If Only They Knew by Technicolorlover

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From: AmplifiedSpeculation

Date: 2018-09-27

Chapter: 1

Sorry for the late review, just found this randomly.

Ah! This was hot! Mike being blindfolded, tied up, and Chester fucking him from behind is just...wow, I can’t even talk properly. I found the dom/sub bias quite interesting. True, most people on LPF prefer Mike as the dominant and Chester as the submissive, but I like how you told how that isn’t how it worked in reality (That isn’t how it works for me too).

I was pretty damn surprised on how Mike reacted to sex in this work. I haven’t seen Mike that submissive in a while heh. Maybe the “master” kink was a bit crazy for me, but the way you portrayed Chester was interesting. Nice. Keep it up!

From: Esmeralda

Date: 2017-12-17

Chapter: 1

Wow this one was really hot!!! Need to get used to seeing Mike as submissive though.. keep going thanks for this, its great slash

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