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So, the name is Kristina. Last name is mucho unimportante, so you won't be getting that information this time, my friends. I AM only 14, but I can write pretty good stories according to my friends. Favorite band, of course, is Linkin Park. My dream came true on February 19th when I went to see LP, Coheed and Cambria, and Chiodos at the First Mariner Arena in Baltimore. I shook Chester's hand. It was sweet. My favorite pairing as of right now would be...*thinks long and hard*...Brob. :D Although, I'm sure that might change so be tuned in for it.

I live in Baltimore. Attend school at LP Academy. XD

Anyway, I live for music, work for money, and eat because I'm hungry. Not because I'm bored. And I don't make sense half the time I'm talking on the phone to someone so they end up hanging up, calling me back, and saying how I wasn't making any sense whatsoever the last time so let's try again this time. <3