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He wasn't gay, but! by sparkie

He wasn't gay, but!

Okies uh, I'd just like to thank my beta. benningasm thank you muchly this is dedicated to you and also to my lovely linkinloopy, who started trying to beta me but couldn't in the end.

He wasn’t gay; he had a wife, yet he didn’t stop the flirting and when he watched his friends place their hands on him, in front of so many people in the bar of the hotel - resting their hands on his shoulders, his thighs, and his torso - it gave him a feeling of being cared for, especially with being on tour, which made him feel so empty.

He wasn’t gay, but when he was asked by his friends to join them, he didn’t say no, he jumped at the idea, loving the thought of being with them instead of being stuck in his own small, dingy hotel room. For one night he would feel loved again, it seemed like so long since the last time he had felt loved.

He wasn’t gay, but when his friends pushed him into the small, dimly lit hotel elevator, he didn’t stop them. The journey to the second floor seemed to be taking a lifetime, making him moan in annoyance, and he didn’t protest as they moved closer to him, their hands finding their way under his shirt and finding his stomach. He moaned into their touch as their hands roamed over his body, caressing and touching every bit of bare skin, sending his body into overdrive, a pleasurable feeling coaxing him on.

He wasn’t gay, but he let one of his friends push him out of the elevator, and into the badly decorated wall. He let him caress his skin and lay butterfly kisses along his jaw line as his head was turned to the side to give the other better access, he let him bite and suck his neck, causing a low growl to escape his features. His band mates hand holding him firmly against the wall, not allowing him move an inch, only seemed to turn him on even more.

He wasn’t gay, yet he allowed them to manoeuvre him down the overly crowded, and small corridor to their hotel room, he let one of his band mates push him into the poorly decorated wall once more, as the other opened the dirty old hotel room door, he let them take his hands and lead him into the room, and he found himself being pushed towards the damp bed by strong dominant hands.

He wasn’t gay, yet he sat on the mouldy, double bed of the room his friends occupied, waiting for them to make the first move, his nerves finally kicking in making him feel physically ill, he had never done this before, yet everything felt so right on the way up to the room, and it still felt right now.

He wasn’t gay, yet a bewildered smile reached his face when one of the other men started to unbutton his own shirt and then he threw it to the floor and turned to his other band mate, he watched his two friends move closer to each other, touching each other, their lips touched lightly and their hands roamed over each others flesh.

He wasn’t gay, yet he found himself getting hard at the scene in front of him, his friends all over each other, slowly undressing each other, watching as they fought to be the dominant one, pushing each other into different directions, slamming each other into the cheap broken furniture, tweaking nipples and stroking each others sides.

He wasn’t gay, yet he felt anxious when he saw them take out the handcuffs from the top draw of the unit they just slammed into. They took each others hand and moved closer to him, walking around each side of the double bed and pushing him down. The bed springs scraped slightly at his skin as he was dragged up the bed and handcuffed to the old wooden headboard.

He wasn’t gay, but he still whimpered as they moved away from the bed and on to the old patchy carpet a couple of inches from him. He felt neglected; they were paying attention to each other and making him wait. He growled once again and lifted his head to try and watch the scene in front of him. One of his band mates dropped to his knees in front of the other; he took the taller man into his mouth and ran his tongue along his shaft.

He wasn’t gay, yet he gaped as the two men mere inches away from him were hit by many waves of euphoria. The shorter man knelt in front of the other, his hands on the others hips, forcing his band mates erection further into his mouth, grazing his teeth along the neck of his penis, while the other band mate held firmly onto the head of the man in front of him, moans of immense pleasure.

He wasn’t gay, but when his friend shot his loud into his friend’s mouth, he almost came himself. His breath hitched in his throat as he gazed upon the other two men, his friend stood up and took a couple of steps over to the bed. He watched as the other man mounted his chest, making the bed squeak and bent forward to kiss him.

He wasn’t gay, but when his friend past the taste of the others seed into his mouth, he couldn’t help but gasp and buck his hips making him graze his erection into the naked man. He pulled his arms a little, making the restraints clang together slightly, he looked over to the wall as his friend moved down his body, his eyes locked with his other band mates, his eyes lazily closed and his head leaning against the wall.

He wasn’t gay, but when his friend placed kisses along his torso, taking one of his nipples into his mouth and sucking on the skin while his other friend was now at his side, kissing him, trying to taste himself, he didn‘t protest. He whimpered as his band mate moved lower, passed his throbbing erection and planting hot kisses on one of his thighs.

He wasn’t gay, but he didn’t stop his friend spreading his legs to gain more access, his friend looked to him begging for entrance, he nodded and gasped as his other friend nibbled along his jaw line, sending goose bumps down his body. He didn’t moan as he was attacked with kisses once more, he groaned in pleasure as a tongue forced its way into his mouth, exploring every inch of his mouth.

He wasn’t gay, and he was beginning to think he was making a mistake as pain from the finger now entering his hole shot up his spine and the cold feeling from the lubrication, making him cry out and move away from the other kissing him. He closed his eyes tight and gasped as he friend moved his finger inside him.

“Stop,” he gasped out, he winced and moved away from their touch. “Please just stop.” He was begging now.

“It will get better, I promise.” One whispered to him as he began to kiss along his jaw line once more. “Just relax.”

He wasn’t gay, but as he forced himself to relax he felt pleasure once more. The once pain that shot up his spine was now replaced by a tingling numbness, he felt as if he was in heaven, he closed his eyes once more. His breathing hitched slightly as another finger found his entrance and slowly pushed its way in, and began to wriggle inside him. Shivers once again ran through his body, he threw his head back on to the pillow, his arms tensed and he pulled at the restraints, making the metal of the cuffs clang together.

He wasn’t gay, yet he couldn’t help but gasp and push himself down on his friend’s fingers, he moaned out his name as he continued with his own movements, though the moan soon changed into a groan of annoyance as his friend pulled his fingers out of him. He opened his eyes and looked between the two men, as if begging for them to continue.

“All in good time...” one whispered into his ear as the other began to coat his member. He watched as his friend positioned himself between his legs once more.

He wasn’t gay, and when the waves of pain hit him once again, he hoped it would either be over soon or that the pain would once again turn into pleasure. His friend had now pushed himself all the way in, he was glad that his friend was still, not moving, letting him relax around his large member. He closed his eyes and took long breath as his other band mate left his side.

He wasn’t gay, but as his body began to relax around his friend, making him want to feel his friend slamming into him, he couldn’t help but feel slightly panicked. He felt like what he was doing was wrong, and he knew it was wrong, to cheat on his wife with two of his closest friends. His wife, what would she say if she found out? She would probably cry, and then leave him, then he would be all alone, and he hated to feel alone.

He wasn’t gay, yet when his friend pushed further into him, he loved the feeling, his friend had rammed himself in deeper and grunted. He looked up to the band mate on top of him to find two above him, his other friend was behind the other and had his hands placed on his hips to steady himself. All three of them were still, trying to let each other adjust, just listening to each others harsh, shuddered breaths.

He wasn’t gay, yet when his friends began to rock back and forth with such rhythm, it excited him. He pulled at his hand cuffed hands making the wooden headboard behind him make a creaking sound and the hand cuffs clang together once more. He grunted as his friend began to slam into him more forcefully.

“More,” He panted. “Oh God more.”

“All in good time my love.” The other also panted.

He wasn’t gay, but as his back scraped along the old, damp mattress, he felt himself coming closer and closer to his climax. He whimpered and gasped as his friends were so fast and hard, one slamming into the other, making the other slam into him. He felt like he had died and gone to heaven, he was in pure bliss. He didn’t want this pleasure to end, but as his body began to shake he knew the end would be coming a lot sooner then he had hoped for.

He wasn’t gay, but as his body had began to violently shake as his orgasm came closer, all he wanted was for someone to help him along and touch his aching erection. He lifted his head and stared through his half closed eyes.

“Please, help me with something.” He gasped.

Both men looked to him and smiled. “You want help with this?” the friend that was on top of him growled.

He wasn’t gay, but when his friend began to slowly pump his member, he became angry. He wanted it to be faster, harder, and in time with the movements, anything but this slow, nerve biting pace.

“Faster!” he begged.

“No,” his friend whispered as he made his hand movements even slower, focusing more on his other body movements. “We don’t want you spilling out too soon now.” he then added as he slammed into him with so much force.

He wasn’t gay, but he started to orgasm he didn’t complain. His body convulsed and he came hard and fast onto his chest, every muscle in his body tightened, and his breathing became ragged and his heart beat increased, with a feeling it was going to explode out his chest. His head fell onto the pillow and he didn’t notice the man on top of him as he screamed his name and then collapsed on top of him. As his other friend collapsed on top of him also he finally realised that it was all over. He looked down to the two bodies on top of him, one of his band mates shook as he lay on his chest and the other began to pull out and move away.

He wasn’t gay, but as his friend pulled out of him and followed the other he wanted more, he wanted to be held and then maybe clean himself off a little. He watched as both men walked into the bathroom and left him there cuffed to the horrible bed. He cried out as he heard the shower, the calming sounds of the water hitting the plastic curtain. Oh, how he longed for a shower now, his skin covered in a mixture of sweat and his own seed.

He wasn’t gay, but as he listened to the sounds coming from the bathroom, he wanted to be part of it, he could hear them giggling, and moaning, slamming into things as they once again fought for dominance. He tried to calm himself down as he waited for his friends to let him go, the anger he was feeling at the moment was strong and he couldn’t help but feel a little upset and betrayed. He was being ignored, and he felt alone once again, they were in the bathroom getting off and he was cuffed to the head rest of this musty bed.

He wasn’t gay, yet he couldn’t help the disappointment he felt as he heard the shower turn off, and the idle chit chat that his two friends had, he wished he was with them and he frowned when he watched the bathroom door open to reveal his two clean and half naked friends. They smiled to him and walked closer. They climbed onto the bed and sat either side of him.

“I knew you’d still be here…” One of his friends lent closer and whispered into his ear.

“I’m hand cuffed here, I can’t exactly move, can I?!” Sarcasm dripped from his voice as he looked to his two friends.

“Well, I think we should let you get cleaned up.” The other leant closer to his other ear.

“Oh God, yes!” He replied, almost sounding as though he was begging.

“I can’t hear you,” one of his band mates climbed on top of him “What do you want?”

“I’m not going to beg.” He answered.

“Fine, stay dirty, and cuffed to the bed.” With that, they left his side again and began to walk to the door.

“Wait,” He cried after them. “Please, please can I get a shower?”

He wasn’t gay, but he was glad that they finally let him go to have a shower, they un-cuffed his hands and he rubbed at the reddened, marked skin. They helped him to stand up and he moaned at the funny burning pain, but tried to ignore it as they lead him to the bathroom. As he climbed into the shower, he was aware of how sore his body was. He moved over to allow his friends access to the shower. He leant against the cold tiled wall and took in a deep shuddered breath.

He wasn’t gay, but as the cool water now dripped down his skin, he didn’t complain, he stood still and let his friends carry on with the ministrations. They were wiping down his skin, rubbing soothing circles, and washing away the dirty feeling. A smile graced his lips when he felt the gentle pecks on his skin, the beautiful, delicate butterfly kisses made their way down his chest and stopped on either side of his hips.

He wasn’t gay, but as the water was turned off and his friends kissed away the water drops that ran down his torso and rolled off of his hips, he was happy, this feeling was the best feeling that he had felt in months. Months and months of feeling empty; feeling as though he was alone, all those feelings flew out of the window with every caring kiss placed across his body. He placed his hand against the mildew covered tiles he let his head dip down and he watched as water drops fell from his hair and onto one of his friend’s backs, and he watched as it trailed down and out of site.

He wasn’t gay, yet he couldn’t help but gasp, as one of his friends began to plant kisses along his penis, making him instantly rise. He curled his fingers into his friend’s hair, tugging lightly on the wet strands that were wrapped round his fingers. He couldn’t help but cry out in pleasure as his friend took him fully into his mouth, and he began to roll his hips, pushing himself further into his friend’s mouth.

His breath hitched in his throat as his friends tongue curled around his shaft, and licking along his full length.

He wasn’t gay, yet as he began to climax once again, the lips that enclosed him left, making his body shiver from the cold breeze that hit his bare skin. He heard a slight giggle and a moment later a different pair of lips wrapped around his member. He threw his head back, slamming it into the wall as he was deep throated.

“Oh. My. God.” He whispered, he let his hands move from the hair of his other friend and over to the friend that was now in front of him.

He wasn’t gay, yet he couldn’t help but moan in protest as the lips that had only moments ago been wrapped around his member, had left and began to kiss up his body, his friends lips moved up and along his hips and stopped on his abdomen.

“More,” he gasped. “Oh god please don’t stop. I need more.”

“Not tonight, my love.” Was whispered into his ear, making him growl in pure annoyance. “There’s always another night.” His other friend whispered into his other ear.

“But I want it now!” He began to shout. He felt angry, they were leaving him hanging, they were teasing him now.

“I wants, don’t get...” One spoke as they both moved away from him.

He wasn’t gay, but as his friends walked away from him, he couldn’t help but want more. He wanted to be touched, caressed, and pleased. He wanted more and he was going to have more.

“Wait,” he croaked out as he watched them walk out of the dull bathroom and into the dingy bedroom. He took a long shuddered breath and began to follow them.

“Guys.” He added as he looked to them both as they began to dress themselves. “Why such the rush to leave all of a sudden?” he almost begged.

“We have lives outside of our love life.” One of his friends spoke as he leant against the door. “We have other things we have to take care of.”

“Okay,” He frowned.

“But we’re meeting up tomorrow, same time.” The other smiled, making him also smile.

He wasn’t gay, but he knew he’d be joining them again, and he knew it would be soon.


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