And drop me down to the dream below by SonataNocturne

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From: Violet Raven

Date: 2018-05-11

Chapter: 1

I have no idea how I overlooked this before! It's Bournoda! It's my favourite pairing - yes, even more than Bennoda.

Gosh, that was hot. I seriously have a weakness for submissive Mike. I know that most authors prefer to write him as a dominant one, especially with Chester, but I just love to see him as a bottom. And I think that with Rob, Mike just has to be the submissive one. I mean - look at Rob. He may be quiet and shy-looking, but that's just a facade, that guy is definitely the dom! :D

And his dirty talk was just... uhhh.... >> "So, your choice. Let me fuck you now, or I'll let you leave and you can then jerk off in shower thinking about me fucking you." << O_O You should've seen my expression. :D And it was so painfully obvious how much Mike didn't want to leave. :D

And also, maybe it's just a practise, but you're getting better and better at writing slash scenes. I had everything in my head, playing like a movie. That, to be honest, is something I admire cause I definitely couldn't do it.

And the ending though. :D Coffee. Yep... they drank a lot of coffee. They won't be able to sleep. So... round two? O:) :DDD

From: Penelope_Ink

Date: 2018-05-07

Chapter: 1

haha wow, Rob! I didn't think he had it in him to be so dominate XD and Mike..talk about puddy in his hands! Thank you for writing this, it was something different to read. I love the idea of Mike being "close" to Rob's house at two in the morning and just happened to stop in. It was nice of him to apologize, but clearly he wanted more and maybe he knew he'd get it if he showed up like that :)

From: A.N.

Date: 2018-05-07

Chapter: 1

First of all, I am very weak to Bournoda. They are my OTP after all. Secondly, I am very weak to Mike riding Rob. And Rob being in charge, and ordering Mike around.

This was so delightfully hot! And kind of funny, how Mike intended to "apologize", thinking he'd make it "right", and it turned into quite the adventure.

Thanks for sharing! You write Bournoda extremely well, and I really enjoyed this :D

From: lpfan503

Date: 2018-05-06

Chapter: 1

There’s something so intriguing to me about bottom Mike. It’s hard for me to imagine him giving up that much control, haha! I like how he tried to pretend he didn’t show up at Rob’s for sex- yeah right! If Rob talked like that to me I’d be back for more too. 😉 Well done.

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