Going Down by pandora

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From: Chemerrific

Date: 2010-11-01

Chapter: 17

the plot is original, fantastic and the way you write is amazing!!!

this is the HOTTEST fic that i've ever read :) i cant sleep about 3 days after read this amazing stories.. so HOT!!! i loved it!!!

i felt really stupid why took me so long to find this fic!!

and pleasee back, You're an AMAZING author :)

P.S. I hope, you'll understand my bad english, lol..

From: Reenzy Bennington

Date: 2010-05-10

Chapter: 17

Second review: You inspired me :) I'm not gonna steal any of your ideas, but I'm writing a story few years ago and I'll have a sad episode soon.. The way Chester ignores Mike in this fiction is going to help me out. Thanks :)

From: Reenzy Bennington

Date: 2010-05-10

Chapter: 17

Well done :)

From: bleeding chaos </3

Date: 2009-12-07

Chapter: 17

Aww this is just swell =]

From: Kezzy-Kez

Date: 2009-08-25

Chapter: 17

LOVED IT!! SIMPLY AWESOME!!! You are an excellent writter!!

From: mistofstars

Date: 2009-04-17

Chapter: 17

So, oh my god, this story is already 3 years old, just saw that now. Anyways, I'm truly sorry I only write you one review for such an amazing story, but it might delight you to hear I just registered at this site to write you a review because I couldn't leave this fic uncommented. It's the second lp ff I've ever read, and I do not say that lightly, but this story was and is perfect from the first chapter until the epilogue... thrilling, sad, angry, lovingly, amazing, well-written and somehow everything made sense and I can imaging everyone is exactly like this in real life. I can't express how much I love this story, it's just very very cool. Going to print and frame it ;)

From: linkingal

Date: 2008-11-21

Chapter: 17

I think the song "In Between" by Linkin Park fits perfectly. Thanks for such an amazing fiction!

From: Daiya Darko

Date: 2008-10-25

Chapter: 17

This was damn good and wonderful to read! I love the way you wrote it and the chapters were long, but comfortably long. It felt whole. And even though it only encouraged my dislike of Jay-Z (I'm a Nas girl) it was pretty intense. The ending was a tad corny, but after all this drama, I'd be pissed if there were no happy ending.

From: Bridgett

Email: linkinparker1@hotmail.com

Date: 2007-12-17

Chapter: 17

That was fantastic, I was addicted to this story for many hours.

I have written a Mike-Chester slash, but it was nothing compared to this!

I love your sense of determination for Mike, great story.

From: Joy

Email: joylis@ntlworld.com

Date: 2007-12-06

Chapter: 17

That was brilliant; I am so pleased that Chester finally said the words Mike wanted to hear. This story was so gripping from beginning to end. I was very pleased that Adam is dead and I also like the little touches of humour you added now and then. Oh by the way, corny, no way. That was the ending that any Bennoda fan would never get tired of. Great stuff.

From: SteppinRazor

Date: 2007-12-01

Chapter: 17

That was probably the best thing I've EVER read. And that's coming from a HUGE bookworm, to say the least. I was supposed to be writing an essay when I took a little break and strolled over to LPfiction. That was HOURS and HOURS ago. I just couldn't stop reading. Your writing is simple amazing. I can't even think of compliments good enough for you =)

From: Rose

Email: kiagan@hotmail.com

Date: 2007-10-09

Chapter: 17

EEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!! .... change nothing, maybe add more sex scenes, *bows to new god*

From: nouseforaname

Date: 2007-08-12

Chapter: 17

*does a happy dance* adams dead and chazzy and mikey are together. so happy you killed that bastard off. very very good story.

From: Tiikeria

Date: 2007-08-01

Chapter: 17

Awww...yay for happy endings!! Perfect :)

P.S. DIE, ADAM, DIE!!!!! Oh...wait...

From: Umi

Email: Umi-Ryuzaki@web.de

Date: 2007-07-08

Chapter: 17

It was amazing!

Never read sth this good about Mike and Chaz before - ever!

The way you describe their actions, Mikes feelings, the whole world around them (which doesn't stop turning, just because they fall in love - though many fans seem to forget this)... uh, and Chaz' past!

Maybe I'm sadistic and evil and whatever, but I just love reading about his dark past and the wounds it left deep inside of him *sigh* *smile*

Luv it! (= the fanfic)

Luv it, luv it, luv it!!!

Keep up your great work!


From: Elisa


Date: 2007-05-20

Chapter: 17

Is there going to be a sequal to this story? I've read it many times, and I love it. =)

From: lou


Date: 2006-08-09

Chapter: 17

bad. baaad. okay, okay, i liked the story and it was good, but the happy ending just ruined it for me. sry, i don't like happy endings. but respect for the story, never read something as good as that!

kisses and hugggs!

From: ToDelete

Date: 2006-07-18

Chapter: 17

there's gonna be a sequel ?

From: nodabear89

Email: kaji5785@yahoo.com

Date: 2006-07-16

Chapter: 17

YESS! I'm SO happy that bastard died!!! That was kickass!!

From: Andrea


Date: 2006-07-16

Chapter: 17

I can't believe this is over!

Like many people, I was completely enthralled with this fic, the characters, and the inventive plot twists. You mentioned in one of your chapters that Mike and Chester had a different type of love - which was thrilling to read. And oh so hot. ;)

I hope that you continue to write because you're a very talented author. :)

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