Street Carp by starscream

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From: Tiberias

Date: 2008-06-29

Chapter: 1

What can I say?

Yeah I'm saying this because you left me speechless.

Your story is kinda of something that has the power to leave you speechless ... both in a bad and good way.

Good because it's amazing and so well wrote.

Bad because it leaves you with a sort of a sour taste into your mouth.

I would like to pity Mike you know but then I should pity also the rest of the whole band because there nobody and I repeat nobody who has a decent and - almost? - normal life.

Everyone in that band is wasted.

I see Mike being the only one - maybe - who could be the normal one but he lost himself in the middle of rushing, trying to stay behind them, who he even considered his friends.

And the last traitour named Rob ... maybe the only one with who Mike could relate.

Instead he was a loser as him, because also Mike in the middle of this sick game become a loser.

The rape part makes you want to not read it because is sadly real and with too much informations ... rarely I saw something so well write.

Because in the end it's not easy to write such nasty and horrible things.

But you did it and I bow in front of you.

The last part ... well it's like you made him take a revenge I can see Mike like the one able to kill himself but it's not because he was ashamed of what Rob forced him to do, he wasn't ashamed of to reveal that he was raped by one drunk man who he believed to be sort of a friend.

He killed himself because Rob took away from him the last hope that he had toward his bandmates and world in general.

So it's like in the end he's screaming "you know what? Fuck you all!" and it's brilliant and it's burning.

Thanks for writing it.

From: Beneath This Smile

Date: 2008-04-04

Chapter: 1

I'm not sure why I hadn't read this before. I love rape fics, but this is so much more than that. As someone else already pointed out, it seems very unapologetic, and I love that about it. It's very blunt, but also very detailed - the image of Mike being raped in his own vomit is surely a very vivid and grotesque image; it's definitely a sign of just how pathetic things have gotten not only for the band, but for Mike individually. Relationships with other people have become so desecrated and rotten that it's reached this point; every member of the band has their issues, but Mike especially.

I love that you went through and described the background information for each character - what Mike felt about them, or thought about them. The way that the story progressed is made of so much win.

The repeated use of 'you couldn't' was really effective. I think that it's one thing to write descriptions of how a particular character feels during rape, but it's another to actually go into further detail - I think that describing what Mike couldn't do, rather than what he was doing (or thinking), was utterly brilliant. It felt like a really original way to portray how he felt about the situation.

His character is so interesting. Like it's already been pointed out, he's more direct in this story - it doesn't matter if he's just getting drunk or killing himself, he takes action rather than sitting around and pondering over his options for a long time. I love that so much. <3

I absolutely adored this! *rates and adds to favs*

From: No~One

Date: 2008-04-03

Chapter: 1

Your style is great. I love it. This story was like...wow.

From: Tracey


Date: 2008-04-03

Chapter: 1

wow this band is fucked up.

I love your style. :)

From: Trash

Date: 2008-04-03

Chapter: 1

IOU 1 review =)

From: dark_red


Date: 2008-04-03

Chapter: 1

Yay, rape!fic. I'm trying to figure out what makes this somewhat different from the same old rape fics that get posted here; I can't quite pinpoint it. It's a gritty story without very gritty prose, which is nice because we get a little depth from the characters. And I like that it's sort of unapologetic...or rather, that Mike doesn't mope around about his shitty life. He takes action, whether it's knocking someone out of his bunk or drinking himself stupid, and I always find that more interesting to read than a more "woe is me" story.

The ultimate betrayal, obviously, was what Rob did, as he was the only one who seemed to be there for Mike. Unfortunately, Rob only stuck around because his life was just as fucked up, and he used Mike in the same sense that Mike used drugs. So that really tied the ending together, for me. Of course Mike would kill himself - there's simply no one left for him, anymore.

Loved the last lines. Kind of a final "fuck you" to the rest of the band that was never there for him. Good story, good writing. :)

From: shinobi

Date: 2008-04-03

Chapter: 1

i love that this isn't just 'another rape fic' sure, it's a rape fic, but it's so more.

it's bitterness and mike's heartache over life in general and the cruel intentions of the people supposed to be his friends all packaged into one big ball of misery. and that's a compliment by the way.

what i enjoyed most was how we only saw mike's p.o.v, yet i believed his views on how he felt the rest of the band felt about him? it wasn't a 'woe is me' or a 'omg i has no friends anymore' feeling either, i like how you got the balance just so - so that i felt very strongly as if mike was been wrong done by all the band, yet at the same time there was no hint of sniffling and emoness in him. he just got on with it and yeah, he turned to drugs and drink but he was there.

so when rob came along at the end and just 'put him out of his misery' so to speak, i felt all the more heartbroken because i felt like even through everything, mike still *tried* to live.

the introduction and telling of each member of the band worked so well. i feel like, when you took each person and wrote about how things had gone wrong between them and mike and how you built this up toward rob and mike's fatal end, was really interesting. it was a great way to set the scene. all the bad shit, then there's rob, who i felt, and i think mike felt, was a ray of light in his life. someone who perhaps, he could slightly relate; with the idle talk of women and the drinking and the feeling of not really being wanted around.

so when rob turned all sadistic bastard on us i really wasn't expecting what came next. it was, like i already said, chilling and sore but at the same time, i think you wrote it with tact. and focusing on mike at the end, and his reasoning in his mind as to why he had to kill himself, i could only emphazise with him.

and the last lines?

loved (:

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