Devil's Drop by Penelope_Ink & lpfan503

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From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2019-08-21

Chapter: 58

*really hopes no one thinks she’s a loser after this review*

Okay...so, I don’t think I’ll be crying during the last chapter of this anymore. I think the next chapter will be a foursome and, much like “Xo”, I’ll be the only one grumbling about it.

I’ve contemplated you guys possibly taking this in the polyamorous direction before with the way some of the chapters have gone, but never could wrap my head around Mike being okay with Chester doing anything sexual with someone else, let alone Ryan of all people. But I’m thinking a combination of the weed along with whatever leftover feelings exist between Mike and Jason may be strong enough to make it so Mike doesn’t care what Chester and Ryan do together.

The only thing is that Jason never really showed any interest in Chester (that I can remember anyway) so I’m thinking it could even start out as a foursome but then lead into a situation where it’s more Mike with Jason and Chester with Ryan?

Before I go on...Brad just popped into my head for whatever reason lol I’m glad he’s taking some time away and I hope he does get a job at one of the local restaurants. A high paying one. He deserves it. :) I’ve really enjoyed his character in this. <3

Back to my grumbling...you know I have my Bennoda purist ways (don’t know why I am that way, honestly). And I really did want a Bennoda wedding but I guess I can see the attraction in this kind of ending. I mean, I’m going to be the only one disappointed so that probably says a lot. Mainly, that the problem is me. :p lol

Alright...I’ll shut up. Hopefully neither of you hate me, and don’t feel I’m as big a downer as I feel I am right now. I do thank you both for creating some of my all time favorite Bennoda moments though. <333 And I still think you two together are the ultimate Bennoda powerhouse. :)

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2019-08-17

Chapter: 57

I can't believe that there are only two chapters left; I'm not ready to let see this awesome story go! Btw, in my review for the previous chapter I meant I read it at 2:30 AM, not PM...got confused with this.

Anyway, this chapter was really good! I didn't kow if I expected Mark to really be dead, or if I even wanted him dead. I mean...in a way, I did, but when I actually read it I didn't know what to think. Now I guess I'm glad he's gone, but I'm anxious to find out what happens in the last two chapters. Also...what happens to Brad? He was the only one who doesn't know what happened with Jason and Mark, right?

I want Mike and Chester, and also Ryan and Jason to have open and honest conversations before the end of the story, but I guess you two will give us a good ending! Again, this is the time where I ask for a happy bennoda ending ;)

I'm probably forgetting a lot of what I wanted to say, so: Please update soon, I can't wait!

From: halvlang

Date: 2019-08-17

Chapter: 57

Ok, I had a hard time coming to terms with Mark's death actually. Which sounds so stupid, seen that I wished him all the worst things in my reviews from earlier chapters. But going through this traumatic process with all of the boys was so hard and it shows how layered the feelings are. It's sadness and also relief, it's a lot of questions about the future and insecurities. But it is also love for one another and I really like how you describe all the different bounds between all of them and how they help each other through this. It's good to know that no one is left alone.

I was a bit afraid about Mike going up to see Jay but I think this whole Mark-fell-down-the-stairs-and-died-drama brought Mike back to the ground of things and all he did was helping Jay out. No weird other feelings there and that is good.

I think I have a million more things to say but I really should be working right now, so I'll leave you with a "please don't let Jay suffer the consequences of Mark's death here, he deserves to be happy and he didn't even know about the divorce papers, please, please, please let Ry just throw them out and let's never talk about this again". I don't care if Jay wouldn't get anything, for all we know, Mark could have given everything to charity (just joking here, but you get my point, we simply don't know. I mean you guys do but we don't)... And Ry wouldn't care either, all that matters is that they are free from Mark and can be together (as are Mike and Ches) and the rest can be figured out somehow!!

From: Alerion

Date: 2019-08-16

Chapter: 57

I'm going to be real with yall. I really don't think it's a good look for Jason that Mark ends up dead around the time he was going to file for divorce and possibly leave Jason out on his ass. That def makes Jason look SO sinister. I feel awful for him, it seems like he's being pulled in so many different directions. Having an abusive husband, finally being rid of the abusive husband, being responsible for that husbands death, still somewhat loving that husband. And then there's Ryan. And unbeknownst to Jason, the new worry of losing everything. Poor Jay, man. I really hope everything works out for him.

I'm glad Mark is dead, sorry. He was awful and awful people should suffer, PERIOD. I felt bad for all the boys being so torn up over it, but I couldnt relate lol.

And let me say, I'm *kinda?* glad that Mike has formed this (trauma) bond with Jason. It shows growth (?), compared to when Mike started at YRS and hated everyone. But I thought it funny when Mike and Jason were upstairs hugging it out, Ryan was downstairs comforting Chester.........what are yall trying to do with that exactly? Are the four of them gonna end up being a polycule at the end of this? Lmao jk

That would be hot, though.

From: Esmeralda

Date: 2019-08-16

Chapter: 57

I never actually expected Mark would be dead to be honest with you guys. I thought he would just be paralyzed or badly hurt, but with this turn you guys surprised me. Not to announce bad news but Jason is not in a very good position now, hopefully Mark never got to file that petition for divorce that would put Jason out with nothing. And hopefully the affair is not mentioned to the authorities, all of this could cause the wrong impression.

I think Mark brought this awful fate to himself, with his obsession for Chester, his desire to dominate and control everybody around him, and to force them to do things just for his selfish pleasure. The decision the guys took of just leaving YRS so suddenly was also a huge detonant. Mike was too afraid of having Chester witness him melt under Jason's touch, that he just wanted to run away since he knew Chester would definitely notice something was not right.

Mike and Chester still need to have an honest conversation. I mean I hope Mike gets to open up to Chester about what happened... I think there are still some lingering feelings between Mike and Jason. Also Ryan seems to be still attracted to Chester? I don't know someone may end up having a slip.

Ryan and Jason need to be specially careful now, they cannot be alone together I Mark's mansion when he just passed! What is Jason thinking... and Ryan cannot go into Mark's office and remove things.. what if there are cameras in there? Oh Lord! My mind is imagining all kinds of crazy scenarios!! Sorry for my ramblings but this is the effect this fic have on me and the proof of how good writers you two are!

Wtf with Mark and those pictures of Chester! He was creepily obsessed with Chester and that's why he couldn't let him go.. I wonder if Ryan will mention this to Chester at some point. I'm sad this fic is almost over, good fics should never end but now I really cannot wait for the next update.

From: hattu

Date: 2019-08-15

Chapter: 57

Pheeeww that was hard…

Jay and Ches will need Time to dort their feelings out. Yes Mark was a big asshole but also a big influence on both Lives.

I hope Jay will be left with something, eventhough it would be typical fir Mark to find a way to prevent that, Even over his death.

Canˋt wait to See where they all end up now.

I hope they all can find their Freedom and Peace. And i hope Brad gets Finally a Shot at his Own Restaurant .

Canˋt wait for an Update 😁


From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2019-08-14

Chapter: 57

This story makes me so emotional. There aren’t words. I still say, no matter how this ends, I’m crying like a baby through the last chapter of this. To say good-bye to these characters-this Mike and Chester especially-and this story is gonna be tough. :( I can only imagine how you guys feel. Anyway...

Hopefully no one thinks I’m heartless but I have no emotions over Mark being gone. None. In fact, the only hurt I feel is for how it’s hurting some of the guys. Jason and Chester in particular. I feel for them but that’s it.

This chapter left me so very, extremely eager for the last two. I have to know how everything plays out. For all the guys. Like, I’m even wondering what happens to Brad now. He’s kinda like the a completely clueless/innocent bystander.

My thoughts are all over the place. I think I’m just going to make a list of the other things I want to say.

1.) I hope Jason lets Mike and Ches keep the loft. Either that, or he and Ryan keep it, and Mike and Ches move to Colorado, or anywhere else, and start over. Preferably while getting or already being married. :p

2.) I want Ryan and Jason to end up happy the same way I do Ches and Mike.

3.) I’m nervous because neither Mike or Chester talked about anything that happened-the kiss or the blowjob. Part of me wants them to never talk about it and just move on as it seems they kinda have already. Like, there are only two chapters left and, as of now, they’re still together. *fingers remain crossed* I don’t want anything-especially the Ches/Ryan kiss-to break them up. But I think not talking about it might be bad too. Gah...I really don’t know what I want! Like JellyfishLP, I’m also sending in an official form requesting a happy Bennoda ending. ;)

4.) This isn’t even Bennoda perv talking but I’m really, like, REALLY hoping there’s one more loving slash scene between Mike and Chester in this. In fact, if it ended that way, I’d be totally okay with that. It would do my Bennoda heart good. In case you guys forgot, you did kinda break it with some previous chapters....I’m still licking my wounds. o_O

5.) Please, please update soon! I NEED to know how this plays out. I still say there’s not enough chapters left to make me feel better about the ending. *goes back to nail biting*

Oh! Almost forgot...what’s with the pics of Chester in Mark’s desk?!? What a sicko. I’m wondering if they’ll come into play at all in these ending chapters?

From: halvlang

Date: 2019-08-13

Chapter: 56

Mmmhhh.... I wouldn't say that I never expected this to happen but I'm still kind of speechless and surprised. It's hard to find the right words. I kinda knew that something dramatic would come at some point, the story needed a twist and was working towards a twist and here we are. I didn't picture Mark falling down the stairs after a fight with the guys but I also suspected at least something would be going down. Now it was Mark going down, literally, down the stairs.

Puh... It was self-defence, ti for sure was, but Jay is going to have a hard time explaining it anyway. I'm not even sure what I hope for. That Mark is only injured, that he hit his head and lost his memory, that he is not alive anymore...? I really don't know. As much as I grew to hate him in this story, I think I would never go that far and say I wish that he died. He is an asshole, yes, I want him to leave the guys alone, yes, I want them to be save, yes. But if he dies... I don't know. That should never be what you wish someone. And it will makes things so much harder for Jay. As much as he wants to get away from Mark, if he killed him, it's going to effect his life so much. So yes... maybe I hope for a broken leg and that he just fucks off and leaves the guys alone because he realises that he doesn't have as much power as he thinks.

Because Ches proved him wrong. He was willing to leave, standing up to Mark and staying at Mike's side, doing what is right for him and his relationship. Mark had and has a lot of power over him but the love for Mike is stronger. Also, I think he wanted to protect Mike from shooting a scene with Jay, even though he doesn't even know how much time Mike had spend on thinking about Jay lately. He wants Mike to be safe and leaving was the only chance.

That Mark suggested that scene and found an excuse for Ches to not be able to work was not a surprise and I was a but hurt to see how fast Jay just gave in. He knows that it would hurt him, Mike, Ches and Ry and he still gave in way too fast. Yes, Mark gets what he wants and he has also shown his really violent side. But you can not just give in without a fight and I'm happy that jay realised that and stood up for himself and Mike and Ches while they were on the ground.

Ok, this review is all over the place but so am I and I need to know what is going to happen so I'm going to hid the reload button for this page a lot to see when the next chapter is up!

Love you guys <3

From: Esmeralda

Date: 2019-08-12

Chapter: 56

Again I would like to congratulate you guys for writing a fic with such an intricate plot! You've managed to make this not only believable but extremely interesting as well. This villain makes me want to go there myself and kill him to make him pay for all the bad things he does. What happened here is exactly whay I imagined Mark would do... I was certain that he would try to make Mike and Jason film a sex scene together but I was not expecting him to want Chester to film it.

The masochist party of me would have wanted for the scene to go through... but I understand poor Mike was suffering tremendously, and that would have hurt Chester as well... I'm actually happy that Mike asked Chester to escape and that Chester followed suit, it would've been awful and insensitive if Chester wanted to stay and have Mike film the scene.

Now as of what happened at the end... I don't think Mark is dead, that would be the easy way out... if he is well... I would be glad, but I just don't want Jason to have a hard time now when all of this is Mark fault, that's exactly what happens when things are pushed too far (as the title reads)... I knew something terrible was about to come in this fic just never expected that. Please update the next chapter soon!

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2019-08-08

Chapter: 56

Okay, I've read this chapter twice so far, so I thought I had calmed down enough to write a review, and yet, I don't know what to say. The chapter itself was great, of course, but...as I was reading it last night, I sat on the edge of my seat; it was about 2:30 PM here, and I actually wanted to go to bed. Then I saw your update and I knew I had to read it immediately...it left me speechless, so I reread it today, and I still am kind of speechless. (Which is a good thing because it shows what amazing writers you two are)

Here are a few things I can get together: Is Mark dead? Or is he just injured? What will happen to Jason? It was clearly self defense and an accident, but I'm still scared for him! Ahhhhhh, there's so much I was thinking last night about all this!

Also, I loved that Chester realized what it would do to Mike if they stayed there any longer, and that they had to leave for good. They still have to talk about a lot of things, though, especially now.

But I'll just stop rambling and hand in my official request for you to update this ASAP! Pretty Please?

From: Alerion

Date: 2019-08-08

Chapter: 56

First of all, I-

Whew chile.

Well, I'm certainly not disappointed. Especially if Mark is dead. FXCK THAT SICK BASTARD.

I'm so SPEECHLESS, though.

What I can say first is that I AM SO PROUD that Chester was ready to make the right decision. It warmed my heart to see that Mark's manipulation wasn't strong enough to cancel out his love and loyalty for Mike. It sure took a long time, but Chester was/is ready to break free. That makes me so happy.


I dont have nothing else to say lol. I'm so speechless rn. I wanted Mark to be dead *assuming he IS dead?* but now that we're here, I'm just......

From: hattu

Date: 2019-08-08

Chapter: 56


Sorry missed like a million chapters! But finally had the time to catch up!!!

I love this story!

I deeply feel for all the guys...except Mark maybe...

Not sure why, but something must have messed him up quite bad to be such an asshole!

I wonder how he is? Did he die or is he only injured? Even if it is mean, i hope he didn’t survive that...the way he is he will try to get Jason in jail for attempted murder or something. If he is dead I guess there will be a lot volunteers to prove that Jason only defended himself and the fall was just an accident.

And well that also would solve a lot of problems given that Jason and mark are still married ;)

However I hope this bad ordeal ends on a nice note. After all this everybody has earned to life I. Peace for now and let all the awful things rest.

I would hope for mike to come clean about the blowjob. I don’t thinker will be able to hide it, it messed up his mind to much.

Hope Chester is okay. I hope he can walk away without further harm. Eventhough what ever is Marks condition it will leave a mark in Chester’s mind.

Can’t wait to

Sorry for not being able to review for so many chapters! It is amazing to see what you two have been putting up here!!



From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2019-08-07

Chapter: 56

If my review comes off as rushed or shitty, it’s only because it’s late here, I leave for a family vacation tomorrow, and I still have so much shit to do before leaving but I HAVE to leave you guys some words on this chapter! Just in case I don’t have a lot of time to do so for the next few days. Okay...where to start?!!!?

First...disappointed?!? Why the hell would I be disappointed?!!?! I’m like...a whirlwind of emotions right now but disappointed is certainly not one of them. I have to get myself together so I can explain myself better. *deep breath*

Alright, so I didn’t mention this in any of my reviews because I didn’t even want to speak it into existence but...what Mark was trying to do in this chapter was my WORST fear. To force Mike and Jason to do a scene together(except, in my nightmare he went as far as actual sex) and then make Chester film it. That is actually what I was alluding to every time I talked about reaching a point where I’d have to stop reading and just wait for all the chapters. Not shitting you...it was that EXACT scenario. I wouldn’t have been able to do it. I would have to stop reading. It would have really and truly been too much. :’( In fact, the whole way through the first half of this my heart was racing and I was so sad. So, so fucking sad.

Maybe that helps to explain why I’m not disappointed and actually *cautiously* happy. The fact that my worst fear didn’t happen and, instead, turned into Mike and Chester banding together to leave...I just...my Bennoda heart soared. I can’t even express my happiness. <333

The fact that Chester’s realization about all the shit this could lead to for Mike and how detrimental it would be for him was what finally made Chester want to leave was just...fucking perfect. And how he didn’t waver in front of Mark. I’m seriously almost speechless after this chapter.

The Mike and Chester and the strength of their relationship in this chapter is why I fell in love with them and this story. So glad to see that again.

Don’t care about Mark. The only thing I’m worried about is how this will affect the others, especially Jason. :( He shouldn’t get jail time. He was defending himself. Chester and Mike too. I’m really hoping this shakes down well for everyone.

My heart is still guarded. BUT...please, please, please let the last chapter of this be a Bennoda wedding? Or flash forward to a Bennoda honeymoon? Or, at least, Mike and Ches making wedding plans? Either way. I don’t care. Just happy Bennoda. They’ve been through so much.

Thank you for avoiding my worst fear! *kisses* Update soon!

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2019-08-07

Chapter: 55

This story is killing me; Mike is killing me. Seriously, I basically just wait for him to give in and watch porn videos of Jason and then be caught by Chester, so they finally can have an honest conversation about everything. Mike can't go on like this! He can't stare at Ryan and Jason, he can't look up pictures and he can't think about Jason when he's supposed to think of Chester!

Okay, aside from my concern for Mike's and Chester's relationship and if there will actually be a happy ending to this story (remember my official request for the ending xD), this chapter was amazing! I loved that Ryan and Jason got some time alone, and I loved it even more that Mike and Ches took that romantic walk on the beach. Then, back at home the romance continued, and it just made me so happy...which is why I think there will be some terrible drama before the story ends.

Well, who knows what will happen. (You two obviously...)

Anyway, please update soon, this story is one of my favorites and I always read a new update as soon as I see it :)

From: Esmeralda

Date: 2019-08-07

Chapter: 55

I really liked this chapter, it was hot and the bennoda at the end was welcome and really needed. However, Mike still had me really worried and I will tell you the reasons why. First of all, that obsession of looking for pictures of Jason.. he will end up watching the videos and we will lose him. Also, his mind keeps drifting away towards Jason even when he is with Chester, I'm just so glad he didn't think about Jason when they were back at the loft preparing to have sex... that would've been absolutely awful.

Not to mention, Mike staring at Ryan and Jason's reunion and kisses.. that only had me thinking that he wanted to be in Ryan's place, (and comparing his lips to Chester's lips and imagining what kissing Jason would feel like) Cmon Mike!! The worst is that he kept telling himself throughout the whole chapter that he loves Chester as if trying to convince himself, it made the whole moment with Chester feel kind of forced. Hopefully not. I know that was not your intention guys.. but I'm really bitter about all of this. Jason was happy to see Ryan but I could catch that he feels attracted to Mike too. (Also not related to any of this and in a lighter note.. I just love Chester little curls too, for me that was his most beautiful look).

I can't wait for them to go back to YRS and see how things develop from here. Hopefully Mark doesn't notice that Jason was away for the night or he would do terrible things to make him pay for it. I'm not sure how you guys are planning to wrap up third story in just 4 chapters... there is still so much that needs to be done and said (like Mike making peace with his parents?).. unless you're planning for a sequel (yayyy). Please update soon... this fic has me biting my nails.. and despite my sometimes harsh reviews I love this fic and I love you guys!

From: halvlang

Date: 2019-08-04

Chapter: 55

Thanks for the long answer to my review <3 I'm really relieved that I'm not the only one that doesn't understand Mike at times! And that he struggles after the BJ is soooo understandable. I picture Jay as a really hot guy and he really seemed to know what he did there when going down on Mike... So Mike being actually obsessed with Jay and his old on-screen-figure, despite being in love with Ches, is probably the only thing I really DON'T blame him for :D

That all the insecurities are part of Chester's character makes him such a great one! He is so layered and having gone through this journey with him we could see all the different character traits. He for sure developed but you can also see things coming back. I hope that being with Mike got him in a better place and will do so in the future. He is so loved, not only by Mike but also by Ryan and I'm pretty sure, by now, also by Jay.

Ok, let's focus on the new, really really good chapter!!

I think I already covered Mike/Jay above. A last note on that. Mike, don't drown in this! Please, as much as I understand you, focus on what you have right in front of you: Chester. The guy you are deeply and madly in love with! Ok, I think that's all. Oh wait, maybe I should add: don't stare at Ry and Jay. Or maybe do, so that Chester figures out that something is wrong? I don't know what I think and want and need... obviously. A much as I loved this chapter, it didn't get them anywhere with their secrets. Still unspoken, still the big elephant in the room.

Ches and Ryan, I'm glad they talked. I didn't have the feeling that Ches was mad in any way and it's good that he was able to reinsure Ryan. Because I understand why Ryan kinda freaked out here - not knowing what is going to happen must feel so shitty and he needs all the stability he can get. Ches is one of his rocks. Maybe the only one right now. They have such a beautiful friendship and I think it is right what Ches said: they will aways be together. Mike, better get used to that fact!

Jay and Ry, I was so damn happy for them, maybe a few tears of joy happened. They so deserve to be together and happy and I won't blame Jay for a second that he slipped Mark another of those pills. He must feel like a prisoner and no one should ever feel like this in their own house and especially not in their marriage. I see what Ry and Ches mean, that Mark can be generous, that he did a lot for Jay. It's probably right, but that doesn't give him the right to screw with him now. So I'm happy that Jay got a break and that he and Ryan got to spend the evening together (on Chester's and Mike's bed. I found that hilarious!!). It was worth the risk.

Mike and Ches at the beach was sooooo damn cute. Like... awwww.... Doesn't get more romantic than making out at the beach under moonlight, I guess ;) When all fo this drama is over, can I make you write me a sickening-cheesy-oneshot with them having sex on the beach? Please? *puppyeyes* (where is the form for an official request?)

And then back at the flat. Damn... I had actually thought about that, about Mike bottoming again, but it just didn't happen and I thought that they figured it's just the way they like it the most but I'm all in for this change again! (You could totally include that in the one-shot you could be writing after... just saying... ;))

I was glad that Mike suggested it because he would have felt awful if he would have realise that Chester was still in pain. Mood-killer. So I'm glad they decided to switch and also that Mike got the chance to be all over Ches before, in such a tender and slow way, showing him all the affection and love. Ches knows that he never intent to hurt him but it did something good for both of them. Just being with each other, showing what they feel through their touches and kissed. And I kinda hate you guys for stoping were you stopped. I wanted to read the rest...

Ok, to wrap it up. I'm so madly in love with this story, about the same Ry and Jay/Ches and Mike are. Because I do really believe they are, no matter what happened or will happen in the next chapters. They are perfect couples and despite recent confusion, kisses, BJ's, and emotions that are all over the place, they just belong together. That makes me read through all this great written drama. That I scream, sob, laugh and hug my computer is enough proof of what a masterpiece the two of you have created. FFS, I really want to hug you right now. And the four guys. But mainly you two.

From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2019-08-02

Chapter: 55

First off, my phone has been acting dumb so I’m hoping this review doesn’t post multiple times. My apologies if it does. And, as usual after this story, my brain is all over the place. o_O But I will try to sort myself out enough to form some coherent thoughts.

Okay...I GREATLY appreciate the Bennoda lovin’ in this chapter. Like...words can not express how needed that was. So thank you!!! <3 I was so worried that Mike wouldn’t be able to be with Chester in that way anymore and this chapter helped to calm my fears slightly. BUT...at the same time, I’m keeping my heart guarded. I have to. You know how I feel about this Mike and Chester. *sighs* This story not ending well will crush me so I kinda have to assume/think the worst to soften the blow a little bit. I can’t get my hopes up.

I especially loved Mike wanting to take his time with Chester and not rush anything. <333 And how adamant he was about it. That was much needed as well too. I mean, without a doubt, their animalistic sex is hot ;) but I think the slow/tender sex is just as important every now and then too. And it felt very important in this moment.

I’m sooo happy Jason and Ryan got to see each other again! :D I was wondering how and when that would happen. Now I’m just REALLY hoping Jason is right about the pills and that they do keep Mark knocked out for awhile. Not gonna lie...also kinda hoping Jason gave Mark one too many pills and he just doesn’t wake up. *shrugs* I mean, he would go peacefully in his sleep, right? :p Sadly, I’m thinking there’s too much story left for Mark’s demise to happen just yet.

It felt to me like Mike’s thoughts regarding Jason are getting better? Not perfect by any means, and he’s still struggling, but he seemed to have a semi-better handle on them. Not sure how to explain it. His fixation seems to have lessened a little from the last chapter to this one. Maybe it’s wishful thinking? But that’s how it felt to me. I still don’t like that his mind drifts to Jason at all, and my hope is for that to come to a stop completely at some point, but it seemed to be getting better. Again, still keeping my heart guarded.

I know you guys won’t do this but I’m totally okay with you both putting your other stories on the back burner for a few days and updating this one every 24 hours. ;) Just a thought. I would GREATLY appreciate that as well lol

This is going to sound convenient so forgive me but, depending on how this ends, Devil’s Drop will, for sure, be my favorite LP fanfic of all time. <3 It’s been in the running for that position for awhile and, if this does somehow have a happy Bennoda ending, it snags that position hands down. And I really, really want that to be the case. *still keeping fingers crossed*

I think I’m done. If I think of more, I’ll just leave a second review again :p haha I’m not at a point where I have to wait till all the chapters are posted before reading any further. Not yet anyway. Still fucking nervous as hell though.

From: mermaid_life87

Date: 2019-07-29

Chapter: 54

Review #2...

I considered sending another email regarding this story but I’m really trying not to be annoying so here’s a second review instead :p lol And not a review so much as just as an explanation of my last one because I’ve been so torn since I posted it. :-/

I also feel I’ve been hard on Mike. I sounded like a total bitch towards him in my last review and didn’t mean to. My apologies. It’s true that I don’t care for his thoughts about Jason at all. And they do make my heart hurt. And I do fear he’s losing his feelings for Chester.

But...the real issue is...I’m mad at the situation. Not Mike. Like, to be honest, I don’t see a happy ending for this anymore. :( I don’t see how Mike and Chester are going to come back from this, let alone what other things can/will happen in the next few chapters. I don’t think Mike will be able to get Jason out of his head and that will make it impossible for him to be with Chester, both intimately and outside of intimacy, and I think things will snowball from there. Plus I remembered Mike warning Chester awhile back about something happening that they can’t come back from and I think this is it. Or, at least, the start of a line of things they can’t come back from. :’(

So, I guess, I was really upset about how I see things going. And Mark winning. And I took it out on Mike. *sighs* I still love you both. I’m just...trying to prepare for the heart break. And I think damn Brad was way off about Chester marrying someone blue. Stupid Brad.

I’ve followed this story for so long and still hope to finish it. I do worry I’ll be struggling more and more to do so though. Worse case scenario, it’ll reach a point where I have to wait till all the chapters are posted and review each one as I binge read. Yes, I’ve considered this as a serious option. :p lol We’ll see.

Anyway, hopefully Mike’s writer can forgive my harshness. Totally came from a broken Bennoda heart and not from malice.

From: halvlang

Date: 2019-07-29

Chapter: 54

I read the chapter three times already because I wanted to make sure to have everything covered in my review but I still think I'm not ready to write it. Seen that you are sooo quick with updates (I love it!), I still want to make sure to leave a few thoughts before you are moving on. I guess a list is appropriate again.

But before, I want to apologise that I was so mad at Mike. The last chapters I was furious about his behaviour (I actually was never really pro his character in the story, I read back a few old reviews and as much as I wanted him to be ok as well, I always struggled with understanding him, his jealousy, his behaviour). But this chapter, the mental struggle he is going through... he really doesn't deserve any of that. So, I'm sorry for being so harsh to him all the time.

Ok, on with the list:

1. Mike just disappearing to bed. Bad sign. Really bad sign and I don't know why Chester didn't at least ask him if he wants company or not. Giving him space is fine but only after making sure that that is what he needs. Still, I understand that maybe Chester also just needed some space to sort his mind.

2. Ches and Ryan. I don't know what to think. First, when Chester is showing the bruises and scratches, I understand Ryan and that he is concerned. I understand that he wants to make sure that his friend is ok. The touching... ok, it happens, they are close and body contact is something they both just do. It's ok and Chester also needed a bit of comforting.

3. Ches and Ryan, part II. Being closer, then even closer, the kiss to the neck, the real kiss. I need to say that I'm not mad. They have a past, a really intimate past, even though it was for the camera, and they both needed comfort. Was it right? No. Can I understand it? Yes. Is Mike going to understand it? No way. So I hope they just pretend it never happened, just the way they did when Ches just asked for the cheese. It's not they Ches cheated on Mike, it was just a kiss. It's not cool to do that but also not like he jumped Ryan.

4. Mike, alone with his thought. As said above, I really feel sorry for him. He doesn't understand what is going on, with him, his body, his mind. But being close with someone can just do that to you, no matter if or how much you love someone else. I know that Jay wasn't the first guy Mike received a blowjob from but he is for sure no stranger and it was an intimate moment, as horrible as the situation was. That can just do exactly make you feel that; being curios, being unable to forget it, thinking of it, getting a bit horny, wanting to explore... I can see why he looked up Jay as a porn star. And I really hope Mike tells Ches. He will understand and put his mind to ease. And probably beat up Mark... Which would be good and deserved, so it's a win-win for everyone. Ches can get some frustration out, taking revenge for everything Mark has done to him, Mike, Jay, Ry, the other guys.

5. Mike and Ches together, finally alone. To be honest, if they would have moments like this at all in the last days, the whole day at the house would have played out differently... It's good that they hold on to each other, that they stay close. Now they just have to talk about it again. Not in a "I'm so sorry" way but just saying it's ok, one last time and then leaving the last shooting behind.

6. Ches being worried about not being good enough. Wow. It is so sad to read how much power external people have on him and the picture he has of himself. He got send home because he wouldn't have made it through a second day of shooting. But his mind is telling him he is not got enough... wtf... I don't like seeing Ches having those thoughts in his head.

Ok, as I said, I might miss a lot, but these things were the most present. I cannot wait for this whole mess to be turned upside down, for someone shoving Mark into the pool (and maybe drowning him a bit), Jay and Ry to finally see each other again and Mike and Ches having a normal life with normal jobs. As you see, I have it all planed out for you guys ;)

From: Alerion

Date: 2019-07-25

Chapter: 54


Delete this chapter, bro. :'(

Lmao I'm joking but like, not really.

I halfway dont even wanna go any further with the story because I feel like its headed in a bad direction and I REALLY dont feel good about it.

Mike and Jason had me shook and upset because it was part of Mark's evil games but Ryan and Chester broke my heart because they have history together. They're literally the "you vs. The guy he told you not to worry about" meme. Chester literally has spent so much time convincing Mike that Ryan was just his friend and co-star and now they kissing in the living room and what not. And all I keep thinking about is how Brad said, if I'm remembering correctly, Chester was going to break Mike's heart :(

Yo, I'm addicted to this storyline and I gotta know how this jawn ends but I just dont have a good feeling about it, fam.

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