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You can call me a new Linkin Park fan in the sense I only got into the fandom recently.

I discovered them with In The End back then and kept track of them through their new album main songs played on the radio. So, I missed the Hunting Party release, because none of the radios I used to listen to played this kind of music.

Anyway, I love Linkin Park's music and as a band and I just regret never getting into the fandom sooner. They offer everything I dig for so, yeah. It's just something I need to accept and just enjoy what's now to come. I'm looking forward to Mike's upcoming projects and can't believe I missed on such talent all these years xD He's just that awesome, and you'll realize I'm biased when it comes to him.

Hope I'll get to make friends in this fandom like I did in the one that got me into fandom culture.

I'm just here to enjoy myself and share my stuffs. So far I'm working on a few stories included one that's been holding my full attention for months. I hope to put it here soon once it's done.

You can find me on twitter here https://twitter.com/Omnat3


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Road Untraveled

Category: Linkin Park

Description: It wasn't too often the band had to split, but Mike and Chester were scheduled for an interview in the morning. While the rest of the band and staff were enjoying extra free time, Mike and Chester had to rush from the interview to the airport. Their plane landed at four fifteen in the afternoon. The car was waiting for them on the parking lot. They were on their way to their next stop when they were attacked on the road. This story will explore and deal with abuse (physical, psychological and sexual). The rating is here for that. It's not a slash story, it focuses on Mike and his trauma.

Genre: Angst

User Rating: NC-17

Created on 2018-07-15

Updated on 2019-08-09

Chapters: 31

Reviews: 114

Words: 119562

Views: 4871

Members Rating: (8)

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