. When the episode finished Mike looked at his watch. He realized that they had been there for over two hours now and Brad, Dave, Rob and Joe still hadn’t shown up. Mike looked over at Chester who was half asleep in the chair.

“I’m gonna phone Brad.” Mike said and Chester looked over at him.


“Because it’s been over two hours now.” Mike said.

“It has?” Chester sat up and looked at his watch.

“Phone’s dead.” Mike said as he tried it several times.

“You got your cell, don’t you?” Chester said as Mike hung up the phone again.

“Yeah.” Mike took out his cell phone and dialed Brad’s number.

“Brad’s phone.”

“Dave? Why isn’t Brad answering?” Mike said.

“Brad’s out trying to help the tow guy.” Dave replied.

“What happened?” Mike asked, concern filling his voice.

“We slid off the road.” Dave said. “Don’t worry, we’re all fine. Just the car won’t start now.”

“You sure you’re ok?”

“Yes, we’re fine, I promise.” Dave said. “We just have to get back into town. You two ok up there?”

“Yeah we’re fine. The cabin’s great.” Mike replied.

“Well, we’ll get back into town and I’ll call you before we leave, alright?”

“Yeah sounds good. But call on my cell, the regular phone’s dead.” Mike said.

“Probably because of all the snow.” Dave said.

“Probably.” Mike nodded.

As Mike pocketed his cell phone again he turned to Chester who was looking at him with a questioning look. Mike explained what had happened to their band mates and that they would come as soon as they changed cars.

“What now?” Chester said as the two sat in the living room.

“I could go for some food.” Mike shrugged.

“Me too.” Chester smiled.

They headed to the kitchen where they soon started making themselves some dinner. Chester took care of peeling potatoes and boiling them while Mike fried some fish. The two made enough food for the other four as well. As Chester had finished setting the table Mike brought the food over.

“Should we start without them?” Mike asked.

“Try calling them again.” Chester said and Mike dialed the number.


“Hey, Brad, you guys on your way?” Mike asked.


“You’re not? More car trouble?”

“We’re not getting anywhere. All the roads are blocked.” Brad said.

“What! Why?”

“It’s snowing.” Brad said. “Apparently they’re trying to plough the roads now but we don’t know if we’ll be able to come up there today.”

“Well that’s just fucking great!” Mike exclaimed.

“Wish I could do something about it.” Brad sighed. “But we’re stuck here for now. But you guys are managing on your own, right?”

“Yeah, we’re fine. We just made dinner.” Mike replied.

“Well then go enjoy your dinner and we’ll call later tonight and let you know if we’re coming or not.” Brad said.

“Alright.” Mike said and then they hung up.

“Not coming?” Chester asked as Mike sat down by the table again.

“No, the roads are blocked. They can’t get here and we can’t get out of here.”

“We’ll be fine. We have plenty of food and drinks.” Chester smiled encouragingly.

“Yeah, you’re right.” Mike smiled back. “Let’s eat then.”

The two had their dinner and talked about this and that. As they had finished it Mike put all the leftovers in the fridge as Chester brewed some coffee. Then they put on loads of clothes and took their cups of coffee with them outside. They stood on the porch and looked at the vast amounts of snow that had come. The car was more or less buried in the snow and it didn’t look like it would stop snowing any time soon. Mike noted that the temperature had dropped even more and that it was now really freezing outside. In the end they went back inside and finished their coffee in the warm living room instead.

Later that evening Mike had fallen asleep on the couch. Chester was in the chair flipping through channels. Every now and again Mike moaned in his sleep and Chester chuckled quietly to himself. Whatever dream Mike was having had to be very nice because the emcee had been moaning for quite a while now. Chester turned back to the TV where a documentary on crime scene investigators was being shown. Suddenly Mike’s cell phone started ringing and Mike shifted in his sleep but didn’t wake.

“Mike!” Chester exclaimed.

“Huh?” Mike looked up with sleepy eyes.

“Your pants are ringing.” Chester gestured to Mike’s pants.

“Oh…” Mike yawned as he got his phone out. “Yeah?”

“It’s me.” Brad’s familiar voice was on the other end. “We’re not coming.”

“It’s that bad, huh?” Mike said as he sat up rubbing his eyes.

“Yeah, it’s still snowing and they can’t clear the roads enough. And we don’t really wanna risk anything.”

“Of course not. You guys can just get up here when you can.” Mike said. “Me and Ches will be fine on our own.”

“Good. We’ll talk tomorrow or something, alright?”

“Yeah, sounds good.” Mike smiled and then they hung up.

“They’re not coming?” Chester asked as Mike put the phone on the table.

“No there’s too much snow.” Mike said.

“Oh well. Then I guess it’s just you and me.” Chester grinned.

“I guess so.” Mike said and yawned. “I’m tired. I think I’m gonna go to bed.”

“I’m just gonna finish watching this documentary and then I’m gonna go to bed as well.”

“Good night, see you tomorrow.” Mike said.

“Sleep tight.” Chester called after him as he went upstairs.

Mike brushed his teeth and changed into a t-shirt and a pair of pajama pants. Then he walked over to the radiator and turned it up even more. The temperature was still dropping outside and Mike figured he’d be freezing if he didn’t have the radiator turned on to the max. As he had done that he crawled under the covers and soon he had fallen asleep.

As Chester had finished watching the documentary he turned the TV off. Then he walked into the kitchen and drank a glass of water. As he had turned off all the lights downstairs he headed up and brushed his teeth. He headed to the bedroom he was gonna be in and passed Mike’s door on the way. Chester chuckled slightly to himself as he heard Mike moan in his sleep again.

“I wish I could have your dreams, Mikey.” Chester said as he closed the door after him.

He shut the drapes and then he changed into his flannel pajamas. Just a few minutes after his head had hit the pillow Chester was asleep.


To be continued...


Yes, the fic is finished so I will update pretty quickly. Second part of this fic, should be up tomorrow. :) Please read & review.

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