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I started writing Parkslash back in 2001, and posted all of my stories on fanfiction.net. They were happy times...

But, as Mikey says, "everything has to end..." and the fools on ff.net decided to ban all NC-17 fics. Anyone who remembers my work will know that I didn't write anything else!! Slashmunky and PROUD!

So, yeah. I totally lost my mojo. Don't get me wrong, I never stopped loving da boys and their music, I just lost the slashmuse.

Well. Here we are seven years later, and the muse has reared it's pretty head again. So I'm writing again! *does a happy little slashydance*

I'm going to be posting some of my older fics both here and on my LJ (username shamelessly, natch) over the next few months (I'm self employed AND working part time so 'personal' time is sparse) so keep your peepers peeled you naughty little slashers!

Also, if anyone wants to email me, feel free. But please put something relevant in the subject line or I might end up whisking your message off to the trash can (damn spam!)

Stay Shameless! ;)


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Category: Linkin Park

Description: "... Mike snarled as the sports car purred appreciatively, but this wasn’t a drive to be enjoyed; his mind was filled with rage..." Slashtastic M/C standalone.

Genre: Drama

User Rating: NC-17

Created on 2008-05-09

Updated on 2008-05-09

Chapters: 1

Reviews: 8

Words: 2838

Views: 2202

Members Rating: (2)

In Style

Category: Linkin Park

Description: [chapter 3 is now available for your delectation.] AU. A week in the life of the fashion industry’s hottest design team! Just a little light-hearted break from all the angst ;) Rated for future slash.

Genre: Comedy

User Rating: NC-17

Created on 2008-05-20

Updated on 2008-05-27

Chapters: 3

Reviews: 23

Words: 6023

Views: 1606

Members Rating: (4)


Category: Linkin Park

Description: "..."Ssh," he whispers against my ear, loosening his grip slightly. I shiver, feeling gooseflesh break out across my arms and chest..." One-shot Slashy B/C.

Genre: Angst

User Rating: NC-17

Created on 2008-05-12

Updated on 2008-05-12

Chapters: 1

Reviews: 5

Words: 2198

Views: 1715

Members Rating: (0)

Sex, Drag & Rockin' Holes

Category: Linkin Park

Description: What if the boys had chosen a different career path to music? A career path in, say, the adult entertainment industry...? Rated NC-17 because that's the highest option available!

Genre: Angst

User Rating: NC-17

Created on 2009-01-16

Updated on 2009-01-16

Chapters: 1

Reviews: 5

Words: 1161

Views: 1215

Members Rating: (1)


Category: Linkin Park

Description: "...I stroke my hand along his cheek, and he allows his eyes to fall closed, leaning into my caress. His skin is still warm from his slumber..." R/B SLASH

Genre: Love & Romance

User Rating: NC-17

Created on 2009-01-13

Updated on 2009-01-13

Chapters: 1

Reviews: 4

Words: 2826

Views: 1422

Members Rating: (0)

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