Devil's Drop by Penelope_Ink & lpfan503

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From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2019-08-07

Chapter: 55

This story is killing me; Mike is killing me. Seriously, I basically just wait for him to give in and watch porn videos of Jason and then be caught by Chester, so they finally can have an honest conversation about everything. Mike can't go on like this! He can't stare at Ryan and Jason, he can't look up pictures and he can't think about Jason when he's supposed to think of Chester!

Okay, aside from my concern for Mike's and Chester's relationship and if there will actually be a happy ending to this story (remember my official request for the ending xD), this chapter was amazing! I loved that Ryan and Jason got some time alone, and I loved it even more that Mike and Ches took that romantic walk on the beach. Then, back at home the romance continued, and it just made me so happy...which is why I think there will be some terrible drama before the story ends.

Well, who knows what will happen. (You two obviously...)

Anyway, please update soon, this story is one of my favorites and I always read a new update as soon as I see it :)

From: Esmeralda

Date: 2019-08-07

Chapter: 55

I really liked this chapter, it was hot and the bennoda at the end was welcome and really needed. However, Mike still had me really worried and I will tell you the reasons why. First of all, that obsession of looking for pictures of Jason.. he will end up watching the videos and we will lose him. Also, his mind keeps drifting away towards Jason even when he is with Chester, I'm just so glad he didn't think about Jason when they were back at the loft preparing to have sex... that would've been absolutely awful.

Not to mention, Mike staring at Ryan and Jason's reunion and kisses.. that only had me thinking that he wanted to be in Ryan's place, (and comparing his lips to Chester's lips and imagining what kissing Jason would feel like) Cmon Mike!! The worst is that he kept telling himself throughout the whole chapter that he loves Chester as if trying to convince himself, it made the whole moment with Chester feel kind of forced. Hopefully not. I know that was not your intention guys.. but I'm really bitter about all of this. Jason was happy to see Ryan but I could catch that he feels attracted to Mike too. (Also not related to any of this and in a lighter note.. I just love Chester little curls too, for me that was his most beautiful look).

I can't wait for them to go back to YRS and see how things develop from here. Hopefully Mark doesn't notice that Jason was away for the night or he would do terrible things to make him pay for it. I'm not sure how you guys are planning to wrap up third story in just 4 chapters... there is still so much that needs to be done and said (like Mike making peace with his parents?).. unless you're planning for a sequel (yayyy). Please update soon... this fic has me biting my nails.. and despite my sometimes harsh reviews I love this fic and I love you guys!

From: halvlang

Date: 2019-08-04

Chapter: 55

Thanks for the long answer to my review <3 I'm really relieved that I'm not the only one that doesn't understand Mike at times! And that he struggles after the BJ is soooo understandable. I picture Jay as a really hot guy and he really seemed to know what he did there when going down on Mike... So Mike being actually obsessed with Jay and his old on-screen-figure, despite being in love with Ches, is probably the only thing I really DON'T blame him for :D

That all the insecurities are part of Chester's character makes him such a great one! He is so layered and having gone through this journey with him we could see all the different character traits. He for sure developed but you can also see things coming back. I hope that being with Mike got him in a better place and will do so in the future. He is so loved, not only by Mike but also by Ryan and I'm pretty sure, by now, also by Jay.

Ok, let's focus on the new, really really good chapter!!

I think I already covered Mike/Jay above. A last note on that. Mike, don't drown in this! Please, as much as I understand you, focus on what you have right in front of you: Chester. The guy you are deeply and madly in love with! Ok, I think that's all. Oh wait, maybe I should add: don't stare at Ry and Jay. Or maybe do, so that Chester figures out that something is wrong? I don't know what I think and want and need... obviously. A much as I loved this chapter, it didn't get them anywhere with their secrets. Still unspoken, still the big elephant in the room.

Ches and Ryan, I'm glad they talked. I didn't have the feeling that Ches was mad in any way and it's good that he was able to reinsure Ryan. Because I understand why Ryan kinda freaked out here - not knowing what is going to happen must feel so shitty and he needs all the stability he can get. Ches is one of his rocks. Maybe the only one right now. They have such a beautiful friendship and I think it is right what Ches said: they will aways be together. Mike, better get used to that fact!

Jay and Ry, I was so damn happy for them, maybe a few tears of joy happened. They so deserve to be together and happy and I won't blame Jay for a second that he slipped Mark another of those pills. He must feel like a prisoner and no one should ever feel like this in their own house and especially not in their marriage. I see what Ry and Ches mean, that Mark can be generous, that he did a lot for Jay. It's probably right, but that doesn't give him the right to screw with him now. So I'm happy that Jay got a break and that he and Ryan got to spend the evening together (on Chester's and Mike's bed. I found that hilarious!!). It was worth the risk.

Mike and Ches at the beach was sooooo damn cute. Like... awwww.... Doesn't get more romantic than making out at the beach under moonlight, I guess ;) When all fo this drama is over, can I make you write me a sickening-cheesy-oneshot with them having sex on the beach? Please? *puppyeyes* (where is the form for an official request?)

And then back at the flat. Damn... I had actually thought about that, about Mike bottoming again, but it just didn't happen and I thought that they figured it's just the way they like it the most but I'm all in for this change again! (You could totally include that in the one-shot you could be writing after... just saying... ;))

I was glad that Mike suggested it because he would have felt awful if he would have realise that Chester was still in pain. Mood-killer. So I'm glad they decided to switch and also that Mike got the chance to be all over Ches before, in such a tender and slow way, showing him all the affection and love. Ches knows that he never intent to hurt him but it did something good for both of them. Just being with each other, showing what they feel through their touches and kissed. And I kinda hate you guys for stoping were you stopped. I wanted to read the rest...

Ok, to wrap it up. I'm so madly in love with this story, about the same Ry and Jay/Ches and Mike are. Because I do really believe they are, no matter what happened or will happen in the next chapters. They are perfect couples and despite recent confusion, kisses, BJ's, and emotions that are all over the place, they just belong together. That makes me read through all this great written drama. That I scream, sob, laugh and hug my computer is enough proof of what a masterpiece the two of you have created. FFS, I really want to hug you right now. And the four guys. But mainly you two.

From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2019-08-02

Chapter: 55

First off, my phone has been acting dumb so I’m hoping this review doesn’t post multiple times. My apologies if it does. And, as usual after this story, my brain is all over the place. o_O But I will try to sort myself out enough to form some coherent thoughts.

Okay...I GREATLY appreciate the Bennoda lovin’ in this chapter. Like...words can not express how needed that was. So thank you!!! <3 I was so worried that Mike wouldn’t be able to be with Chester in that way anymore and this chapter helped to calm my fears slightly. BUT...at the same time, I’m keeping my heart guarded. I have to. You know how I feel about this Mike and Chester. *sighs* This story not ending well will crush me so I kinda have to assume/think the worst to soften the blow a little bit. I can’t get my hopes up.

I especially loved Mike wanting to take his time with Chester and not rush anything. <333 And how adamant he was about it. That was much needed as well too. I mean, without a doubt, their animalistic sex is hot ;) but I think the slow/tender sex is just as important every now and then too. And it felt very important in this moment.

I’m sooo happy Jason and Ryan got to see each other again! :D I was wondering how and when that would happen. Now I’m just REALLY hoping Jason is right about the pills and that they do keep Mark knocked out for awhile. Not gonna lie...also kinda hoping Jason gave Mark one too many pills and he just doesn’t wake up. *shrugs* I mean, he would go peacefully in his sleep, right? :p Sadly, I’m thinking there’s too much story left for Mark’s demise to happen just yet.

It felt to me like Mike’s thoughts regarding Jason are getting better? Not perfect by any means, and he’s still struggling, but he seemed to have a semi-better handle on them. Not sure how to explain it. His fixation seems to have lessened a little from the last chapter to this one. Maybe it’s wishful thinking? But that’s how it felt to me. I still don’t like that his mind drifts to Jason at all, and my hope is for that to come to a stop completely at some point, but it seemed to be getting better. Again, still keeping my heart guarded.

I know you guys won’t do this but I’m totally okay with you both putting your other stories on the back burner for a few days and updating this one every 24 hours. ;) Just a thought. I would GREATLY appreciate that as well lol

This is going to sound convenient so forgive me but, depending on how this ends, Devil’s Drop will, for sure, be my favorite LP fanfic of all time. <3 It’s been in the running for that position for awhile and, if this does somehow have a happy Bennoda ending, it snags that position hands down. And I really, really want that to be the case. *still keeping fingers crossed*

I think I’m done. If I think of more, I’ll just leave a second review again :p haha I’m not at a point where I have to wait till all the chapters are posted before reading any further. Not yet anyway. Still fucking nervous as hell though.

From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2019-07-29

Chapter: 54

Review #2...

I considered sending another email regarding this story but I’m really trying not to be annoying so here’s a second review instead :p lol And not a review so much as just as an explanation of my last one because I’ve been so torn since I posted it. :-/

I also feel I’ve been hard on Mike. I sounded like a total bitch towards him in my last review and didn’t mean to. My apologies. It’s true that I don’t care for his thoughts about Jason at all. And they do make my heart hurt. And I do fear he’s losing his feelings for Chester.

But...the real issue is...I’m mad at the situation. Not Mike. Like, to be honest, I don’t see a happy ending for this anymore. :( I don’t see how Mike and Chester are going to come back from this, let alone what other things can/will happen in the next few chapters. I don’t think Mike will be able to get Jason out of his head and that will make it impossible for him to be with Chester, both intimately and outside of intimacy, and I think things will snowball from there. Plus I remembered Mike warning Chester awhile back about something happening that they can’t come back from and I think this is it. Or, at least, the start of a line of things they can’t come back from. :’(

So, I guess, I was really upset about how I see things going. And Mark winning. And I took it out on Mike. *sighs* I still love you both. I’m just...trying to prepare for the heart break. And I think damn Brad was way off about Chester marrying someone blue. Stupid Brad.

I’ve followed this story for so long and still hope to finish it. I do worry I’ll be struggling more and more to do so though. Worse case scenario, it’ll reach a point where I have to wait till all the chapters are posted and review each one as I binge read. Yes, I’ve considered this as a serious option. :p lol We’ll see.

Anyway, hopefully Mike’s writer can forgive my harshness. Totally came from a broken Bennoda heart and not from malice.

From: halvlang

Date: 2019-07-29

Chapter: 54

I read the chapter three times already because I wanted to make sure to have everything covered in my review but I still think I'm not ready to write it. Seen that you are sooo quick with updates (I love it!), I still want to make sure to leave a few thoughts before you are moving on. I guess a list is appropriate again.

But before, I want to apologise that I was so mad at Mike. The last chapters I was furious about his behaviour (I actually was never really pro his character in the story, I read back a few old reviews and as much as I wanted him to be ok as well, I always struggled with understanding him, his jealousy, his behaviour). But this chapter, the mental struggle he is going through... he really doesn't deserve any of that. So, I'm sorry for being so harsh to him all the time.

Ok, on with the list:

1. Mike just disappearing to bed. Bad sign. Really bad sign and I don't know why Chester didn't at least ask him if he wants company or not. Giving him space is fine but only after making sure that that is what he needs. Still, I understand that maybe Chester also just needed some space to sort his mind.

2. Ches and Ryan. I don't know what to think. First, when Chester is showing the bruises and scratches, I understand Ryan and that he is concerned. I understand that he wants to make sure that his friend is ok. The touching... ok, it happens, they are close and body contact is something they both just do. It's ok and Chester also needed a bit of comforting.

3. Ches and Ryan, part II. Being closer, then even closer, the kiss to the neck, the real kiss. I need to say that I'm not mad. They have a past, a really intimate past, even though it was for the camera, and they both needed comfort. Was it right? No. Can I understand it? Yes. Is Mike going to understand it? No way. So I hope they just pretend it never happened, just the way they did when Ches just asked for the cheese. It's not they Ches cheated on Mike, it was just a kiss. It's not cool to do that but also not like he jumped Ryan.

4. Mike, alone with his thought. As said above, I really feel sorry for him. He doesn't understand what is going on, with him, his body, his mind. But being close with someone can just do that to you, no matter if or how much you love someone else. I know that Jay wasn't the first guy Mike received a blowjob from but he is for sure no stranger and it was an intimate moment, as horrible as the situation was. That can just do exactly make you feel that; being curios, being unable to forget it, thinking of it, getting a bit horny, wanting to explore... I can see why he looked up Jay as a porn star. And I really hope Mike tells Ches. He will understand and put his mind to ease. And probably beat up Mark... Which would be good and deserved, so it's a win-win for everyone. Ches can get some frustration out, taking revenge for everything Mark has done to him, Mike, Jay, Ry, the other guys.

5. Mike and Ches together, finally alone. To be honest, if they would have moments like this at all in the last days, the whole day at the house would have played out differently... It's good that they hold on to each other, that they stay close. Now they just have to talk about it again. Not in a "I'm so sorry" way but just saying it's ok, one last time and then leaving the last shooting behind.

6. Ches being worried about not being good enough. Wow. It is so sad to read how much power external people have on him and the picture he has of himself. He got send home because he wouldn't have made it through a second day of shooting. But his mind is telling him he is not got enough... wtf... I don't like seeing Ches having those thoughts in his head.

Ok, as I said, I might miss a lot, but these things were the most present. I cannot wait for this whole mess to be turned upside down, for someone shoving Mark into the pool (and maybe drowning him a bit), Jay and Ry to finally see each other again and Mike and Ches having a normal life with normal jobs. As you see, I have it all planed out for you guys ;)

From: Alerion

Date: 2019-07-25

Chapter: 54


Delete this chapter, bro. :'(

Lmao I'm joking but like, not really.

I halfway dont even wanna go any further with the story because I feel like its headed in a bad direction and I REALLY dont feel good about it.

Mike and Jason had me shook and upset because it was part of Mark's evil games but Ryan and Chester broke my heart because they have history together. They're literally the "you vs. The guy he told you not to worry about" meme. Chester literally has spent so much time convincing Mike that Ryan was just his friend and co-star and now they kissing in the living room and what not. And all I keep thinking about is how Brad said, if I'm remembering correctly, Chester was going to break Mike's heart :(

Yo, I'm addicted to this storyline and I gotta know how this jawn ends but I just dont have a good feeling about it, fam.

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2019-07-24

Chapter: 54

Okay, here is my formal request to you to let this story end with a nice, romantic and peaceful bennoda-love ending! I mean it, please! (This request might be repeated in my next few reviews)

Seriously you both, I've had this weird feeling since the previous chapter...now there are only 5 (FIVE!!!) chapters left, and I'm getting nervous. What if this won't end well? I (and obviously all the other readers and reviewers) really need a happy Bennoda ending, and I really don't know if these last few chapters will give us this ending or not. Mark needs to be stopped, Jay and Ryan need to have their happy ending, and Ches and Mike need to be honest with each other and get out of the porn business, as well. Maybe Mike can even make peace with his parents??? I'm not sure if all these things can/will happen until this amazing story ends. Of course, I'm not telling you how to write your story, these are only wishes and suggestions :)

I understand that Mike is a little confused after what happened with Jason, and I kind of expect him to watch porn videos of him and then get caught by Chester. Maybe they can talk it all out then. Also, Ryan being so cozy with Chester and even kissing him was NOT okay!!! Drinking this early wasn't okay either, so I'm seriously concerned.

Please please please update soon, I can't wait, even though I have a feeling it will end in an catastrophe!

From: Esmeralda

Date: 2019-07-24

Chapter: 54

Dammit! Excuse me if I swear... but I have so many things to say about this chapter that I don't even know where to start. Mike is making me feel all type of emotions. I would say I'm kind of mad and will explain why. I'm not mad at him for what he is feeling... if it is just attraction, lust or something stronger towards Jason, he is free to feel whatever he is feeling, because relationships in life may come and go, so if he wants to give that a try he is free to do so, he shouldn't feel obligated to stay with Chester.

But I'm mad because he is not being honest at all... not with Chester nor to himself. Based on the relationship he has with Chester and all things they have lived in YRS, I thought he should feel safe enough to at last confess to his boyfriend what happened with Jason, but again he just don't want to be honest because he felt something else...it also makes me think that just maybe his love for Chester is not as strong as we thought it was.

How could a single blow job could shake his life the way it has? C'mon he is working in porn so I'm not sure how is he that affected! that brings me again back to analyze the feelings Mike is developing for Jason. He keeps thinking about him every minute even dreaming about him? He didn't even care Chester had drinks in the morning and I don't think he would have cared that Chester and Ryan kissed at this point (which is also not acceptable and I'm not sure what you guys are trying to do with this whole switching couples). Again Mike's obsession will make him want to have sex with Jason and I'm pretty sure that's what will happen. I don't know if I will be able to stand that. Maybe the happy bennoda here is not bound to be. I just don't want Mike to force himself to say 'I love you' if he didn't feel it anymore. So sad.

Also I don't get where Mike is trying to go with that whole conversation about Jason and Ryan's relationship and his comments about Ryan's love for Jason. What is the actual intention behind this? Is he trying to make Chester believe that what Jason and Ryan have is not strong enough? I'm not sure how I feel about all of this (Chester's comments about not being good enough, and the comparison between Jason/Mike and how sophisticated they both were just broke me, I can just imagine how he will feel once he knows that he is losing his boyfriend to Jason). I will just wait impatiently for the next chapter. Please don't make me wait too much.

From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2019-07-24

Chapter: 54

Okay...this may run long and I may repeat myself. Apologies beforehand. Also, I adore you both and nothing I say is meant to offend either of you. Even if I sound a little angry when I say certain things :p lol Here we go...

1.) Mike, Mike/Jason: Mike pining/lusting for Jason...NOPE! Double and triple not okay. I’m getting a little angry with him. And, if it reaches a point where he doesn’t even want to be with Chester anymore, I won’t forgive him. My Bennoda heart won’t forgive him. He needs to get it together. Again, there are only a few chapters left and I don’t see an end to his Jason fixation. He’s obsessing almost. To say I’m nervous is an understatement. I don’t know how you guys are going to fix this or if you even are. Maybe you’re intending on a sad ending? Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. The ending...it was almost like Mike actually had to convince himself he wanted Chester. Like, he had to remind himself or something. :’( :’( When I say I can’t, I mean I. Can’t. And, hell, I don’t even know if he’d care about Chester and Ryan kissing at this point. With the way he’s feeling about Jason. *rolls eyes* Like I said, Mike is irritating me.

2.) Chester/Ryan: I’m upset about that too but not as much. What happened between them isn’t okay either, but Ryan really was the one initiating everything, not Chester. Chester did respond but I feel like that was more out of familiarity than anything else. Not that it makes it okay, mind you. Chester needs to get it together too but it also doesn’t seem like Chester’s feelings are in danger of drifting away from Mike the way it seems Mike’s feelings are in danger of drifting away from Chester. Even Mike’s “I love you”s feel forced and fake. Or maybe that’s just the way my broken Bennoda heart is interpreting it? I don’t know.

Needless to say, Ive done a lot of thinking on and off about this story since the last chapter. And I thought that, if this is working towards a Mike/Jason conclusion that, the only way to soften the blow, would be to somehow make Ryan and Chester happy together. But even that hurts. Chester and Mike have been through so much with and for each other that anything other than a Bennoda ending seems cruel. :( Their love/bond was so strong. I thought it was anyway. Now I don’t know.

And then it hit me, like I mentioned above, that maybe this was always meant to be a Bennoda tragedy? Happy endings aren’t mandatory. Even though I wish they were sometimes lol And I really, really wish for one here. *crosses fingers*

I was told to hang with you guys and I’m trying. I have to admit though, my Bennoda heart is struggling a little bit. </3 Please update soon!

From: Esmeralda

Date: 2019-07-19

Chapter: 53

Oh Lord! I don't know which one of you is the one with these crazy ideas!! I have a small suspicion! LOL... this fic is going in directions that I never thought possible or never crossed my mind, but hey! This is exactly what good writers do to surprise their audience!

I just want to let you guys know you are doing a hell of a job with these twisted turns. I've always loved suspense and devil villains and people struggling with secrets, desires and feelings and this is what is happening here. (This reminds of one of the first fics I read in this site that was sinister and sick in its own way, it's called 'Going down ' by Pandora. And if you haven't read it I seriously recommend it).

But going back to the chapter... I cannot say that I blame Mike for anything that happened here. First of all, he is just a victim as everyone else is. And is understandable that at some point in the course of this story something like this would happen to him. Is it also understandable that he liked the blow job more than he wanted. Jason is an attractive and experienced man. But Mike needs to get it together, and Jason is right... Mike needs to learn to fake it better.

What I would never forgive Mike for is for not telling Chester right away what happened. Even though it may come as a shock, I suspect Chester could understand. I'm suspicious that Mike is just more afraid of Chester to know how he reacted during the act itself than Chester knowing that everything was forced by Mark.

This will just makes things worse, if Mike don't tell him beforehand, he will know another way and if Mark is the one that tells him it will be even worse. Also this is another door they are leaving open for Mark to manipulate them. I suspect this won't be the last thing that will happen between Mike and Jason, and unfortunately by the way things are going, I'm pretty sure even though they are saying otherwise both them actually enjoyed it and maybe would be willing to try again. I may be wrong but I'm sorry for Chester in all of this. I don't want him to get hurt.

From: halvlang

Date: 2019-07-18

Chapter: 53

First of all, of course I can forgive Mike's writer <3 Even though I don't understand him really often (being jealous, claiming Ches for himself, being so horny that he forgets the words around him), I still love him and his happiness is as important as the happiness of Ches, Ryan and Jay.

Second, I really shouldn't have shouted that much at you guys in the last review. I SHOULD HAVE SAVED IT UP FOR NOW!!

OMFG! (Now you even make me use Caps lock AND abbreviations... where will is all end?)

I can't believe that Mark made Mike and Jay do that. I had a few scenarios in my head (one of them being Jay getting paired up with Amir, because he was Ry's last partner, that would be so fucked up) but this was not one of them. I really didn't think he would pair up Jay and Mike. Is he planning to make this happen more often? Is that going to be a thing? Come on, that can't be happening. It will break Mike, Jay and Ches. And yes, I'm totally aware that that is what Mark wants. BUT I DON'T WANT IT!

Reading how bad Mike felt before, during and after the BJ, it broke my heart. I really don't know how he managed to not break down completely but that he went back to Ches, slept next to him, faced the others... I thought he would just loose it and stay under the shower until someone finds him and drags him out of there.

I don't blame him (yes, thats new, me not blaming him. But right now I really only feel pity for him) for getting off on the BJ, not even for checking out Jay or for feeling something there. As much as he is a conservative idiot sometimes, as much does he need to admit that he likes sex and intimacy and once he and Ches got on it, there was no stop to it. I think that Mike realises that there is other things and other people out there. And, also, he really needs something to hold onto right now. Feeling like shit for being forced into that situation, hiding it from Ches... I guess it is easier when he then at least can hold onto the fact that it was Jay, a person he likes and cares about.

Still, this is so fucked up and I give Ches a day to figure out that something is seriously wrong and to force it out of Mike. He need to tell him! It will be way worse when Ches will find to out in another way. And why does Mike even thinks that he needs to hide it? Ches knows Mark, he knows what he is doing to people, how he manipulates them, what he is doing to them. Ches was on the receiving end of that for so long...

Ok, my reviews really turn into chapters themselves... I will stop here, you guys see where I'm going with this. As always, make them happy and I will forgive you every tortures chapter you have put us through :P

From: Alerion

Date: 2019-07-17

Chapter: 53


Excuse me, WHAT?!

Mike and Jason hooked up.

Mike and Jason.


Forcibly so, but still, I AM SHOOK TO THE CORE.

But what's really sending me is the fact that Mike and "Jay" kept checking each other out for the rest of the chapter.

Jason trying to figure out a way to comfort Mike and wondering if Mike would go crazy on him if Mark decided to put them together made me say a emphatic "oh HELL NO!"

AND POOR MIKE, YO. Literally moments from having a mental breakdown because he's so heartbroken over this and unsure of how to tell Chester or if he should tell him. And the way he thinks YRS has ruined him. UGH. I teared up :'(

I really have to give you ladies credit because this story has become a true psychological thriller/horror story, if I've ever read one. Mark has truly got everybody under his manipulative, conniving control. His mind control rivals the CIA and it's truly entertaining, albeit infuriating and anxiety inducing, to read. Well done as always!

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2019-07-17

Chapter: 53

This is one of the few times that I review a chapter shortly after I have read it (instead of waiting a few days to review), but I have to get this out right now.

First of all, yes, the chapter was amazing just like they all are, and I was glad that you updated so quickly. Also you two are fantastic writers (you already know that, but I have to point it out before the rest of this review).

Second of all, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?! I hate Mark. More precisely, I have never hated a fictional character more than Mark, and I really want something terrible to happen to him. Prison would be nice. Or Losing all his money. Or (still my favorite) falling into the ocean and being eaten by a shark, but I'm drifting off...

Anyway, I'll get back to the story now. I was SO ANGRY to read about Mark forcing Jason and Mike to do what they did, I almost cried while reading it. Mark is such a manipulative asshole who always gets what he wants and it has to stop! Poor Mikey finally realizes what it really means to work for Mark, and that he has no other choice than to do what he wants in order to protect Chester. I think he should be honest with Ches, it's not fair to keep him in the dark. He also should admit that he liked the blowjob even though he didn't want to like it, and that he's kind of confused now. If he doesn't tell Ches, it's only a matter of time until he sees that Mike looks at Jason differently than before.

Jeez, all of this is so confusing, concerning and just weird… Please, please, please update soon, I love this story :)

From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2019-07-17

Chapter: 53

Okay...I’ve said before about my reviews sucking but this one really will...

My heart is breaking. I could cry. Truly fighting tears as I write this. I hate Mark. I really do. And I knew that was going to happen. That Mike would feel betrayed by his own body. *sighs* And you have no idea-or maybe you do from past reviews-how much I HATE when things are off between Chester and Mike. My heart hurts so much every time </3 Like, Mark noticing that they weren’t holding hands and Mike hesitating to even take Chester’s hand...my poor heart. I can’t. :( And I feel like it’s going to take a long time before things are okay between them again. Especially from Mike’s side of things. And there’s not enough story left. And I need them to be okay. :’(

As for Jason...he seems to have enjoyed it even more than Mike. Which is concerning.

Also, none of what I said is to make either of you feel bad. I still love the hell out of this story and the fact that it can make me feel so many things so strongly, speaks to the talent of both of you. I just...holy fuck, did this chapter hurt. Holy. Fucking. Fuck.

Please update soon? Like, really soon? I need to see how this plays out. My poor Bennoda heart :’(

From: Esmeralda

Date: 2019-07-16

Chapter: 52

Hey guys! I just wanted you to know that even though I've been kind of absent with my reviews lately I'm still here, faithfully reading and cheering over every update on this fic. . Is just again life has been harsh and nasty with me.

But I'm seriously amazed at how all things had turned out with this story. Ryan and Jason being discovered, Mark making Jason fire Ryan (such a Mark thing to do), Ryan staying with our boys and Mike being all jealous about the situation because seriously Ryan has no boundaries around Chester (predictably).. I'm loving all of this..

But with this last chapter, you are doing a great job by pushing this maybe too far.. I understand how Mike could get himself carried away under such circumstances. But he is out of it. Obviously not caring about Chester's well-being but just his own pleasure. And of course feeling awful after the fact. Cannot blame Mike completely since this is something that we should have seen coming. And that final scene with Mark trying to figure out his husband and Mike together.. that is just fucked up... Awful place to leave it hanging.. you gotta update soon!

From: halvlang

Date: 2019-07-16

Chapter: 52

Before I start my ranting, I love you guys and I love this story. I love what you make me feel when I read about the guys (all of them), I love the storyline and the turns it takes, the characters and their development. So, everything that I will write in this review is not meant to diminish any of the love I have!


a) Mike being all focused on himself and not carrying about Ches. That's not like him. And I don't like that Mike. Yes, in the end he figured that he might should ask Ches about how he is and if he is ok but come on...? Just because you are horny, you can't just let you go like this and nit give a shit about others; especially not your boyfriend!I'm so disappointed in Mike. Not only because he was so selfish but also because he let this happen while Mark was in the room. He promised to never let Mark hurt Ches anymore and by exposing like he did, he put himself and Ches in danger because he made himself vulnerable in front of Mark. So... MAKE MIKE ACT NORMAL AGAIN AND HATE HIS WORK! (Yes, I know that Ches also enjoyed it and that he started with the pet name, bu right now I'm really mad at Mike so I'm not rational!)

b) Mark touching Mike made me outrageous. What does he think he is doing? (Yes, still mad at Mike, but also... still love him and want him to be ok). He knows that Mike hates him and he is crossing so many damn boundaries. Over and over again. Ry should have punched him even harder... and longer...

c) Mark drugging Ches. WTF?! Again, what does he think? Ches is really out of it and even though I'm pretty sure he needs the sleep, Mark needs to back the fuck off! Argh!! I'm spitting fire here and I hate this guy so, so, so much. And that coming from me, means a lot, because I normally don't use the word hate when it comes to people. It is to strong in 99% of the cases but Mark is the 1% exception...

d) Jay must feel so bad. He seems os miserable and that he risks getting discovered by Mark shows how desperate he is to talk to Ry. The inner fight he has when considering going into Mike's and Ches' room is so heartbreaking because he shouldn't be restricted to talk to someone he loves. That's just cruel.

e) Mark treating everyone like little kids. Yes, they are young, but Mike isn't a little boy and even less is Jay. SERIOUSLY! Leave them alone, you creepy asshole! And then the twist in the very last sentence... You can't... no, no, no, no, no. He doesn't really do that, is he? Come on, that's just fucked up on a whole new level.

I might be done with my venting here. Sorry you guys, once again, I love you and I love the story. This chapter just had me all worked up and I want to yell at someone!!

Just one think that I hope I didn't over-interpret. What was that with Jay letting the camera roll? Did he captured something he shouldn't have? Like Mark touching Mike? I can't really place my finger on it but I think this is a detail that might get important. But maybe that's just me, really hoping for a turn for the good!

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2019-07-14

Chapter: 52

Awesome chapter! First, the slash: It was so hot, i was blown away. Not having sex with Ches for a week really does turn Mike into an animal, and even the camera didn't seem to bother him this time. I was glad they were both into it at the time, but then the aftermath came and poor Ches was in so much pain that he even accepted those shady pills Mark gave him...I'm afraid that he's gonna wake up and Mike isn't at his side to comfort him because he's still in mark's room, being questioned with Jason. The moment when they were called into Mark's room had me on the dge of my seat, i was really scared!

Also, I noticed that because Jason left on the camera, he now has that moment when Mark touched Mike's butt against his will on camera. That means that practically, Mark was molesting him, which is awful right now, but could be a good piece of evidence against Mark later in the story.

Pleaseeeee update soon, I'm dying to know what's next!

From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2019-07-11

Chapter: 52

I totally know what you mean about being emotionally attached to these characters. It’s probably even worse for you two being the writers/creators but from a reader standpoint...I’m so fucking attached. I’ve already concluded that, no matter how this ends, happy or sad, I’m most likely going to be in tears the whole way through the last chapter of this. :p It’s been quite the journey.

Now, as far as this chapter goes, I don’t know where to start. I guess I’ll start with the porn scene. That was...I don’t know. Not exactly hard to read because they were both into it at the time, even if Mike got a little carried away, but...the aftermath. :( :( :( I felt for Chester. And Mike. I’m still trying to sort my feelings out about everything so I apologize if this review sucks. Or doesn’t make sense. Briefly, I was angry with Mike. But then I realized how unfair that is. So I’m mad not anymore. He felt so bad afterwards. *sighs* I just...I guess I’m mad at the situation?

I had the same exact thought as Jason...Mark is going to get what he wants w/o even shortening their contracts. </3 I actually felt a little sick to my stomach. I fucking hate him.

Then Mark touching Mike...that was inevitable I guess. What an asshole. Mike needs to get his shot at Mark like Ryan did. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for it.

Chester and the pills...I won’t dwell on this too long because 1.) I really don’t see you guys taking the story in that direction and 2.) I don’t even want to think of it as an option but...I do hope Chester is okay. Mark’s concern over the 2 pills made me nervous, but, again, I’m choosing not to worry about it too much. There’s a lot of story left.

The minute Mark told Mike and Jason to go to his room, I panicked. Like, instant fucking panic. And, of course, it’s not going to end well. Like I knew it wouldn’t. If anything does goes down between Mike and Jason, since it will be forced-like so many other things at YRS-and something neither of them want, I hope we don’t see it. I’d rather not.

This was an incredibly cruel place to end the chapter (you’re forgiven though :p) so please, please update soon. I’m completely addicted to this story. <3

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2019-07-10

Chapter: 51

Again such a good chapter!

I can imagine Mike being pissed about Ryan still hanging out at his and Chester's apartment, but that thought about wanting to go to work just so he can have sex with Ches is really out of character for Mike; he is just desperate to be alone with Ches xD I love the way you showed his conflict between understanding Ryan's situation, and on the other hand wanting to have alone time with his boyfriend.

I can't list all the things I wanted to say when I first read this chapter, so I'll just remind you (like mermaid_life87 already said) that Mark didn't kiss the lucky spatula!!! The bad luck has to come to him, sooner or later!

Okay, I'm calming down now...please update soon :)

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