Shadow Of The Day by SonataNocturne

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From: becisamonsta

Date: 2019-01-07

Chapter: 15

Oh my god what.... yes I have been reading story! And my mind is complete mush as it is 2 am and this momma finally wants to review you and your story, st least one of, I am slowly catching up I promise but ... WTF JUST HAPPENED? I am shook! Please update

From: hattu

Date: 2019-01-05

Chapter: 15

WHAT!!!????? No no no no not happening! What happend to Brad? Who? I mean...hmpf!!

I really hope it wasn’t Kaden....I doubt it wasn’t Kaden....

Not matter how scary Kaden is....it is always dangerous to hurt loved ones....that can evoke powers nobody can predict...

As much fear and terror Kaden spreads...not sure if this is his downfall. Mike cares deeply for Rob and Brad...hurting them will get Mike rondo something...as dangerous as it may seem. Undoubtedly someone could stop mike...

Want to see where this drama goes :)

Can’t wait to read more! You know i Love your writing!! Sorry for lacking reviews the last weeks! Hope have more time now ;)



From: Cissoye

Date: 2018-12-30

Chapter: 15

What... what the- WHAT??? What the fuck happened ? Did Kaden hurt Brad to get to Mike and make him back off ? I guess he did, I mean, it can only be him, right ? Unless Brad just got into drugs through Chester (which I really doubt) it can only be this asshole!

On a brighter note, I couldn't help think that's it's Mike's luck he only has one friend, cause if it's really Kaden going after Brad to get to him, then he would have had to watch all his friends get hurt because of him. That's not really comforting, but I'm doing what I can here xD

Sad to hear Chester started doing drugs again, but like Mike said, I hope he keeps trying to get sober.

I won't lie to you, I can't wait to see how the whole drama thing unfolds, and I can't wait for the climax, haha.

From: ninja

Date: 2018-12-30

Chapter: 15


I love how Mike is always so caring and stubborn. Braz is cute. Hehe.. But argh! I'm gonna kill whoever did this!

From: Samweis

Date: 2018-12-30

Chapter: 15

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! (I want you to know that I didn't copy and paste this "no's" but that I typed them to calm myself down. It didn't help!!

What is happening to Brad? Who did do this to him? I dint know if I want this to be something he did to himself or not. I'm really not sure what would be better or worse. Why did he even went back with Mike? There was no reason for him, he has Ches at home and should take care of him there.

Rob and Mike in bed before all of this shit happened... I don't know what to say. Yes, they are going in circles and there doesn't seem to be a solution. They are both so stubborn and that will end badly. Working together could help but no... Rob needs to hide things and Mike needs to keep pushing. Really... what a mess...

From: Samweis

Date: 2018-12-10

Chapter: 14

"He could just snap his fingers and I would crawl in front of him.”

Yes, and that's the problem. In fact, Rob doesn't even need to snap his finger and Mike is doing stupid things. Like going back to that house, Rob was definitely not asking him to do that but the opposite and still - Mike appears there because he wants to help Rob.

I like that he is persistent about it and doesn't give up, Rob really did leave some impression on him. But again, I don't like that he gets himself in danger because he acts unreasonable. Hot sex and physical (maybe even emotional) attraction will not help him when he finds himself either locked up in a cell or with broken bones because Kaden things that he is involved in the raids.

But, to not only react to the negative things that I see happening - Ches trying to get clean is a good think. Brad seems to have a good influence on him. If he had such bad withdrawals, he didn't even took what Mike brought him, did he?

And Rob staying over.... That was sweet. The first time he actually did what Mike ask him to do. More of that and I'm a happy person ;)

From: Samweis

Date: 2018-11-18

Chapter: 13

Mike really managed to get deeper and deeper in this mess... I'm kind of impressed. From an innocent party-goer to a drug dealer. What a career jump... To use Mike's words here:

"That... escalated quickly"

Even though I think that actually nothing goes quickly here. Basically we have the same situation than in the beginning, Rob being stubborn, Mike being stubborn, Kaden being an asshole. Same old, same old. The only new thing is the drug-addict in Brad's bed, named Chester...

I blame Rob for everything now because without him Mike would have never gone back to that house and never got involved the way he did. (I know it's not really his fault. But what can I say? I need to blame someone here and Mike can't really fight his feelings, so I can't blame him. Then there is Kaden. But I blamed him already (like 1.000 times) and it didn't help to turn things for the better, so now I try something different ;))

From: Samweis

Date: 2018-10-26

Chapter: 12

I don't like that Kaden "cares" about Ches. It would be better if he could just leave him alone. Brad should really keep him away from that house and any kinds of drugs. If Kaden keeps providing him with drugs he will never get clean and at some point he will overdose or go home with the wrong person because he is too fucking high. And that would not only hurt him but also Brad.

Mike... I don't know what to say. He is so into Rob, it is really heartbreaking to see how he suffers when he sees the other taking drugs, being questioned by Kaden, fucking up his own life... I agree with Brad, he cares too much. But that makes him a really special person - hopefully so special that Rob will manage to cut Kaden off at some point...

From: A.N.

Date: 2018-10-22

Chapter: 11

This review is just about chapter 6!

I really like the way Mike describes Rob at the start. That is EXACTLY how Mike talks in real life. The way he pauses, repeats words, you got that perfect.

And Kaden is so awful for Rob. What an abusive jerk. I wanna punch him. I'd enjoy punching him. You made one of those perfect "villains you love to hate". I have a couple co-workers who suck all the air out of the room. They are air-vampires, I swear.

I suspect that Kaden went after Anna, and Rob might know it.

And that was sweet, Mike taking Anna home and being so protective. I always squeal whenever anyone writes them together. You write their dynamic really well.

And Mike is so weak to Rob! I would be too. Just hopping right in Rob's lap without even thinking about it. I get the impression that Rob really wants to move on to Mike, and is testing the water. I will be so happy if he jumps in, and kicks Kaden to the curb.

From: Samweis

Date: 2018-10-08

Chapter: 11

Finally!! They did it!! Yeah!! (*insert confetti and balloons here*)

That was so overdue and hot and perfect! Not that Rob doesn't allow Mike to touch him but that they finally had sex! Obviously, now they have to get Rob away from Kaden. I suggest a large backpack and a ticket far far away again ;) They can take Brad and Ches as well, move on a lonely Iceland. Just the four of them, no annoying drug-deals or ex's or assholes. Great life! ;)

My favourite sentence of the whole chapter was this one:

"No. Cause he will do it to you. I can handle what comes", the other huffed.

Because Rob fucking cares. And he said it out loud. Thats new. And awesome <3

"No. Cause he will do it to you. I can handle what comes", the other huffed.

From: Cissoye

Date: 2018-09-20

Chapter: 9

I can't help wonder why Mike just keeps showing up at kaden's party if he hates and fears the man so much. Is it because he couldn't see Rob much if he didn't go ? Rob seems to be free to go out and wander around. He showed up at Mike's job and all. But I like the Kaden confrontations and moments, so I'm not gonna complain, haha.

Damn, you're building all this up, aren't you ? I want shit to hit the fan ! Yeah, I'm kinda sadistic and really curious ;P

From: Samweis

Date: 2018-09-20

Chapter: 9

I was really curious if the guy on drugs would be someone we know and you made me smile when the name Chester popped up ;) He and Brad seem to get alone quite well, so that's nice. And maybe Brad can help him to just stay away from Kaden and the house because it doesn't seem to be a place he should go back. Not only because of the drugs that early got him killed but also because of Kaden being his ex. We already know that he is an asshole but after the episode with him and Mike in this chapter there is absolutely no doubt. Mike was doing nothing wrong (ok, starring isn't nice but it is also nothing serious to freak out about) and still Kaden decided to intimidate and threaten him... If I would be in Mikes position, I would grab Rob, my backpack and leave. Go somewhere else, as far away as possible. Because I really don't see how this can end good in any way. Rob and Mike are obsessed with each other and there will always be something between them and as Rob said himself - Kaden will know and than the shit will hit the fan...

From: Samweis

Date: 2018-09-09

Chapter: 8

Mike really tried to not get involved this time. Kind of proud of him, it must have been hard to not see Rob for three weeks. And then he still shows up... Annoying when you try to "hide" and the other person knows where you work and live :D

And Mike is so fucking nice... taking this guy home and taking care of him... he isn't his problem (even though he also wants to protect Rob from Kaden) and he could have just left. But no, he is staying and helping out.

That he ended up on his couch with Rob is good Karma coming back to him :P Really curious what is going to happen next. Especially after this sentence:

"Cause I can't trust myself with you."

Then stop thinking and start making Mike happy dude!!

From: hattu

Date: 2018-09-04

Chapter: 8

4 Chapters? I missed 4 Chapter? Boy work can be distracting sometimes!!

So much happened...still don’t like Kaden...he is weird an scary!

Still can’t figure out what Rob‘s problem is? He isn’t Kadens boyfriend but can’t get involved with Mike?? Really would love to know why...

Hmm is it safe to assume we „know“ the drugged ex boyfriend from the bathroom? Brads taking care of him...kinda like that idea :)

Can’t wait to see where Mike and Rob will take it this time :))

Hope it won’t 4 chapters again till I can read this, but stresst times with lots of traveling ahead.

But I can’t wait to read more!! Please continue :)



From: Cissoye

Date: 2018-09-04

Chapter: 8

It's good to see Mike was trying to stay away. I wouldn't have appreciated much to see him crawl at Rob's feet or persist too much after being treated like he was.

Finally they're moving forward. Rob revealed some little stuffs, which, even though we kinda knew already (I mean, if he'd been in love with Kaden, he would have had a really strange way to show it, haha). This won't end well for our lover boys (which, you know... I'm a sucker for that dramatic shit so, yeah xD) and I can't wait to see how all this unfold.

And this guy in the bathroom, was it a LP member ? I'll wait to see if my guess is right ;P

P.S : This Brandon guy isn't gonna end well. I mean, I feel like he always kind of fucks up or do not so smart things =/

P.P.S : Thank you for the review on my fic, but you have to know I kinda hate you every time you mention this story of yours. I want to know what it's about, but you're not telling me *pouting* I need a summary at least, lmfao.

From: bag_full_of_stars

Date: 2018-09-03

Chapter: 8

A) why do we need Kaden ,again?????

B) awww Brad

C) the ex is the one I am thinking???

D) Rob please decide :)



From: Samweis

Date: 2018-08-18

Chapter: 7

I’m so angry at Rob! I can see that he is in a shitty position and I also know that it is not unusual to stay with a person that abuses you. But he can’t contunue like this - especially when there is a person that tries to help him. And what does he think he is doing anyway? Letting Mike kissing him, even going a bit further and making out on the couch... Did he really expect that Mike was not going to see his back and that he is hurt? How should that work?! Argh!!

And then Kayden again. It seemed like he wanted Mike to flipp out again. He is a sadistic asshole, ao maybe he really wanted to have a reason to attack him again.

I have a little critique point to this part of the chapter (the Kaden-Mike-talk). I couldn’t follow the things that were going on at some point. Rob kicking someone out, Mike watching the scene, Kaden commenting on it - I can’t really tell you why, but it was all a bit confusing and jumped there and back for a few lines. I don’t know. Just wanted to let you know ;)

However, still a great story. And I’m happy that Mike survived this chapter without having a knife on his throat. Even though he seems more and more confused (if that’s even possible...). It’s really a big Mystery what is happening in and around this house. And as much as I hate that Mike got involved in it, as much do I want Mike to help Rob!!

From: Samweis

Date: 2018-08-09

Chapter: 7

Aaaaand another review - I'm having a run here!

What a chapter... MIKE!!! What the hell does he think he is doing?! I understand that he thinks Kaden is an asshole (he is, I agree) and it is nice of him that he cares about Rob; but by bringing himself in danger he is not going to change anything. Rob was wise enough to not interfere when Mike had a knife on his neck (even though I think he could have at least said something - but I also see that he is afraid).

So, this is getting more and more confusing... Which makes it kind of addictive to read ;)

From: Cissoye

Date: 2018-08-07

Chapter: 7

This chapter is like a mean teaser for me, haha. I'm really curious to see how much this Kaden guy is gonna fuck with our boys' relationship and life. Now Mike's involved in such way, Kaden is gonna keep an even closer eye on him (and no I'm not looking forward to it, who said that lol).


Okay, I am looking forward to it, can we move on now? Thank you.

I wanna know what this guy is doing to Rob. Whatever is this thing going on btw them just feels wrong. And it's obviouw Kaden won't let Rob slip away from him to Mike without a fight. All this is gonna end up in a mess.

I'm here for the Kaden drama, I've to admit xD I'm not into the love/slash aspect of it, but so far it hasn't bothered me. Sure, Mike's a little obsessed with Rob but it's understandable.

I hope Rob won't be too mad at Mike for what happened, he sounds quite intimidating in this fic, and poor Mike is just so worried and confused xD

*That was my nice side talking*


I'm secretly hoping Kaden will spoil Mike and Rob's moment when he goes to the house (can you see I'm a freaking sadist when it comes to fanfics? I'm trying to hide it, but this side of me has a will of its own, mouahaha...)

Okay, the evil cliché laugh wasn't planned.

Thanks for the chapter !

P.S : I didn't pay enough attention, but do you update on some kind of schedule or not? Just to help me know when to expect next update ^^ Thank you.

From: hattu

Date: 2018-07-29

Chapter: 5

Sorry, took me a bit to catch up.

Loved the chapter!

Mike reminds me a bit about me and my friends, always have a look out for others. We never leave somebody behind. Yeah we even pick up or collect those who were left. I will never understand why people can be so careless sometimes....

I fear a little bit for Rob, really want to know what kind of power Kaden holds over him. I hope he is ok.

Concerning Kaden, no I don’t like him. Eventhough I don’t know him, but I just doubt I will ever like him. And consider his rules and his reputation I really don’t know if I want to be the guy who tried to rape Anna. Because eventhough I don’t like him, I doubt he would tolerate something like this house.

And now to our boys. God I loved that scene on the couch. Would have loved to see that played out. So sad Rob pulled back. I wonder why he has to hold back....I guess that goes back to kaden at some point....

I would love to see them both live happily ever after but I guess there is some drama ahead. And I guess poor Mikey is in for a bit more confusion and hurt...but the little MAW in me is looking forward to that...

Brad here is really the good friend everyone should have. Looking out for mike, care for him but also not afraid to set out a warning. Love how you portray him here.

Thanks for writing! Can’t wait to read more!!


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