Devil's Drop by Penelope_Ink & lpfan503

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From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2018-12-05

Chapter: 27

First off, that author's note sounded a little ominious *gives you both the side eye* Im probably just reading too much into it but...I don't know. I guess I'll have to just wait and see.

About Chris...not a fan. At all. If looks could kill fictional characters through phone screens, believe me, he'd be a goner. I think Chester handled him perfectly though. Maybe this could be a learning experience for Mike. Like how to handle those situtions without coming across too jealous/possessive. Although, I quite like jealous Mike sooo...maybe he should stay clueless? :p As long as he's not taking it too far.

Im going to have to second what Esmeralda said a few reviews back. Who needs porn with slash scenes like this?? Honestly...so fucking hot *fans self* I was wondering if/when the collar would make an appearance again and you didn't disappoint. Holy hell...the biting, and the collar, and impatient Mike, and just...yeah. Loved it.

Now, about this alcohol business, *sighs* Im not sure what to think. I don't want to jump to any conclusions. I mean, Chester could just be wanting to drink more because of being on vacation, right? Granted, it's just one night but I know I drink a good bit on vacation. I actually consider myself a "vacation drinker" because that's typically the only time I do drink and then, obviously, I like to live it up a little ;) lol I know Im grasping at straws here but I feel like they already have so many things that could mess up their happy ending, I'd hate to see one more thing thrown into the mix :(

So Ive come to the conclusion that Im addicted to this story and need help o_0 Of course, by "help", I mean more frequent updates ;) lol

Seriously though, I was hoping we'd get a chapter about their vacation because it's nice to see them happy. I worry that them doing porn will mess up their intimacy outside of YRS but, so far, that doesn't seem to be the case. I know there's a lot to go and my mind goes crazy with all the scenarios and different ways this could all play out. You've created quite the world this story. Great job and Im eagerly awaiting the next chapter! :)

From: Esmeralda

Date: 2018-12-02

Chapter: 26

I'm glad they were able to go back to normal once home. Eating in bed, shower and do stuff together. Even though they were acting a bit awkward to each other in the beginning. I like that they were able to discuss some things and Mike was able to mention some those things that keep bothering him.

Btw I'm also interested in knowing what's up with Mark and the redos, the cum shots scenes specially. That's how he gets off, right? I think he may have some insane obsession with Chester. He seems to give more attention to him to anybody else in YRS. That will probably be a breaking point for Mike.

I'm sad about Mike and his parents situation. Hopefully they can go together and see them one day and I don't remember actually if Mike had met Chester's mothers before, but that would be also great. In regards to Brad's predictions, they seem to be pretty accurate. I love that Chester mentioned that prediction of marrying a blue guy lolol, but hey can we forget about the heartbreak bit? You have several chapters written already, don't torture your readers and update soon 🤣😃

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2018-12-01

Chapter: 26

I like those chapters where they are at home and everything is so domestic and cozy. The shower scene was really nice, and it was interesting to know more about the situation with Mike's parents.

By the way: Never in my entire life have I heard about coke floats... xD

Please update soon :)

From: halvlang

Date: 2018-11-28

Chapter: 26

This was such an interesting mixture. I felt the tension between them but also the lightness when they really arrived and got started with something "normal domestic". And then they still have some serious talks and discussions. But also joking around. So I was constantly wondering if it will blow off at some point or calm down. That was super intense. Glad that they ended in bed with food; I think that's the way it should be. Come home and relax. Be together and support each other. But also talk things out so that they don't stand in the way.

From: Cissoye

Date: 2018-11-27

Chapter: 26

Damn, I love how Mike notices all these wrong/weird things about Mark and his doings. And I'm wondering the same thing as him : "why the hell is Mark handling tbe reshoots on his own. Why the fuck is he doing that ? Is it how he gete his kicks, by watching naked boys cumming over and over again?" This dude is sooo creepy and annoying and certainly dangerous and I love him for that, haha.

Ches and Mike's return home was so tensed and awkward. Again, I felt how easily their relationship could deteriorate because of the job. It's good to see them try to work through that and everything, though I'm not sure how I feel about them obsessing over not making it sexual between them. I mean, if they want to have sex and enjoy the hell out of it, shouldn't they do it ? I do get though why they would want to avoid anything sexual just after coming back from such strenuous day. It's not like they don't have the whole week to be little bunnies anyway xD I just felt like it stressed them out unnecessarily to worry about not making it sexual and all.

I like to see that they manage to get back to this comfy and lovely bubble of theirs despite the weekend. I don't know how long they'll manage that, and I can't help think with time passing they could suffer a stretch in their relationship because of their job, but it's good that they want to try and make it work.

Mike is so going to get into trouble, isn't he ? He's already thinking about talking back to Mark and speaking his mind about what bothers him. Boy, I love that he's not letting the asshole control him and I can already see how he's gonna shake the place with his big mouth and over protectiveness of Chester. It's just great to see someone fight back and let Mark know he doesn't have total control over his employees (even if the ones he has let him do and believe so).

There's still so much to explore in this story and I can't wait to see it unfold!

Thank you.

From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2018-11-26

Chapter: 26

Updates to this fic totally make my day every time. And today was sort of shitty so to come on tonight and see an update...the timing couldn't have been better.

Im actually relieved to know there are, at least, 10+ chapters left of this. As curious as I am for the ending, Im not ready for it to be over yet. I will miss this one for sure.

I hope Brad's prediction of Chester marrying someone "blue" comes true ;) This little tidbit of information had me giddy. Too cute. Like Mike, it made me feel a little better about the heart break premonition. Probably a false sense of security but I hope not.

I got the shower scene I requested a little while back lol Of course, I envisioned it a lot slashier but totally understand their need to be together in a non-sexual way. Although, how they both had to force themselves to behave was hot in it's own right.

The part where Chester is thanking Mike for being willing to go through all of this with him and for him...his emotions came across so vividly, my heart broke for him :'( He loves Mike so much and his guilt over wanting Mike with him at YRS while, at the same time, not wanting Mike to suffer...just, gah, my poor Ches :(

I love, love, love the portrayal of Mike and Chester and their relationship in this. It's perfection <3 Their love for each other is so easily felt by the reader. At least for this reader anyway. Great job!

From: Esmeralda

Date: 2018-11-24

Chapter: 25

This fic gets better and better with each chapter you guys post. I will be honest, I was so looking forward for Mike's first scene and the way you developed it is so different than I imagined. I gotta say it was way better because you didn't just focus on the sex but on the emotions involved, and you showed the whole drama that took place before the filming.

I am so proud of Mike for being able to stand his ground before Mark, however I think some of the things he did/said will cause a lot of problems to him and Chester. He should be more careful with his attitude towards Mark. For example I don't think it was a good idea to defy Mark's instructions in front of everyone or to make him change the scripts, after all it is a job and as the new guy in porn he should at least follow his boss instructions. Even if Mark was satisfied with the results, he will still hold that against Mike.

And I don't even know what to think about Chester here, I'm so annoyed at him. He is turning out to be a coward and a really weak person, he is the one that has been there for long, however throughout the whole chapter looked like the inexperienced one. I understand where he is coming from since he knows how bad can Mark be if he gets pissed. I wonder how many bad things Mark had done to him in the past. But I cannot help to feel sorry for him, I do hope he can gather some courage so at least Mike won't be disappointed.

I'm glad Jason intevened to help them out. He is not as a bad person as I thought initially. He is actually a sweet guy and other victim in this situation. And poor Ryan, he took the worst part of Mark's wrath without having anything to do with the whole mess Mike created. The heartbreak prediction at the end made me cringe, but unfortunately I can see it coming and most likely will be because of Chester's weakness. Hopefully not.

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2018-11-24

Chapter: 25

I agree, Mike was so brave while talking to Mark, it was great to read. And about the heartbreak brad 'predicted' : Nooooo, I don't want heartbreak, I want them to be happy!

Anyway, just let's see what happens.

Well done :)

From: halvlang

Date: 2018-11-20

Chapter: 25

Mike is so unbelievable brave! But I kind of feel that he is only this way because of fear; the whole shooting scared the shit out of him and he is scared for Chester. So in both situations where he stood up against Mark, he only did so because he couldn’t handle the situations. (I don’t say that he needs to handle them in a different way, it’s good and important that he stands up for himself and for the agreement they made - all I try to do here is to understand WHY he has changed from a shy little boy to a strong man here).

I was a bit sad when he was finally realizing that porn had indeed nothing to do with real sex and intimacy. If he would have let this thought happen earlier, him and Chester would have had less fights in the past. But ok, it is also important to realize it now, so that they can draw close boundaries between their work and their private life. Even though I’m afraid it’s not that easy.

Jason was really surprising me in this chapter. He is actually such a sweetheart and saved Mike’s and Chester’s asses twice here. Good think that Mike was nice to him the other night when he and Ry cam over. They need to stick together to make the best out of this messy situation and right now they do.

And then there is Mark... totally agree, he is such an asshole. I’m afraid that he will not accept what he agreed on and that he will - when Mike is not around - still be abusive to Chester. He doesn’t like to be told off... my heart broke when he had his go on Ryan, that was just so unfair... I see that Mike has the urge to protect Ches but they need to find ways that are not pissing Mark off because it’s not fair when others have to suffer the consequences of it. Can Mark not just... I don’t know... slip when being around the pool?

From: malaiyas

Date: 2018-11-19

Chapter: 25

There was definitely a part of me that was so happy to see Mike stand up to Mark, but I'm also afraid of what consequences that might bring down along the way.

Speaking of that, I feel like we've seen Mike grow so much throughout the course of this fic! Not always an easy thing to convey but I think he's miles from where he began.

Jason seems to be becoming more and more of an ally to them. I feel for him in his position - I'm not sure who's more trapped under Mark's thumb, him or the employees. I think eventually he and Ryan will get caught and then action will have to be taken.

Brad! Brad and his visions - I'm seeing that they're not bullshit now and I just love it. Except for that bit about heartbreak. Ugh, idk. I obviously don't like the sound of that. Just gotta sit tight now. GUH.

From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2018-11-18

Chapter: 25

Have I told you guys lately that I absolutely adore this story? As usual, hopefully I don't forget to mention anything...

1.) I wanted to hug Mike again in this chapter for standing up to Mark. He's not taking Mark's shit and I love him for it. Especially loved it when he stood up for Chester <3 That gets me in all my Bennoda feels lol

2.) Mike keeps saying that he can protect Chester and he won't let any harm come to him, which, don't get me wrong, is so incredibly sweet and endearing. However, I don't think Mike realizes how NOT in control of that he actually is :-/ I mean, it was the first day back and Mark was already trying to cop a feel w/Chester. In front of Mike! :O I could see this playing out in the total opposite direction and encourgaing Mark to "have his way" with Chester just to prove to Mike who is in control. Im wondering if that's the "heart break" Brad saw in his vision? Mike being unable to keep Chester safe?

3.) I was really unsure how this first shoot would go. Part of me thought that maybe Mike would be able to lose himself in the moment and forget where they are and what they're doing, etc and I was sort of right. He struggled but he also had moments where he just focused on Chester and was able to forget. I tried putting myelf in Mike's shoes and Im pretty sure I could forget about the cameras too if that was me ;) God, Im so bad...

4.) I love how the chapter still ended with them being okay despite everything. I realize that may not be the case with every chapter as the story goes on. I do love the drama and angst, and Im really curious to see what all you guys have in store. Just...happy ending? Pretty please with a cherry on top??

5.) I did have some questions too, just out of curiousity...how far along are you guys in the writing of this story? Do you already know how it ends or are you kind of just feeling it out as you go? I feel about this story the way I do about any good book I read-Im dying to know the ending but also don't want the story to end o_O Such "a rock and a hard place" predicament lol

As always, great job! And I will be (im)patiently waiting for the next chapter! ;)

From: Cissoye

Date: 2018-11-18

Chapter: 25

I was cheering for Mike when he stood up to Mark. You go, boy ! You show that asshole not everyone's at his feet.

I got a little worried about what Mark would do in return, and I'm glad Mike managed to pull through his first shooting without much problem. Speaking of which, I like the fact you didn't show us the whole shooting. The first few awkward steps from Mike made me cringe, but when he started owning it, it got kind of hot. The conflict in his head, though. Can't Mark just SHUT UP ? I appreciate how you didn't make this chapter all about the smut. I'm here for the plot and drama, after all, haha.

I've to admit I was waiting for that chapter, not for the smut, but I enjoy the YRS environment and the confrontations between Mike and Mark. The tension, man, that's just everything I love. I'm really curious to see how much Mike can push it and what will Mark do when he has enough.

Ryan really had bad timing, didn't he ? Poor guy. What a way to make EVERYONE feel like shit. Mike's gonna have to deal with a lot of guilt if Mark takes his anger out on others every time he stands between him and Chester. I so feel him there. Wanting to protect his boyfriend but then feeling responsible for other's suffers, that's just awful, man.

I'm glad things are still good between Ches and Mike. I got a glimpse here of how easily their relationship could go downward in such situation. But good to see they work things out and can be tender and intimate and not feel weird about it.

By the way, I totally am for Mike releasing his dominating persona. Don't be so afraid, dude, I'm sure Chester will love it. I've to remind myself he's just so young here and still has to affirm his character and not be afraid to be how he wants to be. Though I wouldn't want him to get hyper-jealous and controlling with Chester, but in the bedroom, hey, everything can be game *wink*

Brad, though. Man, what the hell did he see ? Heartbreak ? What do you mean, heartbreak ? Don't you dare hurt our dear Bennoda. They're just so cute and lovely together, and after everything, it can't end in a hearbreak T.T They need to be happy (once all the drama and angst is over).

Really good chapter, thank you. I really love being at YRS, and as much as Mark deserves to be punched and kicked in the nuts, I still enjoy his character and villainess (even though this word doesn't exist). Does it make me a sucker for drama ?


Well, I can deal with that, ;)

From: Esmeralda

Date: 2018-11-14

Chapter: 24

It was such a nice thing that Chester did for Ryan, that's what a good friend should do, but let's admit that was a very risky move. What if Mark would decide to show up at Chester's place, because at the end of the day, it's his place and he may be prompted to find out what Jason is really up to.

I'm glad Mike was cool with the whole thing, even though he was uncomfortable with the idea in the beginning. I know Mike still harbors some jealousy towards Ryan but hopefully seeing the way Jason and Ryan act around each other will make him change his mind.

And Mark, what can I say about Mark, other than you guys are doing an excellent job in creating one of the most disgusting characters in this site. The scene between him and Jason was very well created and had me eating my nails, I thought he was going to get violent and also Jason said more than he should have said, he basically just fucked up.

Also let me point that I cannot wait for all of them to be back at YRS, there must be some good drama ahead and also I'm dying to read/ picture that first porn scene. Looking forward to your next update.

From: halvlang

Date: 2018-11-11

Chapter: 24

That was so nice of Chester to offer and I'm glad Mike was ok with it and they didn't fight about it. Helping out friends should never lead to discussion, it's just something you do. And Ryan really needed this night with Jason.

The scene with Jason and Mark gave me the chills... What a fucking asshole. Jason only said the truth and even though I think it wasn't smart, he can't just keep silent and let Mark get away with everything he does. I thought he was really close to getting violent and slapping Jason or something- Happy that that didn't happen and that Jason got away.

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2018-11-08

Chapter: 24

Okay. I firmly believe that everyone will get away from Mark one day, and that there will be a happy ending.

Anyway, this chapter was great as always, please update soon :)

From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2018-11-08

Chapter: 24

I swear I love this story more and more with each new chapter. There's a couple things I want to say so hopefully I don't forget anything...

1.) I agree w/the shower idea ;) Hopefully that's in the next chapter?

2.) Im so, so proud of Mike for how he handled this whole situation. I could just hug him <3 And I think he realized, like a lot of us do when we try something that scares us or makes us uncomfortable, that this was not nearly as scary as he was making it out to be in his head. I don't blame him at all though for being less than thrilled b/c I would feel the same if I was in his position. I also think this makes their relationship stronger. Hopefully helps to cement in Mike's head that Chester really does love him, he shouldn't feel so insecure, and Ryan isn't a threat.

3.) I agree that this was a very nice thing to do for Ryan and Jason, and you could see how happy it made the two of them, but I think this is all going to come back to bite Chester in the ass unfortunately.. No good deed goes unpunished, right? :-/ I think Mark is going to call looking for Jason and it will go downhill from there...

4.) Loved the scene on the beach between Mike and Chester...so loving but still with that under current of lust. Not sure Im explaining this right but hopefully you get what I mean o_O I adore moments like that.

Eagerly awaiting the next chapter :D

From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2018-11-07

Chapter: 24

Finally got off my ass and asked for an account so I can leave this very deserving story a review lol...

First, Ive been reading this since the beginning and have loved every chapter. You both are so good independently that I knew you guys co-writing a story would be amazing.

As far as the last two chapters...you guys have managed to include some of my favorite things just in those chapters.

1.) The collar...I can't tell you how happy I was at the mention of that collar. I find it as sexy on Chester as Mike does. It's almost too much lol

2.) Chester bottoming...that's always been my preference

3.) Mike being jealous and possessive of Chester...always loved that as well. He did take it a little too far w/the pizza boy though. I think his personality does seem to be changing as another reviewer pointed out which I find interesting.

Of course I want/need a happy ending for them but feel free to sprinkle in as much jealous Mike as you want along the way ;) lol

So excited to see what you guys do w/this story!

From: halvlang

Date: 2018-11-03

Chapter: 24

Oh boy... Mike, that was really really stupid! I love the way he is protective go Chester but this time he went a bit to far. Chester literally did nothing wrong! And then in front of Dave and Anna. Again, stupid idea!

The day went so smooth. A tasty breakfast (I love pancakes, first thing I'll do when I'm back home with my flatmates is making a huge pile of pancakes for everyone!! And asking all of them to come to my room and we will eat them in bed. Because I really don't care and breakfast in bed is great!), the insane hot sex (I think I prefer Ches being the more dominant one in this, that kind of plays better with the shy and innocent Mike we met in the beginning - but this scene was soooo good. The collar and Mike being so straight forward. I loved it!), getting Mikes other stuff... This scene where Mike calms Ches down (before they jump each other :D) is just so perfect and full of love.

And then this ending... Nope... Mike really needs to learn to think before he acts here... Glad that they were able to talk it out a bit but I guess this discussion isn't over.

From: Esmeralda

Date: 2018-11-01

Chapter: 24

Omg! Who needs porn when you have the best sex scenes ever!! for real... And Mike is taking control, amazing. I love the bit when Mike was trying to make Chester forget about the closet and he was like which closet.. right! Cannot have anything else in mind after being with Mike Shinoda.

I'm glad Mike and Dave were able to fix things between them.. not worth it to lose a good friend over something like this. Mike is not noticing but his personality is changing, he's really being affected by the things that had happened and I know or at least suspect the worse is yet to come.

The incident with the pizza guy is a real testimony of his possessive behaviour and jealous attitude. I'm afraid this will keep happening specially now that they will be together at YRS. I wonder what may happen if Mark doesn't keep his promise of staying away from Chester. I'm petty sure that was just a way to trick Mike into coming to YRS

From: halvlang

Date: 2018-10-26

Chapter: 23

It was not only Chester teasing Mike - it was you guys teasing us! Seriously, I was about to loose my mind in between. Who needs food and a piano when you can have Mike or Chester? I really don't know how they made it through the dinner (even though I'm happy they were able to talk about YRS and Mike wasn't freaking out! Progress!) without just getting naked at the table :D And when they finally are in the bedroom I felt handcuffed - Mikes impatience was radiating! But so hot... So fucking hot... a really well written scene, so much tension and detail and love. And chasing up the rolls - seemed to be a good idea! Loved the ending when Mike is taking care of Ches <3 So much looooove!

But my favourite moment was before, when they stand in the kitchen and Mike is asking Chester for permission to unbuckle his belt. After all this months and countless times of having sex he is still careful and considerate and making sure that it is consensual. Just love that bit!!

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