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Stay by mu5icBtcH

Chapter 1

Friday night: 7:08PM

Mike Shinoda paced irritably in front of his apartment building. He kept looking at his watch; any fucking time now. Oh how he wanted to go inside, but the cops had ordered him to stay out until they had caught the man inside who had a pistol. This was really starting to get old. Almost every fucking night Mike would come home, desperately wanting a shower, and then have to wait for police to go in and find whatever idiot had decided to barricade themselves inside the building with hostages. Mike swore that if he ever got some good money; he would move somewhere a little more decent. But this was just unacceptable.

After the work he did, Mike wanted a shower more then anything. He was covered in dry come, and sweat. He was sure he didn't smell too nice and the humid weather wasn't helping. Just a shower, that's all. But no, that would be something nice for a change. By the time he would get to go inside, he'd be too tired to think about showering, despite how bad he needed it.

"Come on now, it's probably nothing!" Mike shouted. He was completely ignored. Damn cops and their lack of manners. Mike finally relented and started walking down the street. Maybe he'd get lucky and find someone willing to share their shower for the evening. Being a prostitute did have it's perks. Free beds, free pleasure, and easy money.

Mike sighed. It also had its negatives. A lot of times, he would end up being beaten in some way. Why were men so violent these days? Must be the primal instinct to slam your lovers head in the wall while fucking them from behind. Mike still felt sore. Not only had he been fucked senseless, but he had also had to deal with the wrath of another lover finding him there. That had been disastrous. Besides, he thought he'd made it clear that fucking guys with partners was against the rules. He'd gotten out of there as quickly as he could, and afterwards realizing he'd forgotten his jacket.

So now, here he was, covered in the foulest of things, walking down the street at night which was swamped with hoodlums and those in who you'd prefer to stay away from, and without a coat. It was kind of cold; but since when would anyone give a damn about a hustler's feelings.


Friday night: 7:15PM

Chester Bennington drove home in silence. The case had been won. That was the good side. The bad side, he had gotten paid a lot less then he would have hoped. But what could he say, being a lawyer brought a lot of money just for showing up every day, so one case that didn't pay too well was not the end of the world. Thankfully.

Chester had been rather fortunate lately, what with winning every case and being promoted. He couldn't help but smile a lot.

He was currently living alone in this big ol' house that had an impressive six bedrooms, five bathrooms, a den, a dining room, a kitchen, and an enormous pool outside. It was a lovely house, but too big for someone living alone. It was just too empty and lonely. He suddenly took a sharp turn. Stupid Chester for going to fast on a turn and almost hitting a man walking across the street.

"Fuck!!! You wanna watch the road asshole!?"

Chester cursed himself and opened the door to step out. "I am so sorry. I wasn't paying attention." Chester found himself gazing wide-eyed at the man he'd almost hit. With the car lights beaming on him, his silhouette was illuminated and his face looked incredibly sunk in. But then Chester dimmed the lights and the man gave him an irritated look. But Chester didn't notice.

He was staring in awe at this man's face. His eyes were wide as he glared at Chester, and his lips were slightly parted as he breathed. Chester didn't know what it was, but this man was beautiful.

"Did you hear me?"

Chester's head snapped up. "Pardon?"

"Did. You. Hear. Me?"

"Huh? No I'm sorry, what?"

"You better be glad you didn't hit me or you'd have a major lawsuit on you buddy."

Chester smiled. "I'm really sorry. Are you alright?"

The man sighed, his chest heaving. "I'll live. Wanna watch where you're going in the future?"

"Yes I will and sorry again."


"What's your name?"

"Oh I see how it is. You run me over with your car and after assuring me it won't happen again, we move on to introductions." The man crooned, clasping his hands together in front of him.

Chester smiled. "I'm Chester Bennington. Maybe you've heard of me?"

The man shook his head. "Unless I've fucked you before, probably haven't."

Chester gaped at him. "What?"

"Nothing, just my occupation."

"You ... You're a prostitute?" Chester asked incredulously.

"I prefer the term sexually-active-male-who-fucks-for-a-living." The man replied innocently.

Chester stared for another minute then he seemed to snap back to reality. "So what's your name, or do you ever give it out?"

The man's face twisted into a smirk. "You wanna find out?"

Chester cocked his head to the side. "I never negotiate with anyone without knowing their name."

"If I tell you, will you let me take a shower with you?"

Chester's jaw dropped. "A shower?"

"Yes, mine is currently non-usable right now.”

"If you tell me your name." Chester replied, leaning back against his car door.

The man smirked again, curling his lip. "Mike."

Chester grinned. "I like it, now get in."

Mike went around to the passenger side and got in. He looked around the car, judging from the way it looked on the outside, it was probably just as nice on the inside. Chester started to drive again and kept stealing glances at Mike, who was gazing out the window.

"So…do you ever talk with your…" Chester thought for a minute. "Clients?"

Mike looked at him. "All the time. What do you wanna talk about?"

Chester grinned. "How long you been doing this?"

"Since I turned 18, why?"

"Just curious."

"How long you been doing what you do?"

"A while. Law school took long enough as it is-"

Mike stopped him. "You're a lawyer?"


"Awesome. So I guess it pays well?"

"Yeah, it's not too bad. Speaking of which, how much do you charge?"

Mike raised an eyebrow. "Depends."

"On what?"

"How long you want me for and what you want me to do to you."


"Well let's see here, I can give you a blowjob and you can fuck me up the ass. All that would cost you about $200 bucks or so." Mike said matter-of-factly. "Or ... since we'll be showering together, you could fuck me IN the shower and then I could go. Or the other way around."

"The other way around?"

"I fuck you."


Mike frowned. "Not much of a bottom, are you?"

Chester looked shocked. "What?"

"You prefer to be on top?" Mike asked, as though explaining the basics of sex was something he did every day. Well it probably was.

"I don't know. I guess."

"Are you a virgin?" Mike asked fearfully.

"No, of course not." Chester was insulted. "I haven't been for quite some time."

Mike snickered. "I didn't mean to offend you, but it's like you're a Martian when it comes to sex."

Chester's jaw dropped. "Excuse me, but just because I don't do it for a living doesn't mean I don't know what I'm doing."

"I guess we'll find out." Mike winked.

Chester jumped back as though struck. This Mike character was weird, but in a good way. "Yeah I guess so."

"So how much you gonna pay me for tonight?" Mike asked.

"How much do you want?"

Mike gaped at him. "Literally?"

"Yeah, it's not like I have a shortage of money."

"I guess-"

"I'll tell you what." Chester interrupted. "I'll give you $1,000 bucks for the weekend."

Mike's eyes widened. "The weekend?"

"Yeah, that's not a problem is it?"

"Why would you want me around for the weekend?"

"Because I just do. I could use a good fuck."

Mike smirked. "I see."

"You wouldn't turn down $1,000 bucks now would you?" Chester asked coyly.


"So it's settled then?"

Mike glared. "Sure. But I want half up front."

Chester grinned. "Very well. Hand me my wallet." He looked towards the glove compartment and Mike opened it. He took Chester's wallet and handed it to him. Chester sifted through it and pulled out five 100 dollar bills and handed them to a very surprised Mike.

"You're stupid." Mike said.

Chester's head snapped in attention. "Excuse me?"

"Keeping that much money in your wallet. Heard of a bank?"

"I had it in there for a reason."

"Yeah whatever. Don't come crying to me when it gets stolen."


Friday night: 8:30PM

Chester pulled into his driveway and Mike could only gaze in wonder at the size of this house. It looked like one of those haunted mansions you see in movies or something.

"What do you think?" Chester asked.


"What do you think of the house?"


Chester reached over Mike and opened his door. Mike stared in awe at the gentlemen in Chester. But he got out of the car and was even more surprised, when Chester ran ahead to open the front door for him. But before they went inside, Chester said. "YOU'RE lovely."

Mike blushed and turned his face to the side. It was strange. He wasn't used to anyone saying stuff like that to him. He scratched his ear nervously and caught Chester staring at his neck.


"What's that?" Chester asked, pointing to something on his neck.

Mike looked in the window and saw a bright purple bruise on his neck. Probably from the confrontation earlier. But he laughed to play it off.

"Oh that's nothing. Probably a hickey."

Chester nodded. "Ah."

Mike grinned, "Are we going in?"

"Oh yeah. Come on."

Mike followed Chester into the house and was struck with an array of colors. If he had thought the outside of the house was beautiful, it was clear that he hadn't seen the inside because it was stunning. Mike found himself mesmerized by the color and uniqueness of everything. It was gorgeous. Chester was walking around, straightening things like he knew his house was lovely and he was proud of it.

"Wow." Mike breathed. He instantly regretted it because he never complimented his fucks on their homes or anything for that matter. But Chester smiled and beckoned for Mike to follow. He did and was lead into what he assumed was the master bedroom. It was also spectacular, but no where near as good as the living room. Mike paused at the entrance to the room and pulled his shirt off. Chester stared in awe.

"What are you doing?"

Mike looked at him. "We ARE fucking right?"


"So, I'm getting undressed and putting my clothes somewhere where they won't be destroyed."


"With sex ... you never know." Mike replied.

"Ah. Well come here. I want to undress you."

Mike smirked. "Is that so?"

"Yes, so get over here." Chester said.

Mike waltzed casually over to Chester and stood in front of him, waiting. "We are showering first?"

"I guess."


Chester took a deep breath. Before they had gotten to this point, Chester figured it would be easy, but now with Mike standing two feet away from him, chest heaving and glistening with a light sheen of sweat, he was frozen on the spot. Mike eyed him skeptically.

"Should I do it?"

Chester shook his head. "No, I got it."

"Then get on with it."

Chester reached out and popped the button on Mike's pants, and then slowly unzipped the zipper. Mike just stood there. Chester was already hard, but Mike didn't appear to be turned on at all. I guess it'll take him a little longer, Chester thought. Of course it would. Mike did this every day. Why would the simple task of undressing turn him on.

Chester dropped to his knees and slid Mike's pants off, taking his boxers with him. Mike still didn't move. He placed his hands on his hips and obediently stepped out of his pants. Chester tossed them aside and just gaped at Mike. Mike sighed and knelt down in front of Chester.

"You wanna stand up now?"

Chester nodded. "Yeah ... sorry." Chester stood quickly and took his shirt off, followed by his pants. He hated the fact that Mike looked bored, even though they were gazing at each other longingly. "Are you bored?"


"Is there something wrong?"


"Well, are you sure?"

"Should something be wrong?"


"Then chill. Everything's fine. I can see that you're a bit nervous and that's okay. It's not like you do this every day."


"But I can also see that you have rose quite nicely for the occasion." Mike said smugly as he eyed Chester's cock. Chester immediately wanted to cover himself, but Mike had taken a step towards him. Chester stood frozen on the spot and gasped when Mike reached out to touch him. His hands only brushed against him, but Chester still flinched. "Are you always this nervous?" Mike whispered, placing his lips right next to Chester's.

"Huh uh."

"I see." Mike took another step and their chests touch briefly, before Mike shifted, taking the contact away. He continued to keep his lips next to Chester's, apparently waiting for the right time to move in for the kill. "So, do you have any position preference?"


"What position do you like?" Mike whispered huskily, letting Chester feel his breath.

"Uh ..." Chester swallowed. "I'm ... not sure."

"Do you like missionary, doggy style ..." Mike's eyes lit up. "Want me to ride you?"

Chester gulped. "Uh ..."

"Then of course, there's always other options. It doesn't necessarily have to be in bed."

Chester groaned as Mike's hand brushed his thigh. Mike was taking things too slow. Chester wanted to make him lose control. He almost gasped when Mike's other hand came up to rest on his shoulder.

"Do you like it rough ... or ..." Mike shifted a little closer. "Gentle."

"I don't know."

"I think you like it ... rough." Mike whispered again, his lips barely brushed against Chester's cheek and rested against his ear. Chester was about to lose it. He hesitantly brought his hands up to Mike's shoulders. Mike welcomed the touch and slid into Chester's arms. His tongue extended and Chester shivered as it grazed his ear. But suddenly, Mike pulled back. "Now where's the shower?"

Chester growled. "This way."

Mike sensed his frustration. "Don't worry. You'll be plenty satisfied before this night is over."


Friday night: 9:10PM

Chester started the water while Mike looked around the bathroom. It was big, just like the rest of the house and had a huge Jacuzzi sized tub. Mike wanted to lay in it. But right now, a shower was the only thing on his mind. He wasn't about to let Chester touch him just yet. Chester stepped back and Mike went on in. He dipped his head back into the water and sighed contentedly. Cleanliness.

Chester gaped at him as he continued to stand under the downpour. Chester felt his cock swelling to an unbearable size and he resisted the urge to get in there and fuck Mike against the shower wall. Chester took a moment to admire Mike's ass as he turned around to let the water rinse his back. Pretty soon, that ass would be all his.

Mike turned to him and crooked his finger in invitation. Chester jumped at the request and was quick to get into that shower. He paused before going under the water and stared at Mike, mesmerized by the water that dripped down his body. Each drop clung to his skin like it didn't want to let go, then just like that, it was gone. Chester hoped things wouldn't be like that for him. At this point, he didn't want this to all be over after the weekend.

Mike took a look at Chester's cock and reached out for him. Chester let Mike pull him under the downpour, and then he leaned in to kiss him. But Mike pulled his head back and dipped it under the water; Chester growled again. Don't tell me this guy doesn't kiss. But Mike looked back at him and grinned.

"Want me to suck you off?"

Chester's eyes widened. "Uh ..." He was actually dying to kiss this man and a blowjob really wasn't at the top of his priority list. He was getting impatient on top of everything. Mike dipped his head back under the water, then shook it like a dog would. Chester closed his eyes to avoid getting splattered, but once he opened them, Mike had moved closer and their faces were mere inches away.

"Do you?" Mike asked.

"Do I what?"

"Want me to suck you off?"

Chester shook his head. "No ... not yet."

"Then what?" Mike whispered huskily. His tongue slithered out and lightly stroked Chester's bottom lip. Chester was losing it. He wrapped his arms around Mike's neck and hurriedly caught Mike's tongue before it went back in his mouth. Mike's eyes widened as the aggressive side of Chester came out. With a guttural cry, Chester devoured Mike's mouth completely, sucking his lips and tongue hungrily. Mike stumbled back and Chester pressed him against the shower wall. Mike's legs wobbled as he adjusted his weight against Chester's. The blond shoved his tongue as far down Mike's throat as he could, forcing the younger man to open his mouth wide to accommodate that tongue. Chester planted his hands on each side of Mike's head and pressed against him. His cock rubbed against Mike's belly, causing the man to finally feel Chester's aroused state. Mike's hands came to rest on Chester's back, just above his ass, though his fingers clenched the skin, nails digging deep.

Chester's kissing only grew more fierce and Mike wondered if his love making would be the same. Chester's primal instincts started to kick in and his urge to fuck Mike increased. Screw sucking off, all he wanted to do was fuck this man as hard as he could; make him feel it a week from now. Mike started to breathe heavily through his nose and pant into Chester's mouth, but the blond continued to suck the very breath from him. Mike's hand cupped Chester's right ass cheek and he dug his nails in as deep as he could. Chester wrenched his mouth away and growled as Mike panted harshly. But instead of returning to that mouth, Chester's lips traveled lower to Mike's neck, sucking and licking as much as he could. Mike tilted his head back to allow Chester more room and the blond took it greedily. He was determined to bring Mike to a fit of moans and gasps before they fucked.

He quickly learned that it wouldn't be easy. Mike was so used to this that nothing shocked him anymore. He'd probably had it all before. Chester wanted to please him so badly. He started kissing and licking Mike's neck a little softer this time and ran his hands all over that hard body. Mike only wound his arms a little tighter around Chester's neck and accepted everything that he was being put through.

Chester started to grow frustrated. Nothing he did was enough. He was touching Mike, kissing him . and he wasn't making any sound. Chester finally pushed away and turned the water off. At first, Mike assumed they were going back to the bedroom to fuck and followed Chester like a puppy. But Chester stopped just outside the bedroom and whirled around to face Mike, a scowl on his face.


Chester inhaled sharply. "You really have done this a lot, haven't you?"


"Nothing excites you any more."

Mike appeared shocked. "Yes it does-"

"Then why the fuck won't you moan!?" Chester exclaimed.

Mike still looked shocked. "You want me to moan?"

"Well no matter what I did to you, you just stood there! No moaning, no gasping, NO NOTHING!" Chester grabbed Mike and jerked their bodies together. "I'm paying you to pleasure me. It pleasures me to hear my lover moaning."

Mike smirked. "So you like a noisy lover?"

"You might could say that." Chester replied hoarsely. He backed into the bedroom and pushed Mike onto the bed. Chester crawled towards him, glaring seductively. Mike grinned as Chester leaned over him and then those lips were back, attempting the suck the life out of him. Mike rested his weight on his elbows as Chester kissed him. He wrapped his legs around Chester's thighs, fondling his balls with his feet. Chester moaned at what Mike was doing and thrust his lower body against Mike. The younger man felt Chester's erection slapping his lower belly and thrust up, cocks smacking each other.

Mike's arm circled around Chester's neck and he brought his lips close to the blonde's ear. "How do you want me?" He whispered.

Chester groaned. "I want ... I want ..."

"What?" Mike flicked his tongue out over Chester's ear. He started to roll over, but Chester stopped him.

"I wanna see your face when I take you."

Mike rolled back over and fell on his back. Chester leant completely over him and placed a wet kiss on his mouth. He was still determined to make Mike moan or at least gasp. Chester placed his hands on Mike's knees and parted his thighs. Mike was momentarily affected by the look on Chester's face as he spread his legs, a look of pure rapture. It was intoxicating really. But Chester pushed Mike's legs apart until his knees touched the bed. Mike lay still as Chester ran a hand up his abdomen and chest, then around his neck. The blond cupped Mike's face and gently kissed him, as his fingers stroked the walls of his lover's opening. Mike still didn't gasp or moan. But he was breathing heavily and very aroused. Chester sat back up and got on his knees. Mike slid his legs over Chester's thighs and pulled their lower bodies together.

"Do you want me to wear a condom?" Chester asked.

"Yes idiot." Mike replied.

"Ok." Chester leant over towards the bed table and opened the drawer. He took a bottle and wrapper, then sat back up. Mike was starting to pant as Chester prepared things. He grabbed the condom from Chester and tore the wrapper. He kept his eyes on Chester's as he slipped it on the blonde's cock. Mike took the lube also and spread it generously over Chester's length. That alone almost sent Chester over the edge, but he refrained and concentrated on watching Mike's facial expressions. The man was clearly aroused, but at the same time, he still looked bored. Then Chester got an idea.

Chester lowered his mouth back to Mike's, who accepted with equal desperation and tongues dueled furiously. Chester was caressing Mike's body possessively now, roving over his chest. His fingers found the twin nubs, furled tight as pebbles. Chester gave into his desire and pinched them hard. Mike's reaction did not disappoint. His nipples were clearly his weak point and he arched up from the mattress, surprise and pleasure warring on his face.

"I'm gonna make you moan for me." Chester murmured, dipping his head to catch Mike's mouth in a quick kiss. "There is so much for me to discover about you."

Mike's hand tangled in his hair, pulling him up. It was then that Chester realized Mike's eyes were brown, chocolate brown like his own. Chester swallowed and Mike spoke up, "Sounds like you enjoy being in control."

"You have no idea."

"No, I guess not."

Chester looked down at that pulsing length with new eyes. He wanted Mike to scream his name at the peak of his pleasure. The urge was strong to worship at this ivory pillar. But instead, Chester curled his hand around the heated flesh and stroked slowly. Mike's breathing labored and his hand clutched at the sheets under him.

"Chester ..." Mike said softly. "How many lovers have you had?"

"Not enough."

"Are you intent on making me orgasm more then once tonight?"

"I'll make you orgasm as much as humanly possible if I can." Chester replied. Mike glared at him balefully, until Chester's stroke forced him to clench his eyes. Chester watched him intently, his own desire growing painfully tight as he saw how Mike neared his peak. As pearls of liquid slicked the tip of Mike's erection, Chester decided his lover had had enough. Chester stroked him hard once, twice, then abruptly released him. Mike glared even more spitefully at that but he still didn't make a sound.

"Want me to fuck you?" Chester asked.

Mike shrugged. "It's what I'm here for."

"But do you want it?"

"What do you think?"

"I think you need to beg for it."

"We'll see."

"You're confidence over exceeds you." Chester said.

"Oh really?"


Chester gathered Mike's pre-cum on his fingers and then his hand disappeared from Mike's view. He gasped as a sudden penetration startled him. Chester grinned triumphantly, but didn't say anything. Mike relaxed his muscles as Chester's finger slipped inside; he hardened more as Mike's inner muscles deliberately clenched around his finger, sucking him in further. Oh how he wanted Mike to do that to his cock. Chester watched carefully and added a second finger, paying close attention to Mike's face. Chester added a third finger suddenly and Mike's eyes rolled back into his head. That was almost as good as making him moan, in Chester's book. He started thrusting his fingers in slow motion, adding a bit of scissor-motion occasionally.

Chester laid his body out along Mike's and drug his open mouth along his lover's chest, stopping next to his ear.

"Come on ... moan for me." Chester whispered. He started kissing and licking Mike's earlobe. Then without warning, he sucked the lobe into his mouth and thrust his fingers in deeper, until they were knuckle-deep. Mike's inner muscles clenched at the action and he squeezed Chester's waist with his legs. Mike's jaw opened wide and his eyelids fluttered closed. He was so close . so fucking close to letting out the loudest moan ever. Chester's hand slid up his body and he pinched Mike's nipple again. Mike tilted his head back and his hand grasped the blonde's shoulder. Chester's fingers continued to thrust in and out of him, and Mike knew that he was purposely missing his prostate each time. Damn him.

He was panting; he wanted to moan so fucking bad. Chester suddenly struck his spot and that did it. Mike threw his head back and let out the most delicious sound Chester had ever heard. His eyes scrunched together and his mouth opened wide, letting out a deep guttural cry from low in his stomach. Chester had succeeded. He retracted his fingers and spread more lube over his cock, and then before even giving Mike a second to come back down from cloud 9, buried himself as deep as he could inside that tight heat with one long thrust. Mike's legs hugged him as tight as he could and Chester moaned from the intensity of his entrance alone.

Mike's eyes remained closed and his jaw still hung open, but his hands were clinging desperately to Chester's shoulders, massaging and squeezing as he took in Chester's length. Chester pulled out slowly and carefully pushed back in. Mike's eyes shot open and he moaned louder then before. His arms wound around Chester's neck and forced the blonde's mouth back to his. Their kiss was desperate, frantic almost, as Chester began to break Mike.

Chester stopped. "Are you okay? Am I hurting you?"

Mike nodded vigorously and Chester started to pull out. "NO!!! What the fuck do you think you're doing!?" Mike screamed, tightening his legs and digging his heels into Chester's ass.

"You nodded your head."

"Yes I'm alright, you stupid bitch! Now shut up and fuck me!" Mike hissed. He dug his nails painfully into Chester's shoulder blades until the blond pushed back inside and started moving again. The first thrust was all it took for Mike to break and he was moaning, gasping; profanities were everywhere and he was clenching his muscles unbearably around Chester's cock. Chester gazed down in wonder at Mike's face as he worked his length in and out, in and out. Mike's eyes were closed tightly and his jaw clenched and unclenched repeatedly, almost like his inner muscles. Chester was amazed at the way they moved together. They fit together like a puzzle.

Mike loosened his hold a bit and slid his hands down Chester's back. He was slightly afraid by this. Chester was treating him differently then his previous lovers. Chester was pressed against him intimately and with every thrust, his chest would bump against Mike's. Mike's eyes tried to follow Chester's movements and a few times, he glanced down to watch as Chester's cock speared into him, over and over. It was like watching something you couldn't take your eyes off of.

But he had to take his eyes off it when Chester's mouth caught his. The blond sucked on Mike's lips, his tongue; then roamed over Mike's face, kissing and licking his cheeks, nose, the corners of his mouth. Then his lips were sweetly caressing Mike's neck and the back of his ear. Mike started to shake and he was sweating profusely. Chester instinctively started to thrust faster. If he could do it, he wanted them to come together. Mike's head fell to the side and he whispered something unintelligible. He wanted to come now! He had too! Mike began rocking his own hips up against Chester's downward thrusts.

His body started to shake and he felt dizzy. Chester was thrusting hard, spearing into him over and over and over ...

Mike threw his head back. "Fuck ... holy fucking shit ... damn you ... make ... me come!!!!" He cried desperately.

Mike dug the blunt tips of his nails into Chester's shoulder blades again, and with a loud moan, he felt himself peak. Chester whimpered and bit down on Mike's collarbone, breaking the skin as his own orgasm struck. Once again, he had succeeded. They came together, hands clutching each other wantonly. Mike fell limp in Chester's arms and closed his eyes. Chester wanted to watch Mike, but unfortunately, his arms could no longer hold his body up and he collapsed in a heap against his lover's chest.


Saturday morning: 2:03AM

Mike awoke later and felt a weight crushing him. Chester was laying half on him. Mike shifted a bit and managed to worm his way out from under Chester without waking him. He rolled over onto his side and looked out the window. The moon was bright tonight and it peeped through the blinds enticingly. Mike carefully got out of the bed and walked quietly out of the room. He stopped at the door and took a look at Chester. He was so beautiful while he slept and he looked like a young boy. Mike couldn't help but smile then quickly reprimanded himself. It's not like he would be sticking around after Sunday anyway.

Mike walked down the hall naked, not too sure exactly what he was doing. He actually wanted to look around. A house this big had to have interesting stuff or at least something to keep his mind off the current situation. He was a little unnerved by the fact that he and Chester had shared real passion. That was something he hadn't experienced in so long.

He stopped in front of another room and went inside. There were pictures everywhere. He found himself wanting to see every one too. He caught sight of a one in particular hanging on the wall directly in front of him. Mike recognized it immediately as Chester when he was young and he couldn't help but grin. Chester had been a cute little boy. He went to the other end of the room and glanced out the window. He saw the pool down below, water glistening with the light from the moon.

He was already leaving the room and heading for the pool after that. It had been an even longer time since he'd been swimming.


Saturday morning: 2:32AM

Chester woke with a start at the sound of a splash. At least that's what he thought it was. He immediately noticed Mike was not in the bed and got out quickly. He looked around the room and then saw that the door was also open.


Chester didn't bother to dress as he made his way out of his room and into the hall. He knew that Mike had probably gone down to the pool, but he still wanted to be sure. He went down the hall and down the stairs. He paused in front of every room to be sure Mike wasn't in one of them. He finally gave up looking in all the rooms and went to the back door. It was unlocked, so he opened it and poked his head outside. It felt good tonight. He saw a silhouette in the pool, even though the lights were off. The ones in the pool were on.

Chester walked over the edge of the pool and watched Mike for a moment. He was doing laps, and pretty good at it. But he was also naked and Chester was enjoying the view too much to interrupt just yet. He already felt himself growing hard just watching. I wonder if Mike wants to again, this soon. He closed his eyes and replayed the events of earlier in his mind. It had really been an experience he would never forget. But now he was eager to top that. He opened his eyes and was startled when he saw Mike staring at him.

"Fuck." He gasped, clutching his chest. "You startled me."

Mike sighed. "Sorry."

"What are you doing out here at this time?"

"If it's problem-"

"No, of course. I just wondered."

Mike wiped his eyes. "I see."

"Is everything okay?"

"Why wouldn't it be?" Mike replied. He dipped his head back under the water and smoothed his hair back. His eyes fell upon Chester's growing arousal and he sighed. "Are you ready for seconds?"

Chester blushed. "Only if you are."

Mike shrugged. "It doesn't matter to me."

Chester wasn't quite sure how to take that. "Did I hurt you earlier?"

Mike had turned his back to Chester and was floating towards the deep end. Chester sat down on the edge of the pool and slipped into the water, shivering at the temperature.

"Can you honestly tell me you'd care?" Mike said.

Chester was shocked. "Of course I'd care."

"Well excuse me if I don't really seem all that grateful. It's not like I'm used to any of that."

Chester suddenly felt pity for Mike. "Has anyone ever hurt you before . intentionally?"

Mike shrugged again, almost as if the subject didn't mean much to him. But he lowered his head and Chester knew there was something.

"Not really."

Chester nodded. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"Why would I talk to you? I don't even know you." Mike said casually. He continued to float around carelessly, not paying any mind to his surroundings or the fact that Chester was gradually getting closer to him.



"Look at me."

Mike grew defensive. "You can't tell me what to do." But deep down, all he wanted was for someone to tell him what to do; anything but this. This was slowly killing him. He couldn't keep on like this.

"I wasn't trying to." Chester said.

"I know. Sorry." Mike replied sheepishly. He hadn't noticed Chester getting closer until they bumped into each other.

Chester moved in front of Mike and took a deep breath. "I know we don't know each other, but if you wanna talk-"

"Thanks for the offer." Mike said shortly, cutting Chester off. He turned his back to Chester and began moving in the opposite direction.

Chester decided to make a bold move. "Do you wish you weren't a ... a ... well-"

"It's okay you can say it." Mike said.

"A whore."

"Every day of my fucking life."


"Would you wanna be a whore?"

"Well no-"

"Then there you have it. But I have nothing else to do."

"What about school-"

"Kept getting kicked out."


Mike suddenly whirled around, anger flashing on his face. "I don't have to tell you shit. Who the fuck do you think you are interrogating me like that?! After Sunday, I will no longer have anything to do with you so stop asking me about my life. It's none of your damn business."

Chester looked as though he'd been struck. "Sorry. I didn't mean-"

"Look, sorry I woke you up. I'll just go back inside and sleep on the couch." Mike replied coldly. He started to move towards the ladder when a hand on his arm stopped him.

"Stay." Chester said firmly. "Stay with me."

Mike sighed and allowed himself to be pulled into Chester's arms. He felt tears coming to his eyes, but there was no way in hell he would ever let Chester see him cry. He pushed his tears back and started kissing Chester's neck and jaw. He wound his arms around the blonde's neck and placed kisses all along his jaw until he finally reached Chester's lips. This kiss was nothing like the aggressive first kiss they'd shared, but passionate and meaningful. Lips glided languidly against one another and hands explored familiar territory. Chester wasn't quite sure if this was really the right time.

"Mike ..." He spoke in between kisses since Mike wasn't letting up. "Maybe ... we should ... wait ... until ... you ... feel ... a ... little ... better."

Mike broke off the kiss and glared. "I feel fine. You're paying me to do this. So come on, let's fuck." He started kissing Chester again, but the blond pushed him this time.

"No Mike."

"What the fuck is your deal?" Mike pushed Chester away from him. "You pay me so you can have a good fuck and now you don't want to!"

"It's not that I don't want to-"

"Then what!?"

"I just don't want you to feel like I'm taking advantage of you." Chester replied shamefully.

"You're not taking advantage of me. I want you to fuck me!" Mike threw his hands in the air incredulously. "I kinda need the money."

"Mike I-"

"Fine then. I'll just go back inside and get my stuff, then leave! Keep your damn money!" Mike shouted, splashing Chester then wading towards the ladder again. Chester couldn't let Mike get away, not like this. He couldn't bear for them to part on bad terms. He jumped forward, launching himself into Mike. They crashed against the pool wall and Mike angrily pushed at Chester. "What the fuck are you doing!? You gonna rape me now!"

"Shut up you little fucker!" Chester hissed. "I'm not trying to take advantage of you. I wouldn't do that."

"Oh I'm sorry. Some guy wants to fuck me, so I'll just let him."

"Come on Mike, stop being like this."

"No you stop!" Mike grabbed onto Chester's arms and started trying to disable him. Chester fought back and they ended up causing each other pain when Chester's arm slipped, smacking Mike in the jaw, resulting in Mike's hand to catch Chester's hair as he stumbled over, pulling a lot harder then would be expected. Mike massaged his jaw reflexively and Chester made sure his hair hadn't been pulled out. But they glared at each other, both contemplating whether they should hit the other.

Mike sighed loudly and crossed his arms over his chest. "You're not gonna let this go."

"I just want to help you."

Mike laughed. "You can't help me. I'm already broken."

Those words stung Chester. "Don't say that."

"Why!? Why not! It's true. There's nothing left to me anymore. I feel nothing!" Mike started pacing back and forth, even though the water acted as a bit of a hindrance. "I need money to fucking eat! And this is the only way to get it!"

"No it's not."

"Then how? I'm open to ideas."

Chester ran his tongue over his teeth. "I want to help you, but I just don't know how unless you'll talk to me."

Mike snorted. "Don't bother. Let's just . go back to bed and forget about this in the morning."

"I'm not really tired anymore." Chester replied.

"Me neither, but I don't have anything else to do."

Chester took a deep breath. "Want me to hold you?"

Mike looked at him. He knew there was more to those words then just the outside. It was something between the lines. Chester really did care. Mike didn't know how it happened but the next instant, he was wrapped in Chester's arms, holding onto him like the world would end if they were not together like this. Gradually, kisses were exchanged and once again, they were coming together, bodies interlocking. Chester stood still as Mike took his length again, legs wrapped instinctively around a broad torso.

Mike seemed almost ... like a virgin now. He was gasping and moaning almost continuously and was so tight, so much tighter then before. Chester's mouth closed over Mike's shoulder as he sucked and kissed the wet skin, loving the feel of his tongue sliding over it. Mike's arms hooked under Chester's and his hands came to rest on the backs of the blonde's shoulders.

Chester knew it was still painful and he had yet to find the spot that would end that pain. Mike gasped freely now and laid his head on Chester's shoulder, occasionally kissing the skin. Chester held Mike tightly, making sure not a single part of their bodies didn't touch. Anything to make Mike feel safe. Eventually though, Mike found himself bouncingly merrily on Chester's cock, moaning sensually with each thrust. It felt slightly weird due to the continued change in temperature as the cold pool water mixed in with their own warmth.

Suddenly Chester froze, his eyes wide in fright.

Mike moaned in frustration. "Why are you stopping?" He panted. "I'm so close."

"I don't have a condom."

Mike lifted his head and looked into Chester's eyes. They were full of fear. But Mike felt even more terrified when Chester started to pull away. He tightened his grip and made sure Chester couldn't leave him.

"Don't leave me ..." Mike whispered. He started rocking his hips again, but Chester stilled him.


"No buts ... fuck me ... God please fuck me." Mike cried. He started rocking his hips desperately. He couldn't bear for Chester to leave now. He was too close. He slid one of his hands up into Chester's hair and angled his head for a kiss. Chester couldn't refuse something like this. He relented, even though he feared this could come back to haunt him.

The rocking continued, the moaning never ceased and in an instant, Chester was coming deep inside Mike, filling him with warmth from head to toe. Mike came a second later, sighing with relief as he was fulfilled. But for him, this was the first time anyone had ever come inside him and he wanted to savor this feeling for as long as he could. He grunted as his back hit the edge of the pool and Chester slumped against him.

Their lips met lazily and they kissed for some time, both exploring the wonders of the other's mouth, even though it had already been done before. Mike didn't want to stop. He only broke their kiss when air became a necessity, but even after, he just stared at Chester for the longest time, taking in every detail of Chester's face. And Chester let him.

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