Chestersaurus by Penelope_Ink

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From: Rayden

Date: 2015-12-06

Chapter: 12

Good evening! (at least here in Germany it is evening. XD)

Aw I was so stocked to see an update of this story and I sucked the latest chapter in. I admired it- like always. I enjoy Mike's character, he is so sweet and gentle with his precious Chaz. :D

And I had to snicker all the time because of this great pun. Mike's carrot. It was just amazing. And I still have to giggle while I write this to you now.

Oh my goodness! Mike and Anna are divorcing each other. I mean, it's kind of sad, because-... well it is a divorce, but I think it's amazing too, because Mike admitted that he (only) loves Chester- and that he can't change it. I hope that Brad can support him. I also think that Chester shouldn't know, because he is definitely not stable enough for such a huge information- and I am still not so sure how he thinks about Mikes love for him.

I mean, well, he loves his love- that's for sure. And I bet that he also loves him in some way (maybe even more). But I don't think that he himself knows that and he is still way to fed up with Talinda. I think Mike has to wait a while longer and he also has to cherish his Chestersaurus and shower him in lots of love - so Chester gets aware of his love for him, gets fonder. I can imagine that the thing with Chester is like it was with Mike and he just has to discover his love for his bandmate - the real love. I hope so. At least. XD

Because of that I actually was shocked to read Chester's intension in this chapter- where the both of the laid on the floor and the singer between Mikes legs and woah... but haha it just had been a dream. Poor Mike.

I want more. See ya.

From: paula orlandini

Date: 2015-12-06

Chapter: 12

Wonderful chapter, as always.

There is always the perfect balance between the comic and the serious.

But the thing that I love most is that you never consider writing melodramas.

Even the most difficult situations (here Mike leaving Anna) in your stories, never become tragedies full of tears.

I have no words about the dream of Mike .... even though I knew he was dreaming it was all very hot!

Thanks, I really enjoyed this chapter!

From: chester1111

Date: 2015-12-05

Chapter: 11

I forgot to mention how I truly enjoy the way you write Brad's wife. She's a straight talker. I also loved it when Mike says that he loves Chester, that he is in love with Chester and that is who he is. Beautiful. I'm hoping Chester doesn't freak out and continue to cling on to the Talinda scenario. If I were Mike I would take every opportunity to be around Chester since they don't have enough bunks. Chester needs someone to be good to him.

From: chester1111

Date: 2015-12-05

Chapter: 11

Penelope, what can I say, that was a great chapter. You have a knack for making something that should be strange into a page turner. Whether it be, Misers, princes and now dinosaurs I'm on board. I've said it before I would pay for a copy of the miser story or the original princes story. I look forward to checking the website and seeing if you updated. Until next time.

From: Rayden

Date: 2015-11-28

Chapter: 11

Hey there Penelope!

I am super sorry, that I haven’t reviewed for 5 chapters. Sorry it had been stressful – and actually still is :/

I have to confess that I wanted to write a review for each missed chapter, like you deserve it, but damnit I can’t remember all the super-great details that I want to point out. That means I would have to read it again, and yeah that wouldn’t be so bad but the freaking time – but I write one, because I want to let you know that you are awesome and that I still love your writing and the story. :3

Details I remember:

- I had to laugh because of that selfie thing as kind of payment for the pants. XD

- Chester wearing a tutu! Brilliant. (it was kind of sad, too, because I bet that it hurt his heart, because he misses his own kids. And he is great with kids. :/ )

- The conversation with Linsey – I love that woman. She finally talked about it and kicks their asses.

Mike is like – omg – he is tearing Chester apart. Duh! Why? What is he doing? Don’t care about Anna so much, you are in love with your singer since the freaking beginning and now you finally realized what was going on between the two of you and what are you doing? Abandoning him. Gosh. Dude.

Of course he has to torture you. In a bunny custome. You deserve so much more!

He has to be with him. Just because he loves him. You create this warmth when Mike is around Chester and I don’t know, I always feel a bit cold when he is around Anna. This is great. He is so soft and lovely and with Anna he is so tense and down-to-earth.

What is this man thinking? I don’t get it. Wah. He was so nervous because he kissed him after the koi pond and it was so cute that Chester kissed him back, just because he wanted to show that everything is good between them. I’m fascinated about how you write their kisses, it’s so sweet and it’s even tingling in my stomach.

Chester talked with Joe about the kiss Mike gave him. I liked this conversation. I liked that it was with Joe. He is such a great person and he has to get bigger roles in stories – yeah well just like everyone else. Well you know what I mean. ^^

And I still remember what he said – but I have to copy that now

>> Chester sat forward as he leaned in close, his eyes searching the deck for a second before he focused on Joe’s face. “He kissed me.” - “I know,” Joe said, letting out a sigh. “We all saw it yesterday. And then we all ate a lot of muffins.” <<

I so loved it. Joe is so cool – like, he was like: Since 15 years I know that Mike loves our friend and bandmate and they even kissed finally and- yeah those muffins were awesome.

MUFFINS! It’s like between Chester and Mike hadn’t happened something fantastic. Well they waited for it like 15 years, but still. And I also love it because I give Chester the feeling that it wasn’t wrong or something bad. That he doesn’t have to hide if there would have been more.

It was so heartbreaking to read about the conversation as Mike confessed and kind of broke up. I really liked how you did it – with this inside – outside of a marriage and that cryptic talking haha, but Chester finally got him and I totally understand his reaction.

Why did he tell him anyway? He (still) thinks that he doesn’t want to be with him, so he shouldn’t have said anything. And my Gosh he even gives him that its-not-you-its-me speech – oh Mike.

I didn’t like Dave and Brad. That they thought it was way more important that Mike admitted loving another man. They all know that Chester is in a very bad shape and that he is drinking again and that he is very sensitive, they should have shown a bit more understanding.

They are such great friends. Oh, they really want to go with him to this meeting? I love it! Finally there is something happening against his drinking.

I try to review each chapter again. Love this story. Update soon. :3

From: BradRockZ

Date: 2015-11-26

Chapter: 11

The love of friends was just too much and I loved it, best chapter.

I don't have much words to say on this i'm pretty....uhh..you can say, overwhelmed or its other synonyms.

I was mostly overwhelmed by the bunny suit thing.

I mean there was such a complicated meaning behind just that simple bunny suit....I never guessed.

And I totally loved, like LOVED the ending where everyone was there to support Chester. The way I pictured it, how that situation formed in my mind because of your words...that picture was just...I dunno what to call it but it was very warming.

I felt very good reading this chapter.......

And I thought I didn't had much words to say *shifts eyebrows*

From: paula orlandini

Date: 2015-11-21

Chapter: 10

Friendship. The friendship between the band members is immense. And I love this friendship.

I love the boldness of Joe and the clear words of Brad.

Here there are no heroes, here each character is human and beautiful.

Chapter full of feelings, thank you!

From: chester1111

Date: 2015-11-20

Chapter: 10

I love this story. It is funny and sweet. I'm the reviewer who asked you about the Miser story. Wasn't there also one about two princes and one with the words dream and promises in the title? I would love for you to repost the old stories they were so different and interesting. I love the way you write Mike and Chester. They really do act like a couple a lot. It's funny that they don't realize they are doing it. There was lots of Bennoda the last concert round. Anyway please update soon. Your stories make me smile.

From: BradRockZ

Date: 2015-11-07

Chapter: 10

Hey! Its me your fan!.

Me loved it! Like always, i don't think i have to say that Everytime.

Okay, so.....I really liked Mike's and Brad's conversation in the last part and also Chester's 'fake-dumped' babble, that was funny and i always like anything that's funny.

Oh and this line "I married him in my heart" that mike said, made him sound like chester's fangirl! XD

I mean, its sounded like something a fangirl would say. Hahaha!

I also agree with Razorzout! Mike IS chestersexual.

And Mark and Lorenzo actually had prepared the prank for jason!!! I saw it in There! Bummer he did'nt came :/

Wanna kno what's next! As don't have the slightest of idea about it cuz you did'nt put the "whats gonna happen in next chap" thing.

From: Razorzout

Date: 2015-11-04

Chapter: 10

Mike is Chestersexual

From: paula orlandini

Date: 2015-11-01

Chapter: 10

This chapter is perfect! Magnificent!

How many emotions! My heart breaks!

I loved how Chester has said all his colleagues: of course he was drunk, but this sincerity shows how strong their friendship is.

My favorite phrase "Why on earthh did none of us see this as a cry for help?"

Joe said that......he's "dumber" character but only on the surface. I like him a lot.

I like them! The band is amazing.

The key word of this chapter is FRIENDSHIP.

I can not wait for the next chapter !!

Great job!!!!!! You're amazing. Thank you so much!!!

From: wz

Date: 2015-10-28

Chapter: 9

I hope Mike will take care of Chester's feelings, he seems a little too distant on the latest chapters.. Doesn't he notice he's kind of Chester's emotional rock?

From: BradRockZ

Date: 2015-10-21

Chapter: 9

Omg.....I'm so late, sorry I was overtaken by stupid exams. And I haven't even updated...Okay, lemme review.

How would Chester deal with being dumped by someone he wasn't going out with? I've never heard anything like that before.

And He just needs an excuse to drink, xD God, Chester.

And Mike is in a whirlwind and things are pretty complicated for him......

It's surprising how the story was all about Chester but now it's about Mike. I didn't even see it coming, that was a smooth transition.

Waiting for next chap!

From: Razorzout

Date: 2015-10-18

Chapter: 9

So many emotions

From: paula orlandini

Date: 2015-10-18

Chapter: 9

Oh shit!

This chapter is a kick in the ass! It hurts a lot!

The confrontation between Mike and Chester is moving, it is always nice to see how they manage to talk about everything, to be so close, they are special.

I am surprised that Mike is finally well aware, he now understands how for 15 years he's been in love with Chester, and everyone knew.

Chester instead never understood anything. How is it possible?

The finish is terrible ... I hope that Mike understands quickly that Chester can not do it alone, he needs his best friend.

Great, wonderful chapter !!

From: paula orlandini

Date: 2015-10-08

Chapter: 8

Great chapter.

I like women in this story, at first thewife of Brad with her energy and now the wife of Dave with her amazing sincerity. She says the truth about Mike. Often men don't see the obvious!

I understand Anna ... she is afraid of losing her husband, her life.

Jason behaves like an asshole but I think he doesn't understand. He does not understand that his brother loves another man, he does not understand how a colleague can be more important than a wife.

Much depends on Mike, he should reflect on his feelings, he needs to be clear.

Chester is .......... he is complicated and at the same time is a child never grew up.

Thank you!

From: Razorzout

Date: 2015-10-02

Chapter: 8

I HATE Jason

From: BradRockZ

Date: 2015-10-02

Chapter: 8

I was on LPF going through some stories, I read a chapter of this story and came back on the first page of LPF, then I tapped on another story and it wasn't loading. So I waited. Still it didn't load. So I figured that that can mean only one thing. Someone is updating on the site this very moment.

So than I went on the home page, then came back to the first page and BAM!! there it was! The update!!!

I was like, very excited and surprised. Because the update came to me like "SURPRISE!!!!"

And it was 'One hour in heaven'. yes, one whole hour. I know I could finish it in 30 minutes at a turbo speed but I always try to ENJOY this story. not just 'enjoy', I mean, like, ENJOY *add rainbows and confetti to the word* "ENJOY". Kinda like how I would eat a cream cheese cake. No, I 'savour' it.

Okay, enough of me blabbering let's get to the story.

Chester in a tutu and doing Ballarina was the last thing on my mind.

And I don't know why but I always laugh at the word 'Tutu', I have no idea why I find it funny!! Hahaha!

Chester and mike watching movie. that whole part fascinated me. Because I've never read or heard about watching a movie and sharing food (not literally) in that way.

It was weird but nice......

Than Jason sure had to butt in. That douchebag -_-*

Overall really enjoyed it! Like I said, it was 'One hour in heaven' *rainbows and confetti*

From: Hazle Grace

Date: 2015-09-29

Chapter: 8

Mwahaha, I have gotten a review in before you update again. I'm tired right now though, so we'll see how it goes. So, I kinda feel bad for Mike. He seems very confused and not sure why he's doing anything he's doing, and he's trying to help Chester, and his brother's all up in his ass, and he has to sort things out with his wife. Honestly, I can understand why Anna would be upset. That makes sense, so I don't really blame her. Jason is terribly annoying though, I'm really glad that Brad talked to him. Benji, Lorenzo, and Mark thinking about and deciding to prank him? Sounds fantastic. I am very worried about Chester. He's up, he's down, he's drinking, (he's possibly going back to drugs), he's freaking out about Talinda, he has to deal with Mike's feelings going all over. Definitely looking forward to what happens next.

From: Razorzout

Date: 2015-09-28

Chapter: 8

I hate Jason

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