2. Secrets by lpfan503

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From: Esmeralda

Date: 2018-07-15

Chapter: 25

No matter what Brad says or if he tries to deny it, but he appears to still be in love with Mike... and regretful for not letting it be when he had the chance. Now he imagines that Mike is doing with Chester all those things that once he did with him, when they are alone, that's what is making him so bitter about Chester. Oh Lord! Jealousy at its best!!

On the other hand, I can sense that Mike is still also kind of bitter with Brad's rejection so many years ago, even though he clearly has moved on... to Chester.. Oh I feel for Anna, even if she is not mentioned here, I really do.

Mike worrying too much about Chester's wellbeing!! I can really see this happening IRL, and that's probably the way it was. And his comment about Chester being so fragile and Brad's response is priceless. Anyway, I love the way that Brad got lost in those old memories, flashbacks would be lovely too, you know how much I love Brad's character in this fic, even if he can be extremely annoying sometimes.

Mike is still in denial of his actual feelings for Chester, he's afraid of even admitting those feelings to himself, but he knows he's already in too deep trouble, even to the point of sketching him all the time, of being amused cause Chester touched his hair, thinking about him all the time... I wish we wouldn't need to wait so long for him to come clean and for them to be together, but I guess these is the main disadvantage of reading a prequel, of u know what I mean.. you're doing an amazing job here 😘😘

From: Samweis

Date: 2018-07-13

Chapter: 25

That was a lot to take in...

First, the way Chester makes sure that Mike gets enough rest. It was obviously needed and sometimes you need someone to tell you to slow down and that's exactly what Chester is doing here. Ordering room service for the purpose of a rested and healthy Mike is absolutely alright!

Second, the way Mike cares about spending time with Brad. It seems a bit "forced" at times, like when he thinks he would rather spend time with Chester, but that's because he is in love (and not even really in denial of it anymore) and not because he is not thinking about the importance of his and Brad's friendship.

Here we go, third: Brad!! What the fuck was this conversation?! I was so surprised that I would have spilled my coffee - good that I was sitting in a bus without any drinks in my hand! My surprised outcry maybe made a few people flinch (it's early here, I think I woke a few guys up...), but I couldn't suppress it. I mean... talking about it was a good idea actually, you cannot just ignore your past. But it hurts to read how much Mike hunted back than and also to see that there is a lot of unspoken emotions on both sides. And Brad kissing Mike when they signed the contract?! I think we need a prequel to the prequel ;)

Last remark because I have to get back to my work-related writing (definitely less fun than writing you this review, but what can you do?!). I love how easy Ches and Mike are together at the end of the chapter. Cuddling up in bed, just talking, reassuring each other, sharing their day. They are a perfect couple already and they both know it. If they would only know that it is mutual...

From: Penelope_Ink

Date: 2018-07-13

Chapter: 25

You're getting a list, because I'm not sure I could put this into paragraphs that would make any sense. List reviews are my go-to when there's way too much to say.

1. I love how Mike is budget conscious. Even at this point in their careers, he's still like, no, room service is too extravagant for breakfast lol made me laugh.

2. Mike being so exhausted had this harsh ring of truth to it. I adore that Chester has picked up on it, and insists he stay in bed for just a little longer.

3. Bacon and coffee. Yes, please.

4. I totally get that Mike is not a hiker. I laughed at the line about how he'd love to see the top of the mountain, but only if a helicopter would drop him off hehehe I can so relate. And the contrast with Chester coming back being all pumped up about how hard it was, yet satisfying, is excellent.

5. Brad. Oh my.

6. Brad. I think his intentions were good, and I LOVED the caress to Mike's knee. But then Mike flipped out on him with this bitterness that he's clearly still harboring. Like, boy, you be in denial.

7. There was a sentence in there about Brad kissing Mike the night they signed their contract. Why haven't we seen this???????? Why haven't you written it??????? I don't understand. It's a crime at this point! I demand a flashback.

8. I really liked that Mike pulled Brad into a hug at the end of all of that though. It was very diplomatic of him, which is so Mike on every level. Diplomatic Mike to the dire end.

9. If I lose count in here somewhere, I'm sorry.

10. Back at the hotel....no! Back to Brad. I agree. Mike fusses over Chester's physical safety too much. As Brad stated, Chester is a grown ass man. He's not a flower. He's perfectly capable. Of course I say that and then one album from now he crushes his ankle playing basketball, but that's NOT the point here.

11. Mike sitting up and waiting for Chester to return and what's he doing? He's sketching a pic of Chester. Obsess much? LOL poor Mike. I hope he comes clean sometime soon, which I know he won't, and it's frustrating!!!

12. But oh so good.

13. When this started, they would just sleep in the same bed with space between them. Inches. Feet. Whatever. Now they willingly and openly spoon each other lol just automatic curl up, legs tangled together, the whole bit. That is intimate. I don't care who you are. The wives would not be happy about that.

14. I'm glad Chester talked to Talinda. Did Mike talk to Anna? She seems so far from his mind.

15. So this recurring thing in this chapter about "if" something happened to Chester, what would the band do? Sing Chester's parts? It was such a heart pinch each time it was brought up....twice, I think? In the beginning and in the end. *sigh* I miss him so much.

16. Back to Brad, because why not? The comments. Oh my lordy the comments. Brad seeing him and Mike in Mike and Chester and Brad and Mike being in the past and "it's not that way with me and Chester" even though he for sure knows it IS that way exactly. And there's no "LOVE" in LP. Oi. Poor Mike. Poor Brad. Oh and the "you hurt me, Brad, and you know it" ....yeah, not bitter at all. I just can't even.

Okay, I think that's about it. So all in all, I loved the chapter! I just need more Brad lovin' :)

From: Esmeralda

Date: 2018-07-12

Chapter: 24

I would love to have a friend like Mike too, always there to listen and give the best advice, that's why Chester wants to have him all for himself, all the time. No wonder why Brad is so jealous, he already knows that he is no longer Mike's No. 1 friend, he knows he lost his place to Chester. Alone time between Mike and Brad would be appreciated too, just to see how that goes, and I understand that Brad declined Mike's invitation because he doesn't want to see them together.

I really can relate to Chester's reaction to the fact that Talinda is having twins, 6 kids is freaking too much, and I don't believe he is a bad parent either, he's just having a similar reaction as Mike but much more 'Chester like'. Aww and the photoshoot and the guys conversation before they arrive. I loved it, and the fact that they have noticed that their bandmates are always together, regardless if working or not, reminds me of one of their conversations in Confession.

From: Samweis

Date: 2018-07-07

Chapter: 24

Nice that they take turns in freaking out - both at the same time would end in a disaster!! I love the way they stay calm for each other when necessary. Mike just knows all the right things to say and to do to help Ches and ground him.

It's just hard to read Brad's part... We all know why he is acting the way he does. I think it's partly unfair and I'm glad that the others are more acceptive of Mike's and Chester's behaviour. Still, it must hurt him a lot to see Mike "drifting away" from him. But he tried to accommodate Brad and I think he should have said yes and just meet with both of them. I can imagine that he doesn't like to see them together and that close but he could show Mike that he cares.

From: Penelope_Ink

Date: 2018-07-07

Chapter: 24

First of all, I want egg rolls!!!!!! Please!!!!

Secondly, awesome chapter. Mike calming Chester down about the babies was really precious. And so Mike like. I loved how he used Chester's own advice/words of wisdom. And Chester's a great dad, even if he can't constantly be home, but he's a working parent. And working parents work. That's just how it is. Someone has to bring in the money.

I really adored the photo shoot. Listening to the other guys talk about Mike and Chester was interesting. Especially when they started to improvise and guess how hypothetical conversations would go. I love that they're all starting to recognize that there's something "more" to Mike and Chester. And Brad haha threatening to make Chester stand in the back as punishment. I don't know, catch Chester on the right day and he probably wouldn't mind.

The last part of the chapter, I have to say I really felt for Brad. Reaching out and trying to spend some one-on-one time with Mike, just to be told that he's already got plans with Chester. Again. That can't feel good. And then to be invited over as an afterthought. I know Mike was trying to be nice, but it's almost like he made it worse.

For selfish reasons, I'd love to see a Mike/Brad alone time chapter/scene. Just saying. Would Mike be thinking about Chester? I bet he would be.

Great as always!!! I know you were a little concerned about the flow of this chapter, but I think it was awesome. I love reading your work :)

From: Esmeralda

Date: 2018-06-28

Chapter: 23

Forgetting Valentine's day is completely unacceptable Mike! Even with work and everything he should be more aware than this, this shows how he is just so not into her and his mind is somewhere else.. and then having no idea what to buy for Anna.. smh.. thanks God Chester came to his rescue, even if he just wanted to spend some time with Mike on Valentine's day..

And then the lady mistakenly treating them as a couple, could have been the rings but also the way they act around each other, they certainly look like a couple, even IRL in awards, interviews, and stuff like that they always looked so cute together. Awww, but back to my review, loved the scene of them in the car scrutinizing the rings together. And the bit with Anna at the end telling Mike that she is pregnant again and Mike's reaction, it broke me. I really appreciate the way you are showing their marriage in this fic, with their downs and highs. It makes everything so realistic.

From: Samweis

Date: 2018-06-26

Chapter: 23

Intergrading LPTV episodes is great because a) it is probably the closest to reality we get b) they fit well in the story and c) it gives me a reason to re-watch some of them :) (and maybe, accidentally, the autoplay is activated and I end up watching another one and another one an another one... You see were this goes)

This chapter is so sweet and at the same time heartbreaking. Mike is really fighting to deal with work, his family and his feelings, isn't he? Like.. you don't just forget valentines-day, it is all over... Even if you would like to ignore it, there are advertisements, other people talking about it. But he seems to really try to be a good husband and father and satisfy everyone. Only that he is not really making himself happy with that.

Glad that Chester offered to help out (first with the Donut and then with the shopping). They really know each other inside out.

Fucking cute scene in the car when they check on their rings!

And a baby. I mean, we knew that this was going to happen but I felt Mikes anxiety and emotions going crazy...

From: bag_full_of_stars

Date: 2018-06-25

Chapter: 23

Lyriclees... One of my favoyrite videos from lptv. I love the way ,that so easily, Chester can make Mike laugh.

The scene at the parking lot at Tiffany's was heartbreakingly beautiful :)

Great chapter :)

From: Penelope_Ink

Date: 2018-06-25

Chapter: 23

Dude, sad! I mean, great chapter :) it was. Let me try again.

I love Joe drawing during the whole band meeting. And how they sent Rob to get donuts lol and Chester and his strawberry one and Mike really wanting one...or just wanting Chester's. And of course Chester already made sure his wife was happy for V day. He's that kind of guy. And Mike! I almost died when he realized he'd completely forgotten because of work. I mean, work is work, but still.


He frustrates me as a wife lol

I think it was sweet of Chester to offer to go and help and when the lady mistook them as a couple I just about cracked up laughing because like two questions in, I knew what she was thinking and it took them forever to realize it.

The end of this, man. Mike's inner conflict is off the charts in this chapter, which is awesome. I can feel his pain..at thinking he's a rotten husband, and then circling right back around to that, especially at the end when he was STILL thinking about Chester even as his wife says she's pregnant and opening her V day gift.

Oh, Mike.

Such a mess he has himself into.

From: Esmeralda

Date: 2018-06-24

Chapter: 22

I'm a little late with my review but here it goes.. first of all, thanks God you did not decide to stop this fic or remove your stories... that would absolutely break my heart. Thanks for continuing, even though I would always respect you decision. Also, I am extremely happy that you could meet Mike, I can only imagine that he is so adorable IRL as he appears to be in all these videos, his genuine smile cannot lie.

Anna and Talinda's friendship here is so beautiful. I appreciate the way you always describe their reactions to their husbands relationship. Talinda so laid back and Anna always so suspicious almost paranoid. But we cannot blame her a bit, she is so right with her assumptions. She catches every gaze, every whisper between them, every little detail such as making each other gifts, or teasing each other or the happiness written all over Mike's face anytime he is with Chester.

I love this little family getaway with the kids. Specially Otis, he is so adorable. And Mike is really trying hard to be there 100% for Anna and the kids. All of this build up in the story makes what will happen next a lot more realistic and powerful.

From: malaiyas

Date: 2018-06-22

Chapter: 22

I've had the thoughts too about them being real people and how fanfiction in some ways is kind of disrespectful. I just think of it as them being templates for characters... this is especially for AU fics but I totally get your dilemma. I'm glad you kept going!

I love the subtleties of their interactions, even in front of their wives. Again, showcasing both Anna and Talinda's reactions in this sets up the contrast of how they receive the news later and I think that's awesome.

The scene with Mike and Chester working at lyrics a little bit together, as told from Anna's perspective... omg! First, it was so cute, but her suspicious gaze was palpable. It's sad to see how long she was living with these suspicions and the feeling that Mike isn't completely hers.

You're doing a great job of not villainizing her. This reads like a real marriage and it makes you feel for Anna and not want to her get hurt and that adds so many more layers to this.

From: Penelope_Ink

Date: 2018-06-21

Chapter: 22

Like my fellow reviewers, I'm very happy you decided against pulling your stories. My little heart would have been so sad.

But you didn't! Even though you know that I would totally respect your decision if you ever did.

So, this chapter. The beginning with Chester looking at Mike through the candlelight was so well-written. I could see it. I could feel it. I kept thinking, just kiss him! Make that Christmas miracle happen!!

But alas, no.

The whole alcohol thing. I really love/respect that stand that Mike is taking and I love seeing it all the way back here, because he keeps that in Confession as well. He's got Chester's best interest at heart at like every turn, even when that means sacrifice on his part.

The two of them passing the lyrics back and forth was absolutely adorable and in my daydreams, that's REALLY how all the LP songs were written :) It was so cute and so laid back.

And Otis. My gosh, woman. He's so adorable I can't help but get this giddy grin on my face every time he shows up and especially now that he's talking. He's like mini Mike and I want to hug him and stand around and just go, "Awwwww" over everything he does.

The presents was another wow factor in this chapter. I LOVE that they made each other gifts. I LOVE that Anna noticed that and it made her stop a moment and think. She's right. There's something special to making a gift instead of just going out and buying something. I LOVED that they both gushed over each others handiwork.


I want them to be together so badly! And I agree with Chester, the longer he waits to tell Mike about the kiss, the more weird it will be and the less likely he could laugh it off and oh!! Talinda saying that Chester sings in his sleep lol I could so picture that. It just fits perfectly.

From: hattu

Date: 2018-06-21

Chapter: 22

Sooo glad you didn’t pull the stories!!!!

I know it is great to meet him and I know it can mess with your head. Surely I understand where these thoughts coming from. At some point, I guess, everyone who gets into reading and writing fan fiction comes to the point questioning if this is ok.

I consider writing as art and a way to express yourself. As an outlet for emotions. As a way to calm down. At least for me it is.

Yeah some stories can be creepy and cruel and way out of character of the real person, but in the end this fiction and it was never intended to portray the exact person. These stories aren’t ment to harm anybody, in contrast i guess they’re more of a help here. So it is okay to write them, for me at least ;)

So on with your chapter! Loved the Christmas scenes! Can really imagine them celebrating together and still working on some point. I doubt Mikes brain ever resting and doing nothing ;)

I like that Mike manages to balance out his home life and Chester and the band. Seems to be Anna is hoping it all to be an illusion and her mind playing tricks. I really like her and thinking about what will happen makes me sad, poor Anna!

Thank you for writing!! Please continue!!


From: Samweis

Date: 2018-06-21

Chapter: 22

Happy that you decided to go on. Meeting Mike must have been awesome and weird at the same time... And I understand what you mean by saying "he is a person, a dad..." Yes, he is, and I think about this all the time while writing. But I came to a conclusion for myself: it is not disrespectful or anything. What we do here, is finding a way to deal with our emotions and struggles. We create something, it is not art or music, but it is still creating something. And that is something he does as well and that he understands.

To the story now ;)

That was a sweet chapter and I think that reality probably looked like this. Family, celebration, writing (because it seems as if they seriously never stopped working on lyrics - how else can we explain the ridiculous amount of songs they came up with all these years?!), closeness, cosiness... It must be hard for Anna to get the feeling that there is something she can't quite place her finger on - and Talinda just not giving a fuck or not seeing it. I think I would feel kind of paranoid (but we all know that she isn't, she is damn right... Ches and Mike are just so much more here...)

From: Esmeralda

Date: 2018-06-16

Chapter: 21

You seriously nailed it with this chapter! That was an amazing way to show Mike's dream... so subtle and mixed with the reality. I was not even noticing that you were describing Mike's dream until he started caressing Chester's neck, then I gotta go back and read again, and the kiss ooooh it was so good and delicious.

I wonder what will be Chester's reaction/ attitude next morning! I'm glad you showed a bit of Chester's feelings and thoughts about Mike. I love the way he admits to himself that he is in love with Mike but prefers to bury it inside since he doesn't want to mess up Mike's perfect life. Or so does he thinks.. he cannot even imagine that what Mike is feeling is even stronger.

Well, I'm not sure if Chester suspects what may be Mike's sexual attraction towards other men in general or if they ever had actually talked about sexuality, but I guess Chester has always been more open and expressive about his sexual inclinations than Mike. That is a conversation that I would like to see happening between them at some point, specially with those moments of cuddling at night.

I was soo happy that you included that performance of rolling in the deep, I truly love it and is one of my favorites. The whole interaction between them, Chester's passionate interpretation and Mike's grin at the end is are to die for.

It is a very long way to go still from here to the events in Confession. You are doing an excellent job and you keep it very interesting. Each chapter have me wondering what will happen next and never disappoints. Thank you.

From: frostfall

Date: 2018-06-15

Chapter: 21

Ahhhhhhhh, I'm finally caught up now!!! My whole brain is screaming about every single chapter I missed but I'll just scream about the latest one haha.

To be honest, I love the inclusion of the cover of Rolling In The Deep. I'm an Adele fan so I'm a little bias when I say nobody could beat the original. I always felt like Chester was the only person who could do the song justice. I know this has nothing to do with the story but I felt like saying that haha. But I loved how you included it and related it back to Mike and Chester's relationship. Dang.

And THAT KISS. AHHHHH. I WAS SCREAMING ON THE INSIDE WHEN I READ THAT. I don't know how to describe it but you're an amazing writer and I wish that I could write kissing scenes like you can. Because wow.

Okay, this is a mess of a review but I just wanna say how much I loved this haha! XD

From: Samweis

Date: 2018-06-14

Chapter: 21

Six years from now on... Thats a long time... This seems like the starting point for their "forever". It is nice to finally get a bit more insight into Chester and the kiss in the end... Oh my god!! That was so... I don't even know a word for it. Confusing, sad, sweet, adorable... Everything!

From: MissOriginal

Date: 2018-06-13

Chapter: 21

OMG! You can't imagine my reaction when I saw the references to this chapter. I almost couldn't believe it. I remember leaving this review where I mentioned Chester singing Adele's song and asking if you could write something about it when the time was right and you totally nailed it. Really, I watched the video again while reading the chapter and wow... you did an incredible job.

The ending when Mike grins proudly... just wow... sorry, I'm at a loss for words to describe how much I loved that part.

And then Mike kissing Chester while sleeping, I can't imagine how Chester is going to be able to keep that secret for so long, I mean, there are still six years to go before they can finally be together the way they both wanted. I can't wait to see his reaction in the morning after their first kiss, and having to keep that to himself while Mike remains in the dark and still holding his feelings for Chester inside. This is really a messy situation.

From: malaiyas

Date: 2018-06-13

Chapter: 21

Oooohohhhh my god. Just... oh. my. god.

I love the subtleties in this fic. The gentle touches that only they were aware of, but were a huge deal even if no one else picked up on it. Yes. Love.

Then, of course, the performance itself. That was a brilliant reference to work in this. I've always loved that cover. Just... so good. So, so good.

That kiss, though. So well done. I love how you described it from Mike's perspective as happening in his dream, and then it played out in reality and we got to see a bit of Chester's yearning, too... sharing some of the same thoughts that Mike has had, but in a way that was a bit more... well, Chester. Like, he didn't stuff his thoughts down because they were too fucked up. I loved seeing how he was trying to work it out in his head, trying to figure out a plausible way for them to be together, yet coming up empty handed.

Just, ugh. These two.<3

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