Make Damn Sure by shinobi

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From: B.

Date: 2011-05-05

Chapter: 21

Best! Totally love this story!

I think i read it a few years ago because it all seemed so familiar, but I didn't remember the ending.

But yea, this is a great, yet horrid story. Poor Mike

From: kissmypixels

Date: 2009-09-21

Chapter: 21

This was so fucking amazing. The end line was SOOOO chilling...I'm gonna have nightmares tonight. I usually don't like stories written in 1st person, but wow...I'm won over by this one. I feel so sorry for Mike, but for some reason I hope him & Chester live happily ever after in Greece somehow. Yeah yeah, like that will happen! :|

From: linkingal

Date: 2009-01-30

Chapter: 21

Dude, that ending was to get us to imagine right? But please... Make a sequel please!!! I mean that ending wasn't whole and a sequel will come after an ending like THAT! Please have a sequel!!!

From: xxdarktearsxx

Date: 2008-04-05

Chapter: 21

Updaaatee. =[

From: Andie

Date: 2008-02-18

Chapter: 21

I can't articulate how I felt at the end of the story. Panic? Lust? Shock? I just love it. Spoken like a true MAW.

From: L~T

Date: 2007-12-24

Chapter: 21

I'm SO glad I got this to read over from teh beta team assignments.

Not only did I get to re-read and awesometastic story, I get to elaborate on the pathetic review I had left when this was finished lmao

The ending was just so fucking brilliant and fucking scary because you just KNOW something bad will happen and them BOOM....the end.

Lends for shivering mystery me thinks.

Anyway, I keep getting your fics to read over lmao

Ah, makes my life so much easier.

You already know this is brilliant.

AND...Chester's an ass nigglet. lol

<3333 :)

From: breakindahabbit04, xpetrifiedx


Date: 2007-11-27

Chapter: 21

awesome story.

best on here.


any chance of a sequel, that ending was great.

From: Ashes


Date: 2007-11-25

Chapter: 21

i swear if u dont make a sequel im going to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


From: _Liquid_Sky

Date: 2007-11-25

Chapter: 21


I'm dying here!!!

holy shit.... :s

i've been waiting for this chapter for sooooo long...

love the "fight" between Brad and Mike,every feeling was set in the right way...your writing is awesome

And Chester is never going to leave him,kinda knew that,i mean,is Chester!!

This was so cool,i can't describe it 0_o

this is one of the greatest stories here,i must say that.

btw,love TBS...love how the song Make Damn Sure just fits so well with the fic

every time i'll listen to it i'll remember this ^^

From: Sudercer

Date: 2007-11-25

Chapter: 21



WAGHWOAIUTA [yeah, I think that was my reaction.]

I lovvve your writing, I would've reviewed on all the ones I read, but gosh, at the time I didn't have an account and didn't realize I could (cause I'm dumb) but...DAAAAAYUM. <3

I love it *sigh*

From: dark_red

Email: EvilChesterGetsMeRevved@MakeDamnSureMikeDoesn'tEscape.Woot

Date: 2007-11-24

Chapter: 21

Ah, see, only a true MAW can end the story without ending the Mike angst. :D

You took us for a great ride with this fic and didn't let up, even to the very end. I *knew* we would see Chester one more time before it was over, and yet up until the moment it happened, you had me thinking that maybe this really was an opportunity for Mike to start over and/or clear his head.

A word about that. It's always interesting, to me, to speculate through fic how a betrayal would affect the band's ability to go on. In the news, we hear countless stories where a wife wronged a husband, child wronged its mother, etc., and cases like that seem to go both ways - some people can forgive, and some simply cannot. I don't think there's a right or wrong way to resolve things like that; it's up to the individual's feelings and coping methods, and if Mike truly felt he couldn't go on with Linkin Park because of what Chester did, I certainly don't blame him. On the other side of the coin, though, I wouldn't question him staying with the band and working through the issues. I don't know what I'm trying to say, here...just that I like that you didn't focus so much on what decision Mike made as you focused on his feelings and his emotional scars, because those are what explained his eventual decision, IMO.

Am I making ANY sense, today? Clearly, no.

I also found the sort of Brad-Chester parallel interesting. Both betrayed Mike (in different ways, obviously), and Mike finds himself unable to have a normal existence with either of them anymore. And yet, he clearly still has affectionate feelings for both Brad and Chester. Both relationships were very strong bonds, which makes it even sadder that all this has happened. On a side note, it must be devastating to be in Brad's shoes, through all this, to be the one who falsely accused your best friend when he was the one being victimized, over and over. Negating how Mike feels, I wonder if Brad would even be able to continue the friendship, given all the guilt he must feel. But before this becomes a consuming side note...

Congrats on finishing this! I know the hell of finishing chapter fic and I know *you* know the hell of it too, so this is a nice accomplishment and you should be proud of it. :)

From: murryalmighty

Date: 2007-11-24

Chapter: 21

Yay, it's not over! Very good suspense-building, there. Loved it. And, is Mike reading Survivor in your mind. Because he was in mine.

From: Soleil_Fairy

Date: 2007-11-24

Chapter: 21

What? What? Fin? Fin?

No way, dude! You cannot end it there! I need to know more!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeease!!

From: ~ILuvPopTarts~

Date: 2007-11-24

Chapter: 21

NOOO!! how could it end like this??!! that was sooo mean lol

but anyway, great story, possibly one of the best everr


From: LP_babe

Email: logged out

Date: 2007-11-24

Chapter: 21

I am feeling stupid I didn't see that it was complete cause I was at the edge of my seat lol, Forgive me<3 but this story was an awesome read and now I am upset that it's finished gah. xoxo.

From: LP_babe

Email: logged out--

Date: 2007-11-24

Chapter: 21

GAH! no words can express how I love this!

=D and for you to update just made my day Shinobi. So Mike is finally getting away from it all but only to have Chester following him gah! The last line left me at the edge of my seat.

I'm going to annoy you with this=P But- update!

Simmy xoxoxo.

From: Trash

Date: 2007-11-24

Chapter: 21


I hate you. And when we meet up, I'm going to slap you.

I fucking loved it. The whole leaving thing was so sad and his memories on the plane were heart wrenching. And I can't believe he's there. After all of that. Jesus.

I'm sad to see it end. But I've loved every minute of it =D


From: Bennodaluver234

Date: 2007-11-24

Chapter: 21


Holy shit! Chester? Ugh! He's everwhere! I just wanna punch him so bad for causing Mike so much pain! Great story though I loved it!

From: L~T

Date: 2007-11-24

Chapter: 21




I fucking loved this. <3

From: meh

Date: 2007-11-24

Chapter: 21

wow terror movie ending.


Maybe Mike has gone crazy, seeing Chester everywhere.

Anyway, this fic is a masterpiece!

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