And it All Came to an End by A.N.

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From: Umi

Date: 2011-02-04

Chapter: 1

Hm, I would've imagined a flashier and more dramatic and rockstar-ish death for Chester :/

But besides that, it was a fairly cool story, seeming pretty InCharacter, and really, the only thing that striked me as odd was the way Chester died. The rest seemed reality while reading.

Nice :)

From: InTheEnd

Date: 2010-07-29

Chapter: 1


From: LPD

Date: 2010-07-16

Chapter: 1

Oddly enough I liked it. Finding out that Chester was dead it was kinda expected cause eh, you told me before I read, lol.

I generally like short, well written fics and this is the epitomy of that. Keep up the good work babe.

From: Bekka-the-bennoda-slut

Date: 2010-06-19

Chapter: 1

omg ;_; chester *sobs like a lil fangirl* that was sad but i like how you stuck to kinda lp histroy, the band, the solo progects etc.

i totally needed angst today so this was perfect, sorry i didn't find this earlier :P

From: Keith

Date: 2010-05-04

Chapter: 1

Wow... I never thought that that story would end like that (of course there wasn't much to speculate about but oh well...) I mean, Chester seems to me like a guy who went through much and has a hard shell, but it could be of course that one day it'll be just too much. Even though the end is sad, it fit with the rest of the story... Still surprising but realistic, very good!

From: A.N.

Date: 2010-02-12

Chapter: 1

P.O.D.- Thank you for the review, and thank you to the others for reviews and the beta, too. I don't want it to happen, but the idea popped into my head and I needed to write it to get it out of my head. I actually find this story embarrassing, but, if I take it down, I won't be able to stop thinking about it all over again. XD

From: *Princess*Of*Darkness*

Date: 2010-02-10

Chapter: 1

This is pretty true! but i hope the end never happens!!

Great work! i liked it but poor Chester = [

From: domxho

Date: 2010-02-06

Chapter: 1

Tis my baby!!! Aww isn't she the greatest you guys *huggles*

Annnnyway...epic story..made me really happy when I beta'ed it :D

From: Kelly

Date: 2010-02-06

Chapter: 1

wow, that was really intense. really made me think...

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