Devil's Drop by Penelope_Ink & lpfan503

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From: Effervescent

Date: 2019-03-02

Chapter: 36

i hope someone finally punches Mark in his fucking face 💕

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2019-02-24

Chapter: 35

Great update, like always!

Mike and Ches shouldn't take Mark's offer, he'll find a way to screw them over. On the one hand, only having to stay one instead of two more years is tempting, but on the other, having to do 'soft' scenes with Ryan will end badly, because Mike is so jealous. He doesn't even like Ryan and Ches being friends, so them doing soft porn together won't be good...

That's not even the only reason why it would be a bad idea to do this, omg, I can't.

Also, this idea of showing their private love life isn't a good idea, either. It may seem good at first glance because there won't be a director telling them what to do, but it would be such an invasion of privacy...God, have I already said that I HATE Mark?

Please update soon, I need to know how they'll decide!

From: halvlang

Date: 2019-02-24

Chapter: 35

What the fuck is Mark trying? Is this an honest offer because he thinks its good for the business or is he trying to make Ches and Mike fight? No matter what reasons he had, the latter is going to happen now... And I hate it! They deserve to be happy and life in peace. It's probably the millions time I suggest this but please, make them pack a bag and leave the country. They can take Ches' mum as well and just get away from there, starting all over again somewhere else. I really don't know why Mark would be so upset that he would try to search for them; he can find other poor young guys he can drag into this misery (as we have just seen with the new guy), so he should just let them alone!!

(ok, breath. deep breaths. in. and out. in. and out. in. and out.)

Back to the story. Mike and Ches talking about the drinking was hard to read. Even though this is an alternative universe, I need to imagine that there were those talks between them irl and I guess it was hard for both. Seeing a loved one going down that road further and further, worrying, wanting to help. And then being the drinking person that either doesn't really see the problem or thinks it's not a problem. But it is, Mike is right. So even though I'm a bit annoyed by him sometimes because I don't exactly understand his actions and thoughts; this time he was right. And Ches said it himself, he used the drinks to numb feelings and that's where it gets dangerous. So glad that he listened to Mike and started thinking about it.

To the second part of the story... I think I've said enough above already. I'm pissed at Mark (not a surprise), I'm not sure what I would do in their situation, I'm really afraid of what's going to happen to their relationship, especially when they are ow out for this ridiculous work trip...

From: malaiyas

Date: 2019-02-22

Chapter: 35

Hoooooooooooooooomigod, you guys.

So, what the fuck? What the actual fucking fuck is fucking going on?

I can't believe this fic. I canNOT believe it.

Mark is a pretty intense villain, for sure. And my skeptical self is following Mike's instinct that this is a bad idea. I just have a feeling that if they were to accept and do the stupid real life series thing, that Mark's promises would prove to be empty - that he'd find some loophole for why he couldn't fulfill his promise to end their contracts after a year. I just have a really hard time believing that with his weird fixation on Chester in particular, he'd be so willing to let him go. This just seems like a ploy to milk as much money as possible out of them, and then, since he doesn't actually give a fuck about them as people, go back on his word because he got what he wanted.

What a fucking bastard! I want to see him get some vicious retribution of some sort so, SOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD!

I can see more clearly now, with absolute certainty, that Jason is just as much a victim in this scenario than the rest of them. And, yes, probably even worse because he's bound legally to that motherfucker.

ugh omfg!!!!!

From: Alerion

Date: 2019-02-20

Chapter: 35

Took me a minute to catch up with this but here I am! I gotta say, I understand why Mike doesn't want to do this new series (obviously), but if he doesn't, it leaves Chester to be with YRS for the full two years and it hurt to see his excitement over possibly getting out early. My Chester loving self clearly wants to see Chester thriving in ANY story lol so part of me wants Mike to suck it up and do this doggone series. I also gotta say (as if it hasn't been said more eloquently and about a billion other times by other reviewers) that I HATE MARK. Like...to death. Like, I want to see something heinous happen to him. Tell me something heinous happens to them? Pretty please? As another reader said, I would NOT be mad at cha' if you decided to mass upload those finished chapters.

From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2019-02-20

Chapter: 35

I find it funny how I just mentioned in another review that this is one of the stories that will be the death of me and then there's this chapter o_O Like my only thought after reading this is NO. Just no. No to everything.

This trip to Seattle? No. I have such a bad feeling about this trip. Maybe it's because of how the Hawaii trip went and what we know Mark did to Chester that time? I don't know. I just sense major drama on this trip. I'm hoping Mark doesn't try to fuck with Chester again.

A The Real Mike and Chester series? No. This is such a bad idea. So many ways this could go wrong. And...fuck, I hate Mark. I know the idea of shaving a whole year off thier contracts seems wonderful but Mike and Chester have to survive a year of having their "private" moments filmed. Which makes me really fucking nervous.

Chester filming "soft" scenes with Ryan? No. God, sooo many ways that could go wrong too. And, I know it would just be for the cameras and no porn supposedly *rolls eyes* but my heart will break for Mike if this happens. :'( I know he won't handle it well and I know Mark will try to push the limits of it as far as possible. He's such an asshole. I'm hoping they're able to talk Mark out of this idea but I doubt it *sighs*

Mike and Chester are separating at the house again which is also making me nervous. Hopefully that doesn't lead to anything bad happening.

Damn this story and the suspense/tension! You know, you guys could upload all 8 finished chapters of this at once and I wouldn't complain ;) Just saying *shrugs* lol

From: becisamonsta

Date: 2019-02-20

Chapter: 35

And again you two manage to leave me in awe, so the plot thickens with the idea that Mark had sprung on Mike and Chester, I don’t like the idea of their privacy being caught on tape but I can see why Chester is semi warming up to the idea of it means his contract will end sooner then he expected. But... I really do not trust Mark, just ergh he still angers me after 30+ chapters 😭 anyway. Another great chapter❤️

From: Esmeralda

Date: 2019-02-19

Chapter: 34

Even though getting drunk was not the smartest decision, it was really a good way to get some of that anger out... and it was good that Chester didn't do it alone, but with a good friend like Ryan. I also appreciate the fact that Mike was able to speak to someone as well.

Mike needs to chill out with Ryan, get over with whatever it is that he feels towards him. If it's jealousy, doesn't he see that Chester loves him deeply and doesn't have eyes for someone else. However I would definitely understand Mike getting pissed if he would've found a drunk Chester sleeping with Ryan in their loft. Good thing that didn't happen.

Im soo happy that they ended up cuddling together at the end of the chapter.. I was so dreading for the worst. That shower was so cute and adorable and the best way to demonstrate that they care about each other no matter what. It was also cute that Chester thought about making Mike happy by bringing the bunch of mozzarella sticks 💓 awww

From: hearts.on.fire

Date: 2019-02-18

Chapter: 34

Honestly, I was a little nervous to see where this chapter was going with Chester drinking so much. I'm glad my fears were unfounded!

I'm glad Mike had cooled down and he was just happy to have Chester home. I loved drunken Chester. So cute. The shower scene was so good. It was so funny and so sweet!

I'm very anxious to see where all this Jason/Mark drama is going to lead. Can't wait for more!

From: becisamonsta

Date: 2019-02-15

Chapter: 34

I couldn’t help but feel a little guilty to smile when I read that Chester had gotten himself drunk and Mike was there helping him. I just, how can I explain to you both at how much I love this story, it’s one of my favorites that’s for sure. I am happy they are finally together, the ending was perfect for both of them❤️ And please take the time you need with your stories I understand just how hard it can be for you both but you’re both doing a magnificent job

From: halvlang

Date: 2019-02-13

Chapter: 34

I need to admit that I understand why Ches got drunk. I don't say that it is something that he should keep doing or that it solves the problem but I think it is okay to get carried away when so much shit is happening and you just want to shut up your mind for a moment. And Ryan was with him and Ches knew that he would take care of him, so he could just let go. So yes... not ideal but understandable and maybe it was also good so that Ches was able to really let everything out while talking to Ryan and not hold back.

That Mike also reached out to someone was good because I got the feeling that he was really absorbed into the relationship and I was afraid that he would have the feeling that Ches is the only person he can talk to - and seen the fact that he was kind of mad at Ches (like not for the video but that he looked up the comments and maybe also that he "dragged" Mike into his situation). So that he went to see Joe was really a relief for me!

And then coming back to an empty flat and thinking about Ches and Ryan? I mean... I understand that he is concerned but he really needs to accept that Ryan is a friend and they need all the support they can get; no matter of they stay or run. So he should be happy that Ches gets supported by Ryan and that Ryan offers a shoulder to lean on, especially when Mike decides to run instead of staying and talking things out. I'm not really mad at him but I'm still struggling to understand him sometimes. But anyway, they are back together and they are still so adorable together. Drunk Ches is great and carrying Mike as well!

From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2019-02-12

Chapter: 34

As much as I hate Chester drinking because I do think he does it excessively to cope with everything, he was too friggin' cute when he was drunk. In fact, I found drunk Chester sooo cute I almost felt ashamed of myself o_O lol He does need to be careful though because the drinking could spiral out of control quickly.

I love Mike taking care of Chester and Chester trying to smooth things over with cheese sticks. Not a bad idea ;)

The conversation between Mike and Ryan had me feeling a bunch of different things. Like, I was cringing a little. Mike was brutally honest with his feelings about everything and it kinda came across as an attack on Ryan when I know he's mostly angry at Mark and Jason right now. But Ryan is with Jason so, of course, Ryan will take that to heart. Plus, Mike isn't completely okay with Ryan or his friendship with Chester yet and that was seeping through too while they were talking. Plus, Chester cares a lot for Ryan and Mike so, if they're fighting, that just puts extra strain on everything. Ugh. I don't know. I'm probably not making sense. Just know that their conversation made me feel uncomfortable which was probably your intent so, good job! lol

I'm really, really curious to know what all happened when Jason tried to leave to Mark/YRS. Hopefully that gets discussed at some point.

There were two lines in this chapter that really hurt. The first one was Chester thinking he's ruining Mike's life. :( Like, gah, I wanted to hug him. I don't like him feeling that way. The second was Mike thinking that him and Chester aren't supposed to end because of Mark. :'( I wanted to shout, "I know!" They can't end because of that asshole. Mark can NOT win. Again, karma needs to come for him. Like, yesterday. (But not really because I don't want this to end yet :p)

Oh, and I love the title of this chapter! I was smiling right away lol

I'm incredibly happy Mike and Chester are okay again. You know I love these two <3 I know it can't last though and, for some reason, I'm hooked on this roller coaster ride of a story ;)

As always, waiting (im)patiently for the next update! :)

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2019-02-12

Chapter: 34

I adored this chapter, it was so cute! On the one hand, Chester's drinking is really bad, but on the other, he was so cute while he was drunk, and it was nice to see how he wanted to convince Mike not to be mad at him. The way Mike cared for him in the shower was absolutely adorable (I know that I use this word a lot, but it just describes their relationship in this story).

I think Mike should start trusting Ryan and stop being so negative towards him. Ryan is Chester's friend, and Mike should accept that they are close.

Can't wait for the next chapter, please update soon :)

From: Esmeralda

Date: 2019-02-09

Chapter: 33

This fic is getting so heavy... exactly the way I like them full of angst, drama... the inclusion of an actual villain it makes it extraordinarily interesting. You're doing an excellent job here with Mark's character. It makes me really curious to know who is actually writing Mark.

I couldn't leave a review for the prior chapter so I will point out some things that I liked.. starting with Chester shutting Mike down after the earlier incidents at YRS.. it's pretty believable to see him acting that way.. even not wanting sex, he is starting to get depressed and that is something I was expecting at some point in this fic due to the heavy subjects.

That scene in the piano room was absolutely sexy, hot, so intimate and it was definitely one the best erotic scenes you've written and perfect for what you were planning to do. I suspected something bad would come out of it since they were always so careful and this time they just threw all self control out the window deciding to have sex out in the open. Maybe those cursed blankets did their job and brought bad luck into them? Just Brad will know.. Yep.

And then the next chapter just proved it so well.. when this guy Noah started to describe the scene... I was like hell no! Jason couldn't be such asshole to do that to them.. it was really a harsh dose of reality.. I still don't blame Jason here since he's also a victim of Mark's bad deeds but he should at least have warned them about it.

The confrontation between Mike and Jason and then between Mike and Mark was written also really well.. I felt bad for Mike having to suck it up and finally submitting to Mark... but that was the best he could have done. I was happy to see Mike and Chester having little happy times together towards the end, when Mike was cooking and trying to confort Chester.. that was cute.

But then again when they were confronting each other and yelling, that was kind of heartbreaking. This whole situation is making irreparable damage to their relationship. Mike needs to speak to someone and not bottle all of this anger inside, maybe he can talk to his friends? Maybe Anna or Dave.. please update soon..

From: halvlang

Date: 2019-02-08

Chapter: 33

Not a single second during the last chapter I thought about cameras in the house. So I was as shocked as Mike and Chester... I'm kind of happy that this stupid new kid (sorry, I couldn't suppress this) was such a fanboy and went on and on, because otherwise they would have probably not find out that fast; and I think it is important that they know about this video being online. Yes, it causes them trouble, but at least it does so now and not in a couple of months.

And then I try to not be mad at Jason but can't help to be a bit on Mike's side here. I know that he needs to to stuff he doesn't want to and normally I understand that he has a hard life and tries to survive his relationship with Mark. But this time, I'm actually a bit pissed as well.

The confrontation between Mark and Mike was maybe the hardest part to read. Mike submitting to him was making me so aggressive. I hate it. I really do. Mike fighting for himself and for Ches made all of this so much more bearable because I knew that he would do everything to keep Ches safe. Now I'm not sure anymore and that feelings sucks.

I was happy that Mike was still able to help Ches and make sure that he gets some rest. He cares so deeply and that they went home together, had food together... that was nice to read. That it ends with Mike leaving (again) was a bummer though... Mike, don't run!! It's not helping!!

From: Taytay

Date: 2019-02-05

Chapter: 33

Long time lurker needed to log on to say how much I love this story! Please keep it up 💕

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2019-02-04

Chapter: 33

Man, I should have known there are cameras in the piano room, and probably there are cameras in almost every room in that house. I really thought Jason could be trusted, but uploading the scene in the piano room was really the wrong thing to do. I'm so scared for Mike and Chester, and of course, I hope for a happy ending, like I always do because I love happy endings, but sometimes, I'm not sure how this story will end.

Mark intimidating Mike was kind of scary to read, he's such an ass and I want him gone, god dammit!

Please update soon, I need to know what happens next!!!

From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2019-02-03

Chapter: 33

I'm going to have to do a list review for this chapter...

1.) Confession time...when I can tell a chapter is going to be a rough one by the title, I usually skim through first before actually reading just to get an idea of what's coming up. The anticipation is just too much...I can't help myself lol Which is exactly what I did with this chapter. And, in this case, it added an extra level of sadness to one of Mike's thoughts since I was, basically, reading it in retrospect. I knew that somehow Mike and Ches having sex in the piano room made it onto the YRS site so Mike thinking that Mark doesn't get all of them and only what they want to show him(something along those lines) was extra heart breaking. Just like...damn.

2.) The death threat being on camera...that just makes the whole situation even harder to get out of. I don't know how they could work arond that even with the help of Mike's parents. He wasn't being threatened or anything when he said it so self-defense isn't an option.

3.) It was really, really tough to see Mike submit to Mark. Really tough. I'm sure his response to Mark made things go a lot smoother than they would have if he'd responded in his usual way but still...that sucked.

4.) As for Mark making Jason put that video up? All I can say is...fuck Mark. Im really short on words otherwise. Not sure why I'm surprised because nothing he does should surprise me. He's such a scum bag. I really want to see karma come back around for him at some point.

5.) Now for Mike and Chester...Mike warning Chester that, if they don't get out of this, something will happen that they can't come back from was terrifying because it's 100% true. I'm hoping Mike's words will get through to Chester and motivate him to figure something out.

6.) I struggled hard with my feelings towards Jason in this chapter. I know he's just as much under Mark's control as the rest of them, if not more, but I had to keep reminding myself of that. My first instinct was to hate him mercilessly.

This chapter had me pretty fired up. I had to, like, actually calm down lol Anyway, another job well done. Please update soon!

From: Cissoye

Date: 2019-02-02

Chapter: 33

I had to go back to previous chapter to actually read the slash, haha. I tend to just skip it when I'm not in the mood but, damn, I HAD to read it after this last chapter. Holy hell, that was violent. I mean, I felt their distress and horror throughout the thing, which I have to congratulate you for (but I expect no less from you guys, so ;P).

On another note, I'm not even surprised. I mean, I think I'm a little too paranoid irl for my own good so I've been thinking of cameras since the beginning. I was like "took you long enough to even THINK about it" when Mike mentioned having cameras in the loft xD I guess I'm just not innocent and naive enough, lol.

I wonder how much of Ches and Mike's intimate moment Mark left for everyone to see, because by the end of last chapter Chester calls Mike "Mr Shinoda" which could be a problem. Same with the names, didn't they have porn names ? Did Mark just dropped them for the sake of fucking with them and making money ? Somehow, that just adds to the overall horrible situation, and I feel so fucking bad for them! For Mike who must feel so exposed and violated and for Chester who's so afraid of losing Mike and having all these people watch something so personal. This is just awful and I so hope Mike's desire to get away is the premise of them actually trying to get away.

Thanks for the little reminder about Chester's home situation and the fact he'd actually been groomed by Mark. I understand it's complicated for him to think of leaving but I feel like Mike is slowly getting closer to his breaking point and is letting Chester know more and more that they need to move and get away. I wouldn't want for Ches' mom to suffer the consequences, and with what Mark said about the death threat, I would hate him so much more if he fucked with Mike and Ches like that. I wouldn't think it past him to get Mike arrested by staging an attack or something, though.

On a brighter note, I was so happy to see Chester and Mike get close again after the evident distance between them at the beginning of last chap. It hurt to see the strain this shit put on their relationship and I was so glad it didn't last. But then this chapter happened, and the strain is showing again. I don't know how much more of all of this their relationship can take, and if they make it through together, they'll be such a strong couple! That's the "positive" note I'm grasping on xD

I have to say, I just love Mike/Mark scenes and I'm crossing my fingers for more confrontations and whatnot. I love hating this dude, he's making such a great bad guy!

I'm worried about what will happen next, because I feel like Mark got what he wanted, and by that I mean Mike's submission. I don't like that he submitted but I know he didn't have a choice and that's what is worrying me (in a good way xD). If Mark thinks he now have him under control, how far will he go ? I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to assert his power over him just because Mike had been such a pain to him for so long and because he still wants Chester for himself. And what better way to do that than scare Mike away and make it too much for him to stay despite loving Chester. Though I can't really see him abandoning Ches in this shit.

I'm just so impatient and curious about what's to come! I'm rooting for Bennoda, but at the same time, I'm a sucker for drama and angst so... I really love this fic (dunno if I've said that enough).

Anyway, I can't remember if I've asked this before (because I've asked it to other authors, but can't remember if I asked you guys) : do you have a posting schedule or are you just updating when new chapters are ready ? <--- That's my impatient and hyper eager side talking, cause I kinda need to know when to expect more awesomness from you guys!!

Okay, I'm done. I'll stop bugging you and just wait really (im)patiently for next chapter.

You guys rock!

From: becisamonsta

Date: 2019-02-02

Chapter: 33

I cannot, CANNOT, believe what Jason had done to both Chester and Mike... just reading that I felt violated that he would do such a thing, also off topic, this chapter made me really hungry for soup toward the end I know... Such an odd thing to say. I also can’t wait to see more of Noah’s character, seems really interesting ☺️

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