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The Trouble with Threesomes. by Nef

Title: The Trouble with Threesomes.

Rating: NC-17

Summary: So there’s Chester, the hottest guy I have ever seen, naughty and up for anything. Then there’s Rob, a fallen angel, innocent and pure and willing to learn. Chester? Rob? Who said I couldn’t have both? (SLASH)

Disclaimer: It’s never been tried before! So of course I’m trying it! I don’t know them or own them and this is F I C T I O N. There is romance and comedy and a little bit of angst of course. The three perfect ingredients for yet another crazy story by me!

Please note: No members of the Shinoda Family or members of Linkin Park were hurt in the making of this story, how ever by all legal rights the author will not take responsibility for the actions of some members. The actors in this story are professionals and have been trained to perform these stunts. Please do not attempt to re-enact anything you have seen today.

Enjoy the Show.

The Trouble with Threesomes

“Psst! Mike! Wake up dude!”

The hissing was beyond irritating and as if that wasn’t annoying enough, I was constantly being shook like some rag doll. Groaning I tried pushing away the person hovering over me only it didn’t work out the way I planned it.

“Mike! Come on! We have to go!”

Finally I was about to put a name to the voice even though I couldn’t see much. Light was pouring in from somewhere, the hallway most likely but I could also hear people moving around and other hushed voices. I groaned again and sat up, hitting my head on the bunk above me and falling back down again growling in pain. With out my glasses on I managed to make out the time on the alarm clock before the red numbers disappeared. It was one in the morning.

“Brad why are you waking me up at one?” I asked rubbing the sore patch on my head.

“We’ve gotta go. Get up already.” Brad answered as he pulled me from my nice cosy bunk and pushed me over to my pile of clothes that lay on the floor. “Hurry dude!”

“Alright.” I muttered and searched through the darkness of the bedroom for something half decent to wear. “What’s going on though?”

“We haven’t paid the rent so we’ve gotta get out of here before the landlord shows up.” Brad answered as he moved around grabbing all our belongings. “Mike would you hurry up before I drag you out to the van in only your boxers!”

I blushed and muttered a few obscenities before successfully pulling a shirt on and a pair of jeans. I grab what’s left of my clothing and dump them in the duffel bag Brad threw my way whilst I was dressing. In the space of five minutes I was dressed, packed and ready to get out before we got caught. I could see why Brad hadn’t turned the lights on at all, we didn’t want to run the risk of being caught leaving so keeping the lights off was a safe option. Finally I followed Brad out into the hall where our two other friends were bickering in hushed voices.

“You ready to go man?” Joe asked me.

“Yeah.” I nodded and looked at Dave who still looked half asleep. “Why the hell didn’t we leave earlier?”

“I dunno.” Dave shrugged and led the way out the front door. “Let’s just get the fuck out of here before the landlord turns up.”

I was still half asleep but I managed to make it to the van successfully, Brad and Joe following with their belongings in milk crates or duffel bags. It was amazingly quiet outside and bitterly cold making me wish I had bothered to put a coat on before stepping outside. What was worse was the Van had no heating at all. I dumped my stuff in the back before clambering into the passenger seat along with Joe.

This wasn’t uncommon for us. We spent most of the time moving around the Californian state dodging the landlords and not paying rent. It wasn’t that we didn’t have jobs; more of the case that we never made enough money to pay the rent between the four of us. None of us were in college so we technically had all the time in the world to get full time jobs but we never did, partying and causing trouble was more our thing.

“You know all this moving around isn’t fun anymore.” I grumbled when we were finally heading out of Bakersfield and back towards the San Fernando Valley. “Couldn’t we just pay the rent?”

“We can’t afford it!” Brad answered and looked at me in the mirror. “Besides this is your fault.”

“My fault?” I choked.

“Yeah!” Joe cut in. “If you hadn’t gotten fired from the Burger joint then we’d have the money to pay the rent this month!”

“What?” I hissed. “Dude they fired me for no reason! Don’t blame this on me!”

“What ever.” Brad muttered.

Brad and I have known each other since the seventh grade, he was like the cool kid that everyone got along with and I was the quiet half Japanese that everyone thought was cute but found impossible to talk to. He was the only one who was able to make me say more than three words in a sentence and for some reason, the more time I spent with him the bolder and more talkative I became. Now he’s the only one that can get away with insulting me and weirdly enough he isn’t a troublemaker like myself.

“Dude you’ve got your t-shirt on inside out.” Joe pointed out after a moment of silence.

“Fuck.” I muttered and pulled my t-shirt off. “I can tell today is gunna suck.”

“Look we’ll find somewhere new to stay.” Dave pointed out. “Hey Joe didn’t you say your friend from Phoenix had a place in LA.”

“No in Santa Monica.” Joe answered. “And yeah he does, why?”

“Maybe he could put us up until we find a new place to crash.” Dave grinned cheekily.

“Dude you can’t be serious!” I raised an eyebrow. “That’s like worse than breaking into a motel room for the night!”

“Which we’ve already done so what’s stopping us?” Dave asked.

“Our morals!” I argued. “And my dignity!”

“Some how I knew it would come down to that.” Brad chuckled from the front.

I grumbled angrily and sank back in my seat, folding my arms over my chest. I knew that nothing I would say would make them change their minds but for some reason I tried to convince them otherwise. I know I said I was the troublesome one but I did have morals to me and a lot of dignity, I guess that came from my father’s side.

“Well at least wait until it’s a decent hour.” I suggested. “There’s nothing worse than being refused a place to stay when you’ve just rudely woken the house owner up at one in the fucking morning.”

“Oh for goodness sakes Mike would you stop acting like a stuck up old granny.” Joe groaned next to me. “This friend of mine hardly sleeps at night, he’s one of those party type people, sleep all day, party all night. You might get along with him.”

“I doubt it.” Dave snorted from the front. “Mike’s totally lost his fun edge, he’s turning into a miserable old grouch, especially since Derek left him.”

“Shut up!” I snapped. “I have a perfectly good fun side, I was just thinking about this poor unsuspecting person’s sleep that’s all.”

“If they know Joe they are anything but poor and unsuspecting.” Brad laughed making Joe whine in protest. “It can’t hurt to try okay? If he says no then it’s Joe that’ll have to face him not us.”

“Maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all.” Joe shifted next to me. “Let’s just go to a motel, my treat.”

“Oh no Hahnzy.” I chuckled. “You and Dave suggested this, so we’re going through with it.”

He muttered a few things in Korean, a few of the words I was familiar with but were too rude to repeat so I just laughed and rested my head against the window, wondering if I had enough time to get some sleep before we ended up humiliating ourselves in Santa Monica. I shivered against the cold air that filled in the small space and closed my eyes, trying my best to block out the sound of Brad and Joe bickering and Dave playing referee.

Being a high school drop out with no job and little money didn’t always have its perks. Right now was certainly one of those times. There was no such thing as luxuries except maybe the mobile phones we owned. But the van was more of a curse than a blessing for the most part, we barely had enough money to catch the bus to work let alone pay for petrol. The only good thing that came of all this was the time we had to party the night away and the fact we could sleep all day if we wanted to. I guess I did miss living a normal adult life but I also knew that if I lived a normal adult life, then I would miss what basic and simple life I had right now.

Okay so maybe I was being a little sarcastic there.

“Hey sleepy head wake up!” Brad’s voice cut through before something soft bounced off the side of my head.

“Brad!” I growled and looked down at the small yellow foam ball that had just bounced off my head. “Are you out to make sure I get no sleep tonight?”

“Maybe.” He smirked from the driver’s seat.

“Ass hole.” I muttered and looked away.

I realised then that Joe and Dave were not in the van. It then took me another few seconds to realise we were parked in what looked like a fairly respectable street with palm and eucalypts trees dotted around the street as if they were meant to be here. The sky was now a dark blue hinting that sunlight was soon coming. Yawning I looked at my watch and stared dumbly at the hands. It was nearly four in the morning. Brad, Joe and Dave would be going to work soon.

“Here they come.” Brad broke the silence again and pointed at two figures heading back to the van.

“You mean they really did go ask that friend of Joe’s about crashing at his place?” I frowned.

“No they went to rob a bank, what do you think?” Brad rolled his eyes and shook his head before climbing out of the van.

I followed suit and practically fell out into the chilling air. Grumbling I shivered lightly and rubbed the sleep from eyes, trying my best to focus on Dave and Joe’s faces with out my glasses or contact lenses.

“He says he’s cool with it as long as we don’t mind taking the couch and sharing a bed.” Joe grinned.

“Well that was easy enough.” Brad chortled happily and went to lock up.

“Wait!” I stopped him. “I left my glasses and cigarettes in the back.”

“So?” Joe asked looking cold.

“Well I need them doofus!” I groaned and headed for the back and opening up. “I can’t see with out my glasses.”

“Ugh well hurry up it’s freezing!” Dave complained making me roll my eyes.

I found my glasses and my cigarettes and decided to grab a jacket at the same time before slamming the doors shut and headed back to where my three friends were stood hugging themselves and looking tired. Smiling I pulled my glasses on and sighed at the clarity of my vision before following a disgruntled Joe back up the deserted street.

“So when did your friend move from Phoenix?” I asked as we walked.

“About two years ago. He split up with his wife when she found out he was fucking her brother behind her back.” Joe looked over his shoulder at me with a smirk. “You two might get along.”

“Fuck you Hahn.” I hissed.

“I don’t swing that way remember?” He chuckled and dodged a punch I threw his way. “Ooh a feisty one aren’t ya?”

“Joe stop winding Mike up, Mike get that fucking stick out of your ass and lighten up.” Brad warned and shook his head. “You are so tight lately what’s with you man? Not getting enough dick?”

Now if Dave or Joe had said that I would have blown a fuse.

“What ever dude.” I sighed.

Joe jogged on ahead to the front door of a large looking Spanish house before knocking on the white door. By the time we got there, the door was opened the owner of the house was standing in the door way with the hugest grin I had ever seen.

“Guys, meet Chester.” Joe grinned back at us. “Chester meet my friends.”

Have you ever seen one of the hottest guys on the planet?

No nor had I.

Until now of course.

Before us stood a guy with the most amazing shit eating grin I had seen. He was tall, with pale creamy skin that was stretched over bones and muscles making him resemble a model from one of those Armani magazines. His hair looked dark brown and was cut short with side burns. His eyes weren’t huge but they weren't small. They were chocolate brown with a glint of humour in them that I was quick learn remained there no matter what. His bare arms were littered with tattoos and finally a thin metal hoop hung in the middle of his lip giving him this hard-core punk look.

“Hey guys you look like you could all do with about ten years of sleep.” Chester boomed in a lazy drawl. “That or about a tonne of weed. Come on in and make yourself at home.”

I followed the others completely dumbstruck. The others didn’t seem to notice that I was completely silent and started up a conversation with our host, who spoke a million miles an hour whilst laughing occasionally and constantly grinning like the cat who just got the cream.

“There is beer in the fridge, food in all the cupboards, cable and other alcohol beverages in back room.” Chester rambled on happily. “There’s a computer around here too but it ain’t mine, I’m looking after it while a friend gets insurance on it?”

“Insurance?” I frowned finally finding my voice. “I don’t get it.”

“I stole it in other words.” Chester shrugged carelessly. “Well he knew about it. Same thing I guess.”

“Oh just ignore Mike, Chaz.” Joe waved at me in some sort of dismissal. “He’s being a bit of an ass lately.”

“Watch your mouth Hahn.” I snapped and turned away to survey the rest of the lounge.

“Ignore him Mike.” Brad answered. “Hey this place is pretty cool.”

“Cost a bomb too.” Chester chuckled. “Shall I show you to your sleeping places?”

“Sure thing.” I looked over my shoulder. “I could do with some sleep.”

“Alright well, there’s a bedroom next to mine or the couch.” Chester grinned again. “Which would you like?”

“I’ll take the couch.” I answered wanting to get some more sleep as soon as possible. “If that’s okay with the rest of you.”

“That’s fine.” Brad shrugged. “Get some sleep Shinizzle, you look like you need it.”

I grumbled a few obscenities and watched the other’s retreat up the stairs, taking particular notice about the way Chester moved. Smirking I shook my head and collapsed onto the couch before closing my eyes and sighing happily. It was comfortably warm in the lounge and from here I could hear the others moving around. I made a mental note to start looking for a new job when I finally woke up.

“Hey.” A familiar voice brought me out of my thoughts.

I opened my eyes and stared up at Chester who now stood before me, that grin still on his face and what looked like a duvet and a pillow in his hands. I blinked several times and sat up realising I probably looked pretty stupid laying there.

“Hey man.” I gave him a brief grin.

“I thought you might need these.” He dropped the duvet and pillow down beside me. “It get pretty cold in here some times even in this state.”

“Thanks.” I threw him another smile and removed my glasses whilst sighing. “I completely forgot about these.”

“The others told me you’ve been a bit forgetful.” He shrugged. “I’m guessing you’re not always this…well…”

“Moody?” I offered and raised an eyebrow.

“I guess you could put it like that. They said you’ve been having a few problems or something.” He nodded as if he thought what he was saying sounded just right.

“It’s nothing major.” I shrugged.

“Well I know you don’t even know me but if it helps to talk better to stranger then I’m here.” He raised both eyebrows and smiled warmly.

“Thanks man.” I smiled back.

“Anyway good night.” He chirped as he headed back towards the staircase.

“Night Chester.” I yawned.

I waited until he had disappeared out of view before setting the pillow and duvet up and clambering under the soft material. Sighing happily I shut my eyes which were starting to sting from exhaustion. Only sleep didn’t come this time. Sure my eyes were sore and my head was starting to throb from where I hit it on the bunk earlier but sleep wasn’t making its self know. I guess I was so tired I couldn’t sleep.

I got that a lot.

Sighing in frustration I slowly sat up and searched around my new surroundings for the remote control to the rather nice looking Television that was perched up on a cabinet. I eventually found them under the couch and flicked the TV on, vaguely remembering our new host saying something about cable.

I hadn’t watched cable in a long time; actually I think the last time was in a motel room Brad and I broke into just after we left home and before we met our two other friends. I grabbed my glasses again and slid back into a lying position before pulling the covers all the way up to my chin and settling down. I finally stumbled over a comedy channel that were showing old re-runs of Married With Children a program that finished about a year ago when the dog died, the mother joined a few Disney channel programs and the daughter became an aspiring actress.

“Oh Al Honey…” Peg’s annoying voice cut through the sleepy silence that surrounded me.

I chuckled at the bad clothes she wore and sighed. In a way she reminded me of my mother whom I hadn’t spoken to in a long time. Closing my eyes I tried to remember my mother’s smile and her voice but unfortunately was met by the faces of people I’d much rather forget and constant worries that had been plaguing my mind ever since Derek had left me.

Derek was one of those guys you really just couldn’t depend on.

Then again I was the exact same.

But through it all we had stuck together like we were meant for each other. Sure he forgot our anniversaries but then I wasn’t one of those gays who really thought that sort of thing mattered. He often wasn’t there for days either and yes okay, when he wanted to fuck we fucked. But on the whole we was perfect for me, he loved everything I did and had strong opinions.

Then one day out of the blue he told me he couldn’t see me anymore.

At first I thought that he had found someone else.

Then it turned out he had a girlfriend who he had accidentally gotten pregnant.

He explained to me that he had tried to break it off with her but when she told him she was pregnant he couldn’t go through with it. He was many things but he wasn’t cold hearted.

So I had to accept it.

I mean what else could I do?

But ever since he left I just hadn’t felt like myself. It was like some part of me had left with him leaving me as some moody asshole who just couldn’t take a joke anymore. I felt bad mainly for my friends because I was taking it out on them most of the time and it was half the reason I lost my last job even though I wasn’t really ready to admit that.

Sighing I shifted in my position and pulled the covers over my head hating the fact that my ear lobes had gone cold. The stuffy air under the duvet helped the sleepy sensation that had slowly begun to build back up elevate until it was clawing at the edges of my mind, begging me to let it take over. I was more than happy to let it take over but my mind was still swarming with thoughts, which seemed to refuse to die away.

Why did I even drop out of high school?

Why couldn’t I sleep?

Was mom okay?

Overall I was bored also.

Not because I had nothing to do but because I had no one to do. I had learnt to live with having nothing to do a long time ago. In fact I had mastered a way of destroying it. There were several things one could do to eliminate boredom- watch TV, go out, sneak into a club or a hand job.

I rarely indulged in the last mainly because I was good at getting laid.

Not to blow my horn or anything.

Sighing again I buried my face into my pillow and held my breath a little. The sleepy sensation was growing stronger until my eyes hurt even though they were shut. I shifted into yet another position and willed sleep to come.

Thank god it did.

Sort of.


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