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High School Divide by Kirstie

Chapter 1

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Edit 15/06/05- Ok so I edited this chapter, it's still terrible in my opinion but it honestly does get better! I don't want to change it because I kind of like how I can see my writing skill improve throughout the story.

3/5/12 Edited again.

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Chapter 1

Chester walked down the corridor heading for his locker, someone walking past stuck out their foot and he fell hard against the lockers with a dull thud; his books scattering across the floor. Laughter rang through his ears as he scrambled to pick up his books, thwarted further by passing kids kicking them in every direction. He stood up, his face crimson with shame and he carried on to his locker jamming his books in before mentally scolding himself for the tears threatening his eyes.

‘Fucking first thing on a Monday morning.’ He muttered angrily, it was all he needed after his bad weekend. Still he refused to let it upset him, assuring himself that much worse was to come from his school ‘friends’ during the next week and rest of his high school life.

The bell indicated registration and he snuck into his form room, sitting in the back, praying to go unnoticed. Fortunately he did and relief washed over him as his form teacher entered the room.

The day dragged by slowly, he endured most of the taunts he got, and mostly the other kids just ignored him or found it funny to chuck things at his head for entire lessons.

As he began his journey home Chester noticed a group of guys walking ahead of him, not wanting to be targeted he watched them goof around from a distance, running around the road, laughing and play wrestling. They stopped on the corner of his street and chatted. Chester slowed down wishing they’d move on before he reached them, he was close enough to hear their conversation about one of the cheerleaders, part of him suddenly yearned to contribute to the conversation- having heard extra information on the rumor about her, but he knew he couldn’t; it was Brad, Joe and Mike, the most popular guys at school, hung around with all the pretty girls, all of them seemed to get top grades even though they messed around in class and all of them hated him, most of the time, they didn’t notice his existence, they usually just joined in when others were already making comments.

He had no choice but to walk past them, they looked over at him as he hunched his shoulders and stared at the ground, walking quickly past them.

‘Hey, enjoy your trip?’ Brad called after him, Chester turned to look at him confused.

‘Today, enjoy your trip?’ The others smiled smugly, Chester shrugged and walked on.

‘Hey, you gonna ignore me?’ Brad shouted and Chester heard jogging footsteps behind him, someone grabbed his shoulder and he braced himself.

‘Why the fuck you ignoring me? Who the hell do you think you are?’ Brad barked, clearly not used to being ignored.

‘Sorry.’ Chester said blankly, trying to avoid a beating, Brad was a lot stronger than him. Joe and Mike wandered over.

‘Sorry? Listen, you fucking prick, I talk and you listen ok?’ Brad said, his grip still tight on Chester’s shoulder who nodded obediently.

‘Jesus, you're pathetic.’ Joe chipped in laughing. Chester stared at the ground.

‘Er hello?’ Brad said and Chester looked up, coming back from his thoughts.

‘You’re a nut case.’ Brad laughed and they walked away; Chester watched in disbelief at how easy that was and how he’d managed to escape unscathed.

He tried the handle of his front door, it was open, he took a gulp and sighed. He preferred to be at home alone, but that rarely happened, his Dad’s new girlfriend didn’t have a job, she just sat smoking, drinking and watching TV all day.

‘Chester, that you?’ Her voice called from the living room, he stuck his head round the door, not intending to stay long.

‘Yeah, I’m home Eve, I’m gonna go do my homework.’

‘Awwww, sweetheart stay and watch TV with me for a while, I’ve been alone all day.’ She pouted her lips at him and fluttered her eyelashes, she’d just argue if he didn’t so she walked in and slumped down on the sofa opposite hers.

‘No, sit next to me, sweetie.’ She instructed, Chester sighed and moved next to her. Immediately her hand lay on his back and rubbed slowly up and down.

Eve had been living there for 2 months now; she’d been dating his dad for 6. Chester hadn’t really met her until she moved in. She’d been evicted from her flat and his dad said she could stay, she brought loads of things with her, the house was crammed with girly things Chester wasn’t used too, his mother had split from his father when he was 6, 10 years later and he was still with his Dad. It was strange having another person in the house, His dad was the Sheriff of the town so he worked long hours and often didn’t come home at all, Chester was used to this and became fairly self-sufficient; now his home had been invaded by this woman, who made him feel uncomfortable and a stranger in his own home; she was always touching him, he supposed she was just an affectionate person, still he wasn’t used to it, his Dad never really hugged him, that wasn’t the sort of relationship they had, Chester’s Dad had become hard from the things he’d seen, sometimes he seemed emotionless; Chester felt this, they only really talked about sport when they were together, they weren’t even close enough to argue with one another, they lived in the same house, but neither knew each other.

‘I should do my essay, it’s due for tomorrow.’ Chester mumbled after a few minutes, the back rubbing making him feel hot and bothered.

‘Oh sweetie, what’s the hurry, stay with your Evey.’ She mumbled, he looked at her drooping eyes, realising how drunk she was. He wanted to escape.

‘No I really should go do it.’ He replied and started to stand but the hand on his back closed round his shirt and pulled him back.

‘I asked you to stay with me. Now STAY.’ She snapped, not moving her eyes from the TV, Chester, taken back by her tone, complied and watched TV, enduring her hand moving from his neck to the bottom of his back.

He didn’t escape until ten, stuck watching soap operas, Eve never moving her eyes from the TV, even when lighting a cigarette or drinking her drink. She never removed her hand from his back either.

He escaped to the bathroom, feeling odd; he didn’t like the way Eve made him feel, he couldn’t see what his Dad saw in her, she was a drunk with no money and a strange personality, and he felt on edge in her presence.

He stripped off, looking in the mirror, taking in the fading bruise under his eye from a fight at school, hidden by his thick-rimmed black glasses. His curly dark hair a mess, the gel old and cracking. He wished he was taller, he wished he was bigger and stronger, then at least he could defend himself, but no he was thin and scrawny- which disappointed his dad, he didn’t make the football team when his dad had pressured him to try out for it.

He sighed unhappily; climbing into the shower he wondered when his life had become so sad and unimportant.

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