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Cowboy, Baby by Kenji_Angel

Cowboy, Baby

This is what happen's when you listen to suggestive song's all night long, lol. A million hugs and kisses goes out to my wonderful beta and sexy beast, Andrew.

Surgeon General's Warning: This fic is not for the faint of heart. If you are pregnent, nursing, or have a history of heart attack, high blood pressure or stroke, please turn back now. Otherwise, enter at your own risk.



Rob blushed a deep crimson and slouched further into the cheap wooden chair as yet another scantily clad dancer slinked past, shivering as a hairless leg came in contact with his arm.

“Robert, didn’t your mother ever tell you not to slouch?” Brad, one of his best friends scolded good-naturedly.

“Shut it, Bradford.” He shot back, crossing his arms and pouting like a child. Brad rolled his dark eyes and took a big gulp of his beer, his eyes once again focusing on the show on stage. Rob, however, was certain he was going to burn in hell if he so much as glimpsed at what was happening on stage. With the image of the devil prodding his ass with a pitchfork, the young man kept his eyes on the table, wishing he was in his apartment doing homework.

Today was Rob’s 22nd birthday. His ‘best friends’, and he used this term lightly tonight, decided it would be fun to take him to a strip club. But this was no ordinary strip club. Ordinary just didn’t exist in Brad Delson and Chester Bennington’s vocabulary. No, this particular strip club catered to gay men, which meant men with less hair on their bodies then a hairless cat for as far as the eye could see. From the minute the 3 men stepped foot inside the club, Rob wanted to crawl under a table and hide, but the sketchy condition of the floor squashed his plan.

“Having a good time, Robbles?” Rob cringed inwardly at the sound of Chester’s very flamboyant voice. The loud music was already giving him a headache and his friends voice wasn’t helping any. The hyper brunette flounced over to the table with a pitcher of a bright yellow liquid and 3 glasses. Rob nearly gagged at the strong scent of alcohol wafting out of the pitcher. There was no doubt in his mind that his friends wanted him drunk.

“Fan-fucking-tastic.” Rob said with false enthusiasm.

“Excellent!” He pets Rob’s shoulder, obviously missing the blatant sarcasm in the younger man’s words, and then bounced into Brad’s lap. Watching the two fawn over each other, planting sweet kisses on the others lips, neck, or cheek while whispering equally sweet words in the other’s ear, made Rob felt a pang of jealousy in his heart. He didn’t want either man, he just wanted what they had. He wanted the love and security of knowing someone was waiting for you at home.

“What’s this, pet?” Brad nods over to the pitcher, plucking a chunk of pineapple off the rim and feeding it to the man on his lap.

“The bartender called it a Cum Shot.” Chester said with a grin and happily lapped the pineapple juice off of Brad’s fingers.

“Figures.” Rob muttered dryly, shoving a handful of peanuts in his mouth.

“Have a drink, dear.” The brunette rolled his eyes at the younger man’s comment and grabbed the pitcher, filling one of the glasses with the bright liquid. Rob mumbled something that may of resembled a thank you, or perhaps a curse, and took the glass. He took a tentative sip and scrunched up his nose at the odd combination of flavors. Citrus, banana and kiwi mixed with vodka and melon liqueur. He cringed slightly as heat spread through his chest after he swallowed the liquid.

“You ok Robbie?” Brad tore his lips away from Chester’s pale throat long enough to ask the question. “You look like you just swallowed a bug,” he added with a giggle.

“Try a putrid mix of fruit juice and alcohol.” Rob made another face and shook his head in disgust.

Chester was ready with a snide remark, but the stage and overhead lights dimmed, signaling a new dancer was coming on stage. A familiar song started up and Rob rolled his eyes. He was actually expecting this song to be played at some point during the night. The song was ‘Cowboy’ by Kid Rock. He didn’t pay attention to the activity on stage for the first few seconds.

And then Chester and Brad spoke at the same time, “Damn.”

“Rob, dude, check this guy out!” Chester screeched. His voice was so high pitched when excited that Rob often wondered if his friend was related to a howler monkey.


“Look, damnit!” Brad reached across the table and grabbed the younger man’s chin, forcing his head in the direction of the stage. Despite his reluctance to even watch the sex parade on stage, Rob looked at the dancer purely for his friend’s sake. And for once, he was glad they were so pushy.

This guy was smoking hot. His lean and muscular body was clad in only a pair of black leather chaps, a black g-string, and a black cowboy hat was pulled low over his eyes. All Rob could see of his face was a pair of full lips. From what he could also see, his hair was black. Olive skin was already covered with a thin layer of sweat, and he caught the slight shimmer of a silver barbell through his navel.

“Damn.” Rob muttered, suddenly unable to tear his eyes away from the stage. Every deliberately slow roll and swivel of the dancers slim hips, and suggestive thrust of his pelvis, seemed to raise the temperature of the already smoldering-hot club. A loud hoot erupted from the crowd as the man on stage turned his attention on the brass pole at the front of the stage. Rob felt his cock twitch as the lean body twisted and gyrated around the pole. He let out a soft groan when the dancer clamped his legs around the pole, leaned back until his back arched and his hands were pressed against the stage. He did a particularly suggestive move with his hips, then snapped his legs backwards, performing a perfect back walkover off the pole.

“Now why won’t you do that?!” Rob heard Brad hiss to Chester. He didn’t pay attention to the answer, though. The dancer was going into the crowd. Rob watched as he gave short little lap dances to whom even he was beckoned towards, but it was obvious he had a destination in mind. He knew he wasn’t it, so he turned back to his putrid drink. Rob figured he might as well be drunk if he were to enjoy the rest of the night. After forcing another mouthful off the drink down his throat, he looked up at Chester and Brad, who was looking at him with gaping mouths.

“What’s wr...” Before Rob could get the question out, a warm hand clamped on his shoulder and he was shoved back in his chair. A writhing and sweaty body sank onto his lap, and groin-to-groin contact was instantly made. Heat spread through Rob’s body, and he felt his bones dissolve into jelly. The dancers hat cast a dark shadow over his eyes, but those full lips were curled into a seductive smirk. He rolled his hips against Rob’s in all possible directions, and leaned forward, pressing their chests together.

“Put your hands on me.” He whispered. Rob shut his eyes and moaned at the dancers request, finding it difficult to ignore the rough, pleasantly sexy voice. Holding onto the arms of the chair, the dancer leaned back, giving the young man excess to his entire torso.

Rob swallowed hard and lifted his hands, starting at the dancers collarbone. He traced the exposed bone, his fingers meeting at the hollow of his throat before continuing south. Once at the center of his pecs, Rob’s hands drifted to each nipple, his feather light touches to coax the dark nipples into hard buds. This drew a deep moan from the man on his lap. The song was nearly at the end, so Rob knew he had to hurry. His fingertips ran over each exposed rib, and then followed the curve of each muscle that formed the dancers 6-pack. Rob paused to gently touch the spiked barbell that was threaded through his navel, then he pressed his palms against the dancer’s sides, sliding them down until the rested on his forever moving slim hips. Smirking a little, Rob rubbed his thumbs over the tattoo’s over each sharply defined hip bone; angel wings on the left, devil wings on the right. Finally, Rob danced his fingertips just above the strip of leather that held the dancer’s chaps in place.

At that very moment, the closing notes of the song rang out over the club, and the dancer crawled off Rob with the grace of a cat. Wordlessly, he reached down and grabbed Rob’s hand, yanking him to his feet. The young man glanced at his two friends, who were watching the spectacle with their jaws to the ground, before the dancer pulled him away. He allowed himself to be led through the crowd, keeping his eyes on the tanned and muscled back before him. Rob couldn’t seem to find his voice to ask where they were going, so he silently let himself be pulled around like a dog.

The dancer finally reached a steel door and pushed the heavy object open, pulling Rob inside. He didn’t turn on the light, but the moonlight streaming through the two small windows provided just enough light to be able to see the minimal furnishings in the room. The details of the room became clearer once their eyes adjusted to the darkness.

“What are we doing here?” Rob asked as the door shut behind them.

“You, kitten,” The dancer slowly stalked closer to him, hips swinging with a natural swagger. “have given me a huge hard on, and I would like you to help get rid of it.”

“I… um, er… um.. shit.” Rob stammered over his words, feeling his face flush. The other man chuckled quietly, the sound flowing past his lips like silk over sand paper, much like his voice. Rob took a step back when the dancer was flush against him, letting out a squeak of surprise when he hit the back of the leather couch.

The dancer pressed up against Rob, pressing his clothed erection against his thigh as he leaned in closer to his ear, and then whispering, “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.” Rob shut his eyes and bit his lip to keep from moaning. He swore his voice had dropped a few octaves. Those wonderful lips pressed a kiss just below his ear, and then pulled back.

The dancer gripped Rob’s hips with long, thin fingers, and then leaned in, catching his lips with his own. Rob was stunned for only a second, and then his arms reached up and wrapped around the other man’s neck, kissing him back. The dancer ran his tongue over Rob’s lower lips, silently asking for entrance. Rob happily obeyed and parted his lips, both men moaning as their tongues make contact for the first time. As they kissed, it was as if they’ve been doing it together for years, their heads tilted at the right times to avoid their teeth knocking together, and their lips just seemed to fit together perfectly.

Rob was the one to break the kiss, his lungs burning with the need for oxygen. The dancer ducked his head and dragged his teeth along Rob’s collarbone, then licked a straight line up his throat, along the underside of his jaw, ending at the base of his chin. He took a step back and quickly pulled of Rob’s shirt, tossing onto the couch, and then made quick work of removing his pants and boxers.

Once his boxers and pants were thrown onto the couch, Rob hooked one finger under the leather waistband of the other man’s chaps, pulling him forcefully towards him and gripping the tattooed hips. He lowered his head and placed open mouthed kissed along the dancer’s chest, his teeth occasionally nipping at the smooth flesh. He tangled his fingers in Rob’s hair, but didn’t direct him anywhere, just held on. Rob eventually reached a nipple, and he pressed the flat of his tongue against the dark bud.

“Fuck.” The dancer hissed, his back arching slightly to the younger man’s mouth. Rob drew the hardened bud into his mouth, nibbling and sucking on it, making the man above him whimper. He pulled back and continued down the solid body, his tongue and open mouth sliding effortlessly over the smooth skin. Rob flicked his tongue over the spiked navel ring, causing the dancer to shiver and moan quietly, and then he rocked back on his heels. Using both hands, he reached up and pulled down the zippers holding the chaps around the dancers legs, making him shiver when the slightly cooler air hit his bare skin. Next, Rob tackled the belt around his hips, and the material fell to the ground with a light thud.

Rob licked his lips as his fingers slipped under the thin fabric of the g-string, slowly easing it down. The dancer moaned softly, his fingers twisting around the strands of Rob’s hair, watching the man intently. The young man gasped when the other man’s erection sprung free, and he was suddenly filled with apprehension. Did this man honestly expect to fit this thing inside him without some blood shed?

Swallowing hard, Rob stood up and sighed shakily. “I-I don’t th-“

“Shh shh.” The dancer silenced him and kissed his lips softly. “Everything will be fine, ok? I want to make this enjoyable for you too.”

“Go slow.” Rob said with a soft whisper. The other man simply smiled and nodded, then sank down in a squat in front of the young man. Rob gasped when his warm hand wrapped around the base of his cock and he was stroked a few times. Warm wetness soon surrounded the head, and his head rolled back when soft suction was applied. “Fuck.” His voice came out sounding strangled.

The dancer put his free hand on Rob’s hip, holding him steady when he started sucking harder. His tongue ran along the under side of the head, and he eased a little more inside his mouth. Rob threw his head back and moaned, his fingers gripping the back of the couch with a kung fu like grip. Relaxing his throat, the dancer continued to ease the thick cock down his throat, and he didn’t stop until his nose was against Rob’s pubic bone.

“Shit!” Rob squeaked, almost losing his load right then and there. The dancer began bobbing his head up and down, running his tongue around the shaft at the same time. His breath quickly starting coming out in rapid pants. The combination of sensations quickly became too much for Rob, and he was getting dangerously close to cumming. “S-stop.” He stammered, putting his hands on the other man’s shoulders to push him away.

“What’s wrong?” He stood up, confused.

“Well, first off, I wanna see your face.” Rob said as he reached up, pulling the cowboy hat off the dancers head. Now that he could see all of him, he definitely wasn’t disappointed. His black hair, streaked with blue and red, was flattened slightly because of the hat, but parts were still spiked up. His eyes were a dark brown, almond shaped and rimmed with Kohl, and long, thick lashes caressed his cheek each time he blinked. The corners of his eyes creased when he smiled broadly.

“And what’s the second thing, kid?”

“The second thing?” Rob was too busy staring at this man’s beautiful face that he nearly forgot what he was in the middle of saying. “Oh, right! I made you stop because I’d much rather cum with you inside me.”

The dancer grinned, and then nodded, “I can do that. Turn around.” He made a spinning motion with his finger, and Rob did as he asked. He braced his hands on the couch, and waited for what was to come. Warm hands caressed his back, and Rob sighed, letting his head fall forward as the caress turned to a light massage. A light kiss was pressed to the back of his neck, and then behind his right ear. “You ever done this before?” The deep, husky voice asked.

“Yeah,” Rob nodded, his voice soft. “I-it’s been a while, though.”

“Ok.” The hands moved lower, still massaging the tense set of muscles. “Let me know if it hurts too much, and I’ll stop, ok?”

“Yeah.” Rob nodded again. The dancer nodded also and spit a couple of times into his hand, no other lubrication available, and spread the saliva over two fingers. Putting one hand on the younger man’s shoulder, he slid his hand between his thighs. Rob sucked in a breath when he felt a finger rubbing around his opening.

“Now just relax…” He whispered, slowly pushing his finger inside. Rob groaned and grit his teeth, his muscles contracting around the intrusion. The dancer rubbed his shoulder as he gently pulled his finger in and out, slowly relaxing the tense ring of muscle. Gradually, Rob’s breath began to even out and his muscles relax. That’s when a second finger was added.

“Fucker.” Rob hissed, squeezing his eyes shut. “You should have warned me first.” He muttered between labored breaths.

“Sorry.” The dancer chuckled, kissing the back of his shoulder. “You ok?” He asked, slowly moving his fingers. Rob bit his lip for a second, took a deep breath, and then nodded.

“I’m fine.” He pushed his hips back a little. Another kiss was pressed to the back of his shoulder, and then the fingers began scissoring inside him, stretching him further. It took a few minutes, but Rob was soon stretched and relaxed as much as possible. Penetration would still be painful.

“Spit.” He stuck his hand in front of Rob’s face. “Please.” He added as an after thought, and grinned. Rob rolled his eyes and deposited a fair about of saliva on the dancer’s hand. It was gross, but he knew it would help in the end.

The dancer added to the pool, then slicked it over his entire length, mixing with the pre-cum that had gathered at the tip. He soon fell into a good rhythm, and was soon moaning with every stroke of his hand.

“Um, excuse me?” The young man’s voice tore him away from his task, and he looked up to see him staring at him with one eyebrow raised.

“Sorry.” He smirked. The dancer held Rob’s hip with one hand and used the other to guide his cock towards his opening.

Rob’s breath hitched when he felt the head pressing against his hole. The dancer continued to push forward until the head of his cock disappeared inside the young man’s body. Rob gritted his teeth against the pain, and took deep, calming breaths to help relax his body. The other man continued to push forward, pausing every so often to let the young man adjust to his size.

Once he was buried inside him, the dancer’s dark eyes nearly rolled backwards at the tight warmth surrounding his cock, and his entire body shuddering. The tightness was nearly enough to make him cum alone. “Fuck, you feel amazing.” He groaned, gripping Rob’s narrow hips tightly.

“Give me a minute.” Rob said between clenched teeth. The entire lower half of his body felt like it was on fire, and he was certain he would split in half if the dancer would start to move. He shut his eyes and took deep breaths, willing his body into relaxing. Behind him, the other man rubbed his back, helping him to relax more.

“I..I have to move.” The dancer spoke after a few minutes, still rubbing Rob’s back in long, soothing strokes.

Rob inhaled deeply a few times, then nodded and gripped the back of the couch tightly. “Alright, I’m ready.”

“Ok.” He kissed the back of his shoulder. “Let me know if it hurts too much.” Rob nodded again, and the dancer slowly pulled out so just the head remained inside, and then pushed back in. This was repeated a couple more times, and then he switched the angle. This got an immediate reaction from the younger man.

“Holy shit!” He squealed. “Fuck, do that again.” He pushed his hips back, eager to have that spot hit again. Grinning, the dancer began to thrust a little harder.

With each thrust, Rob’s prostate was nailed head on, causing white stars to burst behind his eyes. “Harder.” He sobbed, pushing his hips back to meet each of the dancers thrusts. His request was obeyed, and the motions were sped up.

“Fuck.. so tight… ” The dancer grunted, speeding up his thrusts even more. A layer of sweat was covering their bodies at this point, and the quiet room was filled with the sounds of their moans and grunts, and the slap of skin on skin.

Rob moaned loudly when he felt a warm hand wrap around his throbbing erection, and the cold metal spikes of the dancer’s navel barbell rubbed against his lower back. His cock was stroked at the same speed as the thrusts. Given the combined sensations, his release would be cumming quickly. “I-I’m gonna cum!” He moaned loudly.

“Then come.” The dancer growled, giving the young man’s cock a squeeze. Rob inhaled sharply as he felt his balls tighten, and another loud moan erupted as his seed spilled over the dancer’s hand, and a little splashed on the back of the couch. Behind him, he felt the other man shiver violently and a steady stream of curses flew from his mouth as he came.

Absolutely spent, Rob leaned heavily against the back of the couch, his arms supporting his weight as he struggled to get his breath back.

“That was bloody amazing.” The dancer said breathlessly, leaning his forehead against the back of Rob’s neck. “Are you ok?”

“Perfect.” Rob said with a lazy smile. “Thank you, for being patient with me.”

“No worries.” He smiled and kissed the base of his neck, and then quickly wiped his hand on the back of the couch. He pulled out slowly, and Rob groaned at the sudden empty feeling inside him. The two men dressed in silence, and Rob used his boxers to wipe off the back of the couch, opting to go commando for the rest of the night.

The dancer leaned forward and pressed his lips to Rob’s, swiping his tongue across the younger man’s bottom lip quickly before pulling away, smiling cheekily. “See you later, kid.” He touched Rob’s hip before turning and opening the door.

“Wait.” Rob grabbed the dancer’s arm before he could leave.

“Hmm?” One dark, perfectly arched eyebrow was raised.

“What’s your name?” Rob asked softly, sliding his fingertips over the smooth skin before releasing his arm.

Chuckling, the dancer took the cowboy hat off his head and placed it on Rob’s, sliding the brim down over his eyes. He kissed his cheek, and then left.

Rob sighed and took the hat off to adjust its position on his head. As he was about to put it back on, silver ink on the sweatband caught his attention. It was a name. “Property of Mike Shinoda.” He read out loud, and smiled.



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