Hey Rob, I know you want my ass, anything good on TV? by Gummibear Queen

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From: nab

Date: 2013-11-09

Chapter: 35

I laughed, I cried while reading this story. Exciting plot, great dialogue and believable characters.I hope the author will publish her own book. I know I'll buy it

From: Miss Meteora

Date: 2012-11-23

Chapter: 35

I know, I know. I'm damn slow for only reading and reviewing now. But you HAVE to finish this story! Its amazing! XD. Please please please please please??? I'll do anything! *begs on her knees* pleeeaaase?!

From: Karine

Date: 2012-02-06

Chapter: 35

Does Rob gets what he wants?

When will they marry and adopt the Chinese babygirls?


Please update, please update, please update, please update, please update, please update, please update, please please pleeeeease! T.T

From: NicoleGlambert

Date: 2011-12-24

Chapter: 35

This story was hot and very... Weird, in a good way. I was wondering if you are willing to continue this story or not. i hope you do =] Nicole.

From: Silencer

Date: 2011-10-21

Chapter: 35

Have you abandoned this story??:( I love it so much and would love to read how it all ends... I think the way you write is so ingeniously funny, mainly because I can imagine how Mike really does think like that in real life haha :D

From: Christine

Date: 2011-07-24

Chapter: 35

Definitely my favorite fic ever. I keep coming back and reading excerpts from the story like an idiot all the time. And its just as good reading it the 5th time as it was the first!

Asking for an update is pretty much useless, but just thought you should know how much I loved your story and how I can't find ANY new fics that can even remotely compare. I have been spoiled with this fic and now I can't be satisfied with any others!!

From: buhbourdon

Date: 2011-05-11

Chapter: 35

Really, this's the best fic i've ever read. And dear lord, i've already read A TON!

It's the 5th time i read it and the fact that you'll never gonna update it makes me really depressed. My biggest dream is you to continue this fic.

Love it!

From: SShade

Date: 2011-04-02

Chapter: 35

I really want this story to continue.. Please update.. It's been a while :(

From: kate

Date: 2010-09-17

Chapter: 35

awh this story is awesome! (:

really love it, please update quickly :P

From: hattu

Date: 2010-04-18

Chapter: 35

I´m sitting in Finnland and have sooo much time on my hands..so I read this again. I love every single page from this whole story! I seem to have a thing for stories which somehow rarely get finished.

Is there a chance we might see this hot threesome? Is there a chance we might see Robs and Mikes wedding? Is there a chance we might see a nice ending to this masterpiece of fanfiction???

I won´t give up hope! Even if it has already been two years since you updated!



From: andimabouttobreak

Date: 2010-04-02

Chapter: 35

Hello! So, I must say that I really love this story, and have for quite some time now. I haven't been on this site in a really long time, and I decided to check to see if my favoritest story of all time was updated! But unfortunately, to my disappointment, you haven't updated since 2008!

Now, of course I don't know if you even still go on this site, but if you do, I'm asking you to PLEASE update this story if you can find it in you! I love this story so much! It is probably the most realistic fanfic I've ever read. Despite it being a fanfic, it seems like it could actually happen. I love that you did your research and that things are as accurate as they can be, despite it being fiction.

So, all in all, I must ask you to please update if you can! I hate to see this story go to waste...

Loves and huggles


From: domxho

Date: 2010-01-17

Chapter: 35

I know this story is soooooooo over and old, but I figure if you ever check this you might want to know my opinion on it. (and my opinion is the shit, btw.)

I think it's safe to say here that I have no life....ergo, I spent several Friday and Saturday nights reading this story. (actually I think that sentence is flipped...but I'm too lazy to fix it so deal with it).

Hrm....review....well my best friend's name is Brendan, so the last few chapters really made me laugh. Like out loud. (that's LOL'ing) and the whole "we were having sex in 6/8 time"--that made me laugh hysterically. And the speed dating scene. I love the girl that asked about Star Trek, that made me really happy. Uhhm...good sex scenes, but I figure you already know that. Sex scenes worthy for two go-arounds....at least.

Anyways, I like how at the beginning (ish) Rob and Mike were struggling to even kiss....it's fresh considering that almost every slash story on LPF, they tell each other then continue to the bed for dry-humping. Nice change.

So yeah.....*adds to favorites*

From: Darth Yak

Date: 2009-03-03

Chapter: 35

Hey hon!

I'm sorry I've not been keeping up with this fic, especially after the last couple of chapters! HOT!!!

It just shows that the dating other people thing wasn't a wasted effort. Finally Mike can be comfortable with where he should be in the relationship, Rob's bitch. :D I love seeing Rob being comfortable and secure in their relationship and Mike not freaking out about being the woman.

Cuddle sex FTW!!! [/random exclamation]

Anyway, I'm very interested to see how the possible threesome will go. Will they remain secure in the relationship? Will this throw them another curve ball? So much to ponder!

I love this fic, because no matter how long I go between reading chapters I'm always drawn right back into the story. It's a story that I sometimes forget how good it is but am instantly reminded once I read the first few lines of a new chapter, and it just keeps getting better.

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next. :)

From: hattu

Date: 2008-12-24

Chapter: 35

Soooo....I can´t express how much I love you fro writing this!

So I waited till to today and took the time during a long nice breakfast and read thru the whole 1005 pages again ;)

Really brightend my Christmas day :)

For this chapter...I just can´t get over "there is semen in my butt" well the whole thoughts mike´s having about sex...just awesome

Besides falling from the couch laughing that put a whole....nevermind....

I just love your characters and the way you let them develope! It´s awesome!

Hope to see more soon!

From: Hell's Angel

Date: 2008-12-04

Chapter: 35

there's more??!!

ur a beast wen it comes to writing!keep up the good work and i wanna know what Synyster Gates thinks, though he's the kind to take things slowly. Love!

From: Deava

Date: 2008-11-13

Chapter: 35

Man, this has gotten so long, and is so epic, I must confess I've somewhat forgotton the entire plot :P I'm just left with an overwhelming sense of "...awesome!" If it wasn't for real life commitments I would sit down and give this the proper intensive re-reading it deserves, and one day yet I may manage to do just that. Until then, *skims* Yay, update!

From: Umi

Date: 2008-11-11

Chapter: 35

Now I feel like drawing a little daisy with Mike's face on it... *lol*

Mike = flower -> Rob = bee? XD

It's awesome, how this story makes me wanna punch Mikey exactly the way like watching an interview with him or visiting his blog does. Speaks for this fanfic based on the truth, only the truth and nothing else than the truth... except the fact that the whole Ben Affleck thing/Anna being a mom and stuff probably happened secretly... or maybe your story shows the future and real Mike and Rob are still in their '(more or less) secretly madly in love with each other' phase.

When Brad called while they had their little lazy spooney sunday sex, I felt pretty much reminded of that one LPUTV episode, where Mike talks about the morning, when he was eating his 'cheerios' (so that's what it's called our days?) and Bono called him *lol* And now I'll probably associate every phone interview he gave or will give in his life with him being fucked while it. Nice... XD

So much stuff I usually hate in fanfictions (tons of sex and kinkyness as soon as the first time is done, lots of chapters about the relationship itself after they finally got together - with them actually being happy (for more than one chapter) *shock* and flirting and kissing in public and all of that...).......... and still I can't wait for the next chapter.

What have you done to me? >_<''

From: Bruschi

Date: 2008-11-06

Chapter: 35

Ooo!! I feel like Mike because that was my reaction when I saw the update, and then again when I saw the title.

I'm glad you liked my review from the last chapter..I like getting feedback on characters too, and I definitely felt like you used what I mentioned in my review for this chapter (calling Rob 'Robbie', more Brad and Elisa, and how hot dominant!Rob is).

Right away when I started reading I had to laugh. Mike seemed to be having a mini-freak-out like he used when thinking about sex, only now you know he actually likes it. I do have to agree though that there is nothing romantic about wiping your ass after sex...that is a pretty gross visual!

Rob and Mike seem to be getting to that place Rob mentioned earlier..newly in love and can't get enough of each other. The first sex scene of this chapter was reallyyyy hot. I definitely love Rob as the dom, and the fact that Mike loves it too. And when Mike tells him how sexy it is when he's dominant...love that. Especially since Rob says noone has ever called him that before.

I think for the first time in this chapter I actually felt kind of mad at Rob for a minute. Mike was putting himself out there, and while I don't think he meant to ask Rob to 'ask' him, Rob is being kind of selfish wanting to be the one that gets proposed to. Mike deserves some of that romantic stuff too. I know Rob wants to be asked, but I think he should surprise Mike out of the blue and ask him. In all the last chapters everything seems to be about Mike making things perfect for Rob..maybe Rob should try to do the same for Mike.

I can't stay mad at Rob for long though, because he is way too cute. I love that he doesn't even seem to mind being affectionate in public, and how he was taking care of Mike in the shower.

I kind of guessed when Brad and Elisa were in the restaurant that they probably were next door and heard Mike screaming. I didn't expect for Brad to just come out and say those things though...so rude of him, even if some of it was in joking. Mike and Rob are right that any of the others wouldn't put up with that if it was happening to their significant other. I think Brad still doesn't quite know how things are between the three of them as friends and doesn't know what's acceptible to talk about. Some of his thoughts should definitely be kept to himself.

I also wonder though how long it takes him to be telling the others about Mike being the sub, because I doubt he could resist.

The first sex scene of this chapter was hot, but I think I like the second one a little bit more. It was really sweet despite the interruption, and Mike is pretty funny not knowing whats happening. Rob is totally jealous of Mike's multiple orgasms even though he is bragging about it!

As for Brendan, I liked him better in this chapter even though he made out with Mike. I wonder if Mike had gone on the date with him instead of Rob if they would have hit it off. And while I don't know who Synyster Gates is, Mike and Rob in a threesome would be hot even though I'd prefer it to be with Chester or even Dave.

Keep up the writing..love this story! :)

From: Svetlana

Date: 2008-11-04

Chapter: 35

yay, thank you!

i think that i can be telepathist. i remembered this story a few days ago...voilà! and we can read update))

thought about bright reality of yours gripping narration cant find escape from my head. poor thought...

anyway, in my eyes you succeeded in description of feelings (and not only in his...body, may i say) new-gay-guy soooo well!

oh, and your humour!

and size of chapter!

you are ideal author)))

cant wait next part

From: SteppinRazor

Date: 2008-11-03

Chapter: 35

I'm in a hurry so I'll just say "WOOT!" for the update and that I'll leave a proper review once I've read the previous chapter (as a refresher) and this new one!

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