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Hello! I've never been good with portraying information or making anything very lengthy, so I'm trying my best to take up space to introduce myself a bit better.

I love Bennoda stories, specifically dominant Mike/submissive Chester. Whether it's a story with lots of angst or simply based on love or even lust, I just absolutely love it no matter what as long as it holds Bennoda. I also quite enjoy Bourdelson stories, that's possibly my second best pairing, but I only write Bennoda.

Most likely I'll be able to read/review other stories daily, but I may not be able to update any of my own stories very frequently. There are so many amazing and talented authors on this site and I'm very honored to get the chance to write stories beside them.

Thank you for checking out my profile!

I have made a twitter if you're interested in following: https://twitter.com/lpflplove


Porn Stars is currently my main priority and will hopefully be updated frequently.

Dark Lust is completed.

I Love You is on a standstill and may be updated from time to time.

Sunday Morning can and possibly will get new updates from time to time but not any time soon.

You can also find me on Wattpad, where I am just slightly more active - as well as another story that is not on LPF can be found on my account, which is simply LinkinParkIsLove.


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Category: Linkin Park

Description: Description: The Hunting Party tour has taken off with Linkin Park and Of Mice & Men. Austin Carlile, the vocalist for the other band, senses something between Chester and Mike. Unsure about his own feelings and their emotions towards each other, he decides to try an dig out the truth, which could ultimately lead to either anger, lust, or angst.(One Shot)

Genre: Drama

User Rating: NC-17

Created on 2014-12-01

Updated on 2014-12-01

Chapters: 1

Reviews: 16

Words: 3617

Views: 1377

Members Rating: (11)

Dark Lust

Category: Linkin Park

Description: This is a very dark and twisted Bennoda fiction, I don't want to reveal much if you haven't read it yet so you'll have to read to find out more.[Continued...]

Genre: Horror

User Rating: R

Created on 2014-10-15

Updated on 2017-12-05

Chapters: 13

Reviews: 81

Words: 20155

Views: 3636

Members Rating: (21)

I Love You

Category: Linkin Park

Description: Mike and Chester begin discovering their feelings for one another. (My first fanfiction.)

Genre: Love & Romance

User Rating: R

Created on 2014-07-19

Updated on 2015-02-26

Chapters: 14

Reviews: 119

Words: 23942

Views: 3339

Members Rating: (16)


Category: Linkin Park

Description: Description: After a secretly kinky day between Mike and Chester, the band settles at a hotel and discover fresh, long scratches marking their way down Mike's back. (Bit of slash) (Standalone)

Genre: Drama

User Rating: R

Created on 2015-08-10

Updated on 2015-08-10

Chapters: 1

Reviews: 4

Words: 2016

Views: 1472

Members Rating: (4)

Porn Stars

Category: Linkin Park

Description: Chester and Mike are porn stars who don't know each other outside of the business. Mike loves the attention and getting paid for sex while Chester's simply doing it to push through life and feed his drug addictions. The two are paired up for a porno that goes viral amongst porn watchers and every director in town tries to get their hands on the two. [Of course there's slash]

Genre: Drama

User Rating: R

Created on 2015-11-09

Updated on 2015-11-20

Chapters: 5

Reviews: 16

Words: 8309

Views: 1797

Members Rating: (9)

Sunday Morning

Category: Linkin Park

Description: Heavy Bennoda slash.

Genre: Love & Romance

User Rating: R

Created on 2014-07-22

Updated on 2014-08-25

Chapters: 2

Reviews: 31

Words: 1680

Views: 1917

Members Rating: (14)

Thank You

Category: Linkin Park

Description: Chester's in desperate need of money, of which Mike can offer. (Porn with plot)

Genre: Drama

User Rating: G

Created on 2016-07-14

Updated on 2016-07-14

Chapters: 1

Reviews: 2

Words: 2064

Views: 1555

Members Rating: (2)

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