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Angels and Demons by Vampire Princess

The Background Story

I am well aware that this chapter is REALLY short, but I just wanted to put this up and ask you guys if you think I should continue it, please please please R/R

~*~*~*~*~*Chapter 1~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

There was a time when the people of Heaven and hell coexisted in harmony. That was, until a demon Prince fell for the Prince of all Angels. Of course, people didn’t think anything of it, they thought that it would come to and end on its own, it didn’t.

The more years that passed, the stronger their love for one another became, until the King of the Angels forbade his son from ever seeing his lover again. This seemed to work until the King caught the Prince of Demons in bed with his son. Understandably, the King was not very happy, he chased the demon from his sons room. Soon after that, it was discovered that the Prince of the Angels was pregnant with the Prince of the Demons child.

The young angel refused to kill the child of his love. The king could do nothing, he couldn’t deny his son any form of happiness, he agreed not to have the child killed, on one condition, the demon Prince couldn’t see the child, ever. The devil King was out raged that he wasn’t able to see his grandchild, so he declared war on Heaven.

Thus began the ever continuing war between Heaven and Hell.


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