Devil's Effect by Penelope_Ink & lpfan503

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From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2019-11-21

Chapter: 9

Not sure how long or short this review will be, but I am sure, as I’ve said a hundred times, that Jason needs - desperately needs - to get it together. *still glaring at Jason* My poor eyes are going to dry out from all of this non-stop glaring if he doesn’t. o_O He’s out with Ryan and he has to force himself to keep thoughts of Mike at bay? Like, what the hell?? And then giving Mike’s name instead of Ryan’s?? Literally, my mouth dropped open. This is all so wrong and fucked up. And, again...Ryan. :’( :’( I really, really hope he never finds out about Jason saying Mike’s name instead of his somehow. Ouch. :( And, as much as I worry about Mike and Ches, I’m really worrying for Jason and Ryan too.

The scenes at the orchestra/symphony were done really well because I was feeling just as stuffy and out of place as Ryan while reading them. I’m definitely more of the Ryan/Chester type and I always feel out of place at anything too formal. I do NOT belong in those circles. Total fish out of water lol

I love that Mike and Chester are going to recreate their first date. *swoons* Talk about making my Bennoda heart happy. <333 I just really hope it goes well and doesn’t get ruined somehow. Maybe the recreation can end a little differently? With some Bennoda lovin’? ;)

Speaking of, I was hoping they’d get it on in the dressing room :p lol And I loved even just that second of Mike tugging on the belt...mmm, I was all in. Forgive me b/c I’m gonna sound like a total perv right now, but Mike’s gotta find a way to tug/pull on Chester. Like, that’s so incredibly hot. I actually think I may be going through collar withdrawals right along with Mike lol Obviously, I don’t want Chester to hurt/get hurt but surely you guys can think of something to take it’s place for now. I’m leaving this dilemma in your hands. ;)

I like Chester apologizing for how he was in the beginning and admitting that was his Charlie Bang persona and not him. Makes perfect sense. Chester certainly isn’t that confident or straight forward and it makes sense that he would tap into Charlie Bang when needed/talking to guys.

I think that’s it. Oh! I’m glad everything with the estate is settled now. And I don’t blame Jason for not wanting that house. I wouldn’t either.

And please keep the weekly updates coming! I love it! I’d love daily updates even more but I know that’s not gonna happen. :p

From: halvlang

Date: 2019-11-21

Chapter: 9

This is for the last chapter! Wasn’t fast enough with reviewing :( will write one for the new chapter as well later this week!

Chapter 8 had a lot of things happening that I never saw happening. I mean, Mike and Ryan talking? Like really talking? Crazy!

But, let's start at the beginning.

I like how Mike keeps repeating that he and Ches need to find an own place but is not looking for anything new. At least I've never heard any of them saying "hey, I found this nice apartment we can pay a visit to and see if we like it there" :D Nit that they have enough money to move just yet but there seems more thoughts about moving than actual effort to make it happen and I'm wondering if that has to do with Ches wanting to be close to Ry and Mike wanting to be close to Jay...

Moving on to point two. Mike thinking about him and Ches and if he did something wrong, even before the talk with Ryan later that evening. I do feel a bit bad for him because he is protecting Ches and he really loves him, so it must be hard when self-doubt is creeping in, telling him that he did something wrong (even if it’s “just” loosing control) when it really wasn't his intention. On the other hand, Ry is right. Ches has problems to say no and to draw clear boundaries. And it's hard for Mike to see that sometimes, because you are right, he doesn't know him as long as the others do. So I'm glad that Ry and Mike talked.

Which is the next point on my list. The talk. It's funny how Mike thinks about how he should be nicer and how he should be listening and then he still acs super defensive and pissed xD I can relate tot hat so much. Especially when being in a stressful situation, it can be such a big difference between the things you want to say and you actually say. The way you want to behave and you do behave. But, in this case, the talk still turned out to be ok. And important. First, because it was a really important to relief some of the tension between them. It was also good that Ry said that Mike doesn’t need to worry because he is the one Ches chose. Maybe it was something Mike needed to hear.

Second last point. Ryan is picking up on the friendship that Jay and Mike developed and I don’t know if that’s good. One the one hand it makes him think about his and Mike’s relationship and that he wants to get along with Mike better for the sake of Jay as well. Which is good. On the other hand…. He might sense that there is more between them sometimes. And where that ends…. I’m not sure I want to know.

Last point before I’m ending this ridiculously long review. Mike talking to Ches when he gets to bed. It was so damn important. because it was on Mike’s mind but also because it shows that he wants Ches to be ok and to learn to communicate his wants, needs and dislikes. I loved the whole scene with them in bed, being close and talking. I really loved it.

Ok, one last thought; maybe they should switch around again. Ches has been bottoming for quite a while now, in privat and in front of the camera and Mike said he misses the way they were. So getting back to more sensual and slow sex… Maybe it would help them to get back there.

From: Esmeralda

Date: 2019-11-19

Chapter: 8

This was really an intense chapter, you guys are absolutely right... the talk between Mike and Ryan.. the talk between Mike and Chester... all of it was absolutely needed. First, Mike and Ryan needed to talk and clarify where they stand around each other.

Ryan needed to show Mike he is not a threat for Mike and Chester's relationship (even when sometimes I think he might be and not because of Chester not loving Mike but because of Ryan's feelings which still have me all confused). That little comment about Mike being the one Chester picked up and fell in love with. Damn, that almost sounded kinda regretful, specially since they were having sex at the time.

And then, Mike and Chester talk was much needed... A relationship without communication is nothing, even with the amazing sex... specially now that Mike might be attracted to Jason. And given the fact that Chester has serious self esteem issues and is clearly struggling with depression, he needs any help and reassurance his boyfriend could offer him. I'm glad Mike is aware of that.

The nightmare was very well recreated and the aftermath was extremely well written. Chester calling for Ryan instead of Mike, and Mike feeling rejected and getting comforted by Jason... Arghh...this implies a lot.. this is exactly what I love in a fic, all these layers, I really do support what other reviewer said about this being a masterpiece, you guys are doing an amazing job. Thanks for the quick updates, I cannot wait for the next one.

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2019-11-17

Chapter: 8

I know that I always tell you two how awesome and great the chapters in this story are, but this current chapter was beyond awesome! Also, I love how quickly and frequently you update.

It was good to see Ryan and Mike talk things out calmly, even though they probably wanted to yell at each other. At least Mike seemed very defensive at first. Ryan thinking 'I don't know why he hates me so much' was heartbreaking. I'm sure that Mike doesn't hate Ryan, he's just jealous and doesn't really his relationship to Chester.

Then, Chester's nightmare. OMG, that was terrible but so well-written because I felt like I were inside his nightmare. I can understand that he called for Ryan instead of Mike, because Ryan seems to know more about these nightmares and knows how to handle them. Mike has to understand that it's not personal, like Jason said.

Now to the collar and what role it plays in this story. I guess it will come back at a later point, but it might be a good idea to stop using it in bed for a while. I'll miss it, but in the meantime they can play with the panties and that garter belt that was introduced last chapter...

I loved that Mike and Chester finally had an open conversation about how things are, and in my opinion they definitely need to have more talks like this one. It will be good for them to be more honest with each other!

Please update soon :)

From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2019-11-13

Chapter: 8

This chapter made me so emotional. Not the super heart-breaking kind of emotional I’ve been so worried about with this story (thank God we’re not there yet), but emotional for the characters and all the different layers happening. And, in spite of not being fond of *all* the layers, I have to give you ladies props for the masterpiece you’ve created/are creating. Because that’s exactly what these two stories are. A masterpiece. <333

Okay...going to address Ryan first. You guys alluded to Ryan possibly not being completely aware of how deep his feelings go for Chester and I think we, or at least I, got the first real taste of that in this chapter. Ryan’s comment about Chester choosing Mike and Mike getting to be the one Ches fell in love with was very telling. He almost sounded, in that moment at least, as if Chester was “the one who got away” or something. I wasn’t sure what to make of that. And my heart did ache for Ryan. I mean, I’m still team Bennoda all the way (sorry, Ryan :p), but my heart strings were tugged just a little.

As for Mike and Ryan...I’m glad they talked. As much as I enjoyed that little back and forth between them from the previous chapter, I didn’t want things to get too bitter between them. That would only make things worse.

The collar...super torn about this. :-/ I’m going to miss it as much as Mike and Ches. I’m hoping it’s not gone forever? But, at the same time, if it’s something they both can’t handle right now (for whatever reasons) than I guess it’s better this way. *heavy sigh*

Now, Chester...God, you tugged at my Chester heart with this chapter. His nightmare was awful. :’( And then Ryan being right about how he struggles to say no, even when he should. And then Ryan saying he’s seen people hurt Chester on purpose before. :(:( On purpose??? I mean, I know Mark obviously, but it sounded like it was more than Mark. And I know Mark paired Ryan with Chester b/c he said Chester needed someone who would be more gentle with him. Something like that anyway. So I’m assuming Chester had some rough and sadistic scene partners? :-/ Or asshole ex’s who used/abused him? It will hurt but kinda hoping we get some more background information on Chester’s past.

I love, love, love that Mike and Chester finally talked openly and honestly about *something*. Thank the damn heavens!! lol That was so good and so needed. It hurt to hear Chester say that sex is something he “can do” like it’s all he can offer Mike, but this talk was so healthy for them. Please let this trend continue? Pretty please? And, as always, I love them laying in bed and just cuddling. That’s always nice too. <3 I love them so much.

My heart hurt for Mike when Ches called out to Ryan b/c I can totally see why that would be hurtful, but I agree with Jason. It’s not a personal thing. I really don’t believe it is anyway. But Mike saying he wants Chester to need him hit hard. And I know Chester needs Mike. I just hope Mike realizes that too.

Okay. I’m back to writing my novels again :p haha Looking forward to the next chapter! <3

From: halvlang

Date: 2019-11-13

Chapter: 7

I’m beyond busy, so I can only leave a really short comment. Just wanted to let you know that I read the chapter, that I loved it and that I can’t wait to see how this all develops. Mike’s and Chester’s relationship (and sex!), Jayson being slightly distracted by thoughts off Mike, Ryan and Mike playing this power game... I LOVE IT

From: Esmeralda

Date: 2019-11-13

Chapter: 7

Every chapter of this story seems to get better than the prior and you got me completely hooked. I don't have too much time now to write a very long review, but want to point out the things I loved the most:

- Damn! Jason getting off again just by listening to Mike... Jason is playing a very dangerous game.. I'm not tired of saying it, I'm worried that he was paying more attention to the action upstairs than to his own boyfriend.

- Ryan also had his mind somewhere else.. even if the space is tight, he could have been paying more attention to Jay and less to Mike and Chester. I wonder if is just not jealous over the whole collar thing... it could be interesting to see if he is also turn on by it.

-You guys are recreating the most erotic/ sexiest scenes ever in this fic. These animalistic, raw sex scenes between Mike and Chester are incredibly hot. I will not deny it... I love reading it and will welcome much more.. I absolutely love Mike being possessive with Chester. Please bring more!

- the little power struggle between Mike and Ryan... they cannot stand each other and it shows here. Jason will start to question Ryan if he continues acting like that toward Chester. I need all of them to be honest with each other. Too many secrets and concealed feelings. I just cannot wait, please update soon!

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2019-11-13

Chapter: 7

Again such a good chapter!

I have to agree with what mermaid said about Jason. Him being in bed with Ryan and actually paying more attention to what he hears Mike say to Chester is just WRONG. Wrong, Jason, you hear me?

Still, I'd love to see a foursome between them, and I won't give up hope yet. I liked when Jason thought about Mike in any position of submission, and I had to think back to that scene when he let Ches cuff him to the bed. Jason would have lost his mind if he had seen that. So, in conclusion, I'm very conflicted about Jason here.

Also, the short confrontation between Mike and Ryan about the collar and Mike being not careful enough with Ches was interesting. Ryan has to see that Ches and Mike are two consenting adults, and when they both like the collar, there's nothing wrong with that. I don't see a reason why Ryan doesn't just openly ask Chester about what he really thinks about wearing the collar for Mike and all of that, but I'll just wait and see what happens.

I'd love to see a real fight between Ryan and Mike though!

Please update soon, I can't wait for the next chapter :)

From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2019-11-11

Chapter: 7

This review may be on the shorter side. Well, short for me since I tend to write you guys a novel. :p lol

So, first, ummmm...one big HELL NO to Jason in this chapter. :O I’m sure I sound like a broken record but he really, truly needs to get it together. Like, now. I honestly don’t know what else to say. Yes, Ryan left him in a less than desirable state but still...just...yeah. o_O Get it together, Jason. *glares at Jason*

Now, about Ryan...I’m torn. I tried to picture how I would feel in his position. Like, if a friend of mine had marks on them after sex, especially marks around the neck. And, while I can’t say I’d be overjoyed about it, I’ve also always firmly held the belief that whatever consenting adults do in their own time is between them and shouldn’t be judged. So, I guess, I’m leaning more towards Ryan is overreacting, but, at the same time, I can definitely see why he feels the way he does. And Mike and Ches still need to be careful. Things can get carried away easily. Especially with the way they go at it. Holy hell. Not that I’m complaining. *ahem* Feel free to write as much animalistic Bennoda as you want *ahem* ;)

The back and forth between Ryan and Mike at the end...loved it! haha And Jason’s thought about the two of them acting like school boys fighting over a boy they both like was spot on. It is exactly how they act sometimes.

Alright. I think that’s it. You both know I’m hooked. Even though my Bennoda heart isn’t always so sure I should be lol I guess we’ll see.

Looking forward to the next update! :)

From: Esmeralda

Date: 2019-11-06

Chapter: 6

Again all the emotions this fic is making feel is arghhh, cannot even word it properly. Dammit! Mike's writer is doing a hell of a job with messing up with Mike's head so bad... I don't think Mike is aware of what his real feelings are now... I think he is much more attracted to Jason than he thinks he is, and he is just hiding it and that will make it even stronger and real when he finally gets it out.

Jason is aware and as a more experienced man is playing a dangerous game that will probably end up hurting more than one. The whole scene with Jason and Mike alone in the loft was very well done. Mike seriously needs to sit down with Chester and not just have sex but they need to talk... I feel their relationship is not in good shape, they have amazing sex but they are not communicating properly, Mike is getting more attached to Jason... is spending too much time with Jason... is heading towards trouble. And I cannot wait for trouble to happen.

About Chester and Ryan.. I don't know... Chester gives so many mixed signals, but I'm pretty sure Ryan has some underlying feelings for Chester, I think he could end up or might be slowly falling in love with him... unfortunately Mike is probably right about his way of thinking here and not just with the way things are between Chaz and Ry but also with how the situation with Jason has affected him. Jason is right, he cannot have it both ways.

I need you guys to update this fic soon, I'm dying to see who will be the first one to mess up, I know that will come sooner than later. Much love to you guys!!!

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2019-11-05

Chapter: 6

Firstly, sorry for this late review!

Secondly, I have to have a word with your Mike. There are moments in this story when I question his loyalty to Chester...he's such a hypocrite sometimes, thinking about Jason like that. I'm afraid that one day, they'll do something they'll both regret. Mike can't have those double standards. Wanting to kiss Jason on the one hand, and being so irrationally jealous of Ryan is not okay, Michael!!!

Now to the pictures in the magazine: I don't know if Mike has ever looked in a fashion magazine before, but many of the pictures in those magazines are kind of sexy, because it's true that sex sells. Plus, didn't you say that this is a clothing brand aimed at the gay community? I'm not sure right now, I might be wrong... but anyway, if that's the case, it's only normal to show sexy photos of the models to attract more customers. Mike really needs to let go of the jealousy and have an open conversation about his feelings with Ches.

I loved this chapter, and I can't wait to read more, please update soon :)

From: halvlang

Date: 2019-11-04

Chapter: 6

I need a list, once again. Because soooo many damn things happened.

1.) I like how different they think about the flat-situation. Like Mike really wants to move, the others thing they have arranged it nicely. They do have a different stand on things. Which is not surprising, seen how different they are.

2.) Mike has a full-time-job again?? That's great! I hope it makes him feel better, at least about himself.

3.) Mike being so jealous of Ryan. I don't get it at all times. I see what he means, it can be weird to see Ches and Ryan so close, seen their history together. Why is Mike not just asking Ches if there was ever sex outside of the job? Not sure if he would believe Ches if he would say that it never happened but at least the question would be out there.

4.) “You can’t have it both ways, Mike,” Jason said softly. “Either sex between Ry and Chaz meant nothing, or what we did meant something. Which is it?”

This sentence gets its own point on the list because it was just perfect and so damn true! Mike has double standards here and Jay is pointing them out quite clearly.

5.) JAY AND MIKE NEARLY KISSING?!?! Giiiiirls, you kill me here! Mainly because I'm not sure what I want. I know I said I wouldn't mind Mike jumping on Jay but now that it nearly happened (I mean, they were super close und Jay had just a towel around his waist and they were holding hands and their lips were basically touching!!) I'm freaking out about it! So, Mike, I have to ask: What the hell are you doing there??

6.) Chester's and Ry's talk in the car about Mike and how he is behaving during sex. I think it was important for Ry to hear from Ches that he enjoys it, that he isn't forced into anything. Especially after the one time Ches showed up with all the bruises and then the collar... I can understand that Ryan was a bit concerned but I hope that he leaves them alone now. No need to worry if it's consensual, right?

7.) Mike being a bit of an ass about the photos. Ches was really proud and I think Mike should have kept his opinion for himself... It's, again, part of their job. They weren't cheating or anything. They dod what they were asked and what they signed up for. While Mike is getting all confused about a half-naked Jayson. Again, it's a double standard.

8.) I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER! Seriously, I want them all, I want them now!! <3

From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2019-11-01

Chapter: 6

Not sure where to start...*sigh* My Bennoda heart is definitely a 180 from what it was at the end of the previous chapter. Didn’t I mention that, btw? :p Knowing I won’t always feel so warm and fuzzy?

First, I want to preface this by talking to Mike and Jason’s writer. I adore you so I truly hope you aren’t ever offended by my feelings towards them. Same for Chester and Ryan’s writer, if I’m ever super angry with them in future chapters. My intentions aren’t to offend. And really, isn’t the fact that I get so angry, your fault anyway? ;) haha Now, on with the review....

1.) Jason - I don’t know what he was getting at by talking to Mike the way he was. He was trying to persuade Mike that what happens between Chester and Ryan doesn’t mean anything but, boy, if it didn’t seem like he was trying to do the exact opposite. I was just thinking “wth?” through that whole exchange.

2.) Mike - If/when (and I’m sure it’s when, not if) he and Jason are going to do whatever the hell they want, than Mike can’t say one word about Chester and Ryan. Not one word. He can’t have his cake and eat it too.

3.) These comparisons between Mike and Mark - Jason and Ryan both made some. Jason in a previous chapter and Ryan in this one. Not sure how I feel about that. Despite currently being unhappy with Mike, I don’t think it’s a fair comparison. It feels extreme. But it was an interesting view point.

4.) Chester telling Ryan he’s happy while, at the same time, Mike and Jason were close to fucking up was a total punch to the gut. :( Why do I feel like Chester and Ryan are both going to be left in the dust and Mike and Jason are going to be blissfully happy and totally uncaring? :-/

5.) Speaking of that, and I touched on this in one of emails, but for Mike to cheat on Chester and than lose him because of that is going to hurt. A lot. But I’m even more afraid that will happen and Mike won’t care. He’ll be so wrapped up in Jason, that losing Chester won’t bother him. And that will hurt even more. :’( So much more. So, even though I don’t want to see Mike hurting, I want that to bother him. I want him to want Chester back. My Bennoda heart will be a wreck otherwise. And, yes, I realize this hasn’t even happened yet but it’s one of those future things I’m dreading o_O lol

6.) I may have kinda, sorta rolled my eyes when Jason brought up wearing Ryan’s ring :p Like, his feelings seem so detached from Ryan right now that it came off as him saying what he thinks he should say, not saying what he really feels. If that makes sense?

7.) On a lighter note...hoping Mike and Chester are going to have some fun with this garter belt?? Please, please, please. And, yes, I’m fully prepared to beg for this. No shame in my game. ;) And I’m hoping the panties make an appearance again. Oh, and I love Chester with curls too. *happy sigh* <333 I think we all do.

I think that’s it. Forgive my whining. I don’t know how to not whine about this Mike and Jason business. It gets under my skin. Same with Chester and Ryan when they’re playing with fire.

Oh! And I knew this modeling gig was going to stir up trouble. But, again, Mike can’t say anything if he starts an affair with Jason. We’ll see how this goes.

From: Dinahsaur

Date: 2019-10-31

Chapter: 6

Aaaaahhhhhhh the latest chapter was so good! But oh man does reading it make me nervous!! When Mike put his hand on Jasons thigh I internally started to freak out. Mike is becoming more and more interested in Jason (and vice-versa), and I'm so afraid he's gonna give into his lust.

Throughout the story, I've been understanding when it comes to mike, even through his bouts of jealousy. But the idea of him cheating on Chester with Jason makes me pretty angry. At this point, I'm pretty sure it's going to happen. And boy will it be one clusterfuck of a mess.

P.S. I can't wait to read more about Chesters garter belt ;)

From: Esmeralda

Date: 2019-10-28

Chapter: 5

Oh God this chapter was sooo hot that it just left me speechless... cannot even think straight. Cannot focus myself in anything other than this incredible sex scene. OMFG one of the best ever.. I love Chester fucking Mike's mouth, that was amazing, sexy and the whole scene felt powerful. For some reason, the declarations they made to each other about not wanting to do that with anybody else I felt like it will come back to them. I cannot help but think that cheating on this fic is only chapters away before one of them jump into it.

I'm seriously preoccupied for Jason and Ryan's relationship, Mark's voice messing up again with Jason's head and making him think that Ryan is not good enough. I know that will also come back, and I can already see Jason comparing him to Mike and figuring that Mike is a more comparable option for him, even unconsciously. Please update this fic soon or it will drive me crazy!

From: halvlang

Date: 2019-10-26

Chapter: 5

I've so many things to say, mainly because I'm really confused that you picked a topic for this chapter that is in my mind for a few days now regarding my real life situation. I was wondering how it would feel to hear the voice of a family member that passed away after a long time and I was wondering if I should watch some old videos of a person I've lost a while ago. So I was really focused on what Jayson felt while hearing Mark, not that much what Mark actually had recorded. It must be so weird.

What he said... yeah, he actually had a good knowledge of human nature (in German we have a word for this (of course we do), it's called "Menschenkenntnis". Just had to throw this in here) and he really hated Mike. And maybe it helps Jay to see that Mark was actually really mad because he chose Ryan. Jay loves Ryan and will always defend him, so maybe it's good that eh got to hear Mark's thought on him.

And than Ches in panties... I can imagine that you had fun writing this whole scene xD It was hot and even though we got some sex in the last chapter already, this was better. (Yes, even better than my imaginary Jay-Mike-sex). It must be really weird to spend time apart form each other after a year where they saw each other 24/7 and then not getting any privacy when they are back home. They definitely made the best of it this time!

And a few words to Jayson's and Mike's writer: You made him so unbelievable great that I want them both together because I love them and I want the best for them and sometimes I think hat exploring with each other is the best for them (maybe not for their relationships but for them, personally), so you can't blame me for thinking about it!! :P

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2019-10-24

Chapter: 5

Oh my God! What a chapter! This was definitely one of the best slash scenes I've ever read on this site! (And I read a lot of slash...). I've come to the conclusion that there's nothing better than tied/handcuffed Mike, so thank you for this :) I loved that Chester made it clear to Mike that he could say no if he didn't want to be cuffed, since that's not normally his thing, but that Mike decided that no, he wanted this. Arghhh, it was great, I love you two! The whole scene was amazing!

Okay, fangirling over, now to the actual plot: It was a good idea for Jason to go through Mark's phone; the voice messages were very interesting, but on the other side, Jason has more doubts about Ryan now, which isn't good at all. It was kind of worrying to see that he still refers to Mark as 'hon' / honey...I hope he sees that being with Ryan is best for him, and that Ryan is in fact the perfect life-partner for him. However, I'm still intrigued to find out if anything happens with Mike, and what drama might happen then.

The whole chapter has calmed my nerves about Mike's and Chester's relationship. I just adore them together. Please update soon :)

PS: My favorite line was "Nobody trains Mike Shinoda." I don't know why, but it made me laugh so hard!

From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2019-10-23

Chapter: 5

I know I’m not going to say this after every chapter but...I love you guys. *happiest of happy sighs* (And not that I won’t still love you guys after every chapter, mind you, but I’m certain I won’t be feeling quite so warm and fuzzy after all of them.) But we’re not there yet. We’re here. So I’m going to deal with the here and now and try to stop dreading the future so much.

I can see why you enjoyed writing the slash. o_O That was *hot*. Holy hell, that was hot. The Bennoda perv in me is very, very happy at the moment. ;)

I also want to say, because I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, that I love/adore every time Mike thinks/says that Chester is beautiful while they’re being intimate. It happened here and it happened in the Piano Room and Palm Springs chapters from Devil’s Drop. I’m pretty sure it was those chapters anyway. It may have even happened more than that but those two times stuck out to me and I haven’t forgotten them. I don’t know what exactly it is I love about that detail but I love it. *another happy sigh* Like, specifically with the Piano Room chapter...Mike just liking to watch Ches cum and finding it “beautiful”...that does something very special for my Bennoda heart. And, yes, I realize that I probably sound like a total weirdo right now lol But my point is, seeing something like that again in this chapter was just icing on the cake for me on top of the already amazing Bennoda slash. I smiled right away. :)

Other than the slash...Jason is *really* worrying me. Like, really, really. And poor Ryan. :( My heart aches for him so much and nothing has even happened yet. But it aches because Jason is still thinking about Mike too much, as I said before, and then the whole “seed being planted” about Ryan maybe not being the best life partner for him is just heart breaking. I need Ryan to feel good about himself and to feel important to/loved by Jason. He deserves all of that and more. So please make that happen? Like, pretty please?

I hate Mark but the voice memos were a nice touch. From a reader standpoint, they were interesting/intriguing. I have to admit that I was just as curious as Jason as to what could be on Mark’s phone. And just as weary too.

Okay. I think that’s it. I’ve said this a hundred times (and I’ll probably say it a hundred more) but I love this Mike and Chester so much. <3 I know you both know that already. And I adored this chapter. I do wish they could all be like this one but I know there’s drama to come. Just...don’t fuck me up too much? :-/ Please and thank you! :p

From: Esmeralda

Date: 2019-10-22

Chapter: 4

While I surely enjoyed this chapter to levels l cannot even describe, I gotta point out some of the things that caught my attention the most and I got why you named this chapter pivotal moments.

-Ryan calling Chester in his sleep, he definitely should be dreaming of Jason instead.

-Ryan keeping the collar and not wanting to return it. That for sure will stir jealousy from Mike and maybe curiosity from Ryan?

-Mike and Chaz walking into Ryan and Jason having sex, please let this be their door to one of the most anticipated foursomes in history. Please I beg you.

-The fact that Jason was getting off just with Mike's voice instead of focusing on Ryan really worries me.

-Chester's eyes lingering on Ryan and Mike's eyes lingering on Jason, dammit you guys are just preparing your readers to drop us a bomb at some point, I don't know if I'm prepared lmao.

Anyways the chapter was extremely hot, well done and much needed. Please keep bringing good slash and let the drama begin, you have me trapped in this world.

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2019-10-19

Chapter: 4

Your chapters never disappoint! Everytime there's a new update, I know it's gonna be good. The slash was as great as always, and I'm glad to see that Jason and Ryan made up. What worries me a bit are the feelings that Mike/Chester have for Jason/Ryan. I'm not sure if there's a foursome coming (which would be really cool), or if someone will cheat on the other (which would be terrible).

I don't really know what to think of Ryan's thoughts about Mike being too possessive of Chester. I didn't like that he took the collar away and didn't give it back to Ches in the mornsing. Yes, Mike is a little possessive and protective of Chester, but he's also become less jealous and more tolerant. There are still a few secrets between them, and nobody is truly honest about everything, which has to be worked out, as well.

Please update soon :)

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