Chestersaurus by Penelope_Ink

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From: nab

Date: 2016-09-13

Chapter: 19

Oh my goodness. Those raptors' antics are killing me. Poor Joe and his obnoxiously large costume. I was LOL-ing when Mike smacked Chester at the back of his head for cursing in front of the kids.

And Elisa...sweet protective Elisa. I love how much she cares about her crew. And I really hope she continues to work with LP, post dinosaur dream tour.

From: BradRockZ

Date: 2016-08-31

Chapter: 19

*is sad* :( you didn't told you updated :(

You could've just tweeted me :'( and the cliffhanger just made me realize how much I love this story. *is angry* what does jason want from Elisa??? I want to know it right now! but I know i have to wait... :/ if only I had super powers to read your mind from here, lol. Anyway, That was great. I would love to write a long review like always, but i gotta go now (have to salad...it's dinner time :P)

From: paula orlandini

Date: 2016-08-01

Chapter: 19

Hi! Sorry I'm late but I had a lot of work in this period.

I really liked the chapter even though I was hoping for something to happen more!

The relationship between Mike and Chester proceeds very slowly, I hope they can soon be happy together.

I still don't understand Jason: What does he want? Is he in love with Anna? Or he thinks he's better than his brother? He despises Mike for his choice and plan to take his place in the family?

I don't know if Brad would want his wife as manager!

I hope you can update soon!


From: angelic

Date: 2016-07-21

Chapter: 19

finally a new chapter!

I really loved it. Mike and Chester are so damn cute together! I mean, they are like ... perfect.

Hope Talinda gives Chester a push in the right direction so he'll finally give in to Mike *grins*

Jason... what does he wand from Elisa? I really don't like him... He has something... I don't know how to say it... I just don't like him...

Hope you'll update as soon as possible!

*hugs you* angelic

From: nab

Date: 2016-03-20

Chapter: 18

I lost it when Brad and Elisa interrupted Chester and Mike's conversation. Although we can't blame them for it. They were in the same room.

The bowling was a bit concerning. I really thought Chester was losing it. I kept thinking that he'll havr a breakdown in the middle of the bowling alley.

The scene of Dave comforting Rob was beautifully written. Simple yet it moved me as a reader. And the ending was great. Chester finally made the rest of the band realize their goals. Can't wait to read more. Thanks for writing this.

From: BradRockZ

Date: 2016-03-05

Chapter: 18

I loved it like always, it was light heartedly funny and also a little dark on Mike and Ches's wives parts.

I liked that Line from Brad when Elisa told him to get up -> "leave now? But we heard everything!" Ahahahaha! Silly Delsons! And I love your way with words but hate my brain for imagening every single thing, even the metaphorical sentences, like (Mike swallowed hard, feeling like a small elephant was living in his throat) I IMAGINED THAT! AND IT WAS THE MOST FUNNIEST LINE IN THE HERE!! XD AHAHAHAHA!

THE END! (now I've read the whole chap-i do 'live reviewing' you know)

The twist was so amazing the bowling + unity + encouragment! Was great! amazing! Chester is a genius! No wait...YOU are genius for making Chester genius! I wish I could add twists like you in my stories. Just AMAZING! LOVE IT! And I wish you luck from ALL the readers on the next chapter :P

(and I can't update my stories because of revision tests and exams, but i'll try. Just for you (^__^) <3 )

From: paula orlandini

Date: 2016-03-03

Chapter: 17

Another wonderful chapter.

I loved the conversation between Mike and Chester.

I find it amazing how Mike is patient and love with Chester.

I'm very puzzled about Chester .... I've never seen so insecure and undecided.

I understand that he's confused but he is really reluctant to admit his feelings for Mike.

Mike also has a lot to lose in order to have the love of his life, yet he has made decisions while Chester is so afraid.

The friendship between the band members (wives and partners also) is beautiful, leaves me speechless.

Thank you!!!!

From: Dead_Buddy

Date: 2016-02-12

Chapter: 17

I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like that disasterous kiss at the end wouldn't have happened the way it did if only Mike talked to Chester directly instead of Brad doing it. Also if Chester could fucking control himself. Gosh. It was nice to be wanted. I'm not into what Chester is doing because it feels icky, it feels like he's manipulating Mike. He just needs to sort himself out and figure out his feelings once and for all. I'm still rooting for bennoda obviously because that kiss, as crazy as it was, was so.... Awesome. Please update soon, and I can't wait to read the next chapter of The Pet!!!

From: nab

Date: 2016-02-11

Chapter: 17

Can you believe it took me five tries to finish reading this chapter? Five freakin times. Every time I was halfway through it, someone bothered me or something came up. But man, am I glad I finished it. I love the twist in the story. So now Chester is scared huh? This outta be fun to watch (or read).

I gotta say I feel bad for Brad and Elisa. They have so many responsibilities. My favorite part was in the beginning when Brad recalled the guys taking shifts to sleep/complain. That was hilarious. Looking forward to the next one. Rated.

From: paula orlandini

Date: 2016-02-01

Chapter: 17

What a wonderful chapter!

Fun and cheerful .... I laughed the whole time!

I loved the boys's jokes when they have arrived at the hotel, it was like a b-movie where the horror turns into nonsense ....

Now Mike is unable to control himself even more, his need to always have Chester next to him is too strong.

Even their kiss was fantastic ... too aggressive and they ended up in Dave's room and Rob.

My favorite phrase "You know how he is .... he acts first and second thins"

That's your-my favorite Chester!

Good, I love this story, you know it!

From: BradRockZ

Date: 2016-02-01

Chapter: 17

That so funny! So awesome! I had the best laugh in a week!! The part where Chester smacked in to the glass was so freaking funny! Poor guy and Chester is just, I just really admire him in this story. And he was singing songs and bouncing happily with so much freshness in the NIGHT! How the he'll was he not tired? Well that's Chester I guess.

Brad is a nice friend, I liked how he spoke with Chester and let Mike room with him and Elisa just to remove Mike's tension. Brad was kinda like "My friends problems are mine as well"

The freaky hotel *shudders* poor Elisa, she had to clean the closed-for-many- years room. I HATE hotels like that. *shudders* there was this one time in my life where I had to stay in a hotel much like that for one day. *gags* it was so horrible, the carpet was so dirty and there were HAIR ON THE BED! really worst day ever. We couldn't even complain to anyone about it because it was shitty hotel and apptently that's what you get in shitty hotels. We had clean the beds before sleeping and I swear I didn't went in to the bathroom. I didn't pissed the whole night. I did it the next day at evening in the public bathroom when we're in the bus. Bad memory. Okay! back to tha review! It was great really made my day and I'm so damn excited for next chap! Yay! \o/ LPF is alive! You are back! And I get to read!!!! <3 bye. :)

From: Emma Shinoda

Date: 2016-01-16

Chapter: 16

I am seriously kicking myself for not having read this sooner, what was I thinking?!?!? It's so wacky and off the wall but you make it seem so real, and I absolutely love that mix. I don't even have the words to say how much I enjoyed reading this over the last few days, it's been a perfect breath of fresh air. I wish I could give each chapter a review like it deserves, but since I can't, I'm just going to give my thoughts on the characters so far.

Chester: He is absolutely insane, maybe even more so than the real Chester, and I commend you for that. It's hard to portray craziness and not have it lose its realism, if that makes sense, and you've done it beautifully. But he's so tortured underneath it all, and it makes me wonder how much of his persona is real and how much is a front to hide his pain. I'm glad he was able to confide in someone (Mike) about those issues, the chapter where they talked at the hotel was really touching. But I could feel Chester's betrayal when Mike 'broke up' with him, and I'm not sure he's over that yet. He certainly loves Mike's attention, but I can't tell yet if it's because he has real feelings for Mike or because he's feeling abandoned by Talinda and just wants somebody. Either way, I hope the DDT will be a good cure for him, like he's thinking it will.

Mike: You write him just like the real Mike; forever caught between being serious and being stuck in Chester's insanity. But I love that they stick together no matter what, and I love that you write the Bennoda in a way that their established friendship comes first and foremost. That said, when we do get some Bennoda moments (like their kisses at the piano and then later in the hotel room) they're like little gems that are well worth waiting for. Their affection is so spontaneous and natural, and in a word, real. I'm glad Mike finally came to terms with his feelings for Chester, although I gotta say I wasn't expecting the divorce to come up so soon. It kinda shocked me, but I'm holding tight to your a/n where you said they'd both be okay.

Anna and Jason: Hmmm... There's something up with them. So much so that I almost wonder if they had something going on behind Mike's back. It takes a lot to drop your job, your life, everything, and come spy on your brother for his jealous wife. I wonder how exactly she convinced him to do that, unless there were already feelings there on one side or both. And now that Mike is gone on the DDT, I wonder if we'll see more of Anna/Jason in the background? It's definitely an interesting plotline, and I've got my eye on them...

Brad and Elisa: Can I just say that they are SO cute together? Your Brad/Elisa is one of my favorite things, and I'm including them from 'The Pet' when I say that too. The way you write them here, they're just so perfect together, and one of my favorite parts from the story is when Elisa first showed up, clipboard and whistle in hand, donning the knee high socks just like her husband. Perfect image! I love her take charge attitude, she really can boss around all those boys like a pro and it's amazing! And Brad is so in character too, first being so adamantly against the DDT and then getting knee deep in planning and budgeting. And that seems so like him too, waving around the budget whenever someone tries to spend money haha.

Dave, Rob, and Joe: Again, I love how against the DDT they were at first, but now they're totally involved! It really shows how much they all support Chester, and it's beautiful to read. Dave and Rob's 'team raptor' is hilarious, I love their bond over that. And poor brontosaurus Joe! I can't imagine working with that heavy, six foot tail, he gets extra points for going along with this whole scheme haha. My favorite Joe part was when Mike was explaining the DDT and Joe's biggest complaint was that he wanted to be something with gnarlier teeth. Classic Joe!

Benji, Lorenzo, and Mark: I love how you incorporate them into the mix so seamlessly, and the fact that they all have such well rounded personalities makes the story that much more compelling and real. I love when an author can write not only about the band, but the wives, the kids, the crew... And you do it much better than most. This is off the topic of the crew, but I also loved Regan teaching Chester some ballet, that was so cute! And she's Dave's kid, so of course she'd be a little slave driver haha.

Anyways, I'm sorry for rambling, but kudos on this incredible story! I'm fully on board, and hopefully I'll get a review in on each chapter from now on... Always looking forward to reading more from you :)

From: BradRockZ

Date: 2016-01-09

Chapter: 16


So this time I'll review in a different way. I'll say my reaction and thoughts to my fav/certain parts of your lovely story!

-"man goes into cage, cage goes into the water, the carrot shark is in the water, Our carrot shark"

(That was soooooo Chester-ish! Carrot Shark! Wow...there's no limit to his insanity and I LOVE IT!)

- "Vultures, Mike! They'll eat us after we starve from lack of muffins, and then it will be all over the news that we're dead, and they'll spell all our names wrong!."

( I looove Chester's drama queeness + humour. And I can actually agree about their names getting mixed up by the stupid media and I can be certain that, Rob would be known as the afro headed guitarist and Brad would be the quite drummer XD )

- "Joe let the bus run out of gas in the middle of nowhere"

( riiiight, like, how could Joe let the bus do that? Come on! It wasn't his fault, stop blaming him stupid Brad!)

- "when they come back with muffins, I say we get first dibs." Rob said, cupping Dave's shoulder.

(Really like the Rob and Dave team, I can see that through out the story and I think it's very, very cool. They're just amazing like that!.)

- he apologized as he looked up to see his bandmates' hungry eyes.

(with hungry eyes. They were looking at BRAD with HUNGRY eyes hehehehe ;).)

- Elisa said something softly to him, and then they stood together, their shoulders touching.

(awww....that's right, Elisa shouldn't pick on Brad, and she shouldn't glare at him either! Because his eyes are too soft!)

- "it doesn't matter whose fault it is," Mike counseled. "Other than the being-lost-in-the-dessert-with-no-muffins-part. That is Joe's fault. But what are we going to do now?".

(WHAT! Mike too! For the second time IT IS NOT JOE'S FAULT!! Stop blaming my cuddly panda! And I can't really find a point where I can agree with stupid Mike and Brad.)

- "We can play strip poker"

(oooh those hungry eyes)

- "No one is playing strip poker. Well, okay, it's happened in the past."

( *reads the last line for 3 times*.......*eyes becomes 'hungry eyes'*)

- "which almost sucked, because I didn't get to take off my clothes."

(oh, of course it did Chester. Chezy likes to be nakey and chezy isn't the only one who likes it *looks at mike*)

and by the end I explode....


So Chester lost on purpose...that is one clingy thought if I was in Mike's place.

Oh, and like you said, I did took some homemade muffins, Made by me me with love. But then Brad started to grumble about how burnt they were....*sheepish smile*

From: nab

Date: 2016-01-06

Chapter: 16

chapter 13

Oh my goodness... Chester's rants about real-faked dump was hilarious. But the poor guy was so distraught. And the part about Chester's sparkliness. I gotta say I'm glad someone else sees what I've been seeing. And I bet a million other lp fans agree. Oh! once again you made my heart melt with Brad's and Elisa's little moments. I love that pair.

Chapter 14

I wad reading this in the train and I started laughing so hard when Mike saw Joe lying on the ground grasping for air. Note to self: learn to control laughter in public. The ending of this chapter made me teared up. I cannot believe every one of them came to support Chester. That was beautiful to read.

Chapter 15

Mike and Anna are getting a divorce? That was unexpected. Okay...maybe not unexpected, just not so soon after he promised Anna to proritize their family. I don't know whether to feel sorry for Anna or to cheer for Mike.

Chapter 16

One eyed kitten! Hahaha. It's Chester but in penis form. Omg! That was freakin hilarious. Woah...Mike is starting to lose it. He'll blow up in an emotional mess pretty soon. And I love the fact that Chester is purposely losing the poker game. The flirting game has begun.

Thanks for your continuous updates. We, the readers really appreciate it. Rated and added to favorites.

From: Rayden

Date: 2016-01-05

Chapter: 16

Damn, I am sorry. I thought I already wrote something to the recent chapter! D:

I am not in the least surprised about their situation, but it is freaking hilarious! In the middle of nowhere out of gas and muffins - only with the Linkin Parker on a non-LP related tour with no one calculating for them. Haha. Those spoiled boys. :D

I like Chester's character. This playfulness and then his wandering imagination and then his cocky being. I so bet that he lost on purpose! There is no other way.

He liked it. Liked the glances from Mike. He wallowed in the attention he gets from Mike. He feels wanted.

I think it wasn't right to do that, not if Chester isn't ready to go futher with Mike. And if this is the case - which I think isn't that doubtful - then he just plays with Mike's emotions. I am just not sure if Chester is really aware of this. That this could possibly hurt Mike if this isn't getting more serious in the end.

Thanks. :)

From: nab

Date: 2016-01-05

Chapter: 16

I am so soryy for the late review. Life's been hectic. I just read chap 11 & 12, and all I can say is holy Shinoda are you freakin kidding me?!! What a turn of events. I gotta say my fav part was when Brad 'warned' Jason to not mess the team up. He is clearly head over heals in love with his wife. And Mike realizing he's been 'cheating' was unexpected.

I REALLY wanna finish it all in one seat but my boss is giving me the stink eye. Gotta go. Will come later. Thanks for continuing this fic. Rated.

From: Dead_Buddy

Date: 2015-12-30

Chapter: 13

Honestly I don't like Chester in this chapter. If Mike is right and

Chester lost the game on purpose, it seems to me like Chester is just playing with Mike's feelings... He can't do that just because he knows Mike loves him, what the fuck, honestly... I hope he doesn't continue being that way for the rest of tour. Update soon please!

From: paula orlandini

Date: 2015-12-30

Chapter: 13

OMG! That wonderful chapter !!

I laughed like crazy!

I love Joe driving the bus in ....... nowhere!

And muffins? How can you live without?

And I love Mike and his dreams ........... he's so sincere. And in dreams it is called the truth sometimes.

Ok and now the best part ........ Chester naked ??????? For real????? He lost on purpose .... he wanted Mike to see him in all his glory.

(Also I would like to see him like that!)

  You're great ..... I love this story !!

From: Bird Girl

Date: 2015-12-28

Chapter: 12

I cry a little (maybe a lot) whenever I read this. You were just starting to get into this story when I went inactive and my god am I so happy that you've continued it. This is just a hodgepodge of everything a girl needs and you are a blessing to be writing this. Please continue your lovely work <3

From: BradRockZ

Date: 2015-12-07

Chapter: 12

Omg! XD the bunny Mike's carrot thing!! Hahahaahaahahah! I don't know how did Anna managed to say that without laughing! Dude, If she doesn't laugh at that than she has some serious issues.

I loved it when Mike was like "Okey so he did rub my carrot..." man, that sounds SO WRONG I feel like a perv but it isn't really a pervy thing at all! I should change my perspective, Gosh! But by the end of that paragraph there Mike took the picture and said that Anna or himself can't change him loving Chester, my smile was gone at that, way to ruin my happy moment, Becky! :P

Oh, I loved Joe's dialogue on the bennoda relationship and the stupid bet by Rob hahaha! And he was right! Everything was so fun to read!

Mikey boy's bunny suit handle with care!! Chester IS insane! And you are too!! And Mike is getting actually getting divorced....damn you Anna! Why doesn't she just come on tour with him?! Wait no,no,no! Bad idea! She'll probably murder Chester at night in his bunk......But she shouldn't leave Mike! Poor Mike, Anna should try to understand more...But I guess she won't and she's about to see more bennoda love on tv. You kno they're touring And events will be shown on tv and Mike and Chaz always do ALOT of bennoda on stage and EVERYBODY SEES IT!!

And THAT was a dream? Awww..... I really thought they were finally doing it. :/ poor Mike.

I'll say again that I really like the carrot talks throughout the story.

Also liked the Brad and per diems part, reminded me of frat party, now I feel like watching it tonight. And I feel like Brad's gonna make their life's more miserable by his rules and stuff than it already is by Chester's insanity.

And Chester......his wife is also on the verge of divorce...:(

Maybe it's good, than they can live together! Yay! BENNODA WINS! :P

Loved this chap....like, alot.

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