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The Other Side of Fame by dark_red


This is my first fan fic, so hopefully it doesn't suck too much.


Flashes of light ignited at the clicks of cameras, as the reporters followed the band with their eyes, studying every movement, every hint of a quirky or unusual habit to jazz up their story. They hung on every word the men said, as though they were mere droplets of water in a vast expanse of desert. Eyes were bulging and mouths were gaping at the recent phenomenon sitting before them.

“Rob! How is your wrist healing after your recent injury on stage?”

“It’s healing just fine. I’ve still been able to play at every show, and it’s almost fully recovered.”

“Joe! Joe! Is there any truth to the rumor that you’re working on a duet with rapper Nelly?”

“No, not exactly. We ran into each other backstage at the MTV awards, but never talked about a collaboration.”

“Chester! How does Linkin Park’s new tour differ from the others?”

“It’s not too different, we just wanna keep giving it our all on stage and making the fans happy. Our only major goal when it comes to our music is to work harder.”


“Harder! Harder!”

Chester swung his arm all the way back and used all his strength to bring it searing forward, striking his band mate across the face for the third time.

“Harder!” Joe yelled, a defiant grin on his face.

Chester hit Mike again, this time harder. Bruised and bleeding, he choked out a sob, unable to hide the hurt.

Chester snickered evilly at this, along with Rob, who had pinned Mike’s arms above his head. Joe still grinned at the man below him and thrust himself in deeper.

Mike cried out this time and arched his back, the pain overtaking him in the form of uncontrollable sobs. Desperately, he tried to shift his body away from the man sitting on top of him, not wanting Joe inside him any longer. But Joe was stronger than Mike and pushed in harder while holding his hips down, so it was no use.

As Joe built up a steady pace, he leaned down inches away from Mike’s face and kissed him hard on the lips, forcing Mike’s mouth open and invading it with his tongue. The kiss was not a sign of love; it was uninviting and forceful, and Mike hated it. He turned his head to one side, not wanting Joe to violate him further, but Joe grabbed his hair aggressively and forced him to turn back.

“The more you resist, the more it’ll hurt,” Joe whispered in Mike’s ear before biting gently on his earlobe. Mike squirmed, tears escaping carelessly down his face. He felt as though he had been lying here for hours, pinned beneath his band mate, being fucked and degraded by him, Chester, and Rob. It always hurt the most when Joe did it, because he was the biggest and the most violent. The other three – Chester, Rob, and Brad - didn’t hurt him as much when they fucked him, but with Joe, the pain was enough to give Mike a limp for a day or two.

It was still bad when the other guys fucked him though, because then Joe would be the one hitting him or pinning him down digging his nails into Mike’s arms until they bled. One night, the guys chained him to a wall and took turns beating him with their belts before each having their way with him. Mike still had scars on his wrists and welts on his back to remind him of the incident.

Joe began to pump harder and faster, and Mike closed his eyes and tried his best to ignore the pain, hoping it would be over soon. Chester had stopped hitting him and was now sitting back, to watch and relieve his own erection. As Joe climaxed, he rested his entire body weight on Mike, entangling his hands violently in his hair. Shudders went through Mike’s entire body as the familiar feeling of a toxic substance filled him, claimed him. It was so upsetting, that he had let this happen again, that for a moment, he forgot about the immense pain that was coursing through him. All he could think about was Joe’s seed once again emptying into him, mixing with remnants the other guys had left there.

Mike felt dirty. Dirty, used, and hollow.

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